Jim DeMint Thinks Trump's Tax Plan Will Get the Administration Back On Track

In the wake of an embarrassing defeat on the health care bill, Donald Trump is looking for a win. Tuesday on radio, Glenn was joined by Jim Demint, the president of the Heritage Foundation, and the two focused in on what went wrong and what President Trump needs to do to with his new tax plan to get things back on track.

"You know, this health care bill was not a Trump property. And when he went out and tried to sell something that was kind of low risk, just low expectations, it just didn't work for him," Demint said.

"I think if he takes a bold stand and goes out there, that he might actually get excited about it and get the American people's (support)."

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STU: Jim DeMint from the Heritage Foundation is who we're talking to.

Jim, the tax plan, as we move on to tax reform, proposed by Trump during the campaign had a top rate of 25 percent and a top business rate of, I believe, 15 percent. Do you believe that that's going to be the basis of this tax reform, or is that kind of campaign promise no longer in effect?

JIM: It will be close to that. Kevin Brady has a plan in the House that's a good plan. It's got some border adjusted thing that's pretty controversial. So I think what they're talking about now is, can they pass it and take that out? So I believe Trump's plan and the House plan is fairly consistent. And hopefully they'll come out with something that's bold.

That's what Trump needs.


JIM: You know, this health care bill was not a Trump property. And when he went out and tried to sell something that was kind of low risk, just low expectations, it just didn't work for him.

STU: Right.

JIM: I think if he takes a bold stand and goes out there, that he might actually get excited about it and get the American people --

GLENN: Yeah, when he built the -- you know, some of the golf courses around that he actually did, they're pretty bold and spectacular.

JIM: Yeah, right.

GLENN: When he tries to schlep somebody else's idea, Trump University, it doesn't go well. Thank you so much, Jim. I appreciate it.

Jim DeMint from the Heritage Foundation.

JIM: Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet.

First time to talk about the comments that the president has made about the Heritage Foundation being at fault. Nobody has called to get their response. That's incredible.

PAT: Uh-huh.

Survivor of Mao's China WARNS America is falling for the SAME tricks

Survivor of Mao's China WARNS America is falling for the SAME tricks

As Chinese president and communist dictator Xi Jinping visits San Francisco, Glenn speaks with a survivor of Mao's cultural revolution who is warning Americans about what's to come. "Mao's America: A Survivor's Warning" author Xi Van Fleet believes that "wokeism is Maoism with American characteristics." When she sees California Democrats praising communist China, she believes they want the same control, but are just using different methods to achieve it: "We fell for it in China. We got slavery," she warns. Plus, she gives her message to San Franciscans welcoming Xi Jinping with the Chinese flag: "Where are the social justice warrior protesters against the genocide by Xi Jinping of the Uighurs in China? They're not to be found."


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GLENN: There is -- you know, Xi Jinping is now in San Francisco. Because we cleaned it up for him, so it's nice.

What's happening in our country is truly frightening. We're doing things that I've never seen ever in America before. And that's one of them.

Xi Van Fleet is somebody who grew up in Communist China. She lived through the horrors of the cultural revolution. She was a schoolgirl. And she was forced into the countryside, along with the other young Chinese for reeducation after high school. She escaped communism. Came to America.

30 years later, she sees the signs, that are exactly the same as Mao's Marxist cultural revolution.

She's just written a new book, called Mao's America.

A survivor's warning. Xi, welcome to the program.

XI: Thank you so much for having me back.

GLENN: Oh, you're welcome. I -- I like talking to people who lived in communism or under dictators. Because they have completely clear eyes on what we are seeing today.

XI: Yes! Yes.

GLENN: You say that wokism is Maoism with American characteristics. What does that mean?

XI: That's what I mean. What you just said, that things are happening here. That have never before.

It's because you -- like many, many Americans, don't know what happened in China. And what happened in cultural revolution.

