Will the left FINALLY recognize Biden’s MASSIVE CORRUPTION?

Joe Biden has been COMPROMISED. And now, Biden family corruption in places like China, Ukraine, and Russia may be disrupting the president’s foreign policy decision making significantly. Peter Schweizer, author of ‘Red-Handed,’ joins Glenn to detail why a Hunter Biden indictment may be on the horizon. Plus, Schweizer explains why he actually has HOPE the far-left, mainstream media FINALLY will report this story the way it deserves…


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GLENN: We are possibly on the verge of World War III. Nuclear war. We have a president who is darn near mentally incapacitated. We have a vice president who is an absolute imbecile. And not only that, our president has been compromised. No one will talk about how stupid Kamala Harris is. Nobody will -- nobody will actually -- oh, she's great. She's great. Do you want her as president of the United States?

Because she's literally a very weak heartbeat away from being president of the United States. Be a disaster. You want her making decisions if we go to war?

VOICE: No. No.

GLENN: Stop. Okay. So we have Kamala Harris. We have the president's health, his mental health, and the fact that he has been compromised by the three people, the three countries, we're now engaging and talks about war. Russia, China, and Ukraine. This is -- this rises to high crimes. For the first time, I've seen the Nixon. I've seen the Clinton. And also, the -- the Trump. And Trump was, I thought, nothing. Clinton was about the definition of is. Are we going to be able to -- are we going to allow our president to lie? Because that was the high crime and misdemeanor of Nixon. He lied. He covered it up. We've blown past the lies. And this is the very first time I have actually seen a provable high crime. And no one will even discuss it, in the mainstream media. Peter Schweizer is here. He's the author of red-handed. He's the president of government accountability institute. He says, that the White House is bracing for the indictment of Hunter Biden. But is that really -- I mean, is that going to take us to the White House, and Joe Biden's corruption?

Welcome, Peter. How are you?

PETER: I'm great. Always good to be with you guys, thanks for having me.

GLENN: Thank you. So let's start with Hunter Biden. What have you heard? What is coming?

PETER: Well, we had this New York Times piece, that ran last week. Which talked about the grand jury. That was convened in 2018. They're looking at several possible crimes, including tax evasion, money laundering, failing to file, as a foreign agent with the Department of Justice, and political corruption. And the Biden administration, and the Biden campaign, before that, had absolutely nothing to say on this issue. Now suddenly, you have a story appear in the New York Times. The New York Times admits on page -- sorry, on paragraph 17, that okay. The laptop is real. But what I think is really important, Glenn, is that in this article, the team Biden basically acknowledges. Not by name. But acknowledges that Hunter Biden may very well be indicted. At least on the tax evasion charges. And they reveal that he's paid a million dollars in backs taxes. Of course, he did that 18 months after the grand jury started looking into this. But to me, that is a massive admission, that they are trying to get ahead of this story. They realize that it's a big problem. And I think that it's going to create an enormous problem within the Biden family. Because the question becomes, does Hunter Biden take the fall for his dad? Or if he is indicted, does he actually fight this? And by fighting it, it brings in all the material from the prosecutors about how some of the money ended up with his dad and the favors that his dad performed. So I think they're in serious panic mode, in team Biden.

GLENN: All right. So I have to believe that the president would just tell his son, don't worry about it. If you are convicted, I will just pardon you. Which he can do, right?

PETER: Yeah. That's exactly right.

GLENN: Okay.

PETER: And, of course, the other hurdle, Glenn, is that a grand jury, which is American citizens, look at this and say, he should be indicted. Merrick Garland and the Justice Department could theoretically say, no, we're going to take a pass on that. But that would be, I think, create a huge crisis. It would be a huge stain on Merrick Garland's career. But maybe he's prepared to do it. So there's several hurdles here. But we're now finally getting to the point where we're seeing official action that will take place. And, of course, next year, Republicans take the House and possibly the Senate. You will have committees with subpoena power, looking into these issues as well. So the circle is starting to close.

GLENN: Right. And there is -- am I wrong in saying, this is the first high crime, that I have seen, that could be charged for impeachment? Not in my lifetime. I haven't seen a high crime. I've seen lying about things. Covering things up. Some things that, you know, I don't want. But this is this -- this is taking money illegally from foreign countries, and having it funneled to you, by your family. All of that is illegal.

PETER: Well, correct. And add to that, the national security implication.

GLENN: Correct.

PETER: Because you talked about, when my book came out. The $31 million that we know they received from China, came from four businessmen, all of whom are tied to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence. Meaning, at the same time they were helping the Bidens. They were business partners with like the vice minister of state security, which is their spy apparatus. So this has all the markings of a Chinese intelligence operation. And the Bidens happily went along with it.

