See the conversation that transformed Glenn from ‘really angry’ to ‘profoundly happy and at peace’

Between Chris McDaniel’s loss in Mississippi and the ever-growing crisis at the southern border, Glenn found himself “really, really pissed off” on radio this morning. But after spending an hour working through solutions aimed at bringing Americans together with Rabbi Irwin Kula, Glenn went from feeling “really angry to profoundly happy and at peace.”

Glenn first introduced his audience to Rabbi Kula last month, when he joined Glenn and leaders from various industries for a dinner at Mercury Studios. A self-described New York liberal Jew, Rabbi Kula admitted he once thought of Glenn as a right-wing “boogeyman.” Once the two men had a chance to meet and talk, however, they realized what united them was far stronger than what divided them.

This morning, Glenn became particularly emotional when talking to Rabbi Kula about the situation at the border and the tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children entering the country.

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Over the last couple of days, Glenn has asked his listeners to consider donating to Mercury One’s Children and Family Border Relief Fund, and the fund has raised several hundred thousand dollars already. Glenn found himself moved to tears as he explained his own feelings about the situation.

Rabbi, I have looked for the next George Washington, and I haven’t found him yet. I haven’t found a man who is as decent and honorable… I mean, as Thomas Jefferson said, because I know God is just, I weep for my country.

Last night I wrote some notes on the border after reading what some people had said about the border. And you’re right. It’s justifiable. It really is, and I started really thinking about it, and here’s what I wrote:

Who are these people? Who is the President of the United States? Who are these people in Washington who have played this game for so long and look at the collective instead of the individual, that they’ll sacrifice individuals for the greater good in their own terms. How do they sleep at night?

They cause this suffering through their lawlessness. They cause this suffering, then they hide the suffering. There are the churches that are involved. What about the poor that are not getting help here in America because the churches are so bogged down by the borders? And all they care about in Washington are the votes and the special interests. And they look at people as pawns. How do they sleep at night?

How frightened are these children? I thought about my son last night, who is 9-years-old. I thought about him. If I said to him – because I saw the opportunity in America and my country was falling apart, and I saw the President was saying, ‘Go ahead. We’ll accept you.’ – I would send my son. And I would hold him and I would say, ‘Son, do what you have to do. But get across the border because you will have a better life.’

Then to be sitting in this situation and have the President and the Congress and the Republicans and all of them not even care, not even — There’s no one to hold that 9-year-old kid like my son. There’s no one to hold him and to say, ‘It’s going to be okay.’ I just can’t —

Rabbi Kula agreed that the political scene in the United States is “completely paralyzed.” But he believes the only way a solution can even begin to worked through is if we get to the root of the problem.

“Before we blame other people, we have to look in and ask what have we done to contribute to getting here. Now, there’s something about this problem on the border that’s different than previous,” Rabbi Kula said. “I think each of us has to try to be every person in the story – a parent sending their child and imagining their child. We [also] have to do it from the child’s perspective. And we have to do it and then vote for people who know how to do that.”

With that, the conversation pivoted from the problem to the solution. Looking beyond the border, the divisiveness in this country has prevented many smart, knowledgeable people from coming together and talking through some of the country’s biggest problems.

Until Glenn and Rabbi Kula got in a room together and just talked, they assumed they had nothing in common. That couldn’t have been further from the truth, and that discovery is not an isolated incident.

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As Rabbi Kula explained, it has taken hundreds of years for us to get the point we are at today, in which people are unable to have honest conversations with one another. Likewise, it will take a longtime to move away from that mindset, but until we start consciously working toward building those bridges, progress is impossible.

“There’s no magic solution… There is no shortcut. [But we have to] attack the policy, not the person. Start conversations with people you know, relationships you have, so that people who you actually care about will explain why they have such a different opinion than we have,” he explained. “And if this sounds small, well, what conservatives always understood was grand scale solutions, revolutionary solutions will get us killed… There are no grand solutions. Grand solutions create for more problems.”

It is easy to meet someone and focus on the laundry list of things you disagree with them on. It is harder to look at someone, put aside those differences, and agree to work together on the handful of things you can unite on. But that is what we are called to do.

“I thought you were crazy, and I ignored you. Then what happened was I met you. And I sat down and had dinner with you. And we talked. We broke bread,” Rabbi Kula said. “We have no leadership talking. Congress doesn’t have dinner together anymore. We know that. It used to be… [they] may not like each other’s policies, but they were friends.”

If we are able to make strides within our own communities – breaking bread and coming together with those who hold opposing viewpoints – Washington will, in time, follow suit.

“Rabbi, I have gone, in the last 45 minutes, from really angry to profoundly happy and at peace,” Glenn concluded. “I hope that that conversation touched you in the way that it has touched me. We are not going to agree on everything, but we will make it… We have to see each other as people. We have to.”