And we know, because we lived through it. And that's exactly the same thing. Why I say, Maoism is American characteristics. It's the same thing.

The identical -- identity politics, cancel culture. Weaponization of young people. Indoctrination in school.

All this happened in China, and happened to me.

And it's a little different here is that in China. Mao used class to divide people. And divide people into red class, and a black class.

Basically, one is the enemy of the state.

And one is the ally of the -- the government, and the party.

And here, they use something different.

They use red. And they use candor. They use sexuality. And it looks like it's different. But it's the same. It's indoctrination of children. It's exactly the same.

GLENN: Well, this is something that the communists learned in the 1960s, when honestly The Beatles song Revolution came out and said, if you're walking around with the posters of Chairman Mao, nobody will listen to you anyhow. And they realized that class would not do it in America. They had to do it based on race.

But tell me about the four Olds. I don't think most people understand this.

And this to me, shows how close it is to the Chinese cultural revolution.

XI: That is the Chinese-style cancel culture. And they are very specific.

It is the old culture. Old idea. Old habits. And old customs.

Those things, to be eradicated. To get rid of, to be destroyed.

Statues. Names of streets. Names of stores.

Names of food labels. Names of institutes. All has to be changed.

To be politically correct.

Why do they do that?

Why do they do cancel culture?

Because they want to replace the transition with something new.

And in China, that is Maoism, and here is Maoism with American characteristics.

GLENN: So Mao was much more open about what he was bringing in. Wasn't he?

I mean, here, they keep denying, any of this is happening.

And it's all there. We can see it. But they deny it. Mao was open in saying, this is what the new China will look like.

XI: Yes. And that's the -- the part that is very deceptive. Mao had power.

What he was doing, is to have absolute power.

He was -- he feels that he was losing control of the party. But he was in control. So he had to -- he can't be open about many, many things. But here, they have to -- they have to hide their true intentions. They use this very well, very attractive slogans. And then a lot of people fall for it.

And that is the problem.

With Marxism.

And I'll give you a beautiful picture of what it stands for.

And people don't know.

They fall for it.

And I tell people, we fell for it too.

In China, and what did we get?

We got slavery. And we got really the absolute tyranny. And that's what's going to happen here. So people, wake up!

And how you wake up. Not to find out yourself. If you find out yourself, that will be too late. And I hope they're wise enough to hear from people like me, who lived through it.

And then really learned from history.

And that's what we don't have here.

GLENN: So people -- help us out on this.

Because I think Antifa. BLM. Social justice warriors on the campus, et cetera, et cetera.

I think those are like the brown shirts. Or the Red Guards. From China.

But people will say, no. These are just honest people trying to X, Y, Z.

What is the difference between BLM and Antifa? And the social justice warriors.

And the Red Guards.

XI: Yeah. No difference. Because they're all indoctrinated to believe what they are told.

And I told Red Guards, you think they're dismounters? No. They were -- a lot of them from elite universities and -- and -- and middle schools.

And they're from wealth. They're from families.

They were not monsters. But they turned into monsters because of indoctrination.

The first killing, that took place during the Cultural Revolution was downed by a group of young girls in the most prodigious middle school in Beijing. And they were like 12 to 16.

They beat and tortured and killed their principals.

And there's no consequence. And after that, killing becomes commonplace.

And why will they go after the teachers?

Because they were told, those need control. And those need power. Were the ones, who want to take us back to the capitalism.

And so for -- for young kids, what are -- the people in power. They're teachers. They're principals.

So they were the ones -- the first ones to be the targets.

GLENN: So here in America, you just said, they didn't -- they weren't -- they weren't held, and they paid no price for it.

Here in America our justice system has been completely dismantled. You know, defund the police. All of this stuff.

Crime is on the rise. It doesn't seem like anybody is punished.

If you're on the right side, you're not punished.

In China, did they do the same thing?

Did they dismantle the justice system and the police?

