Belly of the Beast: Glenn Recounts a Hallway Argument at Fox News

What was the corporate culture like at Fox News? On radio today, Glenn shared an enlightening encounter from his FNC days, which now makes him question certain stories being reported in the wake of Bill O'Reilly's exit.

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

GLENN: All right. So we're talking about this audio about Kirsten Powers, who was complaining that Bill O'Reilly pointed out the fact that there were a lot of blondes that work at Fox News. And that was her experience with Bill O'Reilly, the nightmare, that he was a Neanderthal and said, "There's so many blondes here, I sometimes lose track and I can't keep you all straight." She wanted something done. He needed to apologize. Needed to make sure that that never happened again. Blah, blah.

This woman is -- you know, she's a liberal. She dated Anthony Weiner. And her -- I mean, how you could have spent two minutes with Anthony Weiner if your line is that --

PAT: If you're that sensitive.

GLENN: -- is beyond me. But -- so the trouble comes, as she is telling the story -- she said, so I went to Roger Ailes.

And what did Roger Ailes say, Stu?

STU: He --

GLENN: Nobody likes Bill.

STU: Nobody likes Bill. He likes to pin up pictures of hot women. He likes to talk dirty to hot women.

GLENN: Okay. Where does that come from? Where does the talk dirty come from?

STU: Well, I mean, it's coming from Roger Ailes here.

GLENN: Here. But what does that --

STU: He's referencing an old story that had been reported.

GLENN: Okay. Now, this is the big thing. This is the one where everybody said, well, he paid off. Okay.

Here he is. And it seems as though this was a consensual relationship, at least at one point. Bill thought that they were -- this is what it seems. I don't know if this is true.

STU: We have not talked to Bill.

GLENN: I have not talked about Bill.

STU: You're just saying, basing this on the reporting.

GLENN: Basing this on the reporting. I have not talked to Bill. And it's like, hey, Bill, so tell me about that lawsuit. No.

But this is -- this is my theory on -- on Bill. Consensual, and at some point, it stopped. He didn't know. Or he was just like, eh, I'm kidding. Whatever.

But she taped really inappropriate things on the phone. At some point, she knew, I can make a killing here. Okay?

And so she demand -- I think the word was $60 million, to keep those tapes out of the public. Do you want your tapes or your emails to your wife or your husband -- do you want bedroom talk of yours out into the public? Because I wouldn't. Would you, Stu? Would you?

PAT: Well, especially to my husband. I would say no to that.

GLENN: Your wife or your husband. Okay? Nobody wants that. That's not something that Bill O'Reilly or anybody wants.

Well, I have it. Okay. Settle the lawsuit.

Now, I think that -- I could be wrong. But the way I've read that story -- and I've looked at it, you know, for, what? Fifteen years that story came out. Fifteen years ago.

PAT: Been a while. Ten, 15.

GLENN: So I haven't thought about that story since then. But if you hear what she's saying here -- what did Roger Ailes do? Roger Ailes brought that story up, and her sexual smear, the reason why this is on CNN with the -- the headline, "Look at what she said Roger Ailes said about Bill," comes from that one story.

Now, why is that important? Let me share a story with you on what I know about working at Fox under Roger Ailes.

Roger Ailes was a genius. Sheer genius. I think there was a good side of Roger Ailes. I think the dark side of Roger Ailes won. But I think there was a really good side of Roger Ailes. And I think he was torn apart towards the end of his life thinking what he could have done, if he would have used his power for good as opposed to evil.

But at some point in his life, he became a dirty old man. And -- and one of the things that he did at Fox -- and I know it firsthand is, he would sabotage relationships.

Remember how I have said in the past that, you know, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin and I, we didn't get along.

Well, me personally, I believe that all came from Roger Ailes. And I know another one who was involved, who was also feeding that stuff. But they were being fed by Roger Ailes. Roger liked to be the kingpin. And he was the master manipulator of everybody's relationship. And he liked his shows and his talent not liking each other. Because he knew, if I keep them pitted against each other, A, they'll compete harder to beat that son of a bitch. And they would never join forces. If they joined forces, then we're in trouble.

I know this firsthand because Bill O'Reilly heard an argument in the hallway at Fox. I don't know if I've told this story before on the air. Have I?

PAT: I don't think so.

