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Updated: Check out some of the highlights:
Jeff Allen takes aim at President Obama in opening monologue
Rick Santorum, Mia Love, and Dana Loesch encourage conservatives to start finding solutions themselves
Backstage Photos

Millions of Americans continue to suffer economically and more Americans are dying overseas (2 more died today in Algeria, where terrorists have taken over a gas field) but that’s not stopping President Obama from celebrating himself today! But what about all those people who weren’t invited? Those the President deems ‘enemies’ of progress? Glenn has the antidote – the first annual Misfit Ball! Don’t miss it tonight at 5pm!

So who is on the invite list?

Pastor John Hagee
Diana Hagee
David Barton
Cheryl Barton
Ralph Reed
Patrick Poole

Mia Love
Rick Santorum
Elizabeth Santorum
Greg Rothman
Dana Loesch
Foster Friess
Dr. David Janda

Ed Butowsky
Harry Alford
Kay Alford
Paul Vinyard
Charla Vinyard
Mark Mix

Brandon Morse
Leah Sargent
Amy Kremer
Yvonne Donnelly
Courtney Land
Adam Brandon

John Hoffmeister
Karen Hoffmeister
Phelim Mcaleer
Ann Mcelhinney
Alex Berezow
Hank Campbell

Teresa Kibbe
Chris Loesch
Shabe Wright
Debbie Lane
Tami Mishler
Coffey Anderson
Christopher Alexander

  • Chris Holly

    We must fight to save the “American Dream” (VIDEO)

  • Amber Robish Christenson

    Had I known Twinkies were on the menu, I would have RSVP’d.

  • landofaahs

    The “MISFIT” Inauguration is the official one.  “Send in the clowns”.

  • Steve jones

    Obama says: send in the drones the clowns are at my ball.

  • Sam Fisher

    Obama’s ball is called let them eat cake dance. 

  • Anonymous

    I wish that I could be there.  I haven’t watched TV all day.  There are only certain things that I can tolerate….and Obama is NOT one of them.  Hope that all of you have a great time!
    Delores Smith

    • Elaine Lopez

      Ditto to Glenn, have a great time…. Hubby turned on “that guy” and I got a headache… trust me, he’s so sorry (grin).

      • Anonymous

        Elaine I like your flag…. great minds think alike…

    • Anonymous

      same here, just can’t stand watching that smug face and his entourage; another sad day for our country

    • gosha

      I absolutely shear your feelings, Delores. I am allergic to lies and falce. And I can`t stand this pathalogical double face LIAR.

      • bumpkin

        Oh, thank the LORD that its not just me!  I was beginning to wonder if I had gone postal!   :)  – But, as I see, not quite yet!

  • Anonymous

    Is the Misfit Ball in response to Barack’s balls, or Michelle’s balls. Because, I thought Barack said that Michelle was responsible for all of the Obama’s balls. But, yet, media keeps saying that these are Barack’s balls. So, which is it? Can someone clarify just who has the balls in the White House?

    • Anonymous

      Its not either one of them because they don’t have any – and if there were any in the family it would be moooooochie-elles.

      • gosha

        There is some one in the White House who has balls. It`s the dog.

        • bumpkin

          OH!OH!OH!  OHHH!  NOW I understand why Barry Slick named his dog after his own assumed name!  The light shines!   (He was jealous)   I have this theory: 

          This guy is an imposter, and the REAL Obama is MIA- sort-of like Slick assuming the social Security number of the dead man… HE just stole the complete identity, (sans SSN) and stepped right in.  Criminals wouldn’t hesitate…  Of course, he had help, lots of it, in the name of New World Order and jhad.  OOH. I wonder if Congress is also jealous of the dog’s appendages?!  Its obvious they aren’t ‘packing!’  -Or there would be hell to pay!

