Now is the time to become an abortion ABOLITIONIST

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This is big.

Like, tectonic shift big.

The leak of the draft opinion by Justice Alito on Roe v. Wade is big enough to be the Watergate scandal of our era, let alone the ramifications of what it could mean for the unborn.

The modern pro-life movement has never had the momentum it does today and we cannot afford to let this divine intervention pass us by.

The time for slogans and platitudes has passed and good men and women of faith need to take courage and not shrink in the face of the monumental work ahead. The road ahead is long and the work is hard but if we rise to this challenge and are victorious, the blessings bestowed by our Creator will be more powerful than anything we can imagine.

The odds were not in our favor that this day would ever come, especially in the face of the dominatingSpirit of the Age — but the opportunity is here and we must seize the reigns and never look back.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

We are all granted the gift of life, blessed with liberty, and given the opportunity to pursue happiness — all bestowed by a loving God who created us. As believers, we are charged with multiplying and replenishing the Earth, protecting the life we help cultivate and produce, and to fight to preserve the God-given rights of all.

The Declaration of Independence clearly spells out these rights and the truths are plain and simple. It seems straightforward in its messaging and language but its still waters run deep and are anything but simple. Like the United States Constitution, it was penned by mere mortals, yet they were mortals who were divinely inspired by God. This divine inspiration is the key that unlocked the miracle of America and is vital to its continued survival.

So how are we doing in all facets of our charge and stewardship?

Think of all the restrictions imposed on us over the past couple of years. We couldn’t do much of anything for a while without wearing a mask or proof of vaccination. Has providing for your family faced any challenges or roadblocks as of late with rising inflation and shortages? Or — heaven forbid — have you lost your job or had your hours reduced?

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have all been on lockdown thanks to politicians who just couldn’t let a good crisis go to waste. But did we do our part to fight them or did we sit back silently while muttering under our breath and doing little else?

If you are like me, you probably could have done better. But, our failures in protecting these rights pale in comparison to the epic failure in our efforts to protect and preserve the life of the unborn for nearly five decades.

Overturning Roe v. Wade is a win beyond description but we're not done...

Forget abolishing the Fed or I.C.E. or defunding the police, it’s time God-fearing Americans took a stand and demanded the defunding of Planned Parenthood and ABOLISH ABORTION — once and for all!

Overturning Roe v. Wade would be a win beyond description but even if it does indeed happen — we still have a lot more to accomplish. This would completely remove the federal government from the process (which feels so freaking good to say!) but it does NOT eliminate the majority of abortions. It merely passes jurisdiction on to the states where they can decide. Federalism and decentralization are the answer for so much of what ails us and they are amazing — if not underutilized — tools that we must incorporate at any opportunity.

Letting the states govern themselves with the ability to decide their own abortion legislation is an excellent if not surprising first step. Those are the judicial and legislative aspects of a very moral problem. Just because it's the state government and not the feds doesn't mean that the moral problem has been solved. With the bureaucratic red tape sorted, let's dig into the morality of the issue.

While there are some instances where the death of the fetus is inevitable, abortion is NOT. To be clear, abortion is a wanton act of terminating a life, regardless of the reason. In the extremely rare event of the pregnancy putting the life of the mother at risk, of course, you prioritize her life above all else. The termination of a pregnancy may be necessary for some instances but the intentional act of killing a viable fetus, for the most part, is not.

We MUST NOT let the Left continue to define the argument and control the language any longer. We have been playing their game on their terms, by their rules, for far too long. Finding a way to put the genie back in the bottle will be hard enough but trying to do it with their ever-changing word games is darn-near impossible. In order to flip the script in this debate, we must become the people God put us on this planet to be. But the key is making the changes a part of us, not just as a manipulative tool to get what we want.

This may sound counterintuitive but bear with me for a moment. It's time to throw winning and losing out the window along with all the tactics that have failed completely. We cannot change people’s hearts and minds if all we are trying to do is change the scoreboard. This issue is about people, love, and compassion — and loving someone doesn't include keeping score.

We will all be held to account for what we've made of the life granted to us by our Creator, but we are never meant to be the judge of another. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to be a pregnant 14-year-old girl who just found out she was “punished with a baby". You can’t fault her for being completely terrified and at least considering ALL of her options — abortion included.

We have been playing... on their terms, by their rules, for far too long.

We must FORGIVE those who have chosen to abort. It's not only the compassionate thing to do but also what is required of us as Christians. Forgiveness always edifies and uplifts all parties while allowing reconciliation to flourish.

Find ways to show LOVE to those who have already made this choice as well as those who are now facing this gut-wrenching decision. However, this must be authentic, with genuine love and concern, or it will be exposed for all to see.