GLENN: I heard an argument on -- in the hallway about ACORN. And remember when we found that New Orleans was the head. There was something really bad. And it had to do with Van Jones and ACORN and SEIU. Well, I didn't have the money to go investigate that, but Bill O'Reilly's team did. Bill O'Reilly saw that story and was like, "Got to get on that story. That's great."

Bill and I had no relationship. Bill heard an argument in the hallway between my producer and his producer. And my producer at the time was yelling at Bill's producer saying, "You stole our story." And that's when I came around the corner. And I said, "Whoa, whoa, guys, what is up?" And he said, "Well, you know, Bill O'Reilly's people are stealing our story." And I said, "What story is that?" The ACORN story.

That's not our story. That's America's story. What are they doing?

And he said, "Well, they're going to send somebody down into New Orleans." And I looked at Bill's producer, and I said, "That's fantastic. We'll get you everything that we know. Can we have you after you break the news with Bill -- can we have you on the show and you further the -- he was stunned.

Yeah. Good.

And I looked at Grish and said, "Whatever -- whatever they need, get them. This is -- we're a team here."

That's when Bill walked around the corner, and he just looked at me and went, "Beck." Bill was sitting around -- standing around the corner. He was listening to all of it.

That was the first time that Bill knew, I'm not like -- I'm not cut from the rest of -- I'm not like that. I'm a team player. Let's work together for the good of the company. Let's work together for the good of the country.

We're allies. If you remember on my show, I used to promote Sean Hannity. And he would do specials. And I would promote them because I wanted him to know, I'm in your corner. You don't have to be in my corner. I'm in your corner. And I would promote.

I did that to every show because I wanted to show -- and nobody ever asked me to. I had to go track down the details. But I did it to show the other talent, we don't have to be enemies. Why do we have to be enemies?

So when that happened, Bill called me up to his office the next day. "Beck, can you stop by my office? I want to talk to you."


So I go into Bill's office which was the corner office and pretty darn sweet. And I'm sitting there. And, you know, he's got all these pictures of, you know, him with, you know, the pope and the president and Jesus. I mean, he's got everybody. And you're like, "Wow." And it was a pretty powerful office.

And I'm sitting there like a little no-nothing. Oh, is that the music? I'm going to have to pause in this story so we can pay some light bills. And we'll come back and tell you the rest. And I think it will begin to make sense, why I've said, "We're on a dangerous road in the media." A very dangerous road.


GLENN: So I'm sitting in Bill O'Reilly's office. And Bill calls me in, and he said, "So what are you doing here?" And I'm like, "Well, you called me to come up to your office." He said, "No, why are you here at Fox?" He said, "I used to watch you on Headline News." And he said, "I'd watch you." He said, "For a while there, I just thought you were nuts." And he said, "You might be. I'm not saying you're not. You might be nuts." He said, "But you're a hell of a television performer." And I said, "Thank you."

And he said, "You really believe this stuff, don't you?" And I said, "Yes, I do."

He said, "You need to slow down." And I said, "What do you mean?" And he said, "You're just going to burn through way too much." And I said, "Bill, I don't plan on being here for very long." And he said, "Why?" And I said, "I don't want to do this. I figure I'll be here for about two years, and that will be enough." And he said, "You could be here the rest of your -- look at me. You could be here the rest of your life." And I said, "I don't want to be." And he really didn't understand that.

And he was like, "Why not?" And I said, "Because this isn't what I want to do. This is what I feel like I need to do."

So the Bill O'Reilly in the hallway that heard me say basically, "We're partners. We don't even have to be friends. We don't have to be enemies. We're partners on furthering the news." That, coupled with him sitting me down and saying, "Why are you here?" And I said, "Because I believe it." He said, "You're going need to help." And I said, "Okay."

And he said, "You say some pretty crazy things." He said, "And people are going to need to hear the answer on what you really meant." And he said, "You know you're not going to get a fair interview anywhere." And I said, "Oh, I know. I just spent some time with Katie Couric." And he said, "I promise you, I will give you a fair interview. I'm not going -- I'm not going to be a Bill, but I'll give you a fair interview. I'm going to ask you the question that everybody wants to hear, but I'll let you answer it." And I said, "That would be tremendous." And if you're a long-time listener, you know -- people used to call me all the time and say, "Glenn, why do you go on Bill O'Reilly? He's not helping you. He's not your friend." Yes, he was. He was my friend. He was allowing -- he was asking the question the Katie Courics of the world wanted to ask me, without the agenda. He was a great friend. He was -- in fact, he and Anderson Cooper are the only two people in the industry that treated me like an equal, like a human being. And like I was intelligent. Only two people on the air that I can think of, that actually have been there. And really understand it. And may not agree with me on everything. But they know that I'm trying to be a decent human being.

