Finding Virtue in Hell: Glenn Headed to Bangkok With Operation Underground Railroad

Glenn will be joining Tim Ballard and the team from Operation Underground Railroad for a bird's eye view of the sex trafficking industry in Bangkok, Thailand. It will be his first trip into what he calls "the gates of hell." Ballard did nothing to dispel Glenn's ideas about what he'll soon witness.

"I've been doing this for 15 years, and I want to go home and vomit every time I walk down the street that I'm going to take you down in a couple days," Ballard told Glenn.

While Glenn knows he's going to encounter evil like he's never seen before, he'll also be on the lookout for something entirely different.

"You know, vice already exists. I'm going to bring our cameras with us. I'm looking for virtue. In the worst possible scenarios, where can we find the virtue?" Glenn said.

Enjoy the complimentary clip above or read the transcript below for details.

GLENN: Hello, America. Welcome to the program.

It's funny, as we were talking about underage sex, sex with minors, and you heard Bill Maher from the past, maybe ten years, they're kind of joking about it. And as long as it's happening with a boy, it's okay. As long as it's an older woman and a boy, it's okay. If it's a boy and an older man, it's not okay. I mean, we're seeing this with Milo. He talked about sometimes it's okay if the man is giving him a loving experience. And, you know, basically grooming him. It's okay.

Or -- and everybody was against that. Bill Maher was talking about that -- that case up in Seattle, where it was a, what, 34-year-old woman who was grooming a 14-year-old boy. And everybody is laughing. How do you rape a boy?

Well, it happens a great deal. Tim Ballard is in. Tim runs Operation Underground Railroad. And it's an organization that this audience helped found and start. Raised the first million dollars to help get it off the ground. Tim is an old friend of the show. Was with the CIA and Department of Homeland Security for a while doing -- you know, busting up sex crimes. And just couldn't take it anymore because there's a lot of things that the government just can't do because of the role of government.

Started with us going out and trying to save kids. We have an update for you on Haiti. There was a big bust -- this is the Super Bowl bust?

TIM: That's right, yeah.

GLENN: While everybody else was celebrating the Super Bowl, Tim and his team were out having another Super Bowl party, if you will, in Haiti, that turned out to be a big bust. Biggest bust yet?

TIM: One of our biggest.

GLENN: One of them -- okay. Tell us about it.

TIM: Well, we -- as you know, because you were with us a couple months ago -- we've been setting things up in Haiti for quite some time. Actually, one of our first operations was a bust in Haiti. They were selling kids out of this illicit orphanage.

But Haiti is such a broken land. There's 300,000 slave kids. And we -- again, you know, Glenn, because you were with us, and you saw this firsthand.

And we've been working for some time with the police. In Haiti, to do something about this -- I mean, these poor kids are taken. They're slave labor. Sex trafficked.

GLENN: This literally -- every -- I can't say every. But if you buy an avocado from the Dominican Republic, which most of us have, a lot of those have been picked by literal slaves. Not like kind of slaves. I'm working for slave labor. This is slave labor wages.

No, no, no. Actual chained slaves is what we're talking about.

TIM: Yeah, it is -- it's the most incredible thing we've ever seen.

About two, three months ago, the Haitian police told us they had information that children were being sold for sex, in the Port-au-Prince area, a couple of nightclubs where this was happening. And asked us if we could go in, using our top undercover team, to play the role of the Americans because that's who the trappers will then come to.

They sent us in, and then within a couple of days -- in fact, while you're there, and, you know, this, that's when that team was working parallel to what we were doing on the rehab side.

GLENN: Yeah.

TIM: And they found about three different -- three different networks that were selling children as young as ten years old. And they -- they brought these kids after a series of negotiations, always working with the police, right? We work with the police. And they believed that they were coming down, a bunch of Americans for a Super Bowl party at a little resort on the eastern part -- or the western part of the island.

And they ended upbringing 29 victims, 20 of which were actual children. And then traffickers brought these kids. And they walked on to this scene. And we have some photos of this, or some videos. But they walked onto this scene that looked like this beautiful, you know, American bachelor party, Super Bowl party. And they walked these poor -- these kids in. My operators reported that some of them were branded with -- you know, as property with tattoos. At least two of them we know for sure had been the subjects of child pornography that had been produced and distributed internationally.

GLENN: Yeah, one of them was really quite a star of child pornography.

TIM: Right. One of them -- yes, they had been making videos since she was nine, ten years old.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

So you saved the 29?

TIM: Yeah. Yes.

GLENN: The bad guys went to jail?

TIM: All of them.

GLENN: All of them went to jail.

TIM: Yep.

