Share the real meaning of Christmas with this beautiful rendition of ‘O Holy Night’

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On radio this morning, Glenn shared several stories that seem to suggest we as a culture have eliminated the message and meaning of Christ’s birth from Christmas. But Glenn also offered a clip from last night’s premiere of Believe Again that helps re-focus the true meaning of the season and what we really celebrate on Christmas day.

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“I put a clip of last night’s show [Believe Again] from the part of the song O Holy Night,” Glenn said. “This was done by this artist out of Arizona. She is remarkable. She has the most beautiful voice… Clyde [Bawden is] playing the piano.”

When Glenn first heard Dianne Tubbs sing the song, he knew the focus had to remain on her voice and the emotional quality she brought to the song.

“When I first heard it, I said, ‘Produce this with just ambient sound,’” Glenn explained. “’Produce this just with the sounds of nighttime, just crickets, sheep.’”

Little did Glenn know, the album’s producer felt the same way.

“I didn’t know it until last night’s episode that the guy who was producing [the record] said, ‘This has transported me. Every time I’ve ever heard that song, it was not about the night. It was about some other night, but it was not about the night. That time, that song is truly about the night,’” Glenn said. “So I made this clip available because… it’s so beautiful. And they talk about it again as being – it’s this night.”

Glenn asked the audience to share the video with as many people as possible. But first, he asked people to reflect on what the song is truly about.

“Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take this song, and I want you to Facebook it, tweet it, send it to everybody in your mail list. Send it. But before you do… put your testimony… Whatever it is in your own words… And send it to everyone you know. That’s how you fight back. That’s the power of one. One person at a time, and you encourage them to do the same. Share the real meaning of Christmas. Don’t be bogged down in the negative. Find the power of the one.”

Watch Dianne’s version of O Holy Night below:

Miss Part 1 of Believe AgainWatch it ON DEMAND. Make sure to tune in for Part II, Wednesday at 8pm ET only on TheBlaze!

  • Ron Silverthorn

    I don’t believe in God, I KNOW God exists. Everyone needs to understand that God is the embodiment of everyone and everything around us., God is not in you, YOU are a part of God. Very simply put, God IS. Jesus Christ is absolutely real and he will help you with anything, all you have to do is ask.

    • Steve Metzger

      Um, that’s pantheism, an imagination of men and an utter distortion of biblical truth.

    • KC

      God is real & so is Satan, there is a spiritual war taking place in this country and people need to be aware of it, Just look at how Christ & Gods word is steadily being removed from America, With the ten commandments removed from society we seemed to have become lost to the Lords guidance and it shows. With each generation we grow further away from the Lord as a result fewer and fewer people are offended when our Godly lifestyles are threatened.

      Who would have ever thought that Americans would be forced to except Sin. What will be next, maybe the mark of the beast. After all we had to pass the affordable care act to find out what was in it. That;s just my opinion.

  • landofaahs

    You cannot put God into someone else’s life, they must welcome it on their own.

    • Anonymous

      You most certainly can when you hear this beautifully composed album!

  • Ryan

    Girl can sing!

    • Anonymous

      Stunningly gorgeous rendition! Moved me to tears!!!

  • Raney

    This is a beautiful arrangement and the girl has a beautiful voice, (but), I think it would be better if she sang it with her full voice and not the “breathy” interpretation.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever are you talking about???????

    • True Heart

      Everyone at our house agrees with Raney. Don’t try to remake a beautiful song, create your own works and let us enjoy your voice that way.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. The whispery singing kind of bugs me. I keep thinking, why are they hiding while singing? Are they about to cry? The woman has a very pretty voice, when it can be heard. Mr. Beck, your style of muzak kind of gets annoying. I hear this every morning on the radio. Why do none of these people you hire sing like they mean it. You don’t hide your voice if you’re proud of what your singing about. Even the national anthem last summer was whispered, not sung. O Holy Night was the Angels and the shepherds up in the Alps.It’s practically a Yodel, not a whisper. Just my thoughts.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s my take on the ‘interpretation’. Her voice is responding in awe, filled with the truth of the moment and of the song. The heart responds with singing while knowledge of the holy moment requires reverence. Beautiful.

  • Better Off Damned
  • BlueMN

    How do you really put God back into your life and the lives of others? By calling the Pope a Marxist because he wants to help the poor. As if Jesus would ever help the poor. Lighten up, Francis! Helping the poor is the opium of the masses.

  • Anonymous

    The irony is on yesterday’s show Beck made the ridiculous claim that he wasn’t trying to force his religion on people ( and referenced Penn Jillette) then proceeded to preach for the remainder of the show. He’s such a hypocrite when it comes to these things and seems to have missed the memo he’s a radio show host and not a minister. We have our own religions and will turn to our own preachers when we want to be lectured on getting on our knees and praying like he does on a regular basis. I tried fast-forwarding but he wouldn’t shut up it and managed to ruin “O Holy Night”, one of my favorite Christmas songs, in the process. Between this and the More On Trivia he’s just impossible to take in large doses these days.

    • squared@363

      His or anyone’s testimony regarding the beauty of Christ’s gift to the world is not in any way forcing anything on anyone. We are free to express such joy and you are free to accept or reject the same. Christ’s gift is free to all that accept the offering. No nee to silence anyone with personal attacks.

    • Chris H. Borei

      Why is it that when Christians share their faith, as the Bible calls us to, we “forcing” our religion on others? No one is “forcing” you to listen…No one is saying you cannot change the station and listen to something else. Glenn is sharing his faith and his love for God. If you don’t like it, then listen to something else instead of attacking him for being true to his Christian faith.

  • Anonymous

    Talented girl, no doubt. Nice that Glenn sees beauty in it, but we don’t have to make it a mission to send it to everyone we know because not everyone believes what Glenn believes. Besides my Christians friends I have Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, atheist and Muslim friends. Emailing them “I know this story is true” would be like telling them “I know your belief isn’t true”. Glenn’s idea of the power of one means believing what Glenn believes. Why not just enjoy what you believe humbly and not worry about changing everyone else?

    • Chris H. Borei

      Because, if you are a Christian, you are called by God to spread the Truth to everyone you know. I have many friends of other faiths as well and they respect me for sharing what I believe is the truth, because they understand that if I do not, I am not being true to myself or my faith.

      • Anonymous

        Muslims are “obliged” to spread the message of Allah too. I wonder if Glenn respects that?

  • Iris

    A lot of people don’t like the whispering sound of her voice. But I think its appropriate given it is a song about a child born in the night. Almost like a lullaby. She did a beautiful job.

  • Montesquieu

    Constitution – Article 1, Section 9: No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but to meet appropriations made by law.

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