I left Bill's office. When I left Bill's office, that didn't take long to get back up to the second floor, to where Roger Ailes was.

A few weeks later, I was in Ailes' office. He called me in for something. And he said, "Hey, listen, I know you're new here. I just want you to know, you've got to be careful of Bill O'Reilly." And I said, "Okay."

He's a user of people. And you just need to stay away from him and be very, very careful.

Huh. Okay. I didn't say anything. Okay. File it away.

A couple weeks later, I get another -- you know, another interview or time with Roger Ailes. And he plants another negative seed about Bill O'Reilly.

Bill O'Reilly and I are talking. And I said, "Hey, Bill, I think I've figured something out about this place." He said, "Yes." And I said, "I bet you're hearing negative things about me, about things I might be saying about you behind your back." And he just smiled. "Might be."

And I said, "Yeah, I'm hearing things that I shouldn't trust you because you're saying things behind my back." He smiled and said, "Might be."

And I said, "I tell you what, why don't we make a deal that we don't listen to those voices. And if we think that it might be true, we come to each other and we ask the other and we're honest with each other. Other than that, we dismiss them."

He said, "I think that's very wise advice."

Now, here's why I tell this story. Did you see what just happened with Kirsten Powers? She goes into Roger Ailes' office. She's new there. She goes to Roger's office, and she has a problem because he called her blonde on the air. And that's something that she even wrote a book about, you know, about what? Blondes. A non-blonde joke book. I mean, it was a book about how it's bad, and the horrible things that happen to blonde women.

STU: Well, I mean, a very standard criticism by the left was that there are a bunch of blondes working at Fox News.


PAT: The Fox News babes, they've been called. And that was something very common that the left was upset about.

GLENN: Yeah, but she's on the left.

STU: She was on the left, but worked at Fox News. So defended Fox News against that accusation and has written about how she did not like that people noticed the blonde hair.

GLENN: Right. Then you probably should have your hair -- you should stop lightning your hair because it's so blonde.

STU: I don't know what her natural color hair is, honestly. Personally.

GLENN: Yeah, I would say probably 40 percent of the people that are on-air at Fox are not naturally blonde. But that's, you know, a different story.

I'm, believe it or not, not a natural blonde anymore.

STU: Really?

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

So, anyway, you see what happened. She goes up and talks to Daddy Ailes. And what's Daddy say? A friend of Bill. A friend.

JEFFY: Uh-huh.

GLENN: You got to be careful. You know, Bill likes to -- he likes to talk dirty to people.

My guess is that Bill has made mistakes. But Bill mainly is old-school, as he says. He just -- come on. He's not going to play the politically correct, oh, I have to apologize because you were hurt by a blonde -- get over it. You're in the big leagues. Get over it.

I think that's old-school Bill O'Reilly. I also know Bill. We never had a problem because Bill knows that we're not only doing news, but we're also doing a show. And so he takes his business seriously. More seriously than anybody I've ever seen. And he has very high standards. Don't screw it up. Don't screw my show up. Don't waste my time. Don't waste my audience's time. Okay?

Very high standards. In the '90s -- in the '80s, this is the way I was, except I was much more of an animal. And if you screwed something up, I was pissed at you.

STU: You're not saying the sexual part of it.

GLENN: No, I'm saying the demanding exactness in your job.

So Bill gets a bad rap because, look, if you're not good at what you do or you screw up or you're lazy -- screw up once, he's going to be mad at you. Screw up twice, you've made an enemy. Not on his show. Not on his watch. Don't screw it up. Okay? That's one reason why Bill and I never had a problem because I understood that about Bill.

He takes it very seriously. Those who don't, you've got trouble. So he has that going for him. Or against him.

He is old-school, not going to play political correctness. He made a mistake I think in a consensual relationship.

And the worst part of it was Roger Ailes was feeding poison to everybody. So how much of this was right about Bill O'Reilly, and how much of this is poison that everybody knows that because -- I mean, even Roger Ailes who we know is a predator, Roger Ailes says he's a predator, right? I mean, he's got to be a predator.

