Just stop whatever you’re doing and watch this video…trust us

One of the biggest stories of the year for both GlennBeck.com and TheBlaze.com was the heartwarming commercial featuring the relationship between a Golden Retriever puppy and one of the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. That video quickly went viral, and 48 million people took a few minutes to watch it and feel good for a few minutes. Chevy must have taken notice, as they have released their own video showing the relationship over the years of a young woman and her puppy Maddie.

FYI: After you watch, here are the big stories you need to pay attention to today:

Good News for Parents: See What a Judge Told a ‘Spoiled’ Teen Who Moved Out and Then Sued Them for College Tuition

Watch Russia Today Anchor Boldly Quit Her Job on the Air: ‘I Am Proud to Be an American’

Recluse Used to Make Gadgets for the Gov’t … Now He Says He Built a Nuclear Reactor in His Basement

Celebrate the five year anniversary of The 9/12 Project

So take a break from the stories in the Ukraine and check this out:

  • Kris Parker

    we have a golden… made me cry!

  • Allan Folsom

    bravo. true art

  • Jeff Erickson

    You made this ole war horse cry. S’ok though. Goes to show how much love I have for my 12 year old lab pup. Oh…she’s getting old on me…. :*(

    • cabman86

      I bet you both had a lot of love to share though. When she’s gone just start over with another one. It’ll be another long love for ya

    • CMiller

      I know what you are saying. I’ve had my lab pass at 13y/o. She was great. I waited 3 years and got another lab.

    • Kathryn Botard

      To me it looks like she is at a veterinarian office at the end. She is saying good-bye. I had to do that to one of my pets and it’s so hard. I’m surprised she isn’t crying. It was a touching video.

      • Anonymous

        I know, I kinda thought the same. It looked like a vet’s office to me as well.

        Such a shame our 4-legged pets don’t live as long as we do. Maybe there’s some greater meaning in that, but I can’t sort it.

    • BunnyBride

      My baby is 15 & 1/2, & I thank God for every day her little eyes open, & every night I get to hear her little snores while I fall asleep. Thank the Lord for the gift of companionship from animals, & their unconditional love.

  • Wendy Reed

    This is the saddest thing ever! Crying……

  • Sheila Arnold-Temple

    Well, I can’t quit crying. Beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Life is better when you share it with a canine friend.

  • Duey Long

    all smiles and tears until the Government Motors logo came on the screen

    • Pappa Joe

      get fucken over it tard …They paid all the money back and it saved thousands of jobs! You ever take a lone out for a house or that shit jap crap you drive?

      • cabman86

        They didn’t pay it all back. They got off by not paying 15 billion of it. Thousands lost their jobs and others had to sell their houses and move thousands of miles just to keep their jobs. My brother was one of them.

        • JCBiggs

          Lets not forget the Thousands of PROFITABLE dealers that were FORCED to close their doors. Ill NEVER own anything else with a chevy emblem on it. EVER.

          • Anonymous

            Been a GM, Chevy in particular, driver my whole life. I’m with you JCBiggs, I would never buy a Chrysler anyway but I’ll never buy a new GM car either. The only way I will consider it is if they went Union free and paid back every dime to American taxpayers and restored Delphi employees pensions in full and with interest.

          • JustLurkin

            And AND if they paid huge settlements to those successful dealers they purged because they gave to Republican causes. Then maybe.

          • Jimbo

            You people are woefully misinformed (I won’t say dumbasses). First, GM employees are taxpayers, too. So your “we the taxpayers” crap doesn’t cut it. Second, Obama purged the dealerships, not GM. Third, our government kills business by loading onerous restrictions with EPA regulations. It is also the only one that allows industry to move offshore. Fourth, for the anti-union turds, we gave you the middle class. You should thank us, instead of talking smack.

          • Anonymous

            RIght, the unions DID create the middle class. But, by endorsing and electing the Progressive left, you are the most significant part of the ongoing destruction of that very same middle class!

          • Mike Nelson

            How is it “not purging GM” when Rick Wagoner was effectively fired by Obama’s direct “request” that he step down?


            In case you didn’t know, many believe that unions outlived their usefulness when the Chinese, Irish, Blacks, and destitute were no longer dying on railroads and working in deplorable, filthy conditions for 14 hours a day, and when companies were regulated into an inability to engage in strike-busting (one of the regulations that I DO agree with, up to the point of non-governmental jobs), and now are only part of a real-life Sopranos crime syndicate that is itself sending middle class jobs out of the country by supporting the candidates that cause the business climate to suck in the US… which means that modern unions are effectively engaging in destroying the middle class.

            I’m open to learning here, so if you could refrain from words like “turd” in your reply, I would be deeply appreciative.

          • Anonymous

            It is quite easy. The Democrats subverted the unions and turned them socialist. It is the lowest common denominator. Vote Democrat, get free stuff.

          • Jimbo

            The original comment was that GM purged the dealerships, when it was Oblabla that did it. In case you didn’t know it, the railroads were finished before GM was ever thought of. I worked at GM for 35 years, under filthy dangerous deplorable conditions. In the old foundry days we had two days off per year and required daily overtime. As a skilled tradesman I worked a 7 day schedule most of those years, and at times 20 to 24 hours non-stop during emergencies. The “union thug” concept is a crock. We elect from the rank and file. Our reps do not come from some Hollywood crime family. As far as jobs moving overseas,both political parties are to blame, and it’s been going on since the ’60s. Not all union members vote for the libtard progressives either. Some of us are smart enough to vote for our own best interest and the interest of the country. GM is one of the few large companies to not understand their workforce is an asset. I was talking to a superintendent (upper middle level management) one day and was trying to tweak him up. Told him “you know how top management is, they will spend a dollar to screw us out of a dime.” He turned to me and said “son, I’ve worked here for 40 years, and they will spend a whole lot more than that to screw you out of a penny.” Explain to me again why we don’t need a union.

