Oscar Winner Meryl Streep Declares ‘We’re all Africans’

Researching roles and playing them on film does not make one an expert — nor does an affected British accent.

Rush: If Conservatism Is the Answer, Ted Cruz Is Your Guy

"Ted Cruz is the closest in our lifetime to Ronald Reagan." —Rush Limbaugh

Donald Trump: The Recent Years

When someone lacks any type of record in politics and government, the best place to vet their leadership credentials can often be who and what they publicly support. Glenn vetted Donald Trump's most recent years.

Fox News Panel Agrees: Ted Cruz Is Strongest Non-Trump Candidate

Members of a Fox News "All-Star Panel" voiced surprise at Cruz's success in New Hampshire, expressing confidence in his ability to perform well in future primaries.

Glenn to Make Closing Remarks at CPAC 2016

South Carolina, Here Comes Glenn!

Glenn is headed to South Carolina this weekend to support Sen. Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, and he definitely wants you there.

Donald Trump: The Chameleon

A political chameleon of sorts, Trump has managed to change party affiliations five times. His changing opinions on the issues and politicians have been just as dramatic.

WATCH — Milton Friedman’s Epic Breakdown of Socialism vs. Capitalism

Many of those supporting Bernie Sanders have responded to the siren call of socialism. But do they really understand what it is?

Four Choices in 2016 — Socialism, Authoritarian, Constitutional or Status Quo

The 2016 election will prove critical in the future of America. Will the great American experiment continue or will the fundamental transformation of America be complete?

What Made Marco Rubio Stumble in New Hampshire?

Coming off a strong surge of support in the Iowa caucuses last week, Marco Rubio took a tumble in New Hampshire, leaving Glenn scratching his head wondering what just happened.

The 411 From Glenn

Glenn’s Nightstand

The Witches: Salem, 1692

By: Stacy Schiff

Glenn’s Review: Intriguing read that attempts to really understand how the devout went so wrong in Salem. To really understand how the devout went so wrong.

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