JEFFY: Nobody likes him.

GLENN: Nobody likes him. That was one of the first things, Glenn, there is a reason that nobody likes Bill O'Reilly. Really? Because I didn't take everybody else's word for it. I just got to know him. And it started with me knowing that he's got to be the most guarded man in the world because either everybody wants something from him or everybody is knifing him in the back for his position. So I showed him support. And that broke down a wall. And so I found out who he really was, or at least who he really was who he showed me.

How many people just took, oh, yeah, he's -- watch out. Watch out.

STU: And, you know, it's tough because you get into these situations. And there is nobody who will even say things that are positive. Whether they're judging the case or not -- you know, even if they like you, they don't defend you. You're not the only one, apparently, though defending Bill O'Reilly. In a world exploding in violence, we've now identified a naval closer to home: Bill O'Reilly. Sexism is a serious problem and a serious accusation. It's true there are many people who dismiss a woman as unserious and out of their depth, not because they are, but because they are a woman. Bill O'Reilly isn't one of them. If disagreement is violence and everything is sexist, then eventually nothing will be.

GLENN: Who said that?

STU: Oh. The headline is Kirsten Powers: Bill O'Reilly is not sexist.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

PAT: Oh, my gosh. When did she say that?

JEFFY: What!

STU: Written in 2014. Written in 2014 for USA Today.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. And she is the one that had -- CNN is using now as the big smoking gun.

PAT: What! Oh, my gosh.

JEFFY: She must have forgotten -- forgotten when Bill thanked her for her --

GLENN: Unbelievable.

PAT: Jeez.

STU: I mean, that's incredible. Literally the headline in USA Today: Kirsten Powers, Bill O'Reilly is not sexist. That's the headline of the story. It was a column.

JEFFY: Unbelievable.

PAT: I mean, it was shocking that she survived the initial attack about her being blonde.

JEFFY: Right. I know.

PAT: You know, that she could even speak after that is a tribute to her. And then for her to completely forget about it in 2014, what an extraordinary person. Extraordinary person.

STU: We all have days where we forget things.

GLENN: Unbelievable. I have to tell you, is there anybody else that is defending -- I saw Eric Metaxas say something nice. Is there anybody saying anything nice about Bill O'Reilly?

STU: Other than Kirsten Powers in 2014.

GLENN: Yeah, other than when it was popular to say something nice about Bill O'Reilly. Look, I'm not judging the -- I don't know any of that. So I don't know. And I think you should -- you need to take people seriously on that stuff.

And I don't like if he's treating people, you know, poorly on the staff. I don't like that. Shut up, Jeffy. No, I don't like it. I think it's -- when you're rude to people, it's wrong. Shut the fat mouth. And close the --

JEFFY: That's a surprise to me. I didn't know you would feel that way.

GLENN: Close those -- close those lard-ridden eyes.

JEFFY: Is that a new policy coming from Glenn Beck?

GLENN: Yes, it is. It is. But I don't -- you don't stand for that. It's not right. It's not right.

PAT: No.

GLENN: And in a world where there are contracts and stars, it sometimes lasts longer than it should.

But also, let's look at facts.

PAT: Have we seen any? Have we seen a single fact? Have we seen any proof? Have we seen evidence of any of it? I don't think so. We have somebody's word against his.

GLENN: I haven't. I haven't. And nobody wants to -- nobody wants to stand up because it's unpopular. And we are -- we know -- I will be painted as a guy who is dismissing sexual assault or, you know, sexual impropriety or any of that. I know how that's going to be -- but that's not what I'm saying. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying there is real. And there is fake. I don't know which this is. But I haven't seen the real stuff. I'm only seeing things that make me say, well, he called her blonde. And then Roger Ailes said something about him. That's not the same as sexual harassment. What are we doing?

Right is right. No matter what it costs you personally, right is right.