    • Jeannine M. Wingard

      Valerie Jarrod

  • Guest

    Paranoia is paranoia. Cults of personality are very similar across time, cultures, communities, religion, race, and gender. Glenn Beck is a former drug addict, radio shock jock wannabe Howard Stern imitator, faux historian propagandist, snake oil salesman and carnival barker. Malachi York was playing the same game, just with different politics, all the while working towards the same end goal–personal enrichment and power.

    The latter was/is far less dangerous and relatively harmless than the former.

    Ultimately, who would think that a white populist conservative Mormon who believes in a herrenvolk America, one which is a Utopian playground for Whiteness, unfettered capitalism, and hyper-conservatism, would have so much in common with a black charismatic leader, futurist, and refined street hustler, Dr. Malachi Z. York?

  • Anonymous

    Neither.  The Misfit Ball will be the greatest event ever.  It will present GLENN BECK who speaks the TRUTH, his lovely wife, Tania (sp?), and his lovely family.  Of course, I must mention that GLENN BECK’S great staff will be there also. 

    • Anonymous

       Thanks, Delores. I agree with your thoughts on the events of the day, and I’m sure the Misfit Ball will be awesome. It would be quite something to attend. However, I’m still confused over who has all the balls in the White House….

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking that perhaps their balls are someone else’s entirely. They’re pretty skilled at making people believe in lies, after all. So, it’s quite possible that none of them have any balls that are their own.

        • V4Velveeta

          Maybe Chris Mathews balls. his have been missing for quite some time now, or Maddow’s balls, OOOPS  she’s looking for Mathews balls because she knows they’re missing. How those two get along with each other.


  • Guest

    Beck deceives, “more Americans are dying overseas (2 more died today in Algeria, where terrorists have taken over a gas field) but that’s not stopping President Obama from celebrating himself today!”

    Nice try, deceitful propagandist, but they died over the weekend. Let’s see, Beck is pointing out that 2 Americans died in a gas field, so Obama should not celebrate his inaugaration?  I see; Glenn Beck is going to have a “Misfit Ball,” (appropriately named), but Obama should not celebrate an essential American tradition.

    Uh huh.  Hypocrisy?  Much.  Again.

    • Anonymous

       Just the fact that we have a presidential inauguration every four years is a great tradition.  I just wish Obama would honor other American traditions, like the Bill of Rights, individual responsibility, rewarding hard work, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Read the paper and they found 2 more Americans dead .. Don’t tell people the Glen is deceitful when you can’t even read the paper.

      • Guest

        You don’t read very well, do you?

        They found 2 more Americans that had been killed over the weekend, not yesterday as Beck FALSELY asserts.

        If you have not figured out that Glenn Beck is a liar and a deceitful propagandist by now, then you will probably always suffer from rectal-cranial inversion.

        • Sharon

          SHUT UP…..You are a lying pathetic coward just like your king oblameo….we don’t believe nothing that you are trying to shove down our throats (which is another liberal trait). So pull your head out of your rectum and stop your trolling and go find a liberal communist site where they will believe your crap!!!

    • Sherrian Wood McNeese

      Why don’t you post your name!

      • Sharon

        Because he (GUEST), like his cronies are nothing but COWARDS……..bitter, pathetic, childish cowards!!!!!

    • Anonymous

       Tell us what you really feel.  How much time did you spend with the occupy crowd?  Are you successful and sharing your wealth or expecting some one to share their success with you?  What are your contributions, or do you just rail on those who hold different views on how they wish to live their own lives, but not yours?  Do you have solutions?  Give me some.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really enjoying the Misfits Ball! I love the music, as well! Great group of misfits!

  • David Wojciechowski

    I read some of Obama speech man is that sad for our country by the way christians are in trouble

  • Dorris P

    Well you can see that all the talk about Barack being impeached was just another money maker for the people that were supposed to have it in court, Well he got in again. WHY because they talked it to death,and nothing happened. now how many can say there surprised?
    The Dumb AZZ keep taking anything to do with any thing pertaining to Barack ,Holder etc,etc in front of Muslim and Socialist Judges, And pray tell what kind of decision did you expect them to come up with?
    They throw everything out.
    Why not try on a little honesty and stop believing there not all sleeping in the same bed.BOTH parties are a disgrace, BUT FOR A FEW.