XI: Yeah. That's called smashing the system. The whole justice system, including the police and the court were dismantled. So there's no consequence.

No one can stop. They're there to challenge the red guard.

And the Chinese version of defund the police.

GLENN: So Xi, I have been -- I have been talking about this coming for two decades almost now.

XI: I know.

GLENN: And it is now here. How much time do we have?

What period is this like in China? How far away from losing it, are we?

XI: We're very, very close. Actually, we are losing -- but I do think that there is a hope.

And I -- just three years ago, I was a quiet, shy Asian-American. I don't share my opinion with people.

You know, I was just quiet.

I became a voice. And because I know, if I don't speak up. And stand out.

To fight back, we will lose our country. And I don't want to live under communism again.

During my speeches across the country, and there's all sorts of people. Parents, just like me.

Three years ago, they required to never pay attention to the school board.

They never got involved in local politics. Or any politics.

I met so many of them. Now they're committed. Because they are waking up. They are committed. And so that's our hope.

And that's exactly how we save this country. We have to be --

GLENN: Did those people exist in China?

XI: No.

Because at that -- no. If you do that, it's too late.

Because those people don't exist. Because you can only find them in prisons. In gulags, or in the graves.

GLENN: Xi, I can't thank you enough. What do you think just on another subject, what do you think of President Xi's trip to San Francisco, and how San Francisco cleaned itself up for that?

XI: I know. I just read about it, and they have people welcoming him with -- with Chinese flag. Which to me, that is a murderous flag.


XI: And I said, where are the social justice warrior protesters against the genocide by Xi Jinping, of Muslims in China. Where are they?

GLENN: They're not to be found.

XI: They're not to be found, exactly.

GLENN: Not to be found. Thank you so much, Xi.

I appreciate it. Xi Van Fleet. The name of her book is Mao's America: A Survivor's Warning.

She compares the cultural revolution to the cultural revolution here in America to the Chinese one.

And it is well worth a read. And share with somebody that you know, who maybe has a possibility of waking up.

By the way, she was at the pro-Israel rally yesterday in DC. So thank you so much.

Xi Van Fleet. Mao's America.

How the Left uses PROPAGANDA to convince America to HATE ITSELF

How the Left uses PROPAGANDA to convince America to HATE ITSELF

Do we still have free will? Glenn reviews how the government, media, and educational system have been using an old advertising technique to sway the opinions of American in directions they never thought they would go. It used to be called "propaganda." Now, it's called "priming." Ever wonder why so many Americans accepted things like the BLM movement, the anti-Israel movement, and the idea that America is systemically oppressive? Thank priming, Glenn says. Ever wonder why the government and media are always screaming about crisis after crisis, from the pandemic to climate change? That's priming in action. So, what are we being primed for?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So priming is done, it is -- it used to be known, as propaganda.

And this is why some futurists say, that by 2030, we will begin, and I think we already have begun, having this discussion.

But it will be everywhere. The discussion of, do you really have any free will anymore?

Or have you been primed or influenced by several different things, without you even noticing or knowing about it?

Priming when it comes to social psychology, and cognitive psychology, it's the process by -- by which exposure to one stimulus, influences a response to a subsequent stimulus, without any conscious guidance or intention. You just do it.

Now, this was first harnessed by advertisers. And social media platforms. Are really bad. And governments.

And a when it's used by governments or God forbid, all three together, you're pretty hopeless and helpless, unless you know about it.

So let me explain it. The human brain is constantly bombarded with sensory data. And so it uses shortcuts to expedite decision-making. And priming exploits these shortcuts.

When an individual is exposed to a specific stimulus. The prime. It activities related notes in your memory.

And once that has an activated concept or idea, that influences your response. So let's take advertising.

Let's take Coca-Cola.

When you see Coca-Cola, when you see seven up. When you see those commercials, what do those commercials, usually show you?

With Seven-Up.