Alex Jones & Glenn Beck WARN: Trump is the Next Lawfare Target

Alex Jones & Glenn Beck WARN: Trump is the Next Lawfare Target

In a surprise move, Alex Jones has agreed to liquidate his ownership of Infowars. He joins as a guest on the Glenn Beck Program for the first time to explain why: Just a few days ago, according to Alex, the chief restructuring officer overseeing Infowars after his $1.5 billion Sandy Hook case “got so desperate” that he tried to go around the court and seize Infowars. But this is just the latest stage in a massive series of lawfare attacks against him, Glenn and Alex believe, which also included an attempt to get Alex to “sell out” and let a board control Infowars. So, why are they trying to destroy him? Glenn argues that Alex was the guinea pig for the Left’s lawfare machine that it’s now turning against former president Donald Trump...and then, against the American people. So, what’s next for Infowars? Why did they try to silence him NOW? And is the Left now beta-testing a new kind of attack that’s “outside the law?”


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: This weekend, I read that Alex Jones is having to divest himself of Infowars, released his share in it.

I don't know what that exactly means. He also said that the feds were going to seize it, if he didn't do something.

I read that yesterday.

We wanted to have Alex Jones on.

We have a podcast planned in September. So I want to kind of keep this narrow here, on what's going on, with him. Because I think this is -- I think this is -- he was the guy, the left tried law fare out on.

You know, the -- the early days of boycott, Sharyl Attkisson said, that trying to get somebody off a network and mainstream media. They tried to perfect that on me.

I was their -- their first real to guinea pig.

I think Alex Jones was the first guinea pig in lawfare. And it's exactly the same thing that's happening to Donald Trump now.

This is -- this is the way they're going to fight in the future.

And if anybody thinks.

You know, whatever you think of Alex Jones. What he said. He's apologized for.

And he said, he shouldn't do it. Their damages. I don't know.

But certainly, not 1.5 billion. What is Dr. Evil.

Was he in the jury box.

What the hell was that?

$1.5 billion. We talk to Alex Jones.

So, Alex. What -- what is going to happen now?

Because I read you are going to sale your assets. But if you sell. There's nothing left.

And, you know, who is going to -- honestly, Infowars without you, is nothing.

You are the asset of Infowars. So what -- what do you have -- are they forcing you to sell all of this stuff?

ALEX: Yes. And thanks for letting me give you the backstory so it makes sense.

So I told you exactly what is happening. Okay. I'm an LLC sole proprietorship. And so I own 100 percent of the shares of the company. That's why under law, the CRO cannot just shut this place down.

That's illegal. And so that's what my lawyers have told them. So I agree to pay 55 million over ten years. Which is protected. What extra revenue there would be. They said, no.

We want a board. We want to control what he says.

This is in meetings he had. But I couldn't talk about it, until outside of me, they now told my lawyers, a few weeks ago.

Right to their faces. My lawyers said, you can talk about it now. We can't believe it. They want you to start by talking about the Second Amendment.

They wanted me to he sell out.

So they told lawyers. They told Reuters, the most accurate story out there.

Some of it is wrong. It's still pretty much true.

The headline is: Sandy Hook families agree to Alex Jones' bankruptcy liquidation. Well, they had already filed for that.

And then in the article, they say, while liquidation will yield only a fraction of the money he owes the families. They have objected to his proposal, because it would have kept him in control of both Infowars and his wealth for years.

While also tapping the total amount to be paid towards the defamation claim. So they refused. And it goes on, that they wanted to have a board control this place. That they appointed, where I would work with them.

And, of course, if I would play ball. Then, of course, I can make money.

So my operation has been taken over. For whatever reason, they decided to try to shut it down eight days ago, outside of court. Which is totally insane. Because they feel like, well, this guy is a target. And we can do what we want.

And now they're so panicked to get me off the air, for whatever is coming for the rest of the country. So that's what's happening. So what's going to go down is, the judge will either give it back to me on Friday.

And it will just come to the state and shut it down, in a week or quicker. Because Austin is as bad as New York or DC. One of the worst in the country. I'm going to move out of here. Even though my family is from here.

GLENN: Austin is awful.

ALEX: It is. It is. It's all woke. Soros controls the DA on record --

GLENN: Yeah, it's awful.

ALEX: It's totally controlled.

So Infowars will --

GLENN: So hold on. Hold on just a second. I'm sorry to do this to you, Alex. I have to take another network break. Back with Alex Jones to see where he's headed they can say. What his options are.

And where the country is headed. Because of all of this.

Make no mistake. What they did to Trump, they first tried on Alex Jones.

And they will do anything to silence anyone that has impact.

For the first time, I've asked Alex Jones to come on the program.