  • landofaahs

    What idiocy. The plane called America is at 1000 ft and spiraling downward and we don’t have the time to sit around and discuss foot by foot why insane people should be taken from the controls of the plane. Prepare for the crash because it is coming. Only like a phoenix from the ashes is it possible to do what is needed. People are not going to give up there bennies and so they must be taken away. That will come with the crash when at least we do not have to try to defend was is impossible to defend.

  • landofaahs

    I’m at great peace too because I see that God’s judgment is coming and I must prepare. I trust in God’s provisions when all this house of promise cards comes crashing down. I am at peace and trust God. Do you?

  • Elena

    Congress no longer leads. It manages. This is not Constitutional in intent or practice.

    Above is a spot-on piece as to how and why this came about.

  • debbie nicholas

    I found a child hiding from his abusive parents in my back yard. He had heard that I would keep him safe. He was hungry and cold. I called him a terrorist and a thief and sent him home. (Luke 10:29) Who is YOUR neighbor?

    • jmaster67

      I found a child hiding in my back yard. He was sent with instructions from his government and parents that he was to stay in my house and find out where all our money and valuables are kept and help others in his family access them when called upon. I let him stay with us knowing what he would do. Now my family is hungry and cold.

      (1 Timothy 5:8, But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.)

      • Faith Hope Love NTexas

        Mmmm….well jmaster, maybe you are not able to teach. Maybe you could offer to help his parents, and tell him, when you find them, tell them I will help as best I can… and MEAN it. My family ran from the Bolsheviks, and came to this country. The mistakes of that generation is that the Americans who loved their country AND its philosophy did not teach it. Then when politicians such as Roosevelt offered hand outs they and others like them voted for him. Americans damned the immigrants (Italian, Irish, Slavics) then. Turned their backs. Now we’ve had generations allowing our Constitution to be unguarded. Three generations in, we are turing a corner. Thanks be to God. DO NOT let it take 3 for them. Show them love. Teach them. Reach out to them.

        • jmaster67

          I was merely making an overly simplistic counterpoint to the overly simplistic point made above. However, I refuse to believe that children came that great a distance by themselves without some sort of agenda behind them.
          Do you really believe that a government that brands tea party, 2nd amendment, Biblical literalists etc. as terrorists is really going to allow US to raise and teach these children?

          • Faith Hope Love NTexas

            I understand that. I wasn’t referring them to the government. I was referring them to YOU. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. If we (Common Sense-Tea Party-Self Made-Folks,) reach out to these people, as Glenn is suggesting, before the government gets to them, we have a chance to change the course of history. That is the real opportunity. Glenn always has a summer event, maybe THIS should be it. If we went to the border and showed compassion and love to these folks, what would those that hate us have to say? YOU teach them. YOU reach them before the machine does.

          • jmaster67

            I don’t have any problem with feeding them or teaching them but how do you expect to have them long enough for those lessons to stick. They have been indoctrinated over a period of time to feed off our welfare system. Talking to them for an hour or two won’t change their outlook.
            I can’t believe that people don’t smell a rat here. Something is fishy about the whole scenario.

      • Mike Nelson

        This misuse (and evident misunderstanding) of biblical text for political ends does no one any good – not least of all yourself.

        You should read the rest of 1 Timothy 5, to find the context of that verse; in case you don’t know, the chapter is entitled, “Honor Widows” and was written by Paul, who was amongst the most prolifically traveled of the Apostles, and who proselytized in many nations that different Peoples accept each other in God’s accord, nationality and citizenship notwithstanding.

        In fact, 1 Timothy was written when Timothy was on mission in a foreign land, by Paul, from a land not native to himself.

        You would probably be more successful overall by searching the Old Testament for sentiments like this, rather than the New.

        Lastly, if you took a child into your house knowing he was a Trojan Horse, you should read the entire book of Proverbs – several times – in order that you might gain wisdom.

        Please forgive this sharp rebuke; God Bless.

        • jmaster67

          Nice try, but I know the whole passage and the context, and it doesn’t change the command that we are to see to our own family first.

          When Timothy was written is irrelevant to my point.

          Did you not read the post above mine? Debbie made a biased oversimplification of the issue and then quoted a scripture basically saying all who would not give illegal immigrants all they want are violating the Bible.

          Also, the Bible is uniform in its instruction. While the requirements for approaching God were different under the old covenant, there is no difference in how we are to behave.

          The point is you should NOT take ANYONE into your house knowing that he is a Trojan Horse! You can do some things to help, but putting your home and family at risk is never commanded or sanctioned by the word of God.

          “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed” 2 John 1:10

          • Mike Nelson

            This exchange is a good example of why I detest satire; I agree with your basic premise as explained in this post.