GLENN: And the kids -- and we don't want to get into the details of this because it's -- it's amazing when Pat and I went over before Christmas, and we saw these kids. I mean, I don't think people would -- I don't think people understand. We went into these places, these orphanages where these kids are being brought in.

And literally, they would not leave us alone. They would not -- I have never seen kids -- little kids just come to your feet and look and put their arms up, like please hold me. And then they would cuddle next to you. I mean, they would put your cheek next to your cheek. And they would not let you go.

PAT: Just starved for affection.

GLENN: Starved for affection.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Which is odd. Now, not all of these kids that we saw are in sex crimes. But they're all orphans. And some of them are the lucky ones that went to the orphanage that wasn't selling them for slaves because, as we also found out, in Haiti, our own churches are -- are doing some things that are causing damage to Haiti.

We all go over there. We all want to do the right thing. But between the corruption of the government and us being do-good Americans, sometimes we don't know. And some of these churches -- hopefully not very many, but some of these churches are actually -- some of them knowingly engaged in the slave trade.

TIM: Yeah, it's crazy. It's just culturally accepted -- it's really no different than the church's involvement in 19th century America, where it's culturally accepted. There's 300,000 children. They call them restaveks. And they're kids who are -- it's domestic servitude. But it's slavery. The kids get sent to rural areas. Or, you know, they say, we can't afford them here, so we send them to our family or to our communities outside of the city. But we go in, undercover, we know what's happening. These kids are being treated as slaves. Sex slaves. Slave labor.

And we even came -- a couple of pastors who had two or three of them. And they were -- I mean, they were slaves.

PAT: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: Like sleep on the floor, can't eat with the family, Cinderella stories.

TIM: Yes.

GLENN: True Cinderella stories. And the churches don't -- and the churches there -- not all of them, by any stretch of the imagination, but some of the churches there, it is so normalized there, that they don't think that they're doing anything wrong. And the kid -- and the parents will bring their kids to the pastors. And the pastors will say, "Oh, I'll take care of it," and ship them off to be sold into slavery. It's crazy.

PAT: What percentage of the kids that are in sex slavery do you know, Tim, have been sold by their parents? As opposed to kidnapped.

TIM: Yeah. Anecdotally, I can say it's -- either sold by their parents or lured out where the parents didn't really -- they were duped, I'd say probably 90 percent.

PAT: 90 percent!


TIM: Very few are like a hard kidnapping like in the movie Taken.

PAT: Oh, my gosh. Yeah.


STU: The documentary.

GLENN: Tell the story about the dad who was told his children were great for -- what was it? You know, the Star of Brazil Show. You know what I'm talking about. It was in the Dominican -- I can't remember where it was, where the talent scout came to town.

TIM: Yes, yes. Unbelievable.

GLENN: Yeah. Can you tell that story?

TIM: What happened was -- this was in Cartagena in Colombia. And there was just this woman who 25 years old, beautiful. She was Ms. Cartagena 2012, I believe. So she was known in the community --

GLENN: This is like Miss America. Okay. Think of this.

TIM: And the traffickers had recruited her, and she knew exactly what she was doing. To go in -- and she would walk into these homes of kids. And they targeted them about nine years old. And they would go and sit down with the families and say, "You know who I am. I can make your daughter famous and rich like me. And I'm going to give her a scholarship to my modeling school." And it was a real modeling school. They had pamphlets. They had commercials. They were showing them on their laptops. And the families thought, "Oh, my gosh. My ship came in. And go -- go to the school."

And they take these kids, and they put them in the school. After they go to school, they go to their three or four hours in this modeling school. And slowly, they're desensitized. They're shown pornography. They're shown child pornography. They're given drugs. And they're told eventually, part of this job is you're going to go into that room, and there's going to be a person in there. And likely a Westerner. And you're going to do whatever sexual acts he wants you to do. That's part of being a model. And, by the way, if you tell anybody about this, you will be dead, your family will be dead. And these kids -- some of them go home every night, and they don't say anything. And that's where we were able to sweep in, and we were able to infiltrate that group.

And on that operation, we rescued over 100 kids.


GLENN: This is really, really important work. Tim is going to be with me tonight on television at 5 o'clock. We're going to show some of this video of this bust. So you'll see some of the kids. And the most important thing is that these kids are all taken and they're safe. They don't leave the arms of Operation Underground Railroad really until they're 18. And they're safe and on their feet. They get an education. They are fed. They are given spiritual education. Spiritual healing.

And it's an unbelievable service. Really unbelievable. And it is all thanks to you.

We have a goal in the next year that we want to raise an awful lot of money. And we'll tell you why coming. But we sure would like your help. If you would be willing to help us on these -- I mean, really, you want your name written in the Book of Life, you want to know why you're here, how can I make a difference, did I ever make a difference? This one makes a difference.