          • Mike Nelson

            I was a part-time worker for UPS in the state of Wisconsin, when union membership was not mandatory in many shops, but when paying union dues, was, regardless one’s desire to participate, be represented, or actually get representation. In fact, it was only recently that Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10 initiative changed this policy of extortion and robbery.

            After suffering a substantial back injury on the job (heavy lifting and twisting was part of the preload shift that wokred prior to drivers running their routes) and filing a grievance with the Teamsters union to which I did not wish to belong, but to whom I was forced to pay dues as a payroll function, rather than a voluntary membership, I was told – in these words – that, “You’re a part-timer. We don’t really represent you. Maybe you should look for another job.”

            That was my first experience in the job market after leaving military service.

            I will NEVER trust a union again, and will advocate against unions at every opportunity because of the treatment I have personally received, and have seen others suffer under similar straits.

            When people say “it’s all politics” they are RIGHT, and when unions are involved, the little guy gets run over every time. Unions are corporations, and when workers get screwed, unions account first for their own survival – from the top down, Soprano-style.

            What your boss told you sounds more to me like propaganda based on a kernel of truth, but I’d bet that kernel is based in personal politics, and that it would have been more accurately expressed as, “Our bosses don’t get along, so we have to make it look like THEY are the ones screwing you, because it will look bad if you think WE are, too.”

            Regards for your history of labor, but on this issue we will never agree. Perhaps, just maybe, now if unions have to WORK for their membership, rather than fat themselves on the unwilling extorted wages they are unwilling or unable to earn, MAYBE there will come a time when my attitude changes, but from what I have seen, unions are criminal business enterprises run by charismatic thieves.

          • Anonymous

            Who says that I wanted to be in the middle class? Unions always held highly skilled workers back so that low skilled workers could reap more than they earned. There is no living wage. All prices are tagged to the minimum wage and fuel prices. Raise the minimum wage, decrease the number of intro workers. Try to force employers to hire more workers? Expect an exodus!

          • Attm Motob

            And now you are killing jobs and the middle Class. Take a loaf of wonder Bread or a Twinkie. OOPS you can’t the Union forced them out of business.

          • Herman

            If you really want to get upset, check on Cerberus (I think I spelled it right), Dan Quayle is one of the big wigs. They bought Chrysler and G.M.A.C.. Got G.M.A.C. into the home mortgage business right before the big bail out. Put 1 billion down on Chrysler, on a 7 billion dollar by out, and collected some thing like 16 billion in bail out. No telling what they got for G.M.A.C. when that mortgage bail out happened. I would be willing to bet that GM would be bankrupt right now if it wasn’t for Local, County, State and Federal fleet sales.

          • Jimbo

            GMAC has been in home mortgages for years, and G.M. gave up most of its fleet business when it killed the Caprice. The bulk of that was replaced by the Canadian built Crown Vic. It’s starting to swing back tho. Fords are junk. Hard to maintain and the cops don’t like them. That’s why there are so many Mexican built Tahoes and Canadian built Dodge super-troopers. But, hey don’t let facts get in the way.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            with you on that Kevin…..my next one will be a Ford 150.

          • Scott Beeker

            Kevin I have to agree except the Delphi part as do not know that part. My dad my whole young life told me when you shop buy American to provide jobs. Cheaper is not always good in long run he would tell me. He got me shopping at Walmart because at that time they were buy American. I had only bought Fords for several years. Then I realized the Ranger I was driving was a Mazda. So I looked at Honda and found it was more American made that the Ford. Either way.. I found I would only buy non-union autos because the unions could have taken a bit of a hit for couple years like all the other industries have done . I am software person and our jobs have been cut for years and have no pensions. Auto industry and government / government contractors are the only ones that have not reduced their salaries.

      • Anonymous

        Pappa Joe, what do you say to the stock holders who may have needed to cash out for retirement – who got cashed out for nothing by the government. That wasn’t a home LOAN. The came out of chapter 11 with 20K fewer jobs. Wonder why GM didn’t shed those jobs before to avoid bankruptcy? (hint: UAW) And I drive a FORD.

        • stablepar

          I’d love to see the political leanings of the surviving dealerships compared to the one that GM and Chrysler (now wholly owed by Fiat)closed down

          • Anonymous

            The data is out there. There were some Dems, but very few!

      • Jason Parker

        lol. funny, looking down on the japanese cars when they didn’t need bail outs and has better quality and long lasting cars that what the US produces now-a-days. Not to mention they created thousands of jobs.

        • Anonymous

          Of course, we have to wonder what is really produced here in the US. Most of the so-called US cars are made in Mexico and Canada. Toyota and Nissan have a higher made in the US than GM

          • Anonymous

            That’s why I own a Nissan….

      • Anonymous

        They did not pay it all back. The bond holders got screwed by Obama decree and the American taxpayer ate 15 billion dollars.
        All while GM moved the jobs to Canada and Mexico

      • Robert Hansen

        I don’t think that I as a tax payer should pay to keep a private company afloat, plain and simple.

      • Robert Hansen

        Oh and did you notice we did not have to cus to get our point across ?

      • Dan Marshall

        We the people were forced to buy GM stock for $29B and then it was sold for $19B. How is that paying the money back? Gov’t can’t save jobs by taking money out of the private sector where jobs are created, but say they saved 10,000 jobs at a cost of $10B, that’s $1,000,000/job. What a deal!

      • Wayne Force

        Pappa Joe – you’re just another rude, loud mouth, uninformed idiot. I hope you don’t reproduce. The world has enough morons in it already!

