On Tuesday’s radio program, Glenn explained that we are “winning” the fight against Common Core because concerned parents and teachers of varying ideological backgrounds have come together to peacefully and eloquently express their dismay with the standards. With that in mind, Glenn wondered what we could learn from that success as it pertains to the current border crisis.

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As Glenn and others have exposed, Common Core is nothing more than a business that is benefiting the likes of Bill Gates. Meanwhile, teachers are struggling to adapt to the ridiculous methods of solving and reasoning what used to be straightforward math problems. Parents are seeing firsthand the frustrations Common Core has caused while trying to help their children with homework. This has created a perfect storm of events that unites the left and right.

“[This is a] huge business… All these tests, they cost us money. It’s anywhere from $15 to $45 per test per student every time they take it. That’s an awful lot of money. Who is getting rich? Corporations. Bill Gates… we have him on tape saying there will be customers around the block,” Glenn explained. “Data mining alone is worth more than products now… Think of that. How much is this data worth on your family and on your children from the get-go? They’ll know everybody there is about your child. They’ll be able to market to your child from birth. So that’s the right.”

“The left is coming out and saying, ‘Wait a minute, we were the ones that were supposed to agree with freedom. We were the ones that are supposed to love teachers, and teachers are being thrown under the bus here,’” he continued.

Over the last several months, TheBlaze has reported countless stories about parents who have stood up at school board meetings to express their concerns only to be silenced – even arrested.

“If [the parents] would have been angry, if they would have been vile, if they would have been shouting, no one would listen to them,” Glenn said. “But because these parents are in control and they’re saying, ‘Look, I don’t have to agree with everything, but this is wrong, and I just want some answers on this,’ when the State comes and starts cracking down, everybody is on their side…This is the secret. Now how can we do this on all fronts?”

Glenn believes it is vital that we strike a similar tone when it comes to the immigration debate. While it is true the scores of illegals crossing the border daily are overrunning towns and communities, it is time to “break the mold” and find the “right language” everyone can agree on. As Glenn explained earlier in the program, he believes it is time for the government to start focusing on the “border crisis” and the American people to worry about the “humanitarian crisis.” The only way that can happen is if we find a way to “shock the system”:

You have to shock the system at this point. You have to break the mold. Everybody thinks they know exactly who you are. They think you do. But they don’t… We have a responsibility to our fellow human beings. And you have a responsibility of taking care of business. You have a responsibility in Washington of actually doing the right thing for the nation. We’re doing the right thing here. Now it’s your turn. We’re doing it with charity for all malice toward none. We don’t hate these children. We understand their plight. We want to preserve this nation so it can be a lifeboat for the rest of the world. We are great because we are good. Such an exceptional people, that even when it goes against our best interest… we will because we’re good. We are good and that’s what’s made America great.

All of a sudden, the argument on the other side of [is] ‘Well, who will take care of those people?’ We will. ‘Well, somebody has got to do something.’ Yes, we will. Stop putting it in the hands of the government. It gives you the opportunity to say, ‘Yes, we will take care of these problems. We do care about these problems’…

You have an opportunity right now to change people’s hearts that are your neighbors because you can agree on something, and that’s the point of Common Core. Once you have one point of agreement, you can expand. But right now, it’s us versus them. ‘You hate children, we don’t.’ No, we don’t hate children. We have compassion. We love people. We understand their plight… Let’s first have the conversation of: We love these children…

I understand what you’re doing with the buses and standing up. And good job for standing up and having the courage to stand up, but make sure that you are looking at the images that you are portraying. Don’t do anything that looks violent or is, God forbid, violent. Make sure you’re following the patterns of Martin Luther King because no one will disagree with you if you are peaceful, if you are loving, if you are kind, if you are gentle, if it is not about the immigrants, but it is about Washington. And you can’t make the point about Washington unless people know you have a heart first.

“Speak from the heart first,” Glenn concluded. “And then be strong on your principles and values of the Constitution and your own town.”