How much to save a child?

TIM: Right now, we're running about 2500 to 3,000 for a kid who is outside of the United States.

GLENN: Okay. And we'll get to the United States. We'll probably talk about that a little bit tomorrow and next week. But if you would like to help in any way you can, go to That's Tim, I'll see you this afternoon.

TIM: Thanks, Glenn. Thanks.

GLENN: Thank you very much.


GLENN: Just a couple more minutes from Operation Underground Railroad,

I'm actually getting on a plane as we leave tomorrow to go to Bangkok. And, you know, this is -- this is the -- this is the seat of Sodom and Gomorrah, if you will. Is this ground zero for sex trafficking?

TIM: Definitely one of them. Maybe -- yeah.

GLENN: And he's going to take me through the gates of hell. And, you know, Vice already exists. I'm going to bring our cameras with us. I'm looking for virtue. In the worst possible scenarios, where can we find the virtue?

And we already have an idea -- a couple of ideas of where we can find it. But as the operators go in and rescue some children, they're going to be doing some things. We're going to be finding the virtue. But I -- the gates of hell -- you know, I've watched a few documentaries on it, and I don't know if I'm ready to see it myself. Pretty --

TIM: I've been doing this for 15 years, and I want to go home and vomit every time I walk down the street that I'm going to take you down in a couple days.

STU: I'm sorry we are missing this trip. I'm telling you, wow, I am really sorry we're missing this one. Because that's really difficult, man.

GLENN: We're going to spend more time in the airplane than we are on the ground, which is unfortunate. But it's going to be a whirlwind trip and hope to be able to come home and show you some stories of how you are making an impact. And this one involves us, except a different -- this is not rescuing the children alone. Because I get a lot of people -- why are we spending money elsewhere? Well, because children are children. I don't think the Lord sees borders.

STU: It also goes a lot further too. Right?

GLENN: But if it's happening here in America, we have to take care of it as well. But this particular case, we are. Because the bad guys, a lot of them come from the United States. We're going to a shelter -- I don't want to say anything about it. But we're going to one place where, you know, Operation Underground Railroad has teamed up with this Buddhist monk who actually goes and rescues these 7-year-old boys from the clutches of American men who have come over for a sex holiday. And we have to police our own. Get them out of the picture as well.

We'll have more on this tonight. Some more good news on this tonight. And so much more, coming up on the program. Next, Tim Ballard.


Why Glenn has never been THIS TERRIFIED for America before

America is in a very dangerous place. The far-left is doing everything it can to create the ‘extremists’ it can't seem to organically find, and many on the right have had enough. That’s why Glenn has never been THIS terrified for America before. So while we DO need a plan of action to save the country, Glenn says, that plan must adhere 100 percent to the Constitution. If we abandon it, lash out in anger, or give the far-left any reason to brand us as dangerous, we will lose, he explains. We are so close to November. Don't give the crazies what they want.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I have never been more frightened for my country than I am right now. We have 350 million people. Some of them are bat crap crazy 24 hours a day no matter who is the president.
Somebody's going to do something stupid. And the people that I would like to see behind bars. Those who are intentionally trying to distort, dismantle, and destroy our Republic and the Constitution. They will use any and every opportunity they have. To push people in a certain direction, cast them in a certain light, we-we-we, I think we're in exactly the same place we were in the revolutionary war a sane person would look at this and say there is no way to win. Because there isn't any way to win unless we remember who we are and rise above it and that doesn't mean that we embrace communists. How long have I been t--- I'm the guy who educated America about what progressivism is.
Do you think I feel like we can just hug each other and hug each other out? No.

This is going to be one or the other. You're going to have an authoritarian state that tells everybody exactly what to do, what you can buy, you will be a surf or we're going to have a new chapter of freedom, getting to either one of these is going to be ugly. We must try absolutely everything we can. And November is the best way to do it. But I'm telling you I told these people in Washington. Mitch McConnell's walking around going We're just going to tell people that we're better than the Democrats.
That's not good enough! That's not good enough! We need a plan of action to save the country.
Now those are the people I want to vote for. I don't know if I can trust any of them. Experience would tell me fat freaking chance.

But I urge everyone to do this first. I urge you to call your senator and your congressman and say stop it. Inforce the Constitution and demand Constitutional rule. What's happening is not in the Constitution. I know the Constitution is a great document. No, it's not. It is the greatest governmental document ever produced. Our constitution has lasted over 200 years. The average Constitution in the world has lasted seventeen.