        • Stephen Zeigler

          Wayne, somebody has to take out the trash….might as well be Joe.

      • Anonymous

        No they didn’t, they still owe money. Plus they broke contract law and took money from investors and gave the money to the unions with the government’s help.

        • Stephen Zeigler

          along with that FREE phone…..tell me again who buys those FREE phones for the gov…..can’t wait for my FREE heath Care….

      • Anonymous

        Papa Joe, stick to reading your coloring books. That is about all your intellect can handle.

      • JustLurkin

        Hey DUM BASS. Are you REALLY that stupid? They did NOT pay it back, the zero waded into a legal bankruptcy hearing, rendering illegal, stole from creditors (pensioners, retirees, your grandpa, etc.) and gave it to fat fecck union garbage. Those jobs WERE NOT worth saving. Let the union parasites get a real job.

      • JustLurkin

        Oh, and “shit jap crap” !?!? That shit jap crap has been leading the way in this country since the late 70’s, you fat lazy union moron.

      • Anonymous

        Pappa Joe, “that shit jap crap” hmm I would have to say that “shit jap crap” has much better quality then Ford GM or dodge, I am a big fan of the big three but I wouldn’t touch GM or ford right now as there quality is just shit, Toyota is crap now and so is honda (which I see everyday at work) The only good Japanese car maker these days is Mazda. Kia, and Hyundai are Korean. I work in Vehicle Quality so I do know what I am talking about. I did look at every Car maker products at teh Canadian International Autoshow last month and was completely disgusted with For and GM with there craptastic interiors that were so flimsy and cheap feeling and doors that felt tingly and not solid like the Mazda 3 or the Honda Civic. Yes I did tell GM and ford what I thought and lets hope that they can fix their screw-ups and make a better quality car next year

        • Ford Lover

          Who do you think makes Mazda’s? FORD

          • Anonymous

            Ford may own Mazda but there quality is much better then any ford I have seen, I like fords but what I saw at the auto show was disappointing. Ford also has nothing to do with the quality and design of any Mazda as you can tell by fords current line up all ford can do is copy styling cues from Mazda but for has fallen in the quality department whereas Mazda has made better quality vehicles over the last few years and only a few recalls compared to fords countless recalls of the last 10 years.

          • Herman

            My 1994 ford ranger was a Mazda b 2000 with ford emblems on it. All the American car company’s bought into foreign car company’s.

      • Gary Smrtic

        Tard? How about all of the legitimate bondholders who had their bonds confiscated by the government, only to have them then given to the unions? Pretty sure you’re the ‘Tard, there, Pappa Joe…

      • Anonymous

        I like your plan. I COMMAND YOU TO GIVE ME A LOAN!!!

        Yes indeed. No choice. You MUST give me a home loan. A loan I will not be paying back to you, nor will I give you interest. No complaints. You MUST do this. When can I expect that check?

        [ed] Oh, and I drive a Jap Toyota with over 200K miles on it. Still rolling strong and I paid cash out of my pocket what I could afford.

      • Anonymous

        Liar- they still owe billions and will never pay it. Stop getting your news from Rachel Madcow’s carpet licking mouth.

      • DD1962

        It’s a bad day in Pappa land.

      • Anonymous

        Pappa Joe, you are a prime example of the under-informed useful idiot. They DID NOT pay back the taxpayer money. By the suspension of bankruptcy law billions more were lost by taxpayers and tens of thousands of retired people, including union members, who were invested in GM. If the bankruptcy laws had been followed GM would not have gone out of business. They would have reorganized and cut the tail on extravagant union contracts. Some jobs would have been lost, but not near as many as were lost from the illegal cancellation of dealer contracts. Pop, rather than sitting around composing vulgar and insulting comments, educate yourself. AT LEAST learn how to rebut a a statement with which you disagree with reference to documentable facts rather than vulgar slurs!

      • Stephen Zeigler

        the pay back you think they did….Joe, they borrowed from another gov. agency paid back the first, obama then declares G.M. paid off loan. Now….ask yourself if you can tear yourself away from CNN ( Communist Nanny Network ) for a moment and realize you were LIED TO. By the way the thousands of jobs are now in China, and you thought you were buying American….well da ! Hey are you being demeaning to our Japanese friends by calling it “jap crap” ? What are you….some liberal democratic hypocrite ? Bet you have a Sony or Samsung hanging on the wall to….lol

    • Anonymous

      For Christ’s sake. I hated the bailout as much as the next guy but can we just put that stuff aside for once? It was an effective commercial and I enjoyed it until I scrolled down to the comments section. I knew there would be some dickheaded comment and sure enough, you didn’t disappoint.

      • Anonymous

        This is the problem. When you start putting things aside, they become forgotten. When you forget, you tend to repeat.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll tell you what has been forgotten.
          In 1950 GM was the largest Corporation in the world and the first Corp. to pay over $1 Billion in taxes (in one year). In today’s dollars that is almost half of what GM was forgiven 60+ years later.
          Since 1950 our government has more than once forced GM to downsize and has subsidized other Corporations to take market share away from GM. While they were forced to downsize, they still had to honor Union agreements that made reducing it’s labor force extremely expensive. Our Government owes GM big. Especially City Governments like Pontiac, MI that over taxed them for decades. I am a second generation retired Hourly Worker from GM.

          • Charles Scott Newton

            Now we need someone to down size our government! wouldn’t it be great if we did not have to subsidized the government???

          • Michael Kosak

            You say that as if GM of today is the same as it was then. GM has become the opposite of this, mostly thanks to the unions.