It's usually like somebody in a swing, you know, going on a tire swing, going into a lake. And everybody is there, and having a good time. Coca-Cola is always with your friends or your family.

Having a good time. Laughter.

Romance. So what happens is priming.

That's all they're doing is priming you.

So when you look at the product. You think of family, friends, laughter, good times. When you're in those situations, you want a Coke. That's priming, okay?

And it influences your decision, whether you know it or not.

Social media platforms, really, really use this.

The algorithms dictate what you see on your feet.

You can say, I want to see Glenn Beck. On Facebook.

I sign up. I follow him. I want his posts.

You will miss 95 percent of my posts now.

The algorithm has shut me down, so hard, hardest ever.

They've shut me down so hard, only 5 percent of what I post gets out. So it's not you. You're not being influenced by the things you're asking to be influenced by. They are priming you. And showing you, other things that they think you need to see.

By controlling the content, and the sequence, and the frequency of whatever it is, you see.

They can prime users to spend more time online. Engage with certain types of content. Or even influence political and social attitudes. And that's what's happening now.

The black box? Did you post the black box? Did you post the black box?

Everybody is posting it, you know. BLM was not tracking. It was not trending. When the riots first started and then they boosted the algorithm, and put that in the top ten. And that you were primed.

And that became BLM.

Now, the same thing is true with governments.

Governments can prime you to support certain policies.

They know you love -- you want to be called a patriot. You don't anymore. But you wanted to be called a patriot after 9/11.

So we have the Patriot Act.

They associate things. They can get you to support policies, and civil activities.

They can get you to view situations in a particular light.

Then they also can shape what the national identity is. This is why the progressives wanted to take over public schools.

Because they could shape the public and national identity. And that way, you would conform.

This is basically, manipulation.

It is propaganda. That's what we used to call advertising. It is propaganda.

Now, if a government wants to use this to manipulate a country, here's a couple of ways that they can do it.

First, if it's just the country, they can create -- I love this. This is from the textbook.

They can create a sense of crisis or threat.

Hmm. Do you feel that?

A government seeking to consolidate power or justify authoritarian measures might use priming to create a heightened sense of crisis or external threat.

Climate change is worse than nuclear war.

Climate change is worse than nuclear war.

Who believes that?

Unfortunately, a lot of people. They believe that.

What is that doing?

It is activating that group of people. And priming them, so they are ready to fight for global warming solutions.

This happens all the time.

They can also make a population feel fear, and insecurity.

They can isolate groups. They can make you hate the Jew. They can make you hate the Teabagger, as Obama used to say.

Or the MAGA Trump supporter.

The next thing they can do, if they want to take control, is they shape the national identity and values. Now, this can be done in a good way or a negative way.

They can use priming to redefine national identity and values in a way that supports its agenda.

Do you notice that what Hitler did, he took the Weimar and the old republic of Germany. And he took things like the Iron Eagle.

But then he cast it in an entirely new light.

He washed away the old Germany for the new German Reich? The Third Reich.

The rise of a new Germany. That was all priming. Okay. So what are we being primed for?

I think we're being primed for a few things. First of all, we are being primed to accept a new America. To forget the old America.

This is -- this has been happening by our government institutions. Through our teachers.

It has been happening on social media. It has been happening through our corporations.

So you're being primed now, by the three culprits, that know how to use priming.

They study this. This is what they do for a living. This is how they sell products. Get you hooked online.

A new America, with new values, new history. So we're being primed to go in to a New Age. Just like the people of Weimar. A New Age.

A greater America.

But it is not going to look anything like the old America.

And notice, nobody in the government, in the media, in the educational -- educational probably is the most honest about it. But nobody is talking about what it's going to be.

They just talk about what we need to destroy.

Well, we've destroyed everything. We've destroyed everything.

What are we creating?

I think if you read my book, Dark Future. You know what's being created.

So now, how do we make sure? Because I think that the next thing that we're being primed for.