There is something different and special about this. Now, what's falling apart is we're at each other's throats. Why are we at each other's throats? Not because the average person disagrees with each other! The average per-- we were all on the same page with George Floyd! All of us. We all saw that and went whoa that has got to stop. That is wrong. And the system worked and put him in jail. Others distorted. And put a fun house mirror in front of us. And then started whispering you know they're really against you.
We were in lockstep. The problem is, as Lincoln said, we have people on the inside and between the media, social media, and even this damn program. We don't see that our neighbor, the one that we're with in our community, doesn't agree with the crazies in New York-- in-in-- Washington DC.

And so we just start to believe that everybody is like that. I'm telling you there is 10 to 20 percent and I think that's maximum that our hardcore destroy the country The rest of us may not agree with each other but we like America. We might disagree on how much of a problem America has been in the past. We'll argue on taxes and the best way to take care of each other.
But we don't want to destroy the nation.
There are those that do. The first thing we must do is separate between the two. When you start saying get em. Get who? Who? Which ones? My neighbor? The antifa people? Who? I'm sorry if I am out of step with you.

But when I started this job the week of September 11th I promised him I would do my best to find the answers to share them with you. And stand up for what I truly believed he would have me do. Every mistake I've ever made is because I thought I got it. Oh, I got it. I got it. Now, I got it.

All we can do is the best we can do right now and the best thing that you can do is as the crowd gets louder Do not scream for more blood. As the crowd gets louder. We must become more quiet and humble. But in the way of Jesus he turned stop thinking of Jesus Christ only as a lamb. He was also a lion. But he was a lion that roared against injustice.

Just because you want to be reasoned quiet Christ like does not mean that you do not turn over tables the tables here have to be turned over. The money changers have got to be chased out of our republic's temple in Washington DC and I am all for that but not- not any other way than constitutionally.

If this country falls if there is no-if-if-if-there is no constitution if all of a sudden we're taken over by communist space pigs and they're like here's a new communist space pig propaganda piece and you gotta live this way. I and my family will live under the principles of the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and The Holy Scriptures. That is now and forever will be how I manage my house.

The rest of the world be damned. It will be preserved by me.
And I pray that there are millions of Americans that feel the same.


Was the FBI warrant given to Trump unconstitutional?

There’s a problem with the FBI warrant given to Donald Trump before his Mar-a-Lago home was raided, Glenn says, that may make it entirely unconstitutional. The warrant seems to be, ‘pretty much,’ a general warrant for the former president’s entire house. So what is a general warrant and why does the Fourth Amendment protect AGAINST them? That answer goes all the way back to King George III and our Founding Fathers. In this clip, Glenn and Stu explain...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let me ask you: What is the -- what is the problem with the warrant? Have you heard the real problem with the warrant for Donald Trump?

What are you hearing?

STU: The problem from our perspective, or the problem from --

GLENN: The constitutionally.

STU: I mean, it just seems like they -- it strikes me as basically a general warrant, right?

GLENN: What is the general warrant? Excellence.

STU: To just go search. Looking for stuff. Basically, a free pass for a fishing expedition.

GLENN: Right. You can go in, and look anywhere. And grab papers that you might think. Okay?

And that's pretty much what the warrant says. It is a general warrant for his whole house. Okay?

Any papers lying around us. You can grab them. Any boxes with papers. You know, you can look in these places. But any part of the House.

STU: And it's a big House. It's a big House.

GLENN: That's called a general warrant. And the reason why this is in our Fourth Amendment, is because this is the way the king would get his own citizens over in England. And they were outlawed in England, I think in 1600. Something like that. And they were -- they just came in to a guy's house. And started searching everything. Not for illegal papers. Just papers. And he's like, I -- I wasn't committing a crime. You guys came in, and you're just doing a general warrant. You cannot do it. And it's where the castle doctrine actually started. A man's home is his castle, okay? Well, the king was doing that to us. This is, according to John Adams, the spark that lit the revolution. Because in 1755 or '4, before the Declaration of Independence, let's leave it at that one. Do your own homework. I urge you. But, anyway, the king just said, general warrants. And so any cop. Anybody could just go, I got a general warrant here from the king. And they could go into your house. And take anything they wanted. And just say, you're under suspicion.

That's why the Fourth Amendment exists. This is what happened to Donald Trump. This is -- this allows them to kick the door down, in the middle of the night. You're not charged with anything. They're just looking. They're just looking to see. If they have anything. I wonder what they've got in there. They can use it to hassle you. They can do it just to see. Does he have anything he shouldn't have? That's a general warrant. We don't do that, in America. And it's a fundamental principle of America, and a fundamental principle in justice. Imagine what the south could have done and what the south probably did do, until we started enforcing the Fourth Amendment, from the federal government and saying to these states, you're not doing that. Imagine you're black, and you're living in a southern state. What they could do, and probably what they did do, just going in with a general warrant. What am I suspected of? What am I -- you're all guilty. You know it. You're all guilty. We know you. And they could just go terrorize your family and bust in at any hour, and just take whatever they wanted. That's not justice. That is not justice. Also, one other thing: When I heard they charged him with the Espionage Act, excuse me? Or they're thinking about it. No --

STU: That was the basis for the warrant.

