Glenn: Be still and know that He is God

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After listening to Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) hold Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen’s feet to the fire on Capitol Hill on Thursday and speaking to David and Jason Benham on radio this morning about HGTV cutting ties with them over their Christian views, Glenn delivered an impassioned monologue in which he asked his listeners to “be still and know that He is God.”

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Below is a rough transcript of the monologue:

I want to talk to you one-on-one here for a second. I had a really hard time with that last interview. It was really hard time. I went on yesterday, and we were talking about David and Jason Benham. Here are two guys that had a show that was supposed to air beginning next year on HGTV. And the national socialists have come out again it and decided they will silence anyone they disagree with. And yesterday, we read this story in the Washington Post about these guys. nd you know, they made them sound like the Westboro Baptist Church guys. They made it sound like they hate gays and they hate Muslims and everything else. And I said, on the air: If that’s what they’re saying, I don’t want anything to do with them because Jesus doesn’t teach anybody to hate. You could have a differing opinion, and I have many friends who have differing opinions. I have Baptists who quite honestly think I’m going to go to hell because of my faith. And that’s fine. And I love them. And they are my friends. And I have atheists who think I’m going to end up in a dirt box. And I love them, and I embrace them. And they are my friends. I have members of my own faith that hate me because they think that I’m too loud and boisterous and whatever. And I love them. And I beg all of them to discount the messenger because I am wildly flawed. And I just try my best to do it.

This morning I came in, and I was talking to one of my good friends and a guy I consider a good counselor and I said, ‘I don’t know what else I can do. I don’t know what else God wants from me.’ I really am to the point to where I think that when I’m finished with my mission on earth, I will just drop dead – when I speak my last word that I was supposed to say because there are so many things in our lives that we’re seeing full-fledged miracles on that just shouldn’t happen, couldn’t happen.

I don’t know how Pat makes it in every day because of the extraordinary pain that he is in every day. And I know it’s because of his faith and his sheer willpower that is making him stand every day. And everybody said that this network wouldn’t work. And we’d never be able to get anybody to subscribe to it. And I am, quite honestly, very frustrated. And we started the show today with what Louie Gohmert and several other congressman and senators said yesterday in testimony on Capitol Hill against Comcast and their merger with Time Warner. And I will tell you that without getting into any details, or anyone in particular, it is companies like Comcast that stand in the way of you hearing the truth. It is companies like Comcast that now want to double in size by gobbling Time Warner, which is already in that sphere. And they are government regulated. They rely on special favors from the government and whoever the president is and all of the senators and everybody else. And so they kowtow. And they will kowtow to not only the government power, but they will kowtow to all of the sponsors’ power. And then they will kowtow to all of the big networks like NBC – Comcast is NBC Universal – because that is nothing but a content company. And they’ve got all of these networks and they need all of that content, and those companies, when they become popular, they, quite honestly, I think some of them extort money out of these cable providers because they think they can. And they’re irreplaceable.

The arrogance on all fronts is just astounding. And that’s why when you call your cable company, they don’t care about you. Honestly, they don’t even care about the American market anymore. Truth be told, all they care about is expanding overseas because those are growth markets. They’re expecting 20, 30, and 40% growth overseas. This market is collapsing. And so they don’t care about you anymore. And that’s the truth. And that’s the truth that nobody will tell you. But I am seeing the game from the inside and it’s despicable.

I really don’t know what I’m doing. And that’s not a surprise to anybody. But I believe in something. And I believe that good people coming together for a common cause can change the world. And the world is about to change entirely. Whether I like it or not, whether you’re for it or against it, it’s about to change. And it already is. And those with power are trying to get it to change their way so they will be able to gobble up even more power. And that’s why they are so afraid of anybody that disagrees with them. They are terrified of them. That’s why they don’t want people like these two guys that had a stupid show on HGTV. What difference do they make? ‘Shut them up. Make sure they don’t have a place in our society. Send the message very clear. You won’t work. You won’t eat. You won’t be accepted anywhere in society. You’ll be a pariah.’ Why? Because have you a different opinion. If you hate, that’s one thing. But if you have a different opinion? Who the hell are we, America? Who are we?