STRENGTHEN those who are in this situation and EDUCATE them on all the options available. This is a huge part of the solution. So many times the choice seems so black and white, either it will "ruin your life" or "abort". But there are so many other options available and knowing these are key.

We must TAKE A STAND and refuse to let the forces of darkness win. Refuse to give in and help people shake the apathy from their slumbering eyes. If you feel this call, I urge you to follow through and become the Fredrick Douglas or Harriet Tubman figure within your sphere of influence and help abolish this plague once and for all.

Always remember, hate and love are not opposites. The two emotions are quite intense but they operate on the same spectrum, while the enemy of both is apathy. Sparking the passion for the cause of life is contagious and has the potential to spread like a wildfire. It can breathe life into a stagnant soul. If we stoke the flames and feed the fires of righteousness, there’s no telling what good can be accomplished and who will join us.

Politically the focus needs to be on waking the sleeping masses. Believe it or not, the Left and the abortion racket do not have public opinion in their favor. By and large, people tolerate abortion up to a point, but very few fully embrace the choice. In fact, a lot of those who support abortion do so with conditions attached. Also, a large number of women who have had abortions deeply regret it at some point.

The Left has owned this debate for the past 30 years and now is the time we take it back. Up until now, the possibility of reversing this abhorrent ruling has been a pipedream and many conservatives in Congress have relegated their passion for the subject to the back burner and have backed down at every turn.

Do not shrink in the face of history.

But change is in the air.

Abolishing abortion altogether is a huge undertaking, make no mistake about it — but making these changes helps us become a people worthy of God’s divine providence and intervention. With the current shift in the political winds providing some much-needed momentum, we are about to see miracles unfold the likes of which the world has never seen!

Today, I call on all those who hold life sacred — on either side of the aisle — to join with me in this fight. Do not shrink in the face of history. Step up to the plate and fulfill your divinely appointed charge.

We may have wilted in the intense heat of this fight up until now, but let today be the day that we forge a battalion of abortion abolitionists and affirm and protect the lives of our most vulnerable!

Take courage and remember that God put you on this Earth at this time for a purpose and you have everything within you to accomplish what He expects from you.

Is today the day abortion finally goes by the wayside? There's only one way to know for sure: let's mess around and find out.

The Biden admin has let in MORE illegal aliens than the populations of THESE 15 states

GUILLERMO ARIAS / Contributor | Getty Images

There are currently an estimated 16.8 MILLION illegal aliens residing in the United States as of June 2023, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). This number is already 1.3 million higher than FAIR's January 2022 estimate of 15.5 million and a 2.3 million increase from its end-of-2020 estimate. Even Democrats like New York City's Mayor Adams Mayor Adams are waking up to what Conservatives have been warning for years: we are in a border CRISIS.

However, this isn't the same border crisis that Republicans were warning about back in 2010. In the first two years of the Biden administration alone, the illegal alien population increased by 16 PERCENT nationwide, imposing a whopping net cost of $150.6 BILLION PER YEAR on American taxpayers. That is nearly DOUBLE the total amount that the Biden administration has sent to Ukraine.

This isn't the same border crisis that Republicans were warning about back in 2010.

These large numbers often make it difficult to conceptualize the sheer impact of illegal immigration on the United States. To put it in perspective, we have listed ALL 15 states and the District of Colombia that have smaller populations than the 2.3 MILLION illegal immigrants, who have entered the U.S. under the Biden administration. That is more than the entire populations of Wyoming, Vermont, and South Dakota COMBINED—and the American taxpayers have to pay the price.

Here are all 16 states/districts that have FEWER people than the illegal immigrants who have entered the U.S. under the Biden administration.

1. New Mexico

Population: 2,110,011

2. Idaho

Population: 1,973,752

3. Nebraska

Population: 1,972,292

4. West Virginia

Population: 1,764,786

5. Hawaii

Population: 1,433,238

6. New Hampshire

Population: 1,402,957

7. Maine

Population: 1,393,442

8. Montana

Population: 1,139,507

9. Rhode Island

Population: 1,090,483

10. Delaware

Population: 1,031,985

11. South Dakota

Population: 923,484

12. North Dakota

Population: 780,588

13. Alaska

Population: 732,984

14. Washington DC

Population: 674,815

15. Vermont

Population: 647,156

16. Wyoming

Population: 583,279

POLL: Should the Government control the future of AI?

The Washington Post / Contributor | Getty Images

Earlier this week, tech titans, lawmakers, and union leaders met on Capitol Hill to discuss the future of AI regulation. The three-hour meeting boasted an impressive roster of tech leaders including, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and others, along with more than 60 US Senators.

Tech Titans and Senators gathered in the Kennedy Caucus Room.The Washington Post / Contributor | Getty Images

The meeting was closed to the public, so what was exactly discussed is unknown. However, what we do know is that a majority of the CEOs support AI regulation, the most vocal of which is Elon Musk. During the meeting, Musk called AI "a double-edged sword" and strongly pushed for regulation in the interest of public safety.