GLENN: He might be violating the Espionage Act. Really? Really? You think Donald Trump is taking nuclear secrets and selling them to, whom? Beyond that, you know, I don't know if you have thought this out as a society or in a Justice Department.

You know, the nuclear secrets, that's kind of big. They're not just like in a file cabinet in the drawer of the President. Okay? If he wants a nuclear secret, he's got to ask for it and it's the kind of thing that usually comes over with a handcuff on a briefcase. And then that person shows it to the president, and they have to sign for it if they want to keep it, and somebody has to stay there. It's not like, hey, so I was on the crapper this morning, and I picked up accidentally nuclear secrets documents. I'm going to keep it.


Nancy Pelosi & her son’s HUSHED deals in Taiwan EXPOSED

So why DID Speaker Pelosi visit Taiwan, despite not only China’s threats, but Democrat leadership — and even President Biden himself — making it clear they did not approve of her trip as well? Maybe Nancy felt really passionately about declaring her support for the Asian nation, BUT there’s likely more to the story. In fact, perhaps Nancy Pelosi's AND her son’s connections to Taiwanese companies have something to do with it all. In this clip, Glenn exposes those business deals and shows how it directly relates to their trip…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Okay. We have so many problems going on. But let me give you one: Nancy Pelosi was asked yesterday, hey. We noticed in a picture, your son seemed to be on-air two, or whatever you call it, when the Speaker of the House is taking it. Flying to Taiwan. Your son doesn't really have a job.

Was your son on the plane, Nancy? Because he wasn't on the man fest with -- that you released. Was he on the plane? Here's what she said.

VOICE: There are some reports that your son was on the --

VOICE: Yes, he was. Yes, he was. His role was to be my escort. Usually, we -- we invited spouses. Not all could come. But I had him come, and I was very proud that he was there. And I was thrilled. It was nice for me. And of course he didn't do any business there.

GLENN: Oh, that's good. It was nice for her. Of course he didn't do any business there. Yes, he did. Yes, he did.

STU: No. He didn't. She just said. She just said.

GLENN: All right. All right.

STU: Of course not.

GLENN: Okay. You know, I just think we should look at Nancy Pelosi. And I just want to say, she's amazing. When she was elected in the late 1700s, her net worth was $3 million. When she came to Congress, her net worth was $3 million. Now, I don't know what happened. But they got very good at investing. By 2008, their wealth went from $3 million to $31 million. Now, that's not bad as a public servant, you know. By the end of -- now, that's 2008. By the end of Obama's term, 2012 -- no. Sixteen. Her wealth, eight years of Democrats ruling the government, her wealth went from $31 million to $61 million.

Now, I don't know about you. But, boy, that economy seems to be roaring for them, huh?

They are really good. Now, that was in 2016. $61 million. Two years later -- two years later, her wealth went from 61 million to $114 million. What investors they are!

I'll tell you more about it, in a second.
So Soleia wrote in about her experience with Relief Factor. She said, I've had nights where I just couldn't even lie down in bed. I would have to get up, sit in my recliner.

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STU: If the last couple of days haven't convinced you, we need Blaze TV, I don't know what will. Promo code is Glenn.
(OUT AT 8:28AM)

GLENN: All right. So wait a minute. So Nancy Pelosi comes into office, she has $3 million.

Then by the time Obama gets into office, that's ballooned to $31 million. By the day he leaves office, that's ballooned to $61 million. Are you getting the trend here? I mean, just in eight years of --

STU: She's good at this, is what you're saying.

GLENN: She's very good at this.

STU: She knows the markets.

GLENN: Right. And then two years later, her 61 turns into 114 million.

STU: It's incredible. She's great. She's a great businessperson.

GLENN: She should leave office. Can you imagine. I mean, I don't invest in a hedge fund that was doubling their money every two years?

STU: Here's the problem, she's just too interested in public service.

GLENN: Oh, gee. She's got such a heart.

STU: She's obviously got so good at investing, that if she would just leave her post, as Speaker of the House, she could make trillions of dollars.

GLENN: Yeah. Wow.

STU: But she's -- she's sacrificing and staying in there, despite the fact that she was able to double her money every couple of years. It's incredible.

GLENN: Now, she did it again with that $5 million in computer chips, before Congress voted on their semiconductor bill.

I don't even know why I put that last part of the sentence in, because it's completely unrelated. Because she's so good at picking stocks.

