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Glenn: DeSantis speech is the ‘WINNING PLAN’ for Republicans

Why is it that so many D.C. Republicans seem entirely unwilling to LEARN? During the 2022 elections, a ‘Red Wave’ never occurred like we thought it would. But there was one, significant exception: Ron DeSantis won the race to become Florida’s governor (again) by 19 POINTS! His win represents Florida’s largest margin of victory in 40 years. In this clip, Glenn reads from DeSantis’ recent inauguration speech, which Glenn says is the ‘WINNING PLAN’ for other Republicans. So, why then isn’t the GOP studying, learning, and following in the Florida Governor’s footsteps?


Glenn steals Biden's MO to avoid tough questions...

Remember that moment when Biden finally found the secret tool to crack the code for dodging reporters? ICE CREAM! If it "worked" for Biden, Glenn thought he would give it a try...


Glenn: My visit to Vatican City proves EVIL IS EVERYWHERE

During his Christmas address last December, Pope Francis warned cardinals to be vigilant of an ‘elegant demon’ lurking in the Vatican. Additionally, Pope Benedict XVI’s personal secretary plans to release a tell-all book that his publisher says will describe certain ‘dark maneuvers.’ But Glenn also has his own, personal experiences in Vatican City that lead him to believe there could be sinister forces attempting to gain a foothold there. In this clip, Glenn describes the last time he visited the Vatican, and the “spooky” meeting he had there. His story, Glenn says, proves that evil isn’t just spreading in America — it’s all over the world. But, there are good guys fighting it everywhere as well…


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GLENN: So let me -- let me start here. Let me start at Christmas.

Pope Francis made a dire warning to the curia. The cardinals and everybody else in the Vatican. Warning them to ever be vigilant of demons lurking in the Vatican.

Now, this was part of his Christmas address. Which apparently, he has turned into an annual airing of grievances. Some place in his Christmas address, he will put some things, where he's, you know, kind of upset about, inside the Vatican. He'll bury that in the Christmas address.

STU: So they've adopted part of festivous, into the Vatican's Christmas?

GLENN: Festivous?

STU: Yeah. Of course, the George Costanza holiday. They had the airing of grievances as part of it.

GLENN: That's right. That's right. That's kind of what it is. That's kind of what it is. So he said, you have to be ever vigilant of demons lurking in the Vatican. Now, he couched this, and you can read it this way. And this is probably what he meant.

But listen to the whole story. He said, we could easily fall into the temptation of thinking we're safe, better than others. No longer in the need of conversion.

But there is an elegant demon, who does not make a loud entrance. But comes with flowers in his hand. So he says, this elegant demon, is now lurking among the Vatican staff.

Okay. So is that just something, hey, you know, everybody is human. We should be careful. Ever vigilant. Could be. Could be.

Find it really interesting, that he's using those words.

Because I want to add something on top of that. Pope Benedict, who just died, his long-time personal secretary, has written a tell-all book, that his publisher promised -- would tell the truth about dark maneuvers, mysteries, and scandals, that sullied the reputation of Pope Benedict.

Dark maneuvers. Hmm. This is a guy who stood by Benedict for three decades. He worked with him when he was just, you know, father -- what was his name?

Ratzinger. That he was -- his personal secretary, he went and became the pope's secretary. And then when Benedict suddenly left, which was extraordinarily odd.

STU: First time in what, 600 years?

GLENN: Yeah. It's extraordinarily odd. And the story has been that, you know, he fell. And, you know, he was like, I don't think I can do this job anymore.

And that may be true. But was there anything else that was going on?

This book was promising to say, yeah. There were dark maneuvers going on.

I want to add a personal story. Before I go into part three of this. I was at the Vatican. I've gone twice. What was the last one?

2011. Do you remember?

STU: I don't. It was a while ago, though.

GLENN: It was when they -- when Ratzinger was the pope. And he had appointed a bunch of cardinals. Dolan was one of the cardinals that was being sworn in. And we were there, and I talked to Dolan, and I talked to many of the cardinals. And I was supposed to meet with the pope at that time. And it fell through, at the last minute. But I was -- I was hanging out with all these cardinals. And I think they were the good cardinals.