          • Randy J Kowal

            Ask the correct question Mike. What % of the cost of a car goes to the Union Labor, what % goes into the fat cat’s pockets? BINGO, if you’re not happy with the pay you receive at your job, ask for a raise. If they say no, get a job that pays more. Why do you assume Union Labor is overpaid? Maybe you’re under paid.

          • Frank Steen

            democrat much

          • Scott Beeker

            Ford had employees take some concessions while they restructured and controlled the company… Maybe some times the Unions should give in and let the companies make good decisions to fix the problems. Now the Ford employees are better off as the Ford success was given back. In the bad economy sometimes companies have to do things to be competitive. Government control only limited that in GM case. Maybe unions have forgotten the end game solution which is to provide labor to companies so all employees and companies can be successful? Maybe they should have given in a bit…

      • marylou45

        Then way did you scroll down, You could have just tucked your head back into your nice warm dark place and when on with whatever in is you do.

        • Freya Quinn

          Don’t be a witch.

          • Reflect

            Don’t be naive. What did you expect to accomplish with your comment to a random internet user? Sure I will never purchase from GM, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I called my pup to me just to watch the ad with her. Take it with a grain of salt. There is no need to name call. Keep in mind that marylou45 has a life, similar to yours, love, discomfort, pain, happiness, and eventually death. What is so different about you that grants you the special ability to call her a witch? I love you, Freya Quinn. I hope you find that kindness in yourself.

      • Kathryn Botard

        agreeing with tired170. you just ruined this commercial with your hatred. That’s not why The Blaze posted it. And by the way, we all have chevy’s in my family. We know the owner and pretty much everyone who works at the dealership. I like to keep local people E*M*P*L*O*Y*E*D unlike the president and his cronies.

        • Anonymous

          Have you considered all the jobs lost when Obama shut down hundreds of right leaning dealer franchise owners?

          • Stephen Zeigler

            No he didn’t…..that had to be Bush. Just a side note, China now builds the Chevy Trucks ( like mine). Used that “oh save us from failed capitalistic money” obama gave-loaned, to GM.

            You have to give him credit for taking tax payers money, bails out a monster company, buys their votes, then they pack up and leave. Hel-va way to run a country.

        • Anonymous

          Pointing out facts is not “hatred”. Go join the intolerant PC police on the left if you want to start assigning speech you don’t like as “hatred”

      • BruceUSA

        Hey T170 What? Tell me!! What has Christ has got to do with it? You are taking MY SAVIOR’S name in vain and I don’t like — I don’t (similar to a Muslim’s attitude about Allah’s name) like it at all! It’s bad enough to say HIS name that way — but to spell it out? What? Are you nuts???

        • Anonymous

          Lost, no doubt.

        • Corey Flowers

          I admire the zeal, but “christ” isnt his name. It is a title. Just like “god” isnt a name. It is a title. Secondly, that is not what it means to take a name in vain. It means to swear by that name falsely, or to claim “thus says [name]”, when it isnt so.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            No! That is absolutely correct! Or it was until word meanings shifted. Christ is a job title. Your man was Jesus.

          • Corey Flowers

            Exactly. Words have meanings and those meanings keep on getting shifted further and further. Some have shifted so far as to currently mean the opposite of what they originally meant.

          • Corey Flowers

            Prove it via the scriptures.

          • BruceUSA

            Hey Corey, So I guess what you’re saying is Allah isn’t a name either? Tell that to a radical Muslim and see how far you get! In my faith, Christ, Jesus, God are names above all names and are not to be thrown around like some trash! And don’t smooth it over with “it isn’t HIS name” Mock me all you want, I have to stand up for my redeemer! (and if that’s radical — so be it!) One more thing! When you are on your death bed or in a tragic situation call out HIS name! (and you just may) He will hear you! Deuteronomy 5:11

          • Ken Donato

            Bruce, Allah isnt a name, everyone including radical muslims are aware of this. Muhammed is his name, and that is the name you are forbidden to use. Allah just means God. Nothing more. Besides, if there is a God, he doesn’t give two bits whether or not you say his name in vane or not, stop believing the fairytale book that was man made, to control peoples minds like yourself.

          • BruceUSA

            Ken, With all the hate. greed, ugliness, and a constant oh so popular passion for doing all the wrong and corrupt things in this world, you want me to come on board with your way of non fairy tale thinking? Ken I’ve been down that path (in my younger years) and maybe for a season or two it was different and “flesh-driven” fun — but i’m older now! My body (and yours) will start to fail you and then what? Do you wish to spend eternity in all this man made wickedness of hate and despise?? Not I. I believe in things “not seen” but inspirationally written in a book that has lived a lot longer than you can ever hope to live here on earth! And I plan to live spiritually forever with Christ’s “eye of the needle” plan! You can keep your thoughts of earthly doctrine! I’ll stay with HIS heavenly plan! God bless you and thanks but no thanks!

          • Glennfriend67

            Rock on, Bruce. In my faith, we call it a blasphemy to use the Lord’s name (title, whatEVER you want to call it) in vain. You are cursing the Lord, that is no different than taking his name in vain, and it is a big-time blasphemy. These people who curse His name are foolish indeed, for when they cry out for His help, they just might not get it. I’m tired of the casual way people toss His name around as if it’s nothing. Jesus the Christ’s name is EVERYTHING, especially now, during the season of Lent. Turn to the Lord, with fasting, weeping and repentance, that He may reconcile you unto Himself. Bruce, I wonder if these people who have turned away to the pagan religion of secularism are aware of what shaky ground they’re really on?

          • Corey Flowers

            No, you’re not being radical. You are being typical. You are confused about the difference between a name and a title. God is not a name, it is a title. Thats why there are false gods, His name is Yehovah and he is god, but god isnt his name. Your faith can tell you that they are names all you like, I wasnt debating your faith and nor do I wish to. I was merely stating a fact as spoken in the scriptures. If your faith is different than that, that is your business. Shalom.