STU: She was able to predict this legislation, that affected this industry, in a major way. That's -- I mean, if you were an investor, that would be an incredible skill.

GLENN: Now, here is Nancy Pelosi. Because you say to yourself. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why did Nancy Pelosi go against the Pentagon, go against the president?

What is the driving, behind Nancy Pelosi's just great desire to go to Taiwan? Well, she said. Here it is, listen.

NANCY: When I was a little girl, I was told at the beach, if I dug a hole deep enough, we could reach China. So we've always felt a connection there.

STU: What!

GLENN: You don't --

STU: What the -- what is she?

GLENN: What is your connection to Taiwan? Why do you find it so -- why do you have such a deep connection, that you had to go to Taiwan?

STU: Because she was at the beach as a kid.

GLENN: As a little girl. And she was told, if I could dig my way -- if I dig long enough, I will go to China. And I've always had that connection. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

STU: Oh, my --

GLENN: Now, if you question that, you're such a cynic. Such a cynic. It has -- what are you going to say? It had something to do with the stock trading at the companies that make computer chips. You know, because Taiwan is the largest source for computer chips.

Nancy, sure, she was working on the semiconductor bill, when they bought all of that.

And it has nothing to do with the largest semiconductor manufacturer. TSMC being in Taiwan.

I mean, she went there, to show support. American support, for the country and the people of Taiwan. She didn't take her time out to meet with TSMC officials. She wouldn't be anywhere near Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers. Right?

Oh, gosh. Oh, just up on the screen. It just came up. Wow, what a horrible. That's bad timing. Washington Post. Pelosi to meet with Taiwan's biggest semiconductor manufacturer. TSMC. Well, I mean, stop being such a cynic, okay? So she had a sitdown. You know, one on one.

Mano a mano. You know, maybe with her son. I don't know. You know, they met with the TSMC boss.

But she doesn't own any TSMC stock. She doesn't. So she's not -- well, okay.

She does have, quote, a significant stake in the asset management firm, which is Alliance Bernstein.

Alliance owns 1.46 million shares of TSMC. But she's only making money if Alliance makes money. Not if TM -- TSMC makes money.

I mean, she doesn't care if they make money or don't make money. She's only got $1.46 million shares in the company, that is the asset management firm.

So, I mean, it's like, I don't have any Tesla stock. I only make money, when Elon Musk makes money. What?

Why would I -- I don't have a single share in Tesla, okay?

What is wrong with you? This is what is happening in our government. And Mitch McConnell is not free of connections in China.

These are the people, that are in charge. This is why they don't retire. This is why they don't go away. This is why, their families, their sons, go on trips with them. No. He was just being there as an escort for mommy. That's it. We cuddled. We colored on the plane. You know, and I'm sorry. We didn't colored. We -- we -- we -- is that word okay to say?

STU: I think they read SkyMall magazine quite a bit. There was a lot of orders from SkyMall. They have those pillows that cover your whole face.

GLENN: Wait a minute. The pillow that covers your face. Oh, is that the one that he was holding down over mom's face?

STU: That's a different pillow.

GLENN: Okay. So, anyway, he went, and he met with people. He went separately, on his own business deals. What is his business? Who is he meeting with?

That's exactly like Hunter without the cocaine, the crack, or the hookers. And I can't say that he didn't have cocaine, crack, or hookers. I just know that he met with businesspeople. This is what they do.

And no one is even willing. That will be the last question. That will be the last question to Nancy Pelosi on this. Oh, she said no. He wasn't doing anything.


OF COURSE! THIS MUST be why Trump (allegedly) had NUCLEAR documents at Mar-a-Lago

According to the Washington Post, the FBI was looking for documents including some related to nuclear weapons during its raid of Mar-a-Lago. But if that's the case, Glenn wonders, then why did the DOJ wait 18 months to do anything? And which part of Melania's closet did Trump kept them in? Since the DOJ still hasn't told us much (except through media leaks), Glenn presents a "theory" of his own...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Stu. Stu, Stu, Stu, Stu. Now that you know what they were looking for. And not actually verified. You know, Garland came out yesterday and said he was going to release the information today. But he wanted to leave it up to Donald Trump. And everybody, of course, speculated, no way Donald Trump is going to say, release that. And he said, go ahead. Release it. In fact, I urge you to release it right now. All of it. That was just part of his dastardly plan. The DOJ released it. Well, they didn't really release it. Kind of laundered it, by leaking it to the Washington Post.

STU: Hmm. Yeah. We heard over and over again, that they never comment on these investigations. Yet, every piece we know about this investigation, other than the one press conference was leaked to the media, which is shocking. I am very upset about this.

GLENN: Uh-huh, yeah.