I was so frustrated when I was speaking to them because I don’t know what else I can do. And when they said, ‘There needs to be a network that will stand.’ I know that we are that network. That’s what I was told to do, told to produce. I spend every dime that I make in this company. I don’t have a big fat bank account anymore. I spent it all on this. And I’m glad I did. But there are companies like Comcast and others like that that don’t care. They’re protecting their future business. They’re protecting their cronies. Important companies like HGTV who might have courage, but they didn’t build a network that didn’t care about advertisers who disagreed with them. I’ve tried to do that from the very beginning. I’ve tried to do that.

Your $10 a month if you subscribe to TheBlaze, that’s what’s kept us alive. We have sponsors. We have more sponsors than some. We actually make more money than some networks that have 60 million households. We have six million, and we make more money. But we also spend more money on production because everybody else is running old Three’s Company episodes. We’re not. And there’s so much more that we have to do.

And I was frustrated during this because had they said there has to be a network. I don’t know if they were saying that it should be like TheBlaze. But I wish I would have been in the position to say, ‘I’m going to do a little more checking on you guys, and if you guys really are who you appear to be here, we’re proud to hold your show.’ If you can also understand that if I had money, I would do a show with Penn Jillette too because he doesn’t hate anybody. He used to. He told me he hated people like me. But he doesn’t now. He respects people like me, as long as you respect him. That’s who we’re supposed to be.

There’s a story up on TheBlaze today, and it’s tending to go everywhere about what Louie Gohmert and these other congressmen and senators said yesterday to the chairman of Comcast. I will tell you, it has been really hard to know what we know, to have the facts that we have, and to see what we have seen. This is the second network and maybe the third – the second network that we have tried to purchase outright and have been stopped because of my political or religious opinion. And that’s okay. I was in Denver yesterday working on another deal because that one has fallen through now because of my political opinion. I don’t know why this next deal will fall through.

And I get on to a plane every time. After I have given all that I can give, and I am asking the same question every time, ‘What else can I do? What is Your plan because I’m trying to work all the earthly plans and none of them are working. So You tell me. And it is up to You.’ And He’s brought me to a point to where I literally cannot stand without Him. Our company can’t function without Him. Our country cannot function without Him. And we are seeing men and women of all walks of life – I will stand with anybody who is homosexual that is losing their job because of haters who say, ‘We won’t hire any homosexuals.’ I have stood in a theater with that very purpose. Someone was hating on one of the guys who was working on my staff who is homosexual. And he didn’t know that I – oh my gosh – had two homosexuals on my staff and the other one wasn’t out and flamboyant. And he came into my dressing room in tears and said, ‘I don’t know how to work here, Glenn.’ He said, ‘I’m afraid of some of these people.’ And he told me what they said. And I went to the general manager, and I said, ‘We will not do a show here. And we will never, ever, ever do a show here again, if this is the way you treat people.’

I will stand with anyone who’s decent and honorable and hard working. I don’t know what – I’m not asking you to do anything. I guess the only point of this rant is: Be still and know that He is God.