A majority of the CEOs support AI regulation.

Many other related issues were discussed, including the disruption AI has caused to the job market. As Glenn has discussed on his program, the potential for AI to alter or destroy jobs is very real, and many have already felt the effects. From taxi drivers to Hollywood actors and writers, AI's presence can be felt everywhere and lawmakers are unsure how to respond.

The potential for AI to alter or destroy jobs is very real.

Ultimately, the meeting's conclusion was less than decisive, with several Senators making comments to the tune of "we need more time before we act." The White House is expected to release an executive order regarding AI regulation by the end of the year. But now it's YOUR turn to tell us what YOU think needs to be done!

Should A.I. be regulated?

Can the government be trusted with the power to regulate A.I.? 

Can Silicon Valley be trusted to regulate AI? 

Should AI development be slowed for safety, despite its potential advantages?

If a job can be done cheaper and better by AI, should it be taken away from a human?

Do you feel that your job is threatened by AI?

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Glenn wrote this essay on September 12, 2001. Are we the same people now?

ED JONES / Contributor | Getty Images

Twenty two years ago today on September 12th, 2001, Glenn wrote an essay called "The Greatest American Generation." These were his visceral thoughts immediately following the 9/11 attacks. This beautiful essay calls upon the American spirit to rise to the occasion to pull us through what was one of the darkest days in our nation's history. He called us to unite around the common vision that unites us as Americans.

Yesterday, Glenn revisited this essay, wondering if we are the same people who could have pulled through that dark hour. Do you still believe the things that he wrote in this essay? Or have we become a people too divided to overcome a tragedy of the magnitude of 9/11? Consider these questions as you read Glenn's essay below, "The Greatest American Generation," published on September 12, 2001.

I've always believed that the greatest American generation is the one that's living, in the here and the now. The question is not if this is the greatest American generation. The question was when were we going to wake up? I remember staying at my grandparents' house in the summer when I was small. Every morning my grandmother would open the attic door and call up, "Kids, time to wake up." For me she'd have to do this a couple of times before I'd lumber out of bed and cross the cold, squeaky wooden floor. But finally, I would. And she'd be there in the kitchen ready with breakfast. My grandfather was already outside in the henhouse because there was work to do. They were hardworking, good and decent people. Seemed to me that they were from not only a different time but a different place. They weren't.

The spirit of our parents and our grandparents isn't from some foreign place. It hasn't died out. It's a flame that flickers in all Americans. It's there and it's ready to blaze to life when we're ready to face the challenges that now lie at our feet. It's what sets us apart. It's what built this country. It's why our borders still teem with the poor and the tired and those yearning to be free, burned with zeal in the hearts of millions of immigrants from every corner of the Earth who came here in search of a better way of life. The flame that Lady Liberty holds is the American spirit which burns deep within all of us, no matter what our race, gender, our religious background. And today the world is watching us. It's really nothing new. It always has.

Since the dawn of man people dreamt of a better life, dreamt of a better way, of freedom. But it was Americans that finally found a way to build it. And out of all that we've built, the powerful machines, the computers, the weapons of mass destruction, hardware and software that we spent millions on every year to protect and keep the plan secret, our biggest seeming secret, the one the world wants most of all, isn't a secret at all. It's something we freely give to the rest of the world. And while it seems self‑evident to us, for some reason it can't be duplicated. Yet it can be passed on from person to person, torch to torch. It's the American spirit.

If you weren't trapped in one of those towers or on a plane or in the Pentagon, then you have great reason to humbly give thanks today, not for our lives but because we're the lucky ones. God hasn't forsaken us. He's awakened us. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, he's gently called out, "Kids, it's time to wake up! We've been given another chance."

Thousands of years ago in Babel, the great civilization in their arrogance built a tower that reached the sky. It crumbled and they were scattered. Our heart and steely symbols of power and wealth may have crumbled, but we have not been scattered. Americans aren't ever going to scatter. Let the world recognize through our actions today that those firefighters in New York are not the exception. They are the rule. Americans don't run from burning buildings. We run into them. It was a beautiful fall morning on the edge of the land created through divine providence. Coffee shops were open. Children were on their buses and people easing into another typical workday when America's greatest generation heard the voice: "Kids, it's time to wake up."

Several times we've ignored the voice. We've drifted back into twilight sleep muttering, "I know, I know, in a minute." But finally we are awake and out of bed, for there is much work to do. The task before us is much more daunting than what our grandparents and parents faced, but we are stronger, a more prepared nation. The torch has been passed. We are the greatest American generation. The American spirit is alive and well. Our flame has not burned out. It had just been dimmed while we were asleep."