Border Patrol union rep tells Dana Loesch: ‘We have to stop releasing people’

Last week, Glenn found himself in the company of a strange bedfellow as he agreed with Shawn Moran, spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council – the union that represents Border Patrol agents. Moran spoke out in defense of border patrol agents whose rights are being violated.

According to reports, a U.S. Border Patrol manager in Tucson, Arizona has forbidden agents from bringing cellphones or any electronic devices to work after photographs were leaked several weeks ago showing hundreds of children being housed at the overcrowded Nogales processing center. Moran condemned the manager’s actions as a violation of the established, collectively-bargained guidelines.

On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Moran joined guest host Dana Loesch to discuss the “number one” thing the United States must do thwart the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border. It begins with enforcing the laws on the books.

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“The number one thing we need to do is close the loophole. We have to stop releasing people,” Moran said emphatically. “I know it tugs at the heartstrings when it’s children, but we cannot allow people to be released. That’s their end goal. They want to get to America, and we’re facilitating that.”

It is expected that some 60,000 children will attempt to cross the border this year alone. Earlier this month, President Obama called the surge of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children an “urgent humanitarian situation,” and the White House asked Congress for an extra $1.4 billion in federal money to help cope with this problem. President Obama said the U.S. would continue to house the children at various military bases.

Moran believes this troubling trend will continue until the catch and release policy is changed.

“I don’t know if there is an end in sight to this if we continue to allow people to be released,” he said. “Until we see something in a change of policy, people are going to continue to come here.”

Our border patrol forces are depleted because of the administrative backlog the skyrocketing number of crossings has created. According to Moran, “about 45% of our people” are stuck inside doing administrative work, rather than actually securing our border.

“So that leaves about half our people out in the field. And the cartels know this, so they’re orchestrating these crossings and having people surrender to us instead of going to a port of entry where they could more safely surrender. They would not have to go across a river, would not have to jump a border fence or risk their lives in those ways,” Moran explained. “And the outcome would be the same if they surrendered at a port of entry, but the cartels are doing this because then it ties up border patrol agents on the ground and allows them to follow on with their drugs, weapons, special interest aliens, what have you.”

While Moran admits this is obviously a “difficult” situation, the problem is only getting worse. When asked at what point this crisis becomes “critical,” Moran said that time has passed.

“Is this problem getting worse,” Dana asked. “I mean at what point do you hit critical with this?”

“I think we did that probably about six to eight months ago, and just nobody really was paying attention,” Moran concluded. “It’s only in the last month that this story has really come to the forefront.”

  • KTemple

    a lot needs to be fixed. some examples: border patrol agents jailed or killed for doing their jobs…
    “Ultimately, the brave men and women who serve in the U.S. Border Patrol are put into the untenable situation of having to act with political correctness while risking their lives for the American people, as evidenced by the murder of Agent Brian Terry who was ordered to utilize non-lethal bean bags while dealing with known and heavily armed drug smugglers and rip crews,” he concluded, referring to the Border Patrol agent who was killed in late 2010 with guns now known to have been provided to criminals by the U.S. government under operation “Fast and Furious.”

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Talk to everyone you know about getting the senate and house filled with as many new republicans as possible this fall. Then we can do something about this. Once we’re past this last congressional election, I think we’ll see Obama really unleash his fury on America.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it is true. And who’s to say that there could be a corrupt reason for all these children at the borders? Obama will use ANY tactic to inflict pain on Americans. Doing it to aldults did not work, so why not use children?

  • Shane

    The Tyrant Obama needs to secure our border and to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. Obama’s Dream Act Amnesty is responsible for this flood of illegals coming into the USA.

    • Bonnie Somer

      that is unconstitutional b/c congress did not pass one u r right now i wish they would stop talking and do something congress has the powers to do what must be done and yes i agree time to vote all of them out and start over just lk at MS cochran used dems to defeat mcdaniel we must be vigilant now more than ever it is up to us alone now

    • Anonymous

      The Tyrant Obama will never, never enforce the laws of the United States as long as he sees a political advantage for the Democrat Party in not doing so. He has no interest in benefiting the people of America unless it brings greater benefits and power to himself and his party.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe many of the illegals are being housed in our military bases. I’d heard on the radio last weekend that only 60% of them are from Central America. It appears there is a plan to get illegals, perhaps militants or terrorists, into our military bases. If you thought Obama was soft on Nidal Hasan for shooting up Fort Sill, why should we allow unknown illegal immigrants in our forts and near our weaponry?

  • Kc

    This is not on topic, but am just curious if anyone else ever gets peoples voices emitting from their computers? I know sometimes a video might pop on and make noise all of a sudden…maybe you didn’t realize it was on a page you have opened. But I’m talking foreign voices. Okay, you can tell me I’m crazy now, but really, it is weird and I’m just curious if this does happen to anyone else. I thought Glenn’s site might be a safe enough place to ask this. You know what they say: Just because you are paranoid it doesn’t mean everyone is NOT against you… :)

    • Anonymous

      Creepy. I’ve just muted my microphone and will put tape over my camera. I know that’s not enough – don’t bother saying so.

      • Kc

        Thank you for your answer. I do have a bandaids over my cameras, but I didn’t think of muting my microphone. Thanks again. I’m sorry this does happen to you, but I’m glad it isn’t just me and I’m not making something from nothing. It was extremely creepy the people and music I heard today. Foreign voices and foreign music.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh….a whole new crop of illegal democrat voters.

  • Anonymous

    just think what kind of parents would just let their children be taken away to a different country and stuck in some building. Many of these kids are going to have some serious issues when they get older.

  • Organix

    I’ve found this to be a useful antidote against the superstitions of today’s liberals and progressives, formatted for smartphones:

  • landofaahs

    I used to think Mexican’s meant conservatives ill but after buying some vanilla extract from Mexico I am glad that the bottom of the label indicates in red what is not in the extract

  • landofaahs

    I used to think Mexican’s meant conservatives ill but after buying some vanilla extract from Mexico I am glad that the bottom of the label indicates in red what is not in the extract.

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