          • Corey Flowers

            And I might add this, to be clear. I have a wonderful relationship with the Messiah and I follow His words and call on His name for mercy and have for years. That has nothing to do with the fact that “christ” is not a name, but a job description. :)

          • me

            ‘God also said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. When you go to the people of Israel tell them “I AM sent me to you”. God also said to Moses, “This is what you should tell the people: The Lord is the God of your ancestors-the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. He sent me to you. This will always be my name, by which people from now on will know me.” ‘ -Exodus 3 :14-15 Definition: LORD master or one who is in control, ruler of all the world and universe.

          • Corey Flowers

            Well, while your english bible says his name is “LORD”, my Hebrew bible says His name is Yehovah, which doesnt mean “lord”. It is a form of a Hebrew word “Ehyeh/havah” meaning “to be”, which is why he said “I AM (ehyeh) who (asher) I AM (ehyeh).

          • Luposian

            I believe the verse (in the KJV) is “I AM THAT I AM”, not “I AM WHO I AM”. You’re naturally quoting from the ONLY inerrant version of the Holy Bible, right? 😀

          • Linda Trimpey

            Of course, the Bible is the final authority in this discussion as to whether or not “Christ” is Jesus’ name. Acts 2:38 – “Then Peter said to them, ‘Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. ‘” NKJV There are several other Scriptures that say “Christ” is His name – Acts 3:6, Acts 4:10, Acts 8:12, Acts 16:18, 1 Corinthians 1:2, etc.

          • Glennfriend67

            So says my Bible too, Linda, the NAB. Foolish, foolish secularists. We know our Scripture.

          • BruceUSA

            Every day I read God’s word, more and more absolute truths are reveled! God forgive those that mock and despise you! Open their eyes and hearts to your truths

          • Corey Flowers

            You are misunderstanding something, my friend. The word “christ” is just a description meaning “anointed one”. Jesus is Jesus’ name, christ is what his job was. It is like saying “Jesus the anointed did this or the anointed one, Jesus, did that”. The messenger delivered the name and that name was Jesus… or more accurately “Yeshua”. :)

          • Brian Wagner

            It doesn’t hurt to be respectful to God by not using His name loosely and irreverently. When you lack respect for His name, it shows you lack respect for Him, and that IS taking His name in vain.

          • Corey Flowers

            Agreed that we shouldnt use His name irreverently. However, the point of conflict was that “christ” is not a name, it is a description. “Yeshua/Jesus” is a name, when the messenger came to tell Miriam what to name the child it was this name. “Christ/Messiah” is what He is, meaning “anointed one”. It is like saying “Jesus the anointed”. “Anointed” would not be his name.

          • http://www.visforvagabond.blogspot.com.au Lex

            Well done sir!!

          • Corey Flowers

            Thanks :)

      • Debra Moore

        Always is. Many folks just look for opportunities to be dickheads.

      • rappini pasta

        yeah it was you. DH.

      • Anonymous

        So why were you driven to vulgarity by DL’s comment. The commercial was great and DL said so. But, that doesn’t change the fact that GM is not out from under its nationalization. And I have to be critical of management that did not fight the government take over. Most are still there. I have to be critical of a union there that did not fight the government take over! They are still there!

        I personally LOVE Chevy cars, particularly the wicked looking Camaro used on 5-0, but I will never buy a modern car from Government Motors.

        • Glennfriend67

          I wouldn’t either, Bruce. I’d rather have a 1967 Chevy Impala. 1967 because that’s the year I was born, and an Impala because they were just so COOL! What? Girls can’t have a muscle car? Oh, yes we can! Vroom vroom!

      • Mike Nelson

        I want you to be right about this… but it’s the PR people that need to wake up and stop the deception.

        Effective PR does nothing to fix the past, it only enables forgetting the parts that didn’t work. It will take some time before this can again be a trusted AMERICAN company, if ever.

        But I admire your attitude of recognition, on the level that perception is reality.

        • Anonymous

          Hove you forgotten the loss curve for American citizen’s memory? It isn’t pretty. Clinton’s lies weren’t that long ago. Now she lies again. Make her president? No! Put her on trial

          • Mike Nelson

            Dead on; microwave society FAIL.

            I’d give you a dollar right now if more than 10% could even find Benghazi on a map.

      • Stephen Zeigler

        Yeah, I know what you mean…I just hate it when people drop their language skills and use “Christ” as a slur and then use “dickhead” all in the same paragraph. If people are going to bitch, at least try to be more imaginative. As in,for Muhammad sake ,here’s one, for the sake of Buddha.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely…you nailed it. Obama motors (aka GM) will NEVER be able to sell a car in my household or with any of my family or friends!

    • Anonymous

      Right?! A total WTF moment

    • Curran

      The government subsidizes farmers too. Are you going to boycott food?

  • D gre

    My 2 best friends for my journey.

    • Kathryn Botard

      what a beautiful smile

  • Anne Bove

    So Beautiful, I have had many Maddies over the years and my heart breaks as they get old, but there is no love better.

  • Guest

    Monday I had my beautiful DeeOgee put to sleep and put out of her pain. Hardest thing ever to do and I watched this not knowing…tears….

    • Lisa

      I’m sorry – I know the pain

    • Anonymous

      Guest, I’m sorry for your loss. We had to put our dog down on 1-14-2013. It was devastating and at 54 yrs old, I sobbed like a 6 yr old. It was terrible.

    • Kathryn Botard

      I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a very hard thing to do, but I believe it’s for the best. very peaceful.