  • chuckles

    The reason people follow Beck is they are looking for something clean and different. It harkens back to the “good ole days” and reminds us of better days for the US. More prosperous days, more Godly days. We got to this place by being “tolerant” of sin and now we are in the “Days of Noah”. If God is really your God, if He is Lord of Lords, Then when the King says abortion is murder and sodomy is an abomination, why would you have any part with that? One of the purposes of sodomy being against God’s Law is to at least get their attention that if they don’t repent and turn from evil, they will die and go to Hell. If you just accept it and tell them God loves them the way they are, you are lying to them and you might be accused of hating them and trying to condemn them to hell. Ostracizing them is no different than not hiring a murderer or a thief. Why would you want a sodomite to work around your brothers and sisters without at least acknowledging they are doing wrong.
    By giving aid to the sinner, he will NEVER change his ways and die in his sin. I’m sure there are brothers and sisters in Christ that could use a job also. Maybe you don’t know exactly how these abominable people “make love”. It’s not about kissing or holding hands. You might “Google” terms like Fisting, golden showers, body modification, and other terms I’d rather not even go into here using Crisco. You are just asking for a phone call from NBC asking what you think of your employee picked up with an 11 year old boy with a broomstick where it didn’t belong. All of this is real, it’s already happened, it’s still happening every day. People followed you to your new venture hoping for something different. It seems you want to follow other places and slide down to Gomorrah with them. This is where it starts. Get back in the Word. Read it and believe it, and most importantly DO IT! Don’t be just a hearer of the Word.
    Now if you take offense at what I just wrote,…..fine. But know that you are bending to the same thing the others are doing. Fascism is the same from both directions. You have NO RIGHT to force beliefs on anyone. We can disagree, but if you are my brother in Christ, we should agree on what Scripture says, since he wrote it.

    • landofaahs

      The sickness is great but, Gods mercy is greater. The truth to the matter though lies in admitting our sin. If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us, but if we confess our sins, God who is faithful and just will for forgive us all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
      Only the Holy Spirit can convict us of our sin. How can complete forgiveness be ignored when eternal life is at stake?

    • Dan Heizinger

      Conservatives like Beck are partially delusional. They want to go back to the good ole’ days of 1940. If you actually understand the world, if you actually understand God’s word. You realize those good ole’ days were already set on their path to destruction. True visionaries with the will to save this land wish to install a more ancient form of society, dedicated to God’s will.

      • Anonymous

        I’m a Conservative, and when people like you start coming to my door talking the way you do, I will grant you a ten second head start because my powder will be dry and my aim will be excellent.

        • Krimsen King

          fascinating… an ‘ancient form of society’?? ‘dedicated to God’s will’… hmmm isn’t that what the Taliban, al quaida, and all those ‘radical’ religious types want? True visionaries want to take society back to ‘ancient’ ways, huh…. wow truly fascinating… he seems to think theocracies are the way of the future AND the distant past… hahaha wow

          • Anonymous

            Have a good day.

          • Krimsen King

            Thanks. You too. Have fun :)

  • C J Neves

    Chuckles is confused , and judgemental . Even double minded.
    The reason I say this is he may have an opinion , but he may not judge
    others according to the very bible he talks about.
    I’m sorry to say you sound like a version of ‘Rev Wright’, spewing hatred
    and falsely interpreting the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    He associated with prostitutes, thieves, loose women. He loved them
    into the kingdom . You are hating them out of it.
    You are acting like Gods little sheriff when He didn’t hire you to act as
    Check your theology. We are to love one another as we do
    ourselves. You are not even loving of Glen who suffers enough
    arrows from the dark side! Why?
    You wouldn’t have learned all you have about
    history, politics not to mention he tries very hard to make
    Christ the rock of his life and tries to emulate
    His teachings.
    Get more sleep, cut out the coffee, trust God. He’s in
    control ultimately.., My ‘knower’ knows Glen knows

