WATCH: Creator of first gun made with 3D Printer discusses legal challenges with Glenn

Many fans will remember Cody Wilson as one of the most interesting guests that Glenn has had on the show in a long time. Wilson has pioneered the effort to make 3D printed guns and to widely distribute those files on the internet for free. In doing so, he threatens to disrupt the very idea of gun control because 3D printers are rapidly approaching a price where they could be purchased by the average consumer. Well, since his first appearance on the program Wilson has managed to successfully print and fire the gun. He opened up to Glenn about what that has meant for him as he faces legal challenges and finds himself on the forefront of history.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Once again we have proof politicians who make gun policy don’t know a thing about guns or manufacturing. Give me, or any other similar Mechanical Engineer, a week with a 3D printer and an expense account and we could come up with a dozen new 3D printed gun design blueprints that were just as good if not better the Liberator.

  • nutt

    Terrorist enabler – well done, you fucking idiot.

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