  • AgileBulletDodger

    I’m a HUGE retriever fan, have had Labs the last 30+ years and just adore their demeanor and playfulness

    • Lisa


  • Timothy Allen

    No effect.

    • Anonymous

      What are you, a stone??

      • Timothy Allen

        1. I hate dogs. (More of a cat person) and
        2. I hate GM/Chevy.

        Putting the two together and expecting emotion out of me would be like asking Obama to shed a tear for the millions he has put out of work.

        • Anonymous

          You hate dogs and you hate Chevys. Any you’re here watching this why? That would be like me going to the WWE site and dogging all the fans. I don’t appreciate a damned thing about it, they do. I let them be. They don’t need my input, and that is perfectly alright.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the car….I am serious, Chevrolet builds a great car…I suppose the dog story was kinda cute too.

  • Anonymous

    My dear dog is getting old….this made me cry.

  • Dianna Tomlinson

    way better than the budweiser one. i didn’t understand why that one was viral.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT!!

  • Carole1203

    ♥ this! I have two dogs ~ a schnauzer mix and a black lab mix and they are definitely my best friends!

  • Brian

    Thanks a lot Glenn, as I cry like a baby in front of my coworkers. Thank you for sharing. So well done!

  • cabman86

    Great commercial. Great writing. Worst company to do it.

  • Sonja Jackson

    I lost my Golden just over a year ago, and I started crying with the first second! I didn’t even realize it was a Chevy commercial until the end. <3 my dogs!

  • heynorm48

    Today’s my dog’s 4th birthday. I hope we get to celebrate many more together. Happy birthday, Ruby. Love you.

  • Cathy Mayeaux

    these are hard to look at. I helped to bring in several of our animals. I was the first thing they saw when they opened their eyes. I took care of them and in a sense they took care of me. then at the end of their lives I held them and became the last loving thing they saw before they closed their eyes for the last time. in fact, it was 5 years before I could say yes to a new puppy. and yes, we will often just sit close and look into each others eyes connecting on a deep level and I know one day we will do this for the last time, and it hurts but if we are going to allow love into our lives we must accept the pain and know the joy is going to make it all worth while!!

  • Natalie

    We just lost our Happy Cat who was my son’s best friend for 12 years. He passed away in my sons arms and it was good to say goodbye. He was so loved.

  • Laurie Nowitzky

    I have my fourteen year old Golden Retriever lying at my feet as I watched this video. I read a quote the other day that went something like, they will share a part of our lives, but we are all of theirs. That’s the way she has loved me, I have been her whole world.

  • Susan M. VerHalen

    We just lost our dog, Barney, in August. He was 15, and had been with us since he was 7 months old. This made me cry, and think of how much I still miss him!

  • Blairolina

    Don’t know what I will ever do when I lose my lab, Bunny. Never had a dog like her. She is the absolute best. I take her everywhere with me. She hangs out with me all day in my toy store. The kids come in and pet her, pat her head, pull her ears and tail. She is okay with whatever – except the UPS truck. We love the UPS guy, but we hate his truck:)

    • Blairolina


    • Barbara Gardner

      You will get another one. I lost two of my labs last year, devastating. I now have a new baby girl, Stella. I can’t replace my Chloe and Buster, but Stella fills my heart. Happy thoughts your way.

  • Katherine

    Mama of a 13 year old Sheltie. She’s like one of my daughters, and I know what’s coming in the next couple years. I’m not sure what I’ll do…it’s gonna be hard.

  • pup
    • ghoot

      Aww, that made me laugh! Thanks

  • Walter H Richters III


  • EllenRipley112

    Wait, did I miss something–it looks like she’s having the dog put down–is that what I’m seeing (the opening scene and the shot right before the end with the car)?? How the heck is that supposed to make me feel good???

  • Jon Peters

    id rather keep chevy afloat then all the crooked greedy big banks and the scum that run em!!… great commercial and i drive a chevy pickup and i love it!!…least the tax dollars that paid for that went to something worthwhile

  • Steven Glazer

    Thanks glenn, now I’m thinking about wanting a dog again and know I can’t have one. Single army life I guess

  • Anonymous

    Investors, suppliers, non union employees, and American Taxpayers all got screwed on this Union Takeover! Chrysler was even worse, and the unions are getting paid by Fiat for their time!! I’ll take that F150 please!!

  • Nicki Nelson

    I wish they would promote adoption from shelters and rescues.

  • Marchien Sue Marshall

    So you watch this wonderful movie and get in a big discussion about GM.
    Sit back and ENJOY the movie!!

  • Nelson Stanley

    the moslems are going crazy !! Only a kufer finds companionship with animals other than goats !!

  • Joseph Martindale

    The fact that ( for some reason ) you people can’t just enjoy the video for what Glenn posted it for is absolutely astounding to me. For once in your life stop with all this “My opinion NEEDS TO BE HEARD” crap and just watch the video, Have a heart and take in the only part of the video that actually matters.

  • James Brandon Justice

    so did the dog die at the end??

  • Thomas Lindell

    Thank you i needed that.

  • robert

    Too bad it is a government motors ad. Where is the rest of our bailout money?

  • Anonymous

    Yeap the Chevy logo kinda did it a disservice for me too. I will always think twice prior to loading my loved ones including my puppy into a GM product. Down the list for me at the options for car rentals. My attitude as a consumer was altered by several factors, it doesn’t have that much to do with the bail out, that’s only one element, it’s the union getting those jobs and back pay for guys that should have been fired for drinking and doing drugs while on breaks during their shift. And there is no confirmation it’s not still going on. Then they advertize how safe the products are. Hypocritical right?? Instead of being rehired I thought they ought to have been prosecuted for the threat to public safety. GM knuckled under and the unions prevailed regardless of market impact from the public perception. But GM recouped as they took the bail out money and expanded the R&D and manufacturing capability in China not the US. But you really can’t blame them for that move, gotta stay competitive on the global market, why do it with company $$. You won’t see the Unions influence in their products from China. Guess that’s a good thing??