    • chuckles

      I’m not confused or double minded. I do judge sin because the Bible says we are to FLEE from it. I don’t judge a person’s soul because I’m not the final judge. All I have to go by is what God says. You sound like emotion trumps God’s law. The human heart is dark and evil and will lie to you. The Bible is God’s plan for a full life. By baby coddling sinners just promotes more sin. I will speak to anyone, no matter their condition in life, but if they try to convince me that God is wrong and they deserve some sort of special treatment, they lose me. I will stay with God’s Word. If Glenn is trying to teach the sodomite to stop what he is doing and come to Christ, then That is what I would do, and That is what Christ would do. If Glenn says he can’t change and I just have to love him, then the guy will die in his sin and burn forever. Which technique shows love? When Jesus didn’t condemn the adulterous woman, He told her, “Go and sin no more”. Adultery is still against God’s law, but He showed mercy. But what if she went back to her old ways? When the heart beats the last beat, you have no more mercy. You will be judged on your own righteousness. My righteousness is the blood of Jesus.
      Read Leviticus 18:22 and see what legalizing sodomy got for the Canaanites. There is hardly a book in the Bible that doesn’t speak to homosexuality. There can be no misunderstanding what God has said to His people. If Glenn thinks he can be accepting of this person’s life of sin and expect Jesus to show him mercy, this man’s blood will be on Glenn’s hands.
      The Corinthian church had a sin problem in it’s pews and Paul told them to tell the man what he should do. If that didn’t work, send a group to explain what he was doing was unacceptable. Then if that didn’t work to throw him out to Satan. When you make sin unacceptable, it makes a man think about what he is doing and maybe he will repent. If he will not repent, he is in rebellion to God, just as we all were. Jesus died for sinners such as he, but he MUST accept the free gift of God, or he is still doomed. Acting like nothing is wrong does no one a favor. Romans 1:32 tells us that if we accept sin among us, we are as guilty as the one doing the sin. We CANNOT approve of these sins and act like God will show mercy in the end. The 55 million babies murdered since Roe v Wade will be paid for. Now we have the abomination of sodomy almost everywhere because we allow it. America will pay. IMO, we are already doomed. Watch the Harbinger by Johnathan Cahn and you will see we are already guilty of pride and rebellion, for which Satan was cast out of Heaven. Stop fighting God and repent. Who do you think Jesus spoke of when He said “I never knew you”. The pew warmers just want to get along to go along, but they will be rejected as AWOL in God’s army. Many denominations teach about God’s love, and that is good and necessary. But they seem to forget about the Flood, and Sodom and Gomorrah, and dozens of other illustrations about the character of God. God forgives quickly, but you must be in repentance. There is no forgiveness of sin if you don’t think you need it.

  • Anonymous

    I just signed up for the Blaze.

  • landofaahs

    Oh how fickle is the fate of man
    once he discovers that he can;
    deceive, manipulate and cajole
    the masses in the low gene pool
    for in his quest to dominate
    he errs like all and seals his fate
    because he does not contemplate
    once the people become irate.
    But all is thrown and cast aside
    what now is washed among the tide
    of every foolish evil thought
    that tyrant, socialist has thought.
    And renders to all that it must
    everything both true and just.
    Enil Selnad

    • Angelica Clark


      ✮✮✮� ✮✮✮ ✮✮✮ ✮✮✮ �✮✮✮He associated with prostitutes, thieves, loose women. He loved them
      into the kingdom . You are hating them out of it.

      • Anonymous

        They have to repent of those things in order to enter the kingdom. If you have a beef with that then you have a beef with the guy who runs the kingdom.

        • Krimsen King

          right… and it’s no human being’s right or position to say whether someone has ‘repented’ or not… 😉

          • Anonymous

            That would be God’s right and His alone. Not mine, to be clear, or yours.

          • Krimsen King

            very good… so clearly, it is no human being’s right to condemn or judge others in this way either…

          • Anonymous

            I know I didn’t condemn or judge anybody, so who are you referring to? I stated very clearly that the man who runs the kingdom is the one who does the judging and condemning. That means, not me or anyone on earth. So go argue with God, the ACTUAL entity that condemn and judges.

  • landofaahs

    Be still and know that I am God. It sounds a lot different from what Obama says; “Shut the hell up, I’m King”.

  • Anonymous

    Be still and know that Who is God Glenn? Some deified Mormon?

    • TheLongVersion

      This may be one of the most ignorant and self-righteous comments I’ve ever read. Is that what Christ taught you to be Craig? A condescending, prideful, snob?

