Ends justify the means: Perverted progressives getting a pass?

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The Mayor of San Diego, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner – all are confirmed perverts, yet none of them have gone away. They are all still very much in the political game despite their shameful and in some cases repeated misbehavior. Why do they keep getting a pass and what does it mean for the ‘war on women’ if they do?

The Chair of the San Diego Democratic Party tried to excuse disgraced Mayor Filner, who has been accused by seven women of unwanted sexual touching.

“Democrats aren’t going to give him a pass, but may be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because we’ve waited so long, nearly 20 years, for a mayor who could put forward a progressive agenda,” she said.

Filner’s not the only progressive getting a pass because of his agenda. Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner are both running for public office in New York City, with many residents saying they are OK with their lewd private lives as long as they maintain their policies.

“The guy’s a total dirtbag. The guy is abusing, physically abusing women. The democratic party, they like their progressive policies more than people – they don’t see people as an individual. They see people as the collective,” Glenn said.

“Yes, some women have been abused by this guy, yes, but his policies are going to be so good for the collective that you are going to have to break a few eggs,” Glenn said mocking the progressive mindset.

Glenn asked listeners to imagine a situation where a woman is caught alone with someone like Filner, Weiner, or Spitzer. Would threats of screaming and making their actions public scare them? No, because the progressives and the media have shown that progressive ends are more important than character, morality, and individual victims.

“This is why you can’t selectively enforce the law, because when you do, those who would violate the law are taught a very important lesson. Nobody cares. Scream all you want. Nobody’s listening,” Glenn said.

He warned that if Filner is ultimately given a pass that he will become more and more dangerous – not to conservatives but to women.

“He is going to become more and more dangerous, not to conservatives, not to conservative ideas and freedom, but he’s going to become more and more dangerous to women because of the pass that he has been given. If you take someone in power and protect him after you know he is abusing his power and his power as a man, he becomes more and more dangerous, and think about how dangerous this guy is going to become,” Glenn said.

  • Anonymous

    It’s ridiculous, the double standard coming from the Democrats these days.  Do we all remember when they tried to pass legislation in Virginia for women to get an ultrasound as a prerequisite for getting abortion?  There were people saying, “Perverted Republicans, get out of women’s vaginas, mind your own business, war on women!”  Forget that plucking a living thing out of your womb is FAR more invasive.  If a Republican has an idea, even if it makes sense, it won’t work for any Democrat.  Yes the ends justify the means for the Left now.  You vote for men who would physically abuse women, and smear men who would like to compel women to empower themselves toward their own self-respect.

    • Greg Van Gordon

      I certainly don’t remember when Democrats tried to pass legislation in Virginia for women to get an ultrasound as a prerequisite for getting abortion.

      • Anonymous

        It was Republicans who tried actually.  They wanted the women to look at what they were about to kill.

      • Anonymous

        I edited my post for clarity. It was a typo.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    To the left, and the progressives ‘break a few eggs’ means the individual does not matter, only the means and ways to achieve the final collective goals.

    Yet those ‘eggs’ are individuals who are irreparably harmed and intimidated. 

    That is the way of the left: fear, intimidation, and manipulation. The individual matters not.

  • Alden Smith

    I have a friend getting mad at Rick Perry for banning abortion after 20 weeks which is in harmony on Fetal Pain and Development science. Also she found a guy laughing at coat hanger abortions disgusting but I have heard a word about these guys whom really have violated women and are doing disgusting things

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    Liberals stand up for these monsters but yet we the on the right hate women. Does anyone remember the scandal under Hillary where people where getting away with having sex with children and her department covered it up or the time the Dems where telling women to pee on themselves to protect themselves from rapist instead of using a gun to shoot them? Liberalism hates women that is why they flock to media that treat women like sex toys and do nothing when their side has a monster in the mist.

  • Jerry Wood

    I just recently wrote on blog about this on http://www.mydaddyscommonsense.com
    It is wrong to glorify such behavior. 

  • Anonymous

    Just because they are in the race doesn’t mean they are given a pass, just like a democrat speaking an opinion doesn’t reflect all democrat’s opinions, just like Republicans that supported Newt did not represent all Republicans or mean that they were giving him a pass on his marital cheating and lying.  I agree that the behavior should be pointed out as much as possible to stop people from their doublethink, a pole is just a pole and it doesn’t mean they will be elected (I don’t live in New York so I don’t get to vote on the matter) and if against all common sense Weiner and Spitzer are elected it is more of a statement on the sad pool of candidates that keep being presented. Then you should be more concerned about why the Republicans can not come up with a candidate that can beat these guys, or why this is the best the Democrats have to offer. 