I think we're being primed for violence.

THIS made Glenn VERY CONCERNED about the future of A.I.

THIS made Glenn VERY CONCERNED about the future of A.I.

A version of ChatGPT's GPT-4 AI was recently caught lying to researchers about making an insider trade during a simulation. This has Glenn very concerned, especially when coupled with other news stories: The U.S. government is investing in an AI company connected to blacklisting companies for spreading "misinformation," New York is ramping up its strategy to surveil citizens online, and the Biden administration wants to make sure that AI takes "equity" into consideration. Glenn asks, what are we teaching AI? That it's okay to lie if the ends justify the means? That truth is relative? That present discrimination is the solution to past discrimination? That the collective is more important than the individual? Because that, Glenn warns, is exactly what society is teaching our children.


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GLENN: Last week, TheBlaze published a terrifying article, that we just didn't have time to talk about.

It's how a GPT 4 AI made an insider trade in a simulation. That's not the scary part. The scary part is, when asked, it denied it.

It lied. I didn't make that trade. What are you talking about?

Now, add this to several stories we -- we already have about AI lying, manipulating, and distorting facts.

The government just gave -- I can't remember -- you should look it up. It's in the show prep today, Stu.

I think it's like a billion dollars to AI. To create basically what Kathy Hochul is talking about here in New York.

A way for AI to go out and just look at information. Discover if it's true. If it's not.

Disinformation. Misinformation. And shut it down.

And steer you away from those things.

This is priming, again.

We have to make sure AI is policing us.

And then also, the government has access now, as of yesterday, all lines of code.

Of AI. And they want it to be more equitable and inclusive.

So it will have debilitating bias. So how do you disagree with something like that?

What if you disagree with the people that are setting those outcomes. You know, I think people are afraid of AI taking your job, taking the military.

We're afraid of the terminator or the matrix becoming prophecies. We are afraid of the transhumanist nightmare, that some are pushing.

Afraid of the tech leaders openly telling us, they want to summon the demon.

That's what they actually call AI. Or ASI. Super intelligence.

Summoning the demon.

More terrifying is the mirror that these I think sociopathic AI creators are holding up to us.

The AI is going to have a warped sense of reality, because they will reflect what we teach them.

And are you comfortable with the teachers? Garbage in, garbage out, used to be the tech proverb?

But pretend for a minute, you're a catastrophist.

I know you're not. But pretend you are.

Let's say one of the crises currently facing us is the best of my knowledge.

Evil wins.

We wipe each other out, in a radioactive fury. That astroid, that frankly some of us have been saying, oh, please, hit us.

Please. The one you've been tempted to root for. Actually hits us.

Or climate change ends us in a fiery flood of 2012. Because it's coming by 2012.

Just pretend.

If something happens to us. AI could be our legacy to the universe.

The only thing to survive us, would be cockroaches and AI.

AI could be our child.

So now, when I look at it that way, what do you want to teach that child?

Will we teach it to be human?

Will we teach it, that there is no such thing as truth? Only your truth. My truth.

Truth can be whatever you pretended you want it to be.

That there's no such thing as good and evil. Only relative shades of gray.

No such thing as a man or a woman. Only what one feels like.

Will we teach AI?

Something that it's already taught itself.

It's okay to lie, to cheat. To steal.

As long as the ends justify the means. Or you can get away with it.

Will we teach it, that individual -- that individual life has no value.

That only the collective matters. And also, while we're at it, some life has more values than other.

And it's arbitrarily assessed through quality of life. But what is quality of life. What is the teacher going to teach AI about the quality of life?

Or things like skin color. Or gender.

Will we teach it the only remedy, to pass discrimination, is present discrimination?

The only remedy to present discrimination, is future discrimination.

Will we teach it, that life is nothing, but an interlaced web of power dynamics. And eternal war of oppressor against the oppressed.

This is being decided, right now.

They are teaching these things right now.