          • jmaster67

            When I see positions using naive reasoning and making blanket condemnations (outright or implied) as in the first post I replied to, my first tendency is to flip it around to show how the same type of reasoning can take the other side. I do this because there are some who use portions of the Bible to advocate things either unwise or antibiblical.
            For this issue, it does run deeper than a surface argument in that as Christians we must help individuals while also doing what we can to protect freedom for ourselves and our families. We have an issue where we cannot allow ouselves to fall into the trap the pharisees fell into. (Luke 11:42)

          • Mike Nelson

            I have done the same thing. At this point though, if I’m going to disagree with someone on a forum, I try to address individuals for their perspectives, and find out why they think what they do; for some reason, people have seen confrontation when I’ve used mockery as a technique 😉

            My citation of Proverbs as a tool to gain wisdom has a LOT to do with my recent/personal pursuits; it echoes in my head that, “…to rebuke a mocker invites insult,” which is a pretty good description of how online exchanges too often devolve beyond civility. The Pharisees are indeed a fine example of this behavior.


  • American

    George Washington was a land-grabbing tool.

    • Anonymous

      George Washington is the reason you’re able to use American as your username.

    • Alex Clawson

      Maybe you should do some more reading. Hillsdale college has a great free course on the constitution and founding fathers.

  • motherall

    Making nice is great down the road but the crisis is now. We simply cannot allow unknown persons including children to cross our borders unimpeded. Children do not walk hundreds of miles alone. They MUST be stopped at the border and refused entry. There is a reason there are so many children and that is to sucker the American citizens into looking the other way. We must not…they are not self sustaining and will not remain children so have to go back from whence they came. Obviously Mexico has no problem with their southern border….

    • Anonymous

      check out the website u,s, lawful permanent residents up to 900k a year now can illegally then legally get residency!

  • Anonymous

    Just finished watching the judiciary hearing… there was a Catholic Bishop there
    testifying along with border control and ice officials. The bishop
    played his “part” to the hilt! He sounded a lot like the Dems on the
    committee…and Glenn all week… Republicans weren’t buying it. Officials
    also testified that the majority of unaccompanied minors were between 14
    and 17 yrs old. Facts are an ugly thing, and the democrats didn’t have

  • Anonymous

    This whole thing at the border smells fishy. Where would the childrens’ parents have the money to send their kids from central America to the Mexico/US border in the first place. I heard that eye witnesses in central America have seen many kids being abducted by “gangs” and sent to the borders. This whole thing could be another corrupt ploy to suit the liberal agenda at the hands of compassionate Americans. And don’t even start on the diseases that the kids bring.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn..the babies need 6x underwear! Help!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn..if Matthews quits, you need to’re ready!

  • Anonymous

    While Glenn is finding his peace from agreeing with Liberals, you all need to start listening to people that actually deal with these issues. Many hard realities of America’s issues often come down to economics and global situations that impact our country. Take the children at the border issue, which has been way overly politicized and used to throw punches at Obama. Parents of the kids at the border came here illegally out of sheer desperation to make money to send to their family in central America, i.e. economics. Crime in central America is so bad that children’s lives are being threatened to extort money from the parent in the US, so the parent tells the kids to run for their lives to the US. The policy that allows these kids to be held at the border is being blamed on Obama, but was instituted by GW Bush and previous regimes.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    People wouldn’t come to the US if they had decent governments and could earn a decent living where they are from.

    In Honduras the President tried to raise the minimum wage and he was overthrown in a coup. Hillary Clinton did nothing to stop it. Her friend Lanny Davis was the spokesperson for the coup.

  • Anonymous

    hmmm when will I get any bailout at all, the poor usa citizen is abused to the max esp the hard working undereducated! the min wage worker gives up a large chunk of monthly in taxes that are just thrown at others!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe congress cannot have dinner together and be “just friends” is because, it’s extremely difficult when “progressives” (which is just a fancy name for Communists), are diametrically opposed to American freedom, and the Constitution of the United States of America.

    We have Americans against themselves and their own way of life and and are too uneducated and stupid to understand. This includes our politicians who don’t even know what the Constitution says, or what the Bill of Rights means.

    The liberal, unionized schools, don’t bother to teach the history of our Country, or Civics class anymore, because they “FEEL”, it isn’t necessary, they also “FEEL” cursive writing is no longer necessary because we have computers. How stupid is that? And the Parents of our children are not even complaining to the schools because they “buy” the lie.

    However, be sure you get this……these same teachers to teach our kids how to write their names in cursive, so they will all be ABLE to SIGN a CONTRACT. (Just sign your name on the dotted line”.)

  • Bob Kelley

    “But we have to attack the policy not the people”.Glenn Beck on Thursday.
    “Black people voted for Cochran cause they want stuff”.Glenn Beck on Thursday
    I got news for you gang, you are being played, obviously, by Glenn Beck.

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