  • Sandy Caruso

    You should have invited Romney but I’ll bet he wouldn’t come.

  • Guest

    “…more Americans are dying overseas (2 more died today in Algeria, where terrorists have taken over a gas field) but that’s not stopping President Obama from celebrating himself today!”

    WRONG: “The State Department is confirming that three Americans were killed in last week’s hostage standoff at a natural gas complex in Algeria, …”

    Don’t let Glenn Beck’s twistifications of the facts stop you from loving him; you have not figured out that he’s a perpetual liar yet, apparently no lie is egregious enough for Beck addicts to realize how much and how often Glenn Beck deceives his viewers and listeners.

    So, Obama should not celebrate his inaugaration, a 230 year old American tradition, but Glenn Beck is going ahead with his appropriately named Misfit Ball. When the hell are people going to wake up to Beck’s perpetual hypocrisies?

    • Anonymous

       You are paying for all of the security and police for Obama’s ball, attendees are paying for Glen’s ball.  Get a life and a clue.  What has Obama solved?  What do you know about Fast and Furious you didn’t know 2 years ago?  And Benghazi?  Etc, etc., etc.

    • Sharon

      Again….you need to stop trolling here…Glenn doesn’t lie….he can back up everything that he says with hard facts so go find some of your liberal trolls to preach your crap to because we ain’t buying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d say you need Greg Gutfeld, Ann Coulter, and Alfonzo Rachael’s Rock band to make it a real party…

    • Janie White

       Ted Nugent should be there, too.  I suspect he wasn’t invited to Michelle’s Wookie Ball.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a lovely group of REAL AMERICANS will be attending the ball.  Wish I could be there.

  • amiciLatinae

    Please, start a “Name that Ball” contest on the Blaze. My Pastor, Dr. Hagee, is no misfit, but he is brilliant and prophetic. The list looks like a remarkable group of founding fathers. How about the Brainstormers’ Ball?

    • Arche Bilbo

      John Hagee also runs a business cloaked as a religious organization to the tune of a billion a year tax free (real patriot).  A Missionary who lives by faith serving the Lord, wrote to his ministry and asked if they could give him 2 dvd’s to help with evangelism in the area of his ministry and the reply was no. 

      I wouldn’t want John Hagee any where near me.  But seeing he wouldn’t help out a fellow christian i would say he is a misfit

      • The Reader

        I have a hard time believing what you say. There are Christians United for Israel get togethers all over the country-I have been to three in Chicago now. They give you free books, free DVDs and all sorts of information. I love what Hagee does. Of course I am a Jew and mostly they are Christian get togethers but they have welcomed me with open arms. 

        • Arche Bilbo

          I saw the actual reply myself and was floored that his organization denied this honest servant of God 2 dvd’s that cost all of about $2 all because he couldn’t buy them. 

          Believe me John Hagee Ministries is a multi-billion Dollar a year business all tax free.

          these guys put on big shows for big bucks but it is the behind the scene stuff that show the truth.

  • Fran

    I hope that January 21, 2013 is Not the Beginning of the End for America as I remember it..  I am sorry to disagree with Glenn but this is No time for a celebration of any kind.  Being focused
    and united for “We shall overcome” this present Administration. 

  • Cretia Olsen

    were the twinkies and Hostess cupcakes from your personal food storage by chance?
      Enjoyed your Misfit Ball..wish I could have been there too..

    • Arche Bilbo

      I’d give my left kidney for a Ding Dong

  • Melly

    Any other president, republican or democrat, would be doing the exact same thing on inauguration day.  Keep believing that you’re fighting some sort of righteous cause, though.  I can’t wait to see Independence pop up, so you all know just how much worse off you’ll be.