STU: I think -- you know, you say, maybe that's changed my mind. No, that's not changed my mind. I'm very angry about this. I'm angry that the government did not go in earlier, with this dangerous plan by Donald Trump to -- I don't know what.

GLENN: He had nuclear secrets. He had nuclear secrets. They're just going to wait 18 months for nuclear secrets.

STU: How many nuclear weapons has this guy built on the property of Mar-A-Lago? How many has he given to North Korea? He said himself, he's good buddies with Kim Jong-un.

GLENN: Good buddies.

STU: How many times has he FedExed this guy in a suitcase nuke?

GLENN: Well, he's holding out for the highest bidder. That's what he's doing. And as several experts pointed out. That is something we gave the chair to the Isenbergs back in the -- Isenbergs. Rosenbergs. You know, one of the bergs.

STU: All of the bergs. And it's interesting because they did it immediately to that. And any time anyone else says the word "treason," you get an letter from every left-wing source. They say how terrible you are.

GLENN: Yeah. Because that is -- that's defined in the Constitution. It requires death penalty.

STU: And that's why I think it's important to, you know, be careful when you're talking about these things.

GLENN: Sure. Sure.

STU: And yet, every media source on the left, seems to go to Rosenberg, immediately. What happened to that?

GLENN: Well, it's not good enough to put the guy in jail, and smear him. I think electric chair is the way to go.

STU: That's what they're suggesting, which is a fascinating turn of events.

GLENN: Can I tell you something, Stu? I've always known it.

STU: You've known it.

GLENN: Let me tell you the real story here. I have several sources here. Several sources. So let me just tell you. Because the story always starts as it always does, except in Joe Biden's case. It's very important to know, in Joe Biden's case, this doesn't apply. But the story always starts as all stories start. Father and son. Father and son. Father just trying to help out his son, who might be going on the wayward paths. And finds himself in trouble. And the father just says, I want to -- I want to help him out. You know, while the right has been saying, hey, Hunter Biden. You know, his dad is being held hostage, you know, by China and everywhere else because of his son's, you know, hooker and crack problem. That is not even true. That's not even true. That's why NPR said, you know, we -- we're not going to -- we're not even going to run this story. Because it's not even important, even if it was true. And that's why, you know, Brian Stelter for so long said, it's just a hoax. It's a hoax. It's a hoax. And then as soon as management changed, and he realized, oh, crap. I might be first on the chopping block. He immediately came and said, you know what, it's not a hoax anymore. Anyway. It's a story of a father and son drunk on power. Doing everything they can, just to get rich on the backs of the taxpayer, you know. The office of the presidency was nothing more than a banking machine. An ATM machine for them. Well, if it weren't for the press. Thank God for the press.

Can we thank God for the press right now? Or whatever Lord you might serve, you know.

Or they might serve.

Thank him for them. Because the press, the CDC, FBI, DOJ, NSA, LGBT, not the Q, but the I. And the two. But sans the plus. If it wasn't for them.

STU: What about the A?

GLENN: No. I'm still out. I don't have a source on the A.

STU: Oh, wow. Well, see, that's good you're admitting your limitations.

GLENN: Well, we could all be dead by now. We could all be dead by now.

In what insiders tell me, and I mean insiders close to the situation. Advisers and former friends of Trump, and close friends and former coworkers with Melania, who were also retired whistle-blowers. And because they were retired whistle-blowers, even though they don't have any firsthand evidence, they are experts in the field of blowing whistles.

And so we ask them for -- for some comment. And they gave us comment. They wished to remain anonymous for their own safety.

But they did tell me, that they will come forward later, at a later date, once they have the book deals secured. But they have said that we would all be dead by now, probably from something that would have been known, if they hadn't caught it, asthmas suicide, as this former president, and his dastardly plan just to help the Russians and himself and his son. Were encouraging Americans to inject bleach into their arms. And a lot of Americans were under the spell of this -- well, what experts from the Department of Education now believe is nothing more than a greedy 1 percenter. Very, very rich. But not really rich. It's probably all a fraud. But is a genius indict manipulator of people. Who has had a master plan going for a very, very long time. Which is building led, now, according to experts. By him, the Klan, Hitler's long lost Long Island relations.

The spray tan industry. And known Christian white nationalists Clarence and Ginni Thomas. And thank goodness we found out about it yesterday. You know what I mean?

We just needed that one last piece, which, of course, begins with his wife. I should say, air quote. Wife. Melania. Who, as we all know, most likely an illegal immigrant. Which is the first and only time we're supposed to care about that. But she's not actually his wife. That's a beard. She's his handler. You know, she's from the former Soviet Union. And that -- that goes with a long, long, well-documented love that Donald Trump has had for the former Soviet Union. And --

STU: The entire right, really. I mean, it's never been the left that's loved the Soviet Union. It's the right that loves the Soviet Union.

