Republicans Are Just As Bad As the Democrats on Healthcare

The Republican effort to replace Obamacare fell flat on its face and a full repeal is now a longshot. Monday on radio, Glenn and the crew talked about the 60 bills Republicans passed during the Obama administration to repeal the Affordable Care Act and just how disappointing this version of the bill was for conservatives.

Unfortunately, in many ways, Republicans have turned out to be just as bad as the Democrats.

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

GLENN: Okay. Here's the thing -- here is what -- I really believe we have to state over and over again, for anyone who wants to blame the Freedom Caucus or anybody else, there was a bill to repeal health care. It passed the House. Sixty -- six-zero -- sixty times. Sixty. Why did they not use the bill that went through the House 60 times? Reason: They didn't mean it.

Some people meant it. You meant it. But when we said they don't mean this. Get away from the Republicans. They don't mean this. They're lying to you, what was said?

We were traitors. We were sellouts. We were whatever. If that were true, we would have been wrong because they would have taken the bill that they had passed 60 times while they were asking for your vote and support. And they would have reintroduced that bill and passed it again. Because, I don't need to see this again, but may I? They had already passed that bill 60 times.

The only reason they passed it is because they were lying to you about what they really believed. They are cowards. They pass it when they know it won't go to the president for his signature because they're all too afraid to reverse free stuff that Obama gave them.

Obama gave the country free stuff, and nobody has the courage to say, "I know, but this free stuff isn't really free. And it's going to cripple you. It's going to cripple our system. And it's not going to last. It can't last." They're afraid to do that.

And so we were right about the Republicans. Sixty times, they repealed it. When they really could do it, they fail.

And then the other thing we're right about is now -- and I'm taking this from the Drudge Report, which is pro Donald Trump -- this was the headline. Donald Trump looks to the left and looks to the Democrats for support.

He's going to -- and he tweeted it on Friday. He's disgusted by the conservatives in the House. And he's moving away from the conservatives, and he's going to look for the Democrats.

Well, what are you going to get if you are now bringing the Democrats on board and leaving the constitutionalists out?

STU: And imagine if they had gone about this in a different way. Think of the alternate reality. They come out day one and pass the same bill they passed 60 times. Okay?


STU: Goes to the Senate. There are some procedural hurdles that could have been difficult. But let's say that gets through. But maybe it stops there. Maybe the president vetoes it because the president ran on a lot of big promises, on keeping everybody's health care and preexisting conditions and a lot of things that would have gone away with a full repeal. So he may have vetoed it. However, at that point, you probably can come back to conservatives and say, look, we tried. We did what we said we were going to do.

GLENN: We tried. Yep.

STU: And you know what, we can't get what we wanted. However, let's look for something that is better than what we have. And I think a lot of conservatives would have been open to that.

GLENN: Yep. Yep. I would have been. They tried. They tried.

STU: At least they tried. And you can't control everybody's vote in Congress as we've seen. Instead, they started with a terrible bill that I would be uncomfortable going with, even as a compromise, and they started there. Then they gave a couple of concessions to conservatives very late in the process and couldn't get it through.

GLENN: And nobody really made the case for this bill.

STU: No one made the case. They didn't do it openly.

GLENN: No. Uh-uh.

STU: They didn't explain the process well. And Trump -- look, Trump comes out with this tweet about the Freedom Caucus, where he says, well, they must -- I don't remember. Do you have the quote in front of you, Jeffy, by any chance? The Trump/Planned Parenthood tweet basically says, oh, well, I guess the Freedom Caucus likes Planned Parenthood. I don't know if Donald Trump doesn't know the bill. Because every report this weekend said he was in meetings with these people who care about the details of this bill and says, don't sweat the small -- he didn't say stuff. Don't worry -- don't tell me about the small stuff. All he wanted was a win. He knew nothing about this bill. In fact, it does seem that he had absolutely no awareness that the Planned Parenthood funding was only going away for one year. One year.

This bill that was supposed to be this wonderful thing that Planned Parenthood was taking -- was going to lose their funding, one year. And a simple restructuring of their organization even gets rid of the one year of the lack of funding.


PAT: Well, Stu, nobody said it was a perfect bill. Nobody said it was perfect. You can't get a perfect bill. If you're waiting for a perfect bill, you're going to wait a long time.

So tired of that.

GLENN: Can I tell you something. This is why we give them the House, the Senate, and the White House. You don't get a perfect. We'll never get a perfect bill. You're right. You have to compromise.

PAT: But we don't need to be eating turd burgers all the time.

GLENN: From our side.

PAT: They're preparing us these turds and putting them between two pieces of bread and telling us it's not perfect. Can you at least remove the turd. Give me peanut butter and jelly, a ham, maybe some cheese. That wouldn't be perfect either. Steak would be perfect. But I'll take the ham and cheese.

It's so ridiculous what they're trying to jam down our throats here. And we're used to this from the Democrats.

JEFFY: Yes, we are.

PAT: But we're just seeing that it's Republicans too. We're getting it from both sides.

GLENN: Yeah, this is why -- this is why -- this week, I'm repointing the cornerstones of -- of the Blaze and of us at Mercury as well. Because we have to know what we stand for. And I'm -- I won't go with straw arguments anymore. No more strawmen arguments. I want to hear both sides. I want to hear the best ideas from both sides.

I don't want to hear the -- I want to be about the principles and the actual facts. If you get off the actual facts -- I don't care. I don't want to be about an ideology. I want to be about the actual facts.

Come what may, can we do that as a people? Can we get anybody to join us on that as a people?


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