I mean, everybody has their own personality, and everything else. But these guys were, they were like Mother Teresa. St. Francis. They were the poorer ones. And from the poorer countries. And they were just all about service.

And we took a -- had so many incredible life-changing experiences there, that just opened my eyes to so much.

And one night, it was before the cardinals were, I don't know.

STU: Cardinaling.

GLENN: I guess. What they call it. But, anyway, it was the night before. And I'm in this room, with all of the cardinals. Okay? And have there's just a few people that aren't wearing these red robes.

And Tania and I are standing there, and we're standing, talking to these cardinals. And this one guy who was really our host this night. He was just -- you know, when you meet people, and you could feel the spirit on them. And the kindness, and everything else.

You just know when you're in the presence of someone who is really connected to the spirit.

And he said to me, at the time.

He said. You know, why this is happening?

And he meant why so many cardinals were being called?

And I said no. And he said, there's a war inside the Vatican.

And he said, I believe that it's a war of good and evil. He said, but there is a real war. Because there are many political aspects. And basically, what he described to me, was Deep State. There was the Deep State of the Vatican that was going to do. It didn't matter what a pope even thought.

And he alluded to the fact that Ratzinger, or Benedict. Pope Benedict knew this.

And was doing basically what Donald Trump did with the Supreme Court.

He was appointing all these cardinals because he wanted to stack the deck, because in his words, he didn't feel like he had very much longer that he could fight. And I just thought, maybe he's sick at the time. But it was like a year later, that he retired.

And so he said, you know, he is stacking the deck. He's trying to make sure that after he's gone, there's enough to hold back the onslaught.

And he said, and it's -- it's real evil. And so we were just talking about it. And we were in this room, someplace in Rome. We were in this room, that it was enormous.

The -- it was a ballroom.

You know, from, I don't know, a thousand years ago.

And it had a map of the world, that was like two stories and a football field long.

I mean, it was unbelievable!

It was like a movie. Like, if you were a super villain, you would have a desk in the center of this room. You know what I mean?

And you would have one light at the desk. And the bad guy would be sitting behind it. And the camera would just show him. And the whole map of the world.

It was like that kind of a room.

It was beautiful.

And so we're standing there. And I'm -- I'm just listening to what he is saying. And this guy comes in. And he was -- he was one of the cardinals. And I don't want to identify his role.

But he was very -- very high up.

And, man, he walked in. And he walked in with all these suits. All these politicians. And the guy said, that guy is the mayor. This guy is a -- you know, I don't know. A finance minister. Blah, blah, blah.

And I said, man, the room got chilly. And because it just felt like this is not a good guy. When he came in, it was like, you could feel it. As much as I could feel the good on the one guy, this guy.

And he said, oh. Oh, yeah.

He's -- that's the beginning. There's the head.

And he said, do you want to meet him? And I'm like, no. I don't want to meet him. And he said, you should.

And so my wife looked at me like, why? Why would we want to meet him?

And so he came up, and what the cardinal was doing was, just judge for yourself. Just say hello. This was the spookiest guy I've ever met. I don't remember the conversation. I just remember thinking, I want to stop talking to him and go way away from him.

There is a war. And I don't think -- I'm not saying this to bash the Catholics or, you know, have you question your faith if you're a Catholic or anything like that.

Pray for the people who are in leadership positions. What's happening in Washington is happening in all of our churches.

It -- evil has taken a foothold. And there are good guys, inside, fighting.

I'm -- I want to get the guy who wrote this tell-all book. To be on, and we're looking at another cardinal, that we could get on, that might be able to tell us some of the inside things that have been going on. That have been a little Frank about some of these things. But the last thing I want to bring to your attention, is when the Pope Benedict was a cardinal, he had a lot of friends. And they were ear cardinals. And when they released the final secret. The third secret of Fatima. Which, if you're not Catholic, it's just a message from heaven. Given to these -- these kids. You know, right before World War I.

And it said, there's a huge Russia -- Russia is the problem. It's going to spread its error, throughout the world, unless her heart has changed.

And they -- there's going to be a world war coming, soon. And then there will be a Second World War.

And then a final battle. And, you know, it happened years before World War I and World War II obviously. And then there was the third one. The third secret, if you will, about what sets up the final battle.