  • Anonymous

    where is your name, Glenn?

  • Bill Brantner

    Today was the first day I did not watch any news orginazations. I could’nt stand to watch the liar-in-chief so I watched cartoons all day. That was much more entertaining than watching the Fraud and the rest of the criminal cohorts.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto.  Just watched my favorite “Jane Eyre.”  Couldn’t handle the thought of another four years like the last four…

  • Anonymous


  • Al C

    Yeah , TV  sucked today. Man we are screwed and we only have ourselves to blame.

  • Bev

    Glenn, a few years ago, I would sit at my computer and listen to you and Dana on talk radio.  I tried to email you and tell you to contact Pastor John Hagee and David Barton, two of the most wonderful men in the world, besides you.  My emails never got to you.  The high light of my life was tonight at THE MISFITS BALL, to see all of my favorite  GOD people together.  I do thank GOD for all of your misfits.  Bev Alles

  • mid america

    where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him the most

    • Anonymous

      Where is the Secret Service when they should be knocking on your door?

      • Sharon

        Go away and stop trolling on this site…you obviously don’t belong here and look up the definition of satire you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hi glenn, hope everyone has a great  gathering together.  wish i could have been there. all the best to everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Was Moochelle wearing leather leggings with her clown dress today?  ick

  • Anonymous

    i chose not to watch tv today and my daughters school is marching in the parade to day but i know she understands i cant watch a nother lie in progress by obumer and his hinch men on my honor i will do my best to do my duity to god and country.. airborne all the way. i know the misfits ball will be a great sucess  nevere give in never give up we have got to vote the nut jobs out. clinton pushed through the trade agree ments and got the country going down hlll and obumer  ramped up the game plan to brake our country

  • Arche Bilbo

    I see that freedom of speech is not censored here.  Glenn is more lenient than some of these lefty trolls that belittle him.

  • Ginny Auldridge

    why wasn’t I invited?

  • Guest
  • bigal64

    i didn’t watch a second of it all day yesterday .. the sheeple follwing themselves and thier kids to slaughter … I’ll be watching tonight though…

  • Anonymous

    Would love to have been there, did not watch any tv, yesterday, could not tolerate watching you know who.  Glad to see you all had a good time.

  • Anonymous

    Sure wish I could have been there at the Misfit Ball.  Excellent idea…

    I didn’t wach the inauguration, nor any of the Media hipe.  BO is a Commie, and I don’t have to watch anything connected with that grime.

    IF Boehner caves again to the BO Debt Ceiling increase…I’m going to resign from the lily-livered Republican Party and get acquainted with the Tea Party.  I am thinking this may become a major political party to replace the Repbulicans.  I’ve talked with about 30 friends and relatives in several states, and they all seem to be concuring that we must do something, and this just might be the ticket.  If the Debt Ceiling is raised, they have all pledged to contact at least 50 people.


  • Vicki

    Glen is guiding us to hate our President and point out why we should, but who has a solution? I don’t want to just grit my teeth and clinch my fist in impotent rage. I want to know that we are heading for a solution. I am tired of weakling republicans who do nothing but wring their hands. I have become very dissatisfied with the republicans and can only think that many are quietly being paid off or getting blow jobs by democrats in order to let things slide.

  • Guest

    Vicki wrote, “Glen is guiding us to hate our President…”

    How refreshing, seeing someone who understands that Glenn Beck is a hate-monger, not an advocate of love like a genuinely spiritual person would be.

    What next? Are more of hiss supporters going to realize that Glenn Beck is a liar? 

    I won’t hold my breath.

    • Vicki

      My real point was we need a solution not just pointing out and exposing the problems but a way to do something about it. I am not sure voting will do any good because I really believe they cheated at the polls.

  • Jaamoose

    Just wow – a collection of certifiable loons gets together to try to draw attention to themselves and you imbeciles think it’s a great thing….

  • Anonymous

    Did Rick Santorum get all frothy and freaky?

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