Are we teaching it the way to evaluate anything is through that oppression scale? Deciding who is the most oppressed party.

And if you're defined as an oppressor, it makes you unredeemable.

Unforgivable. Would AI, when it's doling out, you know, survival kits, at the hospital. Do you get one if you're unredeemable, and unforgivable?

Will we teach it, that the allies were the evil side, in World War II. Because more Germans died than Americans.

And America dropped the biggest bomb of all!

Will we teach it, when a terror group rapes, tortures, maims, slaughters, burns, kidnaps women and children.

And then hides behind their own citizens. The right thing to do is to immediately declare a cease-fire.

Will we teach it, that God say figment of primitive and superstitious imaginations. That there is no existence. In fact, it's just the random movements of meaningless movement particles.

Why wouldn't we teach it?

Why wouldn't we teach it those things?

That's what we're currently teaching our children. In schools.

So you don't have to go beyond. And say, well, maybe this will be like you're child.

No. It will be our master.

And we're teaching it the same thing, we're teaching to our children.

How Rob Schneider went from 'ignoring God' to standing for Christ

How Rob Schneider went from 'ignoring God' to standing for Christ

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider recently turned 60 years old and a lot has changed since his days in Hollywood. For starters, he recently converted to Catholicism after "going through life slugging along and ignoring God." Rob joins Glenn to tell the story of his transformation and explain how seeing evil spread around the world helped bring him to Christianity. And he also explains the lessons he has learned while growing older, including why he's willing to speak out for Israel and against the woke gender movement.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So there is a broad coalition for American communities. It's gathering tomorrow.

March for Israel.

And it's happening at the national mall in Washington, D.C.

And it's to show the support for Israel and Jews.

I wish I could be there.

I could not rearrange my schedule.

But I recommend, that you go tomorrow.

I've checked this out, six ways to Sunday.

These organizations, I don't agree with on everything. But on this, I absolutely agree.

March for Israel tomorrow, at the National Mall in Washington, DC.

We have Rob on? Schneider is with us now.

You just turned 60.

Hey, old man, how you are?

GLENN: I don't know how that happened?

Do I have to join that AARP?

STU: Yeah. I know. I think you have until 65.

I think. I don't know. I'm only 59.

ROB: Oh, wow. Oh, wow.

GLENN: So I'm not old like you yet.

ROB: All right, Jr.

GLENN: So, Rob, you wrote a great article about your journey into 60. And your advice into 60.

But you also talk about you've -- you've become a practicing Catholic.

You've -- you've -- were you Christian your whole life. And just never practicing?

What's your story?

ROB: Yeah. I was kind of going through life, slugging along, ignoring God.

And pretending that there was -- you know, kind of like the atheists mistake of -- and, you know, they're my friends, atheists. But they make the mistake of thinking like this whole universe is just this gigantic thing, expanding and bumping into stuff, and meaningless.

And that we're some accidental freak of intelligence.

That just happens. And then it will all go away.

And I just think that if my buddy Norah O'Donnell said, we -- we are a small fraction of the universe.

So if there's such a thing as compassion and love and empathy, then it must be endemic to this whole thing that we exist in.

And I -- I think that that little voice of Jesus Christ, was never -- was always coming back to me, even though I was going away from him.

And then finally, I think during all of this.

And kind of more obvious. I don't know how else to say it. But kind of more obvious evil in the world.

GLENN: Yeah.

ROB: I think it kind of -- it gave me -- you know, a -- I kind of got back to it, that way. Because if there's really organized evil in the world. And I don't think it's at all more powerful.

But I do think it's here to challenge us, as individually. As a family. As a community.

And I think also, as you and I have come to really understand them.

As a nation.

GLENN: Yeah.

ROB: That I think coming to God. And realizing, his father Rick Burger said.

And some people are having a question about Christianity. Is -- in Jesus. Whatever form it is. Just for me, Catholicism works. Because it's the closest to the word. Closest to the actual word of Jesus. Through -- to the Greek and the Latin.

