Aaron Watson Delivers a Promised Song: 'Pat's Pop Country Blues'

It's not Foreigner, but whatever. Bridges were crossed and hearts were changed. (And no, that's not the name of Aaron Watson's next single.)

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

AARON: We'll play that later. So, first of all, I want y'all to know that before I leave, I'm getting boot sizes because the first thing that we have to do for Pat is get him in boots. And I was thinking -- here's the deal.

PAT: Good luck with that.

AARON: I want to get him some with some really nice crepe soles that are comfortable.

PAT: Uh-huh. Okay. They have that?

AARON: I can get you in something that's really comfortable, and it's going to feel like those shoes, but they're boots.

GLENN: It's not going to happen.

PAT: Yeah, not at all.

AARON: I believe. I've seen great changes in this man. You know what I'm saying isn't...

GLENN: Well, I see -- he has listened to your album and actually likes it.

AARON: Well, trying to -- we're trying to meet each other in the middle, and it's that thing that we're talking about people who are different can love each other. So this morning getting ready, I was listening to foreigner.

JEFFY: Nice.

PAT: And to get you into the mood a little bit?

AARON: Just to have that, so you and I were on the same.

GLENN: Or you were listening because you know Pat got them into the rock 'n' roll hall of -- oops. No, that didn't work out.

PAT: Well, not yet.

AARON: We need to work on that.

PAT: Seriously, they've sold 80 million albums worldwide, they have 40 top 40 hits. They're legit.

AARON: They're rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame. 80 million records.

PAT: I mean, if Tupac can get into the rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame when he's not even a rock 'n' roll artist.

GLENN: Two people coming together right here.

PAT: It needed to be poking fun at country music because last time you were here, we were talking about the drinking dying divorcing.

GLENN: Well, is this a duet between you two?

AARON: Yeah, it's going to be. I wrote part of it because he needs to contribute his heart to this song. So it's, like, this song's called Pat's Pop Country Blues.

GLENN: He hates blues too.

AARON: Well, that's why. I'm taking some of the things that he hates. And this is his frustration. This is, like, I'm letting everyone know this is Pat's world. This is the frustration that he lives in.

PAT: This is what -- we're coming together here. It's nice.

AARON: I've never really played this song.

GLENN: This really sounds like you didn't take this seriously at all.

PAT: It does sound like.

AARON: And I would just like to say I'm sorry. So. Okay. Here we go.

AARON: Well, real life ain't no joke, man, my eight-track just broke and my Foreigner tapes won't seem to unwind, so I turn my radio on. There's another sad song. She done me wrong, and my dog up and died. No more pick up lines or pickup trucks. I've had enough of politics and bad news. I'm a rock 'n' roll soul stuck in a mud hole and now I'm singing those pop country blues.

PAT: Nice.

AARON: And then this little.


AARON: [whistling]

PAT: It's not country unless you whistle. You have to whistle.

AARON: Then you start whistling. You're so talented.

PAT: Whistling is one of my other specialties.

AARON: No more pick up lines or pickup trucks. I've had enough of politics and bad news. Just an old rock 'n' roll soul stuck in a big ol' mud hole and now I'm singing those pop country blues. My name is Pat, and I've got those pop country blues.

PAT: Nice.



GLENN: It's really nice, but it doesn't make fun of you at all.

AARON: I know. Sorry.


GLENN: Sorry.

AARON: That's -- so this is where Pat comes in and the -- writes a verse but really, what this is is more not to advertise a song but to advertise me because people are going to say, like, where did you -- how did you hit it big? And today's my day that it wasn't country music that made me big but the fact that I'm fixing to come out with my own font.

PAT: That's really --

AARON: Because it's amazing.

GLENN: Wow. Look at that. And you wrote better.

AARON: No, I wrote this. My singing and writing, incredibly average. My handwriting is stellar. Find someone with more talent than me with.

GLENN: Yeah, well, you couple your actual penmanship with Pat's whistling, and I think you have a hit.

AARON: I tried to whistle.

GLENN: You guys will make tens of cents.

AARON: So this is Pat's. Pat will write his version on the back.

GLENN: You two get out of here.

AARON: Are we fixing to write a verse.

PAT: I don't think we can write in that amount of time.

GLENN: You think that took more than two minutes?

AARON: One minute.

GLENN: He wrote that in the Cabot way here.

AARON: Pat's expecting a song. And I was, like, song? The song.


GLENN: So get out. Get out. The two of you get out.

AARON: Hey, thanks to all of you guys for all the help.

GLENN: We are so pleased. The audience really likes you.

AARON: The thing I was telling you last night, and I have to brag on all of you guys. It's been incredible as I'm touring around the nation having people come up to me saying "I hadn't heard of you until I heard you on the show. And now I'm, like, a huge fan."

So, man, it's just, like --

PAT: That's great.

AARON: We love your listeners. They're incredible people. We love what they stand for, we love what you guys stand for. Thank you, all.

PAT: And it's mutual. It's mutual.

AARON: Are we fixing to write a song?

GLENN: Go write a song and come back in -- I don't know. Half an hour. Six days.

AARON: It's going to pop. It might.


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