    • Anonymous

      By stating that “He is God,” Glenn (VERY SIMPLY) meant that GOD is GOD! That is ALL that he implied. Convolute simple truths at your own intellectual peril. Mormonism is false, Joseph Smith never found any golden tablets. But when Glenn says something that you know is right, don’t misrepresent it. Glenn really doesn’t say too many things that are distinctly Mormon, or I wouldn’t listen to him on the radio. I think he’s a Christian deep down and that he’ll wise up and stop being a Mormon any day now. But I’m not going to hate on him either way.

      • Krimsen King

        ah I see… so he was saying nothing… ‘god is god’ and ‘glenn is glenn’ and ‘good is good and bad is bad’…. see… lots of nothing hahaha 😉

        • Anonymous


          • Krimsen King

            By stating that ‘He is God’, glenn is saying ‘GOD is GOD’, and I was stating that this phrase and others like it (it is what it is) SAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and are, therefore, utterly irrelevant and useless as thoughts… clearer? also, how do YOU know Joseph Smith never found those tablets? haha 😉

          • Anonymous

            Where are the tablets?

          • Krimsen King

            I didn’t say I knew… I asked how YOU knew… hahaha 😉

          • Anonymous

            Until somebody proves that they exist, I will be skeptical. Why are you bothering me?

          • Krimsen King

            because you presumed to know something no one could possibly know… you weren’t skeptical. You said pretty certainly he ‘never found any golden tablets’ and ‘Mormonism is false’… that’s not skepticism, it is certainty, and I was just curious how you got so certain.

          • Anonymous

            Well..have a good day.

  • Anonymous

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to build the shining city:

  • IT IT IT

    BEWARE —-know about –learn to RECOGNIZE
    to ‘bring one and ALLLL – – -in”———-unto ‘CON’–cents–‘US’.

    ALLLL media figures, no matter the stripe, eventually
    end up purveyors of this deadly, deadly, TRUTH co-opting HERESY.

    —to your ‘fave’ televangelists —to ALEX JONES
    ———–ONE and ALLLL are purveyors. They MUST be
    ——————because they –MUST BE– crowd pleasers.

    The aftermath is ALWAYS –BURN OUT and DEMORALIZATION.

    YOU CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT be given over to
    ———————————–MEDIA or ‘EYE CONS’ of ANY kind.




  • Dan Heizinger

    Ummm, didn’t you say you stood with GLAAD? Talk about two-faced. Why don’t you grow some balls and realize Scott Lively and Putin were right 100% about the homonazis

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    First, Gohmert sounded like an idiot against the Comcast lawyer. He had incomplete information and made accusations that were easily refuted.

    Comcast and Time Warner provide CSPAN for FREE! CSPAN is the absolute best unedited, unbiased, first hand, first-class information you can possibly get on politics. Don’t be a sniffling sore looser about not being picked up by the big cable companies Glenn. Like FOX, big cable doesn’t want someone that’s makes statements like “It took me a year to start hating the 911 victim’s families” or “The president hates white people” or endangers an innocent mans life with unsubstantiated claims that they masterminded a bombing, which you got sued for. You have 35 million visitors at the Blaze, Glenn. You make hundreds of millions of dollars. How much is enough for you? Stop your sniffling because big cable doesn’t want you, get over yourself and be happy you can broadcast any BS you want with little to no repercussion.

  • Carlos Fiol

    Be still and know that “He” is imaginary. Mormon, Muslim, any of the 30,000+ denominations of christianity, pagan, wiccan, etc… religion poisons everything. Time to put away childish things and realize, in the 21st century, supernatural beings do not exist.

  • Nikee Steinhoff

    It’s what you said Glenn, be still. Keep defending the faith. God is about to awaken our nations. Others will soon feel and see the effects of ‘our imagination’ Thank you for being faithful.

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