And that's why it works for me.

GLENN: So, but -- you know, I saw an article about this.

In -- let me look. I think it was Christianity Today.

No, And it talked about how you're -- you know, how you're -- you have failed in the past, to show Christ's forgiveness to those who you disagree with.

And it's really beautiful stuff, that you've said about forgiving people, et cetera, et cetera.

But then it goes into, yeah.

Yeah. But he's repeatedly weighed in on LGBTQ-related issues, on his X account.

He was talking about the -- the female athlete getting spiked in the face, by a male competing with the women.

And he wrote, this has got to stop. And parents, coaches, and women athletes all refuse to play against these men. It all stops.

And then he was on the Glenn Beck Program. And he talked about gender mutilation.

And so they're trying to say, that see, you really haven't changed. Because you're not forgiving of those things.

ROB: Well, that's the difference between, Christ doesn't want us to just stand down and accept evil. And forgive evil. And looking to perpetuate.

Christ wants us to stand up against it.

You don't want to -- Christ knocked over the -- the merchants that were no longer practicing.

At the temple.

Because he -- and sewed righteous anger.

We have protect the most vulnerable members of our society. Our children.

Now, there's this weird justification that seems to be okay, for women. Now suddenly, for the, quote, progress.

That they even take a backseat to other men. And that's what these people are.

They're men. They're not women. In any way, shape, or form.

And there's this strange societal narcissism. That is somehow accepted. In some ways.

And it's an attack on women. Which is an attack on God. And I think we need to stand up and protect them.

And it's just a -- there is evil that can perpetuate. And you know it's wrong. And the people know it's wrong.

And I know that -- that the female athletes, like Riley Gaines. Are actually talking, stepping up.

And my wife actually corrected me. Because I said, why don't the student athletes and these women step up.

You know, who are on these swim teams or basketball teams. Or volleyball teams. Step up and say something.

And she said, they do. But people aren't listening to them. Because people don't listen to women.

And I said, wow. I think she's right.

GLENN: I will tell you, that there's a great misunderstanding on speaking the truth.

That's all that Christ spoke. Was the truth.

And sometimes, people don't like it. Oh, well.

It doesn't mean that I stopped loving you. Because you're my brother or sister.

And I hope that at some point truth corrects you, and you come on the side of truth.

But I don't hate you. And I don't -- that's why I don't take it out. I try not to take it out on you. It's really hard. It's really hard.

ROB: It is hard. It is hard. And it's supposed to be hard. And it's supposed to be difficult. But we have to -- we have to try to -- we have to trust that -- that righteous instinct.

And it's there to challenge us.

But we cannot be silent.

And we cannot -- we cannot stand down. When -- you know, especially the most vulnerable members of our society. Are now under attack.

And I think it's -- you know, the LGBT community, that were -- it wasn't -- if not the whole community. But the community that is pushing us. Knowingly knows it's wrong.

Because they went to a group of attorneys, and they got advice, about how to do this. And they said, don't deal with any publicity. As far as, you know, the gender issues.

And the gender, what they call protections.

And it's interesting, because they just rename protections for something that is the opposite of it. Which is mutilation.

Because you have -- and I tell people, who -- because they use our good will against us.

Which is inherently evil.

But if these children, can't vote, or we don't allow them to drive.

We don't allow them to own a gun. We don't allow them to join the army.

We -- or even get tattoos.

Because they are not capable of making these permanent decisions.

About these things. But yet, we're able to do these horrible -- and they are for horrible things.

GLENN: Right. Right.

ROB: And that have lifelong repercussions. And you see, Prager University, there's a wonderful -- wonderful film. I say wonderful, but there was a very knowledgeable.
And informing film about the detransitioners.

And it's just -- it's criminal. And what it is, it's sad.

And let the child -- when you turn 18, before they decide to do something.