I know Stu heard inklings of this last week, and did probably about 20 minutes of tremendous defense of -- of you, Alex. On this whole case.

Being just nothing, but -- just a show trial. That's all it is.

What they did to Donald Trump. They first tried out on you. And they're still going for it.

So I don't understand how a judge could suggest that we violate your First Amendment right, by forcing you to not talk about the Second Amendment. I don't know how that's even possible.

But is this something that they suggested, will stop demanding the billion dollars, billion and a half dollars, if you let us control what you say and don't say?

ALEX: Yes. Before I got sued, now six years ago, I was in DC for meetings. And I had meetings with some of the Bilderberg members. Some major billionaires. I'm sure you got reached out to by as well, when you were exposing Soros and trailblazing on Fox, before they targeted you. And they literally would beat around the bush. And say, well, this major billionaire, richest man at the world around the time, he wants to give you $50 million a year for a free speech foundation. And you can still do your show, if you just talk to us about, you know, cleaning up what you do. And so it was all thinly veiled payoffs.

And then when I wouldn't do it, that's when they cooked all this up. And the project veritas spin-off group. FBI. CIA agents all admitted, bragging how they engineered all this.

And then, again, even in the Sandy Hook show trial case, they got the FBI agent up, won $95 million from me. I never said his name. Didn't knew who he was, until he sued me.

And he said, the reason he was suing, was one person called him office, that was real one time. But he admitted that he basically helped organize, organize all of this. So as we said before on the break. This is all about targeting the American people.

But even in Connecticut and Texas. This is all on TV. This is all on the record.

The lawyers for the case, this all worked for high-powered Democratic law firms. The same ones suing you on Musk right now.

They went on TV at press conferences when they won. Because the judge already said they won.

But definitely on our show trial.

Never sent Alex Jones money. Don't buy his products. We don't want money. We want to shut him down.

And so they make good on this. The judge is appointed by Trump.

He's just following the law. They won't settle.

So they have this judgment.

And so he said, he was just kicking back in the state court.

Which they'll just instantly grab on operations. Or they have to settle. And they just admitted in the newspapers, they don't want money.

He's a bad person. We want him off-air. They're so arrogant. Just like what we see with AOC, and a bunch of other Democrats last month. Say, we have to keep Trump in court, so he can't campaign.

And said, it's an ankle bracelet. So they're so pained. But also a mix of hubris at the same time. They're admitting what they're doing.

That's what -- what -- is so crazy.

STU: But, Alex, they can't -- I mean, maybe they can.

They can't hold a judgment, that you have no way to ever pay. Nobody -- no individual -- you know, unless you're Bill Gates.

Is paying $1.5 billion in a judgment.

Especially this one.

And I contend. No matter what, Bill Gates could have been on pedophile island, on TV. Doing whatever he was doing.

And he still wouldn't have to pay 1.5 billion, for that.

And I'm obviously not saying he was doing anything on pedophile island.

I'm just making that as an example.

Anyway, so they can't keep -- they can't force you to not make any money at what you do for a living. Can they? For the rest of your life?

JULIO: No, you're totally right. They're showing they don't want money.

But let me just explain this quickly. One week after they won the fake show trial, where the judge already said I was guilty. She issued an order, to seize all my assets. Even stuff under the Texas Constitution on my house. That was protected. And immediately ordered me to, quote, bring all my property and my keys to Connecticut or face imprisonment. That's why I had to file bankruptcy, hoping the federal courts would be better. So the last two years, I've been battling there. Then they got so desperate eight, nine days ago. Two Fridays ago, to literally have the federally appointed COO close the and building kick me out. So that's the level of this.

And that's why I go back to this, Glenn. This is totally desperate. You're absolutely right. They beta tested getting people off networks with you. They bragged about it.

They made a test against the law fare against me for Trump. Now they're beta testing, just grabbing stuff outside of law. That's -- this is just -- it's probably said a thousand times.

They're not trying to get me. They're trying to get through me, to get to you.

And that's why -- I'm a canary in the coal mine. They take me in the big audience. I'm also flamboyant. I've been on here thirty years, and you can dredge up some stuff and make me look nuts.

Because I have said I wasn't joking around or whatever, being a jerk. That I'm a different guy.

That's taught me a lot. Before this, I was already cleaning up my act. But now, I'm like a totally different gray-haired attitude, who just tries to do a professional show.