  • Anonymous

    A six year old boy who kissed a girl was accused of being a sexual predator and suspended from school this has happened on at least two occasions at two different schools…… an innocent act with no sexual connotations is made into some terrible act where the children need counseling and should be put on a watch list!
    Yet an adult male who aggressively gropes and slobbers several women and it is a trivial matter no police needed…. he’ll just go to two weeks of counseling and be “cured” Oh an while were at it let the city pay his legal costs…. I’m surprised he hasn’t wanted them to foot the bill for the two weeks of counseling!
    What about the ladies he attacked? where is their counseling? what damage has he done to them? Oh I forgot it is a trivial matter…. sorry my mistake…..
    if you would like to read more about the skewed world we live in and about the boys who are looked on as predators for kissing girls see below:

  • Anonymous

    It goes to show how uninformed a Democratic woman voter is, the real war on women is coming from the Democratic Party, you can prove it to them and give lots of illustrations, but if you are a Democrat woman voter you just haven’s got enough intelligence to figure it out!

  • Anonymous

    I’m just surprised you guys don’t get it … these scandals for these individuals are resume builders … this has been the standard operating procedure for democrats for a few decades now … what planet you been living on?

  • Shane

    It’s the Democrats who have a war on women. Why is Fox News not telling us that this guy is a Democrat? I thought he was a Republican.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    HEY, we can’t forget all the conservatives/republicans who also screwed up with women all the time. What happen is that some get caught and others not. Its that simple!
    But, this mayor needs to go and I hope the citizens of SD bring some sanity to the city.

  • Anonymous

    At least 75% of San Diego wants Filthner gone right now,
    almost no one in City Council or his former contacts are returning his calls,
    and people aren’t taking this phony “rehab” thing lightly. 


    Don’t tell ME this is a staunch liberal town. 


    I think that’s a fallacy (like their “oh-so-close 51%) they
    want everyone to believe so they can “occupy” one of the most beautiful cities
    in the country for themselves (so they can mob it, consume it, and defile it


    The reason this Filthner thing is so important, as far as
    division within “The Family,” is that this IS the way women are treated –
    across the board – in The New World Order’s Open Society.


    I’ve seen it over and over and over – both personally and
    other women in The Illuminati Federal Family Shadow Government Mafia Cult


    This vengeful war on women is very real, and the main reason
    for its existence is the fact that women ARE the moral compass in almost any
    civilized society, and must be degraded and corrupted.


    Like Islam, American women MUST KNOW that in a plurality of
    countries, women are second-class – or far LESS than second-class – citizens.


    If we lose here, women all over the world are going to
    suffer terribly.


  • Anonymous

    Just one of a hundred examples is trying to get a
    restraining order against a particularly vicious Globot terrorist neighbor, the
    court was an absolute mockery of the justice system.


    The judge acted like Joe Biden presiding over a harem, and
    the first words out of his mouth upon sitting on the bench was “We’ve got a lot
    of good-looking women in the room today!” 


    To which all the young, junior DA’s and clerks laughed like
    it was a compliment.  And this exact
    scenario has happened over and over, court, job, you name it.


    It was an appalling insult to women professionals, the
    justice system, and to the Rule of Law. 
    It’s meant to minimalize their role in society and the workplace.


  • Anonymous


    It’s meant to condition all the women on the far left to
    “Play the game” and “Don’t talk…”

    It’s the exact same thing as Biden getting inappropriately
    chummy with various women and touching them inappropriately, reducing them to a
    child-like role in the exchange, and women all over should absolutely REJECT
    this treatment!!!!!

    This is a calculated, concerted war on the female gender and
    womanhood and the man-, and women need to snap their heads up and get a big
    load of this truth right now.

    This is what is happening to the women on the far left in
    D.C., and this is what is happening all over the globe to women, whether they
    are fully aware of it or not.

    THIS is the secret the women on the far left have been
    keeping for decades, and the published reports of examples of that are becoming
    more frequent and more numerous.

  • Anonymous

    It’s widely believed that Filthner stole the Mayoral election from Carl DeMaio, who is a proponent of union pension reform, among other positive things, and was wildly popular in San Diego. 

    From the first day, Filthner’s fiefdom was controversial, people on both sides were insulted and and disrespected, and Filthner was throwing his weight (and apparently his snake lips) around, stating repeatedly, “I’m the Mayor.  I can do anything I want.”

    And he has.

    Filthner, along with Charlie Rangel, is one of the original authors of the concept of America’s worst scourge, and DH$ darling, Community Policing.

    He is a raging regressive socialist with a near-identical agenda to the presidential office.

    The reasons it is so important that Glenn give this national attention are the depth of depravity, the rampaging dysfunction on the far left in regard to ANY member who is abused and is expected, coerced, threatened, punished and terrorized to stay quiet “for the collective” and “the cause,” and the fact that San Diego seems to be the pilot city for so much that is flatly wrong with the country.

    My gut has always told me that however San Diego goes, so goeth California, and however California goes, so goeth the nation.

  • Anonymous

    Take a look at the sex scandal history of Washington D.C……. and we wonder why these things start to become a non issue for some…. unless you are a Republican…..

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