They released this. And it was kind of like, okay. That's old news. Ratzinger, who is Pope Benedict, said, and this has just been published, that Pope Benedict said, the third secret has not been revealed in its entirety, because the pope and all those involved would not allow it to be released. Or if he was the pope, I can't remember which it was.
But the power did not want to release it.

Because it talks about a bad council, and a bad mass, and evil at the top and highest levels of the church.

And that's the warning that was given to them. In, you know, like 1910.

And it leads to the end of days.

So I found it interesting, that for anybody who believes in any of these kinds of things, and if you believe in evil, I find it interesting, that the current pope is talking about evil.

The last pope is talking about evil. But I think there are kind of pointing at each other, a little bit. You know, I don't think they're on the same side. I think they're both using evil. But I think they're not talking about the same evil. And aren't fighting the same evil. And then to have this Fatima secret come utilize now, according to sources, it is from the pope that just died.

I find it fascinating.

STU: And to be clear, you're saying. The book that is coming out. Is a tell-all book, basically about Benedict, and what was going on.

GLENN: And saying that he was not the guy that everybody -- because they called him God's Rottweiler.

He went through a lot, you know, with the press.

But also, this book is saying, there were internal things that were going on. That I can tell you, when he was the pope. I heard at the Vatican. That he was fighting real evil, and there was a battle inside. It was like the Deep State.

STU: And this book was you think, intentionally withheld until after he passed.

GLENN: Until he passed. I could be wrong. I could be wrong. But as I read it, he was so close. You don't write a book overnight. He just died.

STU: Right. Right.

GLENN: So he's been writing it for months.

And this guy worked at his side this whole time. He's the guy who gave him last rights. Called Pope Francis and said, he's dead. I mean, he was the guy with him all the time.

I would bet you that it was written with Benedict.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Could be wrong.

But there -- there might be some very interesting things. That come out of this book.


5 predictions Glenn NAILED for 2022...and 2 he got wrong

A new year means it’s time to review Glenn’s predictions from last year, which he declared in January 2022. In this clip, Glenn runs through the 8 predictions he made one year ago, and most of them were SHOCKINGLY true. From COVID's future and a war on crypto, to tension in China and the left’s hatred of Elon Musk, listen to find out which 5 predictions Glenn absolutely NAILED and which 2 he got entirely wrong…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So, anyway, for a long-time listener, there are things that I say. And I usually tell you, that I feel prompted to tell you. And they are usually the things that I don't want to tell you.

Like, hurry. You should be where, you know, you want to be.

Because there's coming a time, where you are where you are, and you're not going to move.

But every year, we just look at the news, and we say, okay. Without prompting, just what is it that we think the trends are showing us?

So let's go over this time last year, these are the things that I said would happen in 2022.

Stu, you be the judge. Okay?

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: COVID-19. Just sort of fades away. Despite the best efforts of government, authorities and the Davos crowd, to keep the pandemic going forever. The reality of herd immunity, plus vaccinations. Plus therapeutic treatments, will ensure that both infections, as well as hospitalizations will decline dramatically in 2021 and COVID-19 will fade into the background, very much, moving into an endemic phase in 2022.

For the most part, the pandemic will fade into a bad, muddy memory, like the way a nightmare can fade into just an unpleasant feeling for a couple of hours after you wake up from it.

STU: I think that's exactly what happened. Do you?

GLENN: Yeah. I think the only thing I missed here, was that it was going to start really turning. Right now, I think in 2023, by the -- by the end of this coming last year. And I'll get into my predictions next week, for this year.

But I think this is the year, where it really starts to turn ugly. And flips the other way.

STU: What do you mean? You're saying like a flaring --

GLENN: Like right now. Right now. I think there is this feeling in America, that of course those vaccines were not so good.

Even though -- even the people -- even from the people who took the vaccine. They're like, starting to question it. I think it's going to turn ugly, the other direction. You know, against the vaccines. And against the people.

STU: We'll see on that one. The prediction of it fading away, though, seems really exact to me.

GLENN: Yeah. It is.

STU: Just glancing at the stats. Which I don't pull up that often anymore. That's a good sign of it. That what you said, is true. And I think that it's to the point where it's hard to really remember. That 2020 era. Where like, you were --

GLENN: Yeah. It was everything. Everything.

