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Updated: Check out some of the highlights:
Jeff Allen takes aim at President Obama in opening monologue
Rick Santorum, Mia Love, and Dana Loesch encourage conservatives to start finding solutions themselves
Backstage Photos

Millions of Americans continue to suffer economically and more Americans are dying overseas (2 more died today in Algeria, where terrorists have taken over a gas field) but that’s not stopping President Obama from celebrating himself today! But what about all those people who weren’t invited? Those the President deems ‘enemies’ of progress? Glenn has the antidote – the first annual Misfit Ball! Don’t miss it tonight at 5pm!

So who is on the invite list?

Pastor John Hagee
Diana Hagee
David Barton
Cheryl Barton
Ralph Reed
Patrick Poole

Mia Love
Rick Santorum
Elizabeth Santorum
Greg Rothman
Dana Loesch
Foster Friess
Dr. David Janda

Ed Butowsky
Harry Alford
Kay Alford
Paul Vinyard
Charla Vinyard
Mark Mix

Brandon Morse
Leah Sargent
Amy Kremer
Yvonne Donnelly
Courtney Land
Adam Brandon

John Hoffmeister
Karen Hoffmeister
Phelim Mcaleer
Ann Mcelhinney
Alex Berezow
Hank Campbell

Teresa Kibbe
Chris Loesch
Shabe Wright
Debbie Lane
Tami Mishler
Coffey Anderson
Christopher Alexander