With Glenn on vacation for the holidays, we’re counting down the top Glenn moments of 2012. What were this year’s highlights? Stay tuned to the Glenn Beck newsletter to find out!

In 2011, Glenn signed off from cable news with a promise: The left would beg for the days when he was only on at 5pm ET. In 2012, Glenn more than made good on that promise as TheBlaze grew into a new media empire. In January, TheBlaze TV, added the news and opinion show Real News, hosted by Amy Holmes with regular appearances by Buck Sexton, S.E. Cupp, Will Cain and Andrew Wilkow. In July, Andrew Wilkow broke off into his own show,rounding out a primetime lineup ready to deliver the truth the mainstream media refused to tell the American people. In October, Glenn announced that he was launching TheBlaze Radio Network, an online streaming radio network that would not only feature his daily audio and television shows, it would also be the exclusive home of Marconi award winning radio host Jay Severin. Meanwhile, TheBlaze.com broke traffic records on their news and information website and shows no sign of slowing down as they continue to expand their editorial staff and expose the biggest stories that matter to you.

So, why have we decided to make the incredible growth of TheBlaze into a multi-platform, multimedia network one of the top Glenn moments of the year? Well, today’s top moment came on November 7th, the day AFTER the 2012 Presidential election. That morning, Glenn took to the radio show without Pat and Stu for a one-on-one conversation with the American people. He started off the show with the inspiring story of how Thomas Paine came to write the famous phrase: Though the flame of liberty may sometimes cease to shine, the coal can never expire. Shortly after that, Glenn came back with a POWERFUL monologue promising that he would double down his efforts after the election. He announced plans to add more programming and to turn TheBlaze into an even more formidable force that would make the mainstream media shake with fear.
“We are going to provide courage and inspiration and truth. We will expose and we will lift up. We will not tear down,” he promised.
Within a few short weeks, Glenn announced that he was partnering with Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley, and others to produce a new reality show for TheBlaze TV that would find the best undiscovered American investigative journalists and filmmakers. The new show, The Pursuit of The Truth, will will bring together twenty selected filmmakers from across the country to prove to a panel of expert judges that their project is worthy of the grand prize – financing and worldwide distribution for their feature documentary film idea. 
What does Glenn have planned next for TheBlaze? We can’t say what’s next, but with all the big ideas he told us before he left for the holidays – you can bet that they will end up on 2013’s “Top Glenn Moments” countdown!