  • Stu Bailey


  • Missy America

    It just made me cry uncontrollably as I lost my golden retriever, Duke July 2013. I had him 17 years. My daughter was 16 when we got him as a puppy, my grandson was born in 2003 and it was hard for him to watch him go. Duke was a great and loyal friend. I will miss him always.

  • Todd Johnson

    If you like a business manipulating your emotions to subconsciously attach you to a product, have at it. otherwise, the truth remains: A car is no partner through life, and no emotions should be attached to it.

  • Susan Coppola Gill

    Why is everyone making this a political board? This commercial is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. It doesn’t matter what the product is; I’d think it was beautiful even if it was pushing cigars (the smell of which makes me nauseous.) And I’m one of the people whose shares in GM were “appropriated” by obama.

  • Kelsey Laine Mecher

    Oh my God…I about cried!!! And I’m at work!!! This just reminded me about my dog which I got when she was a puppy and we had to put her down two years ago because she had tumors in her stomach. Instead of a Chevy…ours was a Jeep!! Thanks Glenn…I really needed to see something great before I went back to the real crummy look at the world. Need more of these type of videos for everyday life…just to remind us that yes, there are good out there.. either it’s good in people, animals and cars that not only are a symbol of who and what we are….but a reminder of where we can go physically and mentally. So a big thank you Glenn for reminding that to us.

  • Johnny Richard

    Most of the people making negative comments, are because they know chevrolet makes better cars and trucks they always have.

    • Vernon Viner

      “Most of the people making negative comments, are because they know chevrolet makes better cars and trucks they always have.”

      Chevrolet USED TOO make better cars and trucks.

      Might want to take a close look at your new silverado, It’s got an aluminum frame……and by the way….IT’S MADE IN MEXICO.

      So GM takes a bailout, doesn’t pay it back, and outsources the jobs to Mexico. Yah, I think I’ll pass on buying another Chevy.

  • Johnny Richard

    I had many fords and dodges that left me broke down, I’ll stick with my chevrolets. Plus how many of you went out and bought japan made cars this year?

  • Johnny Richard

    I have a 325 hp cobalt that will leave anything in the dust and it is 4 cyclinder

  • Gary Smrtic

    Too bad they don’t make cars as well as they do ads…

  • Billy Bob

    Two Shelties. One we bought from an individual, the other a rescue. Hate the thought of losing either of them.

  • Michael Levin

    Ummm doesn’t it look as though she is at the vet bidding Maddie farewell? Not really making me feel warm and fuzzy.

  • Kathryn Botard

    It’s a beautiful video. Pets love you for life with no questions.

  • Anonymous

    Touching commercial and interesting positioning. Won’t make me want to buy a Chevy but may get me to get another golden retriever.

  • Anonymous

    Subara did a great one about a puppy in the car and a baby. The kid grew up the dog got old. They kept going year after year to their cabin. Great one.

  • Carla Jean Page

    the video is BLANK

  • Carla Jean Page


  • Anonymous

    No sound needed…that scene with the kiss on the nose and then the Old Dog being kissed…Excellent for the heart!

  • Debra Moore

    Adorable. Just so cute and JUST A VIDEO, TROLLS.

  • DD1962

    Ugh, why couldn’t it be BECK MOTORS? :)

  • SirDanMur

    Subaru did it first, but whatevs. Still great.

  • Sandie Simpson

    lovely…and yet I cried…<3

  • Jon Fields

    Feels a little heavy handed there Chevy. For a moment I was waiting for Sarah Mclachlan to make some sort of an appearance. The God Made a Farmer Commercial was great but Farmers need trucks, and farmers need strong tough trucks. *I think that commercial was Ford of Dodge* However I’m not seeing how this commercial draws a strong connection to a persons love for a dog and selling cars. I ran over my dog in my car and I felt terrible and I had a less passionate emotion from watching this but I wouldn’t make a commercial about my experience. I’m not knocking the content of the commercial only the application of its content.

    • Alex

      Didn’t you know? Commercials are no longer about telling people why they should buy a company’s products. They’re about convincing people that their company is the most “hip”.

  • misterdawg

    Most of the dealers were desolved unless they were democrats. The start of your tax dollars bailing out friends of the democrats.

  • Dale Patterson

    nice job of manipulating peoples’ feelings to ingratiate them to the idea of buying a Chevrolet… there is a lot of politics involved here, and all I have to say is it’s the reason why I bought my first Ford after fifty seven years… Manipulative…

  • http://stevepohlit.com/ Steve Pohlit

    A wonderful message of a lifelong journey. That is the energy of what Glenn is sharing. Nuff said.

  • Autumn Rose

    It won’t play for me. :<{

  • Stinky Buttface

    Not sure if anyone else noticed, but I’m pretty sure at the beginning the dog is in a Vet’s office to be put down.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I agree, so sad…we put had to put our Boomer down…we had it done at our home so he wouldn’t have to get into the car…he was always there for us.

      • Gary Hawkins

        It was kind of you to not make Boomer ride in a GM before he passed.

        • M Hbguy

          Thanks, needed a laugh after that depressing commercial and the ensuing train of thought. Wonderng if Glenn has confused feeling good with crying?

  • Meme

    To those of you who refuse to by GM cars… go ahead, keep buying your Hondas and what ever else. Keep giving the Japs and Koreans our money. You haven’t put the country totaly out of work….yet!

  • James Gatlin

    This will warm a liberal’s non beating heart

  • Lon Pirkl

    I loved the commercial. I don’t care what it was for.