STU: Everything was locked down. You were wearing masks everywhere. It seems like a bizarre memory from our past. So that one seems exactly right.

GLENN: Yeah. The next one is wars and rumors of war.

Whether it's Russia invading the Ukraine. Or China invading Taiwan or another Iranian cause blowup in the Middle East, 2022 is likely to see one or more wars of the word. From 2021. Erupting into a shooting war from 2022. First one I put was Russia versus Ukraine. Tremendous amount of digital ink had been poured into discussions of Putin's desire to protect Russia's so-called soft underbelly from threats within the EU. This narrative relies on World War II era geopolitics and reasoning. The reality is, there's currently zero countries that represent even a cursory threat to Russian territory. The answer to the question of why is Russia being so aggressive to Ukraine, is much simpler and it is often the case, when it comes to Putin's political motivations. It's entirely financial.

This one is based on commodities. Ukraine is rich in oil. Natural gas and rare earth minerals.

Go into the energy thing. And that they need to be able to have open pipelines set right to Europe. Yada, yada.

And that they would invade, and it would be most likely, that we would get into -- get involved in a shooting war. In Ukraine.

STU: Yeah.

News flash, that one happened.

GLENN: Right. The next one I said, was China versus Ukraine. Sorry, China versus Taiwan. It would seem almost laughable, just a few years ago. That China would even entertain the idea of a military intervention in Taiwan.

However, China may have a unique opportunity in 2022, that the world is massively distracted and distanced from Taiwan, because what will happen in Ukraine and Russia.

STU: And that one obviously did not happen.

GLENN: Correct.

STU: However, it does seem like it's on the docket, you know.

GLENN: Yeah. It is on the docket. You know, a year ago, that one was -- they weren't in Ukraine. They weren't in Ukraine.

STU: The Ukraine thing sets off a series of events that could easily lead to something like this.

GLENN: Correct. War on crypto. See what you think on this one. In 2022, central banks and government authorities will move into an active mode against cryptocurrencies. Most likely using some eye-catching headlines about protecting consumers, but to successfully use that approach, authorities need an event. A major crime syndicate, using crypto. A massive crypto exchange theft, affecting investors. Wow. This is written before 2022. This is 2021, you wrote these.


GLENN: Yeah. Suddenly, crypto will become a bad guy thing. Something that government needs to step in and protect us from. First, we'll see laws that make owning or transacting with cryptocurrencies illegal. That will be enough for most people. Especially since central banks will be launching their own digital currencies, as a safe replacement. One that is, of course, tracked by Uncle Sam. Now, all of that didn't happen.

STU: Well, he got the SPF. FTX thing. So that was the -- the event, right?

And that happened late enough in the year, that they're not into deep legislation yet. But they are talking about --

GLENN: Yeah. And one of my predictions coming for next year, is -- we are going to have massive -- well, I won't tell you. Cryptocurrency and central bank currency is coming. But here's what I said: In 2022, central banking and government authorities will move into active mode against cryptocurrencies.

Based on eye-catching headlines about protecting consumers. I think that's accurate.

STU: Sure.

I mean, that one is well underway. Of completing.

GLENN: Yeah. The next one I said, market crash ahead.

Global equities experienced significant sell-offs in Q1 of 2019. Q1 of 2020. While COVID-19 got the blame for the sell-off, similar sell-off in early 2019 had no apparent cause.

From April 2020 to February 2021, the fed made more than $9 trillion of loans to the largest investment banks in the US.

And that's on top of the trillions of other stimulus in fed or Uncle Sam currency printing, that saw trillions more enter the economy over that time.

Consumer price inflation is virtually guaranteed, at the level four to six months from now.

So 2022, will be a choice between inflation, a market crash, or deflation.

During an election year. They say elections have consequences, but likewise, consequences have elections.

Given the probable consequence of a no-good choice place. Talking about the fed. And what are they going to do?

Keep raising up the rates? Are they going to let it crash, et cetera, et cetera?

I predicted a crash. I don't think we got -- you know, we didn't get a crash. But we did see, a significant weakening of the market.

