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Pelosi grilled over Obamacare architect

Did she know Gruber or didn’t she? In a recent press conference, Nancy Pelosi alleged she didn’t know the person in the video tape claiming he wrote Obamacare long and confusing, so people wouldn’t know what was in it. Thus, making it harder to oppose the bill

Hobby Lobby wins big against Obamacare in 5-4 SCOTUS decision

“So you have two for freedom, for liberty. Conservatives across the country, I think, will be happy with both of these decisions, at least in part. They are not complete victories, but they are wins.”

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns over Obamacare rollout woes

“They litter this with comments like ‘a low point.’ They acknowledge that, even in the Administration, they realized that this was a disaster. And you know, this shows that it is because the New York Times is not lying or speculating.”