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The Mayor of San Diego, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner – all are confirmed perverts, yet none of them have gone away. They are all still very much in the political game despite their shameful and in some cases repeated misbehavior. Why do they keep getting a pass and what does it mean for the ‘war on women’ if they do?

The Chair of the San Diego Democratic Party tried to excuse disgraced Mayor Filner, who has been accused by seven women of unwanted sexual touching.

“Democrats aren’t going to give him a pass, but may be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because we’ve waited so long, nearly 20 years, for a mayor who could put forward a progressive agenda,” she said.

Filner’s not the only progressive getting a pass because of his agenda. Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner are both running for public office in New York City, with many residents saying they are OK with their lewd private lives as long as they maintain their policies.

“The guy’s a total dirtbag. The guy is abusing, physically abusing women. The democratic party, they like their progressive policies more than people – they don’t see people as an individual. They see people as the collective,” Glenn said.

“Yes, some women have been abused by this guy, yes, but his policies are going to be so good for the collective that you are going to have to break a few eggs,” Glenn said mocking the progressive mindset.

Glenn asked listeners to imagine a situation where a woman is caught alone with someone like Filner, Weiner, or Spitzer. Would threats of screaming and making their actions public scare them? No, because the progressives and the media have shown that progressive ends are more important than character, morality, and individual victims.

“This is why you can’t selectively enforce the law, because when you do, those who would violate the law are taught a very important lesson. Nobody cares. Scream all you want. Nobody’s listening,” Glenn said.

He warned that if Filner is ultimately given a pass that he will become more and more dangerous – not to conservatives but to women.

“He is going to become more and more dangerous, not to conservatives, not to conservative ideas and freedom, but he’s going to become more and more dangerous to women because of the pass that he has been given. If you take someone in power and protect him after you know he is abusing his power and his power as a man, he becomes more and more dangerous, and think about how dangerous this guy is going to become,” Glenn said.