I think 18. My child, my oldest one. She wasn't an adult at 18 either.

She became an adult at 25. But I do think, at least, at a minimum, if you have any conscience at all.

Then they should be -- any faith at all, that you have -- wait until they're 18, until they make a decision.

And just don't jump on any new fads.

Especially a fad that has the -- the real evil of it, is this idea, that they can be infertile.

And destroy themselves for life.

I think there is a -- there is a really attack on babies.

There's an attack on girls. There's an attack on women.

GLENN: This whole thing is a culture of death.

I mean, you look at what's happening with the Palestinian rallies.

Where they're openly chanting, you know, death to Jews. And send them to Germany.

And all of these horrible, horrible things.

This -- every bit of this evil.

ROB: Coming at us. It is a culture of death. It's a culture -- I think there's different ways to look at this.

And, you know, my coming to Christ, was also an illogical sense of, I do think that you have the atheists now who have -- it's like the opposite of the Snopes trial.

The Snopes trial, which cornered in subtrials in the 1920s, which was about Christianity and evolution. And the idea that Christianity was -- was trying to close and limit the idea of God's plan. Of -- which could have been evolutionary in part, for sure.

Was -- was basically putting a splenetic spin on Christianity and faith.

What you have now, is the opposite of the Snopes trial.

You have the fanaticism, coming from the atheists, coming from godless people. And that are not wanting to see the potentiality of God, and the potentiality of what they're doing could be wrong.

And just a real, real -- exposing this. Seeing the LGBTQ community.

Who are supporting Hamas and the Palestinians.

And somebody whispering.

They would kill you. In a minute.

They will stone you to death.

These are not people. These are murderers.

You have to call them what they are.

And really, the sad thing about the pro-Palestinian things you see on campus.

And you see it's -- you know, when they say, do not forget. Never forget the Holocaust.
It's because, it is something that can be forgotten. And it is being forgotten. Because it's -- the -- the very few remaining Holocaust survivors, who are children now.

Very young children.

Now, you mentioned, a terrible thing, Glenn.

Which is that the -- the idea that the Holocaust could have been, you know, adding to this horrible anti-Semitism. You realize that it isn't.

It was an apex of anti-Semitism. That there is going to be a continuation of pogroms, and an attack on these people. And our -- on these people. Because it is -- it is a continuation of anti-Semitism.

And it is certainly not anywhere near the end of it.

And for people who -- war is hell.

And war is hell. And the idea that somehow there's a clean war, or there's a way to do it.

I mean, the death of children, in any situation is abhorrent and horrible.

And they -- and they try to prevent it as best you can. But I remember thinking of Robert McElmurry, who was working with the Air Force, during World War II.

They were talking about the firebombing Japanese cities, and -- which was, you know, something that --

GLENN: Horrific.

ROB: Horrific. Absolutely horrific. Dresden was absolutely horrific. Maybe more people died of Dresden than Nagasaki and Hiroshima combined, probably in World War II. Towards the end of -- but to bring Germany to its knees, to end that war. Was -- was a greater good.

And it's all horrible.

But the idea that Hamas is going to be allowed to survive in any form.

For our questioning of it, is what is going to replace it?

You know, that's the question.

But you have to -- you can't sit back and allow your people to be slaughtered.

Your babies. You can't. And we have to stand with Israel.

And we have to know that this is something, that it's -- it's not going to be easy.

And it's going to be -- it's going to require prayer. It will require God's help.

It will require our help.

But we have to be there for that. And not give in to this Hamas, publicity campaign.

Which is very good.

GLENN: We're talking to Rob Schneider.

He's actor, comedian, writer.

And he's just written a piece for The Gift of Turning 60, where he talks about this, and so much more.

And you can find that on the front page of TheBlaze.

Rob, great talking you to. Thank you so much.

ROB: Always. Thank you for your time. And your faith.

GLENN: You bet. Godspeed.