“That is flatly untrue.” Sen. Jeff Flake denies reports that he is pro gun control

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On yesterday’s radio program, Glenn talked about the interesting policy decisions Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) has made since being elected to the Senate. After joining the Gang of Eight to work on comprehensive immigration reform, there was buzz that Sen. Flake was considering giving into gun-control legislation too.

“I want to start the hour with a possible correction or at least benefit of the doubt at this point,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Yesterday we told you that there were words going around that Jeff Flake looked like he was willing to change his vote on Manchin/Toomey because of the Internet sales tax [legislation].We had some pretty good sources on that one, but [Sen. Flake] says that’s absolutely not true.”

After the show yesterday, Sen. Flake’s office reached out with a comment to clarify his position on gun-control. “I want to read what his press person said, so give him the benefit of the doubt because Jeff Flake is a friend. I like him,” Glenn said. “I know him, I respect him, I was for him in his election, and I think he has been very, very good as a congressman. He’s one that we really hoped would go in and change the tone of the Senate and be able to stand.”

Glenn read the statement he received from Sen. Flake’s press office:

Senator Flake has not changed his position on the Manchin/Toomey amendment. He remains opposed to it after voting against it last month. His position on background checks has not changed. There seems to be some confusion in the blogosphere particularly that Senator Flake would be willing to reverse his vote on Manchin/Toomey in exchange for no Internet sales tax. This is flatly untrue. The substance of this claim involves two separate bills and they in no way relate to one another. Senator Flake is not willing to make any concessions on the Manchin/Toomey amendment. He voted against it and voted instead for the Grassley/Cruz amendment. He wrote a short Facebook post about it last night:

It was reported by some media outlets today that I am changing my vote on Manchin/Toomey and that somehow I’m linking this to a vote on the vote on the Internet sales tax. Neither is true. I am not changing my vote on Manchin/Toomey. I voted against it. I voted against the Internet sales tax as well. There is no connection between these two votes.

“We just reported other reports,” Stu said in regards to the story Glenn reported yesterday.

Sen. Flake came on the radio program a couple weeks ago to talk about the Gang of Eight immigration reform, and Glenn asked him some pretty tough questions and demanded some pretty substantive answers, but Sen. Flake handled it with grace. Today, Glenn offered Sen. Flake an open invitation to come on the radio program and talk about the gun-control issue.

“Here’s the thing,” Glenn said. “If we’re not tough on these guys when they possibly start to lose their place, when they start to, you know, go towards Lindsey Graham and John McCain, we lose them and then they’re there forever and we have to help them keep their souls, quite honestly. And so we’ll lovingly reach out to him and lovingly ask him some questions because we don’t want to lose him. Because he is a great, great advocate. He has a great history, and we’d like to see that continue.

“We’d like to help those who are good,” Glenn concluded. “We just want to make sure that we’re not supporting anybody who has gone astray.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Flake has a choice now: stand for or against the will of the people, show his true colors and let the world know once and for all.

  • landofaahs

    Hold every one of them’s feet to the fire.  But we should not run any story from the liberal media without vetting it first, after all, we know their track record and it’s communist.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    Still don’t trust him actions will speak louder than words. I need to see it.

  • Anonymous

    Flake has been an amnesty pusher for close to a decade, against the will of the majority of Americans and Arizonans. I wouldn’t have been the least bit suprised to find out he was a gun control advocate. There are about a dozen in congress that I trust as conservatives and Flake ain’t one of them.

  • Destroy All Morons!

    until conservatives have control of the republican party, no republican is to be trusted to do the right thing.  they are only progressives and conservatives now, and there’s no major party working in the interest of conservatives these days. 

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    cajones.  since we’re referencing immigration and sombreros…he had the cajones to come on the show

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004531723269 Tr Hathcock

    Arizona Tea Parties do not like Flake and did not vote for him. He has not represented his state; he has been for amnesty for years; he told me he will vote how he thinks he should over what his constituents want.

    In 2010, the Tea Parties tore him up. He would not speak to Tea Parties in Arizona in 2012. He probably won’t speak to you again either, Glenn.

    • Anonymous

       He spoke to the Red Mountain Tea Party at least twice in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that Schumer’s name was taken off the Bill should be enough of a red flag for “ANYONE” to vote against it!  The mans a typical “BIGGOTED-TYRANT” just like Bloomberger & all of the rest of the “ANTI-FREEDOM” polititions in Washington D.C.

    The nerve of this guy (Schumer) to go on msnbc’s morning joe & try & potray himself as some sort of “competition marksman” when he was a teen & a “FORMER-MEMBER” of the NRA is proposteriously absurd at best!

  • Anonymous

    Watch what Flake does! Not what he says! He is corrupt just like his mentor McCain…

  • Anonymous

    Our forefathers died & shed blood for me & everone else who has a “pulse” in America to have the freedom & the right to keep & bear arms in this Country of ours! 

    The fact that a U.S. citizen has to ask permission from their local sherriff & the ATF, pay a $200 tax, & wait up to 6-12 months to receive a purchase of a “CLASS-3″ firearm is “BEYOND” inconvenient for me & I’m sure for most everyone else who buys firearms feels the exact same way. 
            This law of regulated requirements doesn’t seem like an “INFRINGEMENT” of our second amendment rights to you?  Really?

    Whenever the Constitution was written,,, their intentions at the time were for us (American citizens) to have access to the same kind of weapons that they had access too! 

    Ok, maybe not an armored Tank or an anti-aircraft rocket launcher, but…. I’m sure all small arms would be acceptable to our way of life as a means of protecting what is mine & most importantly, me & my family members!

    • http://www.facebook.com/gary.weatherston Gary Weatherston

      Just to call your attention to the words of the Second Amendment for a minute, it is not about guns.  It is about arms . . . of which a rocket launcher and a tank are both arms.  That is why your comment of having access to the same arms is correct.

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