Because of the fed. I think I got this one really wrong. Because the idea here is, this will be one more reason to sell your stock in the DNC's changes in 2022. Because I said, it would also, at the end of 2022 have significant consequences in the election. Which, no.

STU: Well, yeah. It did have -- certainly, changed the balance of power. Which was significant, I think.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: And it did go down certainly in 2022.

But I wouldn't describe it as a crash.

GLENN: All right. More in a second. First, let me tell you about Relief Factor. Having pain in your life, isn't that uncommon. Millions of people have pain every day.

The inflation that hits your joints, whether it's from regular exercise to day to day living. Or just the effects of aging. It is awful. I used to be in pain every single day. Crippling pain. I just -- I couldn't do it.

Well, may I suggest Relief Factor. People told me, try Relief Factor. I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah. It won't work on me.

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Or you can call 800-4-Relief. 800-4-Relief. And get the 19.95, three-week Quick Start. It's Or call 800-4-Relief. Relief Factor, feel the difference. Ten-second station ID.

GLENN: So we're just going over the predictions that I made for 2022, to see if they were right or wrong. So far, one was wrong. But the rest were spot-on, don't you think?

STU: Yeah. You said, the market -- calling it a crash was definitely wrong.

But the tone of the year was certainly negative.

Yeah. So here's one, absolutely wrong.

Speaking of 2022 elections, it's hard to find a pundit or pollster at this point, who is not forecasting a major red wave over the course of 2022 mid-term elections. Given the Biden administration's insistence on supporting policies and programs wildly unpopular, it's not going to be surprising. Voter enthusiasm for democratic voters have never been this low.

Blah, blah, blah. And I said, it would be a major red wave. And then some. No. No.

STU: No. A little red trickle, maybe? They get the House, which is -- if they ever get a Speaker, will be important.

GLENN: That is just so bizarre to me. That one, still doesn't make sense. Other than the Republicans found a way to blow it.

They didn't push their people into going out, and voting early, et cetera, et cetera. They didn't use all the legal things that you can use to be able to help at the polls.

Everybody waited until the last minute. And just, their strategy was, we're not the Democrats. That's not enough. That's not enough.

Listen to this one. The establishment begins to kill Musk. Talking about Elon Musk.

The total outsider. Rebel.

Completely unapologetic about what he's achieved. He's male. He's white. He doesn't apologize for that.

These days, those things don't pass for unforgivable sins in the eyes of the woke elite.

You might expect an Ayn Rand type character, emerging. The leftist elite just will not allow them to survive.

Over the next year, we'll see a highly concentrated effort to destroy Musk.

His business, his reputation, his legal standing, and his wealth.

For his mark -- for his part, Musk has promised to fly a Noah's ark spacecraft to Mars, presumably including human beings, two by two. But if we're reading the tea leaves right, he might wish to accelerate his planned mission.

STU: That's -- I don't know if you saw Elon Musk posting the other day. He said, 12 months ago, I was person of the year.

I mean, it really has been a fall from grace, that is amazing, and so quick.

You know, even when he was saying, hey. I might move my factory to Texas.

And he opened up the factory, obviously before California wanted him to. After COVID.

And there was some -- you know, the left got a little annoyed with him at times. They totally turned on the guy. The guy who started the largest electric car in history. They've totally turned on him.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. And they will destroy him.

STU: I think he thinks he can push through this. Because he's so rich and powerful. He might. He might.

STU: Maybe.

GLENN: But 2023 will be the year, that we will find out.

Try this one out, manmade energy crisis will cripple Europe.

This is before the invasion of Ukraine. Another of the climate emergency narrative-driven realities will also rear its head in 2022.

The results will be devastating to the economies of Europe. And to a lesser extent, Asia.

Further, the happiest man on the continent right now, will be Vladimir Putin. Who will spend 2022 laughing all the way to the bank.

I mean, I think that one was a little accurate as well.

Next week, we will give you the predictions for 2023. On what is coming your way.

Hopefully, they'll be happier. I don't think they're going to be. Because I'm the one writing them.

But maybe -- maybe I'll be wrong. Maybe I'll be much, much more wrong.

Maybe I should start drinking again, and then write the predictions.

Everything is great. I love you so much. And my prediction will be that way the whole year.