GLENN: So what does this mean? As we are now looking at an axis/allied world. China is clearly on Russia's side. And Biden is threatening China. Which I think is insanity. But he's threatening them. What does this mean? What does this old relationship do? Or how does it affect us in any way?

PETER: I think it affects us in lots of ways. Here's the irony in this. When Joe Biden became vice president of the United States, his son Hunter decides to set up a financial consulting business. And the three countries, that he does the most work in, are China, Ukraine, and Russia. Who are all center stage today. And, by the way, I don't think this was by random chance. I think those four countries, he did business in. Because they all have deeply corrupt, political, and corporate cultures.

GLENN: Correct. Correct.

PETER: So you have a situation right now, where, you know, the Bidens have received millions of dollars from a Putin-linked oligarchs, who are now facing sanction, by the Biden administration. And Hunter Biden on the laptop, there was a video of him. Released. This was the one with him, and the girl. He's sort of talking to the girl. One of the thing he says to the girl, who is presumably Russian. Is that he's afraid that he's compromised to Russian-organized crime. That's one of the things he actually says in the video. And if you look at who has put money in his pocket, Yelena Baturina, for example, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. Our State Department, actually meaning the Obama State Department at the time, declared that Yelena Baturina was linked to Russian organized crime. So there is one thread that could be pulled against the Bidens.

And then you look at Ukraine. And, of course, what is happening there, by Russia, is horrible. This is -- I think we've known who Vladimir Putin has always been. This should not be a surprise. But there are entanglements in Ukraine as well. I mean, Zelinsky is being absolutely heroic. But let's be clear. Who put Zelinsky in power? It was a Ukrainian oligarch named Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky was also one of the owners of Burisma, which is the company that was paying millions of dollars to Hunter Biden. So you have conflict upon conflict, and then, of course, you've got the China ties. And China now has positioned itself to benefit from the sanctions we're putting on Russia. Because the way Russia is going to evade sanctions is by selling energy to China. So it's an absolute mess. And it's why we have to be so concerned when our foreign leaders have these entanglements. Because there's a time of crisis like this. The notion that Joe Biden, not factoring in that his son and his family's reputation and his reputation could be severely damaged by any one of these foreign actors was revealing facts and information. Is ludicrous. Of course, he's calculating that. And that's part of the problem.

GLENN: Well, if anything came out from Russia, he would say disinformation. And he would say the same thing about China. And there are those who would want to believe that. You know, Roger Ailes said something to me, when I first started at Fox, and I said, Barack Obama is lying. He is a liar. And I was called into Roger's office. And he said, don't say that. And I said, it's true. He was lying about this. I have the tape of him saying this, and then the tape of him lying about it. He said, yeah, but nobody wants to think of their president as a liar. Nobody wants to think of that.

PETER: Right.

GLENN: It's too ugly. And I think he was right. And so there are a lot of people, that they -- they don't want to look at this. And the press is happy to oblige. Does the press -- they're still making it about the sex and the disgusting parties and photos of him having sex with everything that moves. They're making that into the story. That's not the story. The story is the compromise of the president of the United States. Is anybody going to report on this? Peter, are they --

PETER: I think they will. And I say that for a couple of reasons, Glenn. First of all, I think what you're starting to see is elements of the Democratic establishment are starting to turn on Joe Biden. They see that his approval ratings are way down. They see that he's not popular. And I think they recognize that he's not probably going to be in any condition to run for reelection. If he did run for reelection, he would soundly lose. And, of course, they have the Kamala Harris problem. But I do think the Democratic establishment sees Joe Biden as a negative, increasingly. So out of political expediency. They're going to try to maneuver in such a way, that casts him aside. I think the second thing though, that's outgoing, is the media -- the media is now one of the least trusted institutions in America, that was a recent survey, I think it was Pew. But I'm not sure. That said, the media's approval rating is actually lower than Congress.

GLENN: Wow. I think that's -- that's in the teens.

PETER: Yeah. That takes some doing. That takes some doing.

GLENN: Yeah.

PETER: So, you know, look, my experience is there are reporters in the so-called mainstream media, that want to cover these stories. The problem is with the editors and the managers. And they have to be at some level, deeply embarrassed about this. Because people who read their paper don't know what is actually going on. And the divide between reality and what they're reporting is getting larger and larger. So I get accused of being overly optimistic. But I do feel like there are several trends that are moving in the direction of this being exposed by the media.