GLENN: No. It's the right. It's the right. You know, fascists. Communists. We just love it.

Anyway, you know, everybody thinks, oh, he loves his wife. Have you seen the pictures? Have you seen the pictures? Really, of Donald Trump. Of who he really loves? Remember that one picture of him with -- with his daughter in the limousine, like 25 years ago, when she was little, sitting right up next to him.

STU: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. Did you need any more than that?

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Apparently, he's actually married to his daughter, who were wed in some backwoods white southern chicken and pineapple pizza parlor wedding. Now, this is according to the Clinton State Department experts there.

They now tell us, that these underground rituals, which happen all the time, with home green white domestic terrorists, after they attend their local PTA and teacher meetings. They groom. And, yes, I can say it today. I can use the word groom. In this case, Twitter says, it's totally fine. Use it. Use it as much as you want.

STU: Really?

GLENN: But apparently, these white domestic terrorists cover children with pizza sauces before each ceremony. And that might sound weird to you. But you will understand. It will all come snapping back to you. In just a minute.

STU: Thank God you're here to tell the truth.

GLENN: Well, it's not me. Thank God for the FBI and the USDA. I mean, if I hadn't known I was getting 100 percent grade A beef. I don't know if I would be able to tell you this story today.

STU: No. You wouldn't.

GLENN: So, anyway, they cover these children in pizza sauces, before the sick, twisted marriage ceremony. Which is just nothing, but underage brides, and arranged marriages. Which, by the way, sources at CAIR, say is absolutely okay. Except in this case. Anyway, Media Matters, as well as Chris Cuomo told me earlier today. That this actually -- this ritual began years ago, before the use of electricity.

And as these arranged marriages with underground, you know. And underage white children happen in the basement of these pizza parallel yores. And back in the day, it was too dark for the groom to even recognize his child bride. They had to have a way to do that. So they would poor pizza sauce all over him. So they would recognize the bride by the aroma, and sometimes intoxicating scents of Canadian bacon and fresh pineapple. Now, Christopher Ray can now confirm today, something that we all knew.

But people on the right were like, Joe Biden, what is he doing? He's a child predator. Yeah. Joe Biden, according to Christopher Ray today, is actually a very high-trained expert in the field of these white nationalists. And has been working hard unbeknownst to anybody. He didn't even want credit for this. He's been working hard to arrest children from these arranged marriages, by sniffing the heads of the children and whispering into their ears, I smell you. And I am your Pizzagate to freedom. And, well, anyway, I digress. Can we get back to the president's son, and who has been racking up bills. Betting on the ponies. Oh, yeah. Just betting on the ponies. And he has fallen into arrears if you will, with some of the most notorious Russian bookers you can imagine. Yes. He has a booker and track problem. And I want you to know that right up front. You might not want to believe it. But he does. So this all kind of comes together, with Trump's long held love of Russia. And -- and his desire to build the Trump onion dome hotel, right there in Red Square in Moscow. He just needed a price. What is it going to take? What is it going to take? I just want to take Red Square, and I want to turn it into a giant hotel. What is it going to take?

And he's had meetings to accomplish this. You know, unbeknownst to most people, except for the press. And apparently, his plans include him eventually laying in state, in Lenin's tomb, which would become the new lobby for the Trump Hotel. Which is, I mean, that sounds --

STU: Really?

GLENN: Oh, no. It's supposedly luxurious. And the best two dead people in a lobby hotel ever. Ever built.

STU: There's at least two or three of these details you've read so far, that I've not seen in the Washington Post.

GLENN: Well, they'll be leaked later on today. But his good friend and real boss Vladimir Putin. Told Trump the price. Apparently, according to Pentagon officials who negotiated our exit in Afghanistan, they can now confirm, he didn't even negotiate with the dictator. He was like, I'm in. And he went right to work, under the code name. Now, this is going to sound shocking. But it's true. He uses the code name Boris. That he took from the old rocky and Bullwinkle show. Because all of the Tom Clancy code names for Russian spies were taken by somebody else. And I don't know who. But, anyway, he began his effort to build a nuclear bomb for the Russians. And they only lacked a schematic and some gifts and some other items which could later be kept a box in Mar-a-Lago, or Melania's unmentionable drawer next to her Hanes underpant collection.

STU: Melania wears Hanes?

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: Well, according to experts close to the source. There's more, but I don't think we need to get into it.

STU: Well, you have blown the lid off of this thing.

GLENN: And couldn't have done it without the DOJ.

STU: I will say, that telling of the story is much more reserved, and probably closer to the truth than most of the things I've read over the past 24 hours.

GLENN: It's crazy what they want us to believe.