And these people are so wild-eyed they don't care. So I appreciate you standing up for the first Amendment. I don't know where I'll be. I haven't entertained other jobs.

I've tried to save this. I feel like I have a family member that's on death's bed. People can find me @RealAlexJones on X.

And, you know, they've said they will hunt me down, and try to shut me down. No matter where I go.

But the law is very clear in Texas, and federally.

I will be able to work for somebody in the future. Glenn, with this billion and a half dollar fake judgment, I won't be able to ever own the company, which is fine with me.

But here's the larger issue. We still have appeals at the state of Texas and Connecticut. And even part of the judge's ruling, taking the law license of my lawyer, who did a good job, as a criminal lawyer. The Supreme Court of appeals, overturned, her -- her suspension of his law license.

So people are starting to wake up. Mark Twain said a lie goes halfway around the world, before the truth puts its pants on.

But once the truth puts its pants on, it tends to win, and catch up. So people are getting this danger now. And if we can just get Trump in, if we can just not let them stage a race war and all this stuff, that they're trying to cook up.

And conservatives. You just pray, and be focused and be vocal. And just move forward and stay non-violent in the face of a mostly peaceful summer. That we know is coming. We're going to take this country back if we have to.

GLENN: Yes. Yes. It's already happening in Europe.

Alex, one thing. I want you to look -- have your lawyer look into a case. Disney against digital -- not Digital Angel. It was. It became Angel Studios. What was that thing called Stu?

STU: VidAngel.

GLENN: Look for a court case against VidAngel and Disney. They said that they were going after VidAngel over copyright, but they weren't.

They were going after them. It was a personal vendetta. A lot like this. Disney was going to put these people out of business, forever.

And the court appointed a restructuring. Because Disney won.

And the guy who came in said, one of you is lying.

Either Disney is lying. And they just want to put you out of business. And they just want total control.

Or you're lying. But when I find out which one it is. I'm going back to the judge.

And the judge ruled against Disney, and changed everything. Okay?

You -- you could prove.

Just look at that case.

Because I think if you have somebody who is intent as you're restructuring. Their job is to not put you out of business.

Their job is to restructure and get their clients, or their people they're supposed to be working for, money.

If this -- if their intent is to shut you up. I bet you, the Disney versus VidAngel court case, may help you.

ALEX: That's why I love listening to your show. And that's why I love being here. Because, Glenn, I would have never thought of that. One of my lawyers did -- did basically file something a year and a half ago to the judge.

Saying, look, here's the video. Here's the links where they say they don't want money. They're here to shut him down.

And then the judge said, I'll hear that later. But I think it's time to add Disney versus VidAngel with that. We have them saying. We have like 20 minutes of them saying in the courthouse, in front of a huge --

GLENN: They can't do that.

ALEX: Saying, this is not about money. We want him off the air. Boom. There you go. That's genius. Thank you so much, Glenn.

GLENN: Yeah. Thank you, Alex. And we will sit down for a longer conversation. When I get back to Texas in September. So I appreciate it.

Thank you so much. God bless.

ALEX: Thank you so much, Glenn. God bless you.

GLENN: By the way, I would -- look, I stood for Bill Maher, when he was fired in ABC, and what I said at the time was, what part of politically incorrect ABC do you not understand?

They fired him because he said something politically incorrect. I took a lot of heat.

It was new in my career, and people didn't trust me as a conservative then.

And I started sticking up for Bill Maher.

And I took a lot of heat. But it was right, because it was about the First Amendment.

I did the same thing for Roseanne Barr. I did the same thing for, what was his name? James Gunn. The guy who was the writer/director of Guardians of the Galaxy. You cannot only stand up for the people you agree with.

You must stand up for those people you disagree with.

Otherwise, the First Amendment, second. All of the amendments, mean nothing.

I -- I don't care what you think of Alex Jones. And I say this to every conservative outlet.

You should stand by the case of Alex Jones.

To make sure this injustice. Because this is law fare. And if you think they won't do it to you.

You are sadly mistaken. And unless, each one of us, at each of our own locations, stand up, and say, this is an injustice!

This is wrong. They'll put each one of us out of business. And silence us.

And it will happen faster than you can imagine.

I challenge every podcaster. Every radio broadcaster.

To stand up and defend the right for a man to be able to speak.

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