  • Mike

    I love this commercial but A Chevy is not a dog. It can’t give you the feeling you get from a dog. Plus, it’s gov’t motors.

  • CryMeA River

    You people and your high horses. Look around you, Joe Neighbor there has been getting a handout for the last 15 yrs and hasn’t contributed squat to anyone else. Hasn’t hired a single person, cheats on his taxes (what he is taxed) and is still on the government dole in the form of unemployment, food stamps, housing assistance, ad nauseum. GM got the same bailout everyone else get to scale, but employees 10s of thousands, provides benefits, and is involved in countless charitable organizations. So our sorry assed government bailed them out, get over it already. You “I wont buy from them” attitude just goes to show you how selfish you are in your own little perfect world.

    • Gary Hawkins

      The problem is that the money went to the union thugs…..not to the workers. Its a money-laundering scheme…the union thugs get the taxpayer money and they turn around and give it back to the Socialists. Easy-Peasy

    • Vernon Viner

      GM is so wonderful. They take the bailouts, Don’t pay it back, then move production to china and mexico.
      Joe Neighbor is a former GM employee on unemployment and food stamps because GM sent his job making the new silverado to Mexico. He put in a transfer request to make the volt, but was told that job was shipped to China, and don’t bother with any other transfer requests because GM plans on opening 4 more plants in China.

      I sit proudly on my high horse. After more than 30 years buying Gm products, I can no longer support a company that takes taxpayer money and use it to move jobs out of this country.
      Guess that makes me “selfish in my own little perfect world”.

  • Kitkat

    I loved this, it showed the human side of us. Shows how God made even his little dogs a big part of our lives.

  • Don Sorber

    Seemed sad to me. In the beginning it looks like a vet’s office to put the dog down, with a sad woman remembering the past as she holds the dog one last time.

    • M Hbguy

      Exactly what I thought. Not sure how that was supposed to make me feel good.

      • Shannon#1

        I thought the exact same thing! For me that beginning put a damper on the entire commercial. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I only read the headline, then watched. It needed a tears warning.

  • Kelly Myers

    Shot in Vancouver.

  • Rick

    Sure wish you would post the video with the option to change from HD to non so those of us who have slower speed internet because of our locations could watch without it buffering…..

  • Anonymous

    The Budwiser commercial was a billion times more touching! I don’t even drink and it made me want to buy their beer! This commercial was just kinda sad… but never gave me the feeling… I gotta buy me a Chevy! Not even.

  • Peter

    Nice commercial. Very well done. Makes me want to get a dog… not necessarily a Chevy.

  • zach smithson

    Why is car advertising turning into tobacco advertising? Instead of selling the product, they sell an image of the person you might become if you buy the product.

  • Anonymous

    Didnt Subaru have a similar commercial?

  • Lisa Meier DeJong

    Dog. Cute. That’s all Im saying

  • Pamela

    I love animals. That dog is such a sweet animal. Let the politics go the way of all flesh and just enjoy the story of that girl and her dog. The dog has been loved very much.

  • William Skrainski

    I’ve got a Maddie….her name is Cassie

  • heltonja

    There’s something about seeing a yellow lab that makes me want to go out and by an overpriced Chevy Volt…Not.

    • Slayer88

      Makes me wanna go defend US air space from some invading ducks…..

      • Dan_USMC


    • Dan_USMC

      golden retriever?

  • LAC123

    Didn’t even notice that it was a Chevrolet commercial ~ thanks for sharing Glenn

  • Anonymous

    There was another car commercial a while back about a guy and his Labrador retriever. The dog started out as a puppy and aged as the guy got married and had a family. Does anyone remember what they were selling? It was a good commercial, but kind of sad, too.

  • John Scott

    Very moving about how a dog is important in a families life. I can relate whole heartily.But if Chevy is trying to relate a car as important as a dog they missed the mark. I don’t get so attached to my car.

    • Dan_USMC

      it’s working for subaru 😉

  • Glenn Irwin

    Yep – I live with one. She’s ten going on eleven.

  • Frank Steen

    Unions, best friends for life for sorry Country killing cancer. Make a touching video with my money! my taxes! GM your cars are bad by-product of your real business – selling votes

  • Bradley Pellegrini

    to hell with the car I want the damn dog

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    Political economy and economics attempt to explain how free people spontaneously gather, process, and apply vastly more knowledge than any particular person or group could ever hope to possess or control.

  • First Reviewer

    Regardless it’s nice to watch and I’m sure there was a car in there somewhere.

  • Ted C

    Glenn, you owe me an apology, I should never have watched that video.

  • Robyn

    Too much noise!!! I just want the sweet puppy!!

  • Luposian

    The Chevy commercial is nowhere NEAR as good or heart-warming as the Budweiser commercial. Not by a mile. The Bud does it BEST! And I don’t even DRINK beer!

  • Gabriel S. Hathaway

    can we just enjoy the fact that this video is about a dog and a girl….and ignore all the comments about the GM and Chrysler bull? Let a touching video, be touching people. Have some humanity

  • Debra Oneil

    :’) props to my Sherman, … and to my lady, and my bear, and to custard, and to princess :)

  • DJohnson

    As the human mom to my third golden retriever….that was beautiful.

  • Carlos Gonzales

    I was feeling great and then there was one of that corrupt company’s logos on the final seconds….what a shame

  • Douglas Butterworth


  • Kurt Harris

    I just cried a little…and I never cry.

  • Missy

    Well no matter what is and what was, classy commercial. No sarcasm from me today. I will take this commercial for what it is…a sweet story, I don’t care if it’s selling cars.

  • Leigh Rich

    Dogs are love..

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