GLENN: That would be -- that would be nice. You know, I was just thinking, as you were talking about the reality of this actually coming to light. And the president losing his gig over this. If I were planning to destroy America, there couldn't be a better way to do it, than to run a president through an impeachment trial, while a country was at war. God forbid we go into war, and we have to remove the president. Because you can't have a compromised president. I mean, you're going to go to -- Kamala Harris, what a nightmare. But can you imagine what our allies would think, if -- I mean, they think he's weak now. Can you imagine an impeachment trial going on at the same time? It's a disaster for the United States.


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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I read some stuff this morning. I've been doing some research on what's happening with the WHO. And I read their stuff today, that will make your head explode. And is really evil and important.

But let me give you this today, from -- from Daniel Horowitz at TheBlaze. States must preemptively nullify any WHO international pandemic regulation.

I'm going to read it verbatim because it's just so well-written. And now is the time, that things are shifting. We're going to. There's going to be a New World Order out there. And we've got to lead it. And we have to unite the rest of the free world in doing it. That's Joe Biden. March 21st, 2022.

Any Republican that is running without mentioning your intent to fight the global pandemic treaty or regulations, might as well run as a Democrat. This is really super important, and it is beginning to happen next week. On May 22nd, the world health assembly, the governing body of the World Health Organization, is going to meet in Geneva Switzerland to discuss the next step in its pandemic treaty. And the quest to use public health to expand the WHO's power over sovereign states. Representatives from 193 nations, including the US, will be attending the only country, not invited is Taiwan.

Gee, I wonder why. So what is this treaty? On January 24th, 2022, the director general of the WHO explained the treaty was a priority, to urgently strength the WHO, as leading and the director authority on global health, at the center of the global health architecture. He laid out the guiding principle of this plot. We, quote, all want a world in which science triumphs over misinformation. Solidarity triumphs over division. And equity is a reality, not an aspiration. He said, we are one world, we have one health. We are one WHO.

Now, this has not been announced. Biden has not even spoken about it. They are deathly quiet about this. But they're going to be approving amendments. The proposed amendments are essentially going to allow the director general of the WHO to declare public health emergencies in any country. And unilaterally coerce its citizens to take certain actions. Here's one of the amendments, a critical section from article nine. The WHO shall consult with and attempt to obtain verification from the state party, whose territory the event is allegedly occurring. But this is the way it's going to read. Now, WHO may take into account, reports from sources of other than notifications or consultations -- consultations shall assess these reports, according to established principles. And then communicate information on the event, to the state party, in whose territory the event is allegedly occurring.

Now, they have scratched out, before taking any action based on reports, the WHO shall consult with and attempt to obtain verification from the state party. That's all gone. They're taking that out.

So WHO gets information, has reports, and they can act without verifying with the president or anybody else.

Why would you be erasing the requirement, for the WHO to consult with the government?

Number four. If the state party does not accept the offer of collaboration within 48 hours, WHO, it used to say, May. It now says, WHO shall -- when justified by the magnitude of public health risk, immediately share with other state parties, the information available, whilst encouraging the state party to accept the offer of collaboration, by the WHO. It used to say there, while taking into accounts the views of the state party concerned.

So they're erasing all of our sovereignty. This is going to be another thing. They're going to say, is a conspiracy theory. It is not. You can look it all up. It is the world health agenda. From the World Health Organization. They are meeting in Geneva, on May 22nd. So that's next week. They are intentionally quiet on this.

Because they know the power. Now, we also know what the WHO is. You remember, when everybody was saying, we have to get out of the WHO.

They're just a tool of China. Why would you say that?

Forget that I mentioned that Taiwan is the only country that is not invited to this in Geneva.

PAT: Yeah. That's completely -- completely irrelevant.

GLENN: Completely. Amen, brother.

PAT: I don't even know why you brought it up in the first place.

GLENN: Thank you. Thank you.

PAT: It's a good thing they weren't actually -- I wish we weren't invited to it.

GLENN: Well, I will tell you this. Another reason why Donald Trump. They fought so hard to keep him out: Because he wouldn't have --

PAT: He sure wouldn't have. That's exactly right.

GLENN: He wouldn't have empowered the WHO.

PAT: Well, he took us out of the WHO.

GLENN: That's exactly right. And this president is not only putting us back, they're taking away our sovereignty.

And so it's one more piece to the global governance of the left. Warning.


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We're the people, that despite all odds, we took it on. We didn't settle for less. And that's what they're telling you to do now, settle for less.

No. That's not who we are. Why would we be willing to sit around and wait for the government to fix it?

Don't lower your standards. That's un-American. We don't lower our standards. We raise standards. And that is our legacy.