Top Glenn Moments of 2012: Glenn dissed by American Airlines

With Glenn on vacation for the holidays, we’re counting down the top Glenn moments of 2012. What were this year’s highlights? Stay tuned to the Glenn Beck newsletter to find out!

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If you thought businesses could put aside partisan differences in order to treat their paying customers with equality, you thought wrong. Glenn made the fateful decision to fly from NYC to Dallas with American Airlines and it turned out to be a gigantic mistake. The staff aboard the plane were deliberately combative with Glenn and his family to the point of ridiculousness. The attendant was polite and friendly with other customers but noticeably changed his tune when serving Glenn. He became rude and abrupt, even forcefully slamming down his drink on the tray when being served beverages during the flight. Glenn lambasted the experience on radio and TV, vowing to never fly the airline again. The company responded by saying they were investigating the situation. Just another day in the life of a conservative in a world filled with tolerant, loving liberals.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Never fly AA again.

  • Anonymous

    I recommend Boycotting everything the left is attached to including all union labor associated products, Hollywood produced products without hurting conservative actors, actresses & directors. I would Boycott the leftist music industry with the exception of country and Bluegrass artist. Eventually the unions are going to kill those industries anyway, it’s just a matter of time. No sense my money supporting the enemy while waiting for it to happen.

    • RC

      Amen !about time, what took so long?to wake up to this?

    • Eva Valdez

      Then go ahead and boycott  There is much that conservatist’s believe that can be built from for our country. News!!!! Flash !!!! the Founding Fathers were not coservative in any way shape or form! Do you or Have you shared those great ideas this past four years with your representativives ? ! Ah No! This is why you lost and can’t adjust ! We voted about what we what done ! Reread the Constitution and the Bill of Riights again ! Please . . The Unions need adjustments and we the greatest Nation on earth shouldn’t have to have Unions!  BUT  we do why? Becasue of Cheaters, slave drivers and unethical bosses. II agree some serious changes need to be mad! But like our country has grown we must change the attitude of 1778. . Roll !up your selves and get ready to work Oh yeah try telling the truth. . When you find out how your “leaders”: have lied to you. . It will hurt

  • Anonymous

    ISUCN has a wonderful idea, and boycotting everything libs are connected with will save each of us tons of money!

    • landofaahs

      Oh yea that sounds good, cause you’re a duck, you can fly there yourself.  What about the rest of us two-legged sorts?  It’s just ducky for you.  LOL  Good post but I could not resist. 

    • Eva Valdez

      Great Idea! We won’t miss the money Why Because you are not in the majority! The election will determine the true will of the People. . .Oh IT DID  We one not Democrats oor Liberals the overwheliming mass of Americans won We voted deal with iit By the way it wasn’t a few voites it was millions and millions Boycott away ! That is true Capilatism. . if aa business fails then it fails and your point oof view qill be listened to !! Oh we already did that with the Presidential election But keep trucking as you do have great ideas I have boycotted and it worked You got no guts

      • Bryan C. Witkowski

        Prior to commenting on something, be sure that your response is not filled with grammatical errors if you want anybody to take your opinion serious. 

  • landofaahs

    Speaking of flying, Merry Cliffmas to all.  Tell me how the landing is

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    I love how liberals and progressives complain about conservatives being bigoted and prejudiced. The liberals are the most intolerant group of people I have ever seen.

    • James M

      how so?

  • Anonymous

    Although I pretty much disagree with everything that Glen Beck says, believes and feels, if what he is saying is true then that is shameful. Glen Beck deserves no special treatment nor really any acknowledgement of any kind as his is merely a commentator. He has no say, no political clout, no real impact on the broader issues. To treat him with disrespect is only to prove him right.  Shame on AA for that. I would have treated him like any other client, no better and no worse. Its a job liking people has nothing to do with it. If you really want to make people like Beck even more insignificant than they already are then don’t even recognize them. Don’t lower yourself to this kind of behaviour. Treat him as who he is a middle aged recovering alcoholic business man. That cover just about 85 percent of airline passengers anyway! 

  • Jeffery Dilegge

    December 21, 12012 and we are alive! hahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      The heck with you, I got left behind : )

  • Boomer

    Civil disorder – including “Terrorism” – will cause the collapse of Wall Street and threaten the survival of civilizations.

    Rejection of God – including “Truth” – has corrupted human life in all nations where evil controls contaminated minds.

    Imbeciles hate Jesus – including “Christians” – declaring war against all that is good, pure, loving, generous and holy.

    Look not to wicked politicians or higher taxes or elimination of debt or high-paying jobs to solve problems.

    Thinking of government handouts or fame or power or winning the lottery as the way to salvation from poverty is unreal.

    Planet Earth – including “America” – is dominated by rebellious souls in support of coming Anti-Christ’s New World Order.

    False gods – including “Money” – are served by degenerates who care more about immediate gratification than eternal life.

    AMERICA: Only God can deliver souls from satanic systems. Change from your wicked ways to avoid certain destruction. JIGROP

  • Anonymous

    i’d like to know if glenn contacted american airlines before he lambasted the entire company for the behavior of at most – one crew (and probably not even the entire crew).  the story only mentioned ONE crew member.  

  • MeeshS

    Yeah, how dare “liberals” treat a spiteful, racist, homophobic, misogynistic d-bag the way he treat others.

  • MARE

    TO: KED5……Ya know, that fella was supposed to be a “professional”. The pilot never said a word, standing right next to the guy. That is a shameful way to do his job, let alone having the
    2/%%–“s to treat anyone that way especially in front of Glenn’s family……….AND if you haven’t noticed, unless Glenn or Fox News, or other concerned Americans speak up on all the issues that they do, nobody hears about the issues or cares to do anything at all. 

  • MARE

    OOPS! forgot to post my name on the mesg to ked5.

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  • Eva Valdez

    Are you insane power4patriots. . . .Obama can do what !!!!! You are a hate monger who thrives on twustung the Lord’s message when it is a politcal statement you are making ! Benfit who There is a PBS special regarding the Revolution,the years it took to create the greatest document in the world the Constitution and the Bill of Rights Please read them. . You saya you have but try again! You have such poower and charisma and such an opportunity for doing the right thing and  you choose inciting ugliness Mr. er sorry PRESIDENT Obama is the President not God or the Boss of the Universerse? What powers do you honestly thing he has . . . . He won the ellection and it is time to have some of your good ideas out for us all to apppreciate and build on but this stalemate and stupib bigotry needs to stop God Bless as you do have some serious explaining to do when you pass!

  • Anonymous

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