How Do You Say Dude in Russian? And Other Musings on Running a Country

Does Bill O'Reilly think there should be an independent investigation into the president's dealings with Russia and James Comey?

"Absolutely," O'Reilly said Friday on The Glenn Beck Program.

But only to clear him of any impeachable wrongdoing. While both Glenn and Bill agree Trump didn't break any laws, he did act in very imprudent ways.

"I don't believe that Donald Trump is involved in some scheme with Vladimir Putin. I don't believe that he was trying to, in nefarious ways, get Comey to drop it. I think what he was looking for was, 'Look, dude, I want you to be my friend,'" Glenn theorized.

The biggest problem facing President Trump? Himself.

"The president has got to learn that this is not a business deal. You're the president of the United States," Glenn said.

But is it possible for Trump to learn lessons from his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week?

"That is the most astute question that you've asked in this hour," O'Reilly jabbed, jokingly. "The big mistake that Trump made --- and he can't make it again --- was having a private meeting with James Comey. If you're president of the United States, you don't have a private meeting with anybody. Didn't the Lewinksy thing, you know, [teach you anything]?"

Enjoy the complimentary clip or listen to the entire segment for details.

GLENN: Bill O'Reilly joins us now for a look at the week in review. Bill, Donald Trump had a pretty hair-raising week.

BILL: I think that's true. And if you want to break it down, we can do that in about a minute.

The first thing that put him back was a allegation that he gave classified information to Russians when he met with them. The Russian ambassador and the foreign minister. That story's bogus, and it has gone away pretty much now. But the antiTrump media ran with it heavily. Okay? But, look, Trump was trying to convince the Russians to help him with ISIS more. So he said, look, they want to bomb everybody's airlines. You already lost one airline over the Sinai. Here's what they're doing. Our intel says they're close to doing it. That's not giving away national security, and he has a perfect right to try to convince the Russian -- these are the two top guys, so it's like talking to Putin. That was a bogus story.

GLENN: I will tell you that, you know, Israel couldn't be more happy that Trump is in office, and they said it was us and the official word is we're good, et cetera, et cetera. But some of their generals did come out, and they were pushing for we can't trust America with anything.

BILL: Yeah, all right.

GLENN: So it was a big deal, but it wasn't an impeachable offense, which the media was trying to make it into.

BILL: I'm looking at it from a does it hurt the American people? And it does not. Okay.

The second one, much more serious. So he fires Comey. I don't think Trump, by the way, because he's such a wealthy man in his life never really had to deal with blow back understands that when you take a controversial action, people are going to come after you. So what happened was he fires Comey, Comey's friends in the FBI said. Okay. Now it's our turn. So they leak out notes that the former FBI director took on on a one-on-one meeting with the president. And the notes say that Trump wanted Comey to lighten up on the national security adviser Flynn who was fired as well. Okay. Big story. Got to get to the bottom of that story. But here's the deal. As soon as I heard that, I went "Didn't Comey testify under oath that there was no interference in the Russian investigation with congress?" Yes, he did.

GLENN: Hang on. Wait, wait.

BILL: That there was no -- McCabe that there was no Russian interference? Yes, he did. Okay. So now you have Comey and McCabe both saying under oath, hey, you know, there's no interference. All right. So then . . .

GLENN: What did she wait, wait. Can I just point out something? I want to point something out here. He answered a very specific question about was there interference from the justice department. He did not talk about White House interference. He was -- he answered a very specific question. Was there interference from this person, this person, or this person? And that's the answer. No, there was no interference there.

BILL: Okay. But on McCabe, it was much broader. And all I'm saying to you is this: If President Trump did put the arm on James Comey in a private meeting to somehow go easy on the Russia investigation in total, in total, that should have been reported, and it was not.

GLENN: Right.

BILL: Okay?


BILL: That's all. So then you basically say all right. We have a mess. It's a mess. And of course, the anti-Trump media is impeach him. Hang him. Set him on fire, you know? All of that. So I'm sitting here going. Okay. Why don't we have level-headed -- now, I did call for on the podcast, which was nice of you to mention, I did call for a special investigator to be appointed. Because then Trump could say I'm going to concede my mistake. And it's a good choice. With one exception. Muller is a friend of Comey's. So there's no doubt that the leak came from the FBI, and that's why Comey got fired in the first place because Trump felt that the FBI was leaking all kinds of stuff out.

Now, I think that's going to be blown out to be true, in my opinion.

GLENN: So you're one of the only people -- by the way, talking to Bill O'Reilly from Who knew he had a podcast or a book? But he had just written a book called old school.

BILL: Two books.

GLENN: What's the other book?

BILL: "Killing the Rising Sun" and "Old School." Get them for dad.

GLENN: Yeah, they have to sell. They're backing up in Bill's garage. They have to get them moved out. He has to pull his family van in there. Anyway.

This is interesting because a lot of people's knee-jerk reaction is special prosecutor, we don't need a special prosecutor. I think this is actually good because I really don't believe -- I don't believe that Donald Trump is involved in some scheme with Vladimir Putin. I don't believe that he was trying to in nefarious ways get Comey to drop it. I think what he was looking for was, look, dude, I want you to be my friend. There's nothing here he's leaving anyway, let's just move on. And I think he doesn't think of things the way he needs to because he's president. He's thinking of things like a businessman.

BILL: I agree. But here's the question for you. How do you say dude in Russian?

GLENN: I don't.

BILL: Look, the key part of your question was the word jerk. So on the left, whatever Trump does is impeachable, and we have to murder him. On the right, we don't want to know because we like him. So the special counsel, whatever you want to call Muller is necessary to stop the madness, which it has. Which it has. Stop the madness. We have a country to run here. If we need a fourth investigator, FBI one, senate two, house three. If we need a fourth, fine. Now, it isn't Trump's style, and I can tell you this because I know him very well, to make back room deals that don't benefit Trump to the tune of billions of dollars. He doesn't do that. He did want to have a good relationship with Putin. Yes. Did he sell out? Did he do anything untoward? We'll find out. We'll find out. But right now on the record, there isn't anything.

GLENN: So but you do believe that these investigations are important and can clear this up?

BILL: Yes. Absolutely. You've got to have that.

GLENN: So there's a lot of people, Bill, though, who are on the right who just don't want to hear it, and they think that this is --

BILL: So what. That was Nixon too when. Nixon left office, 33 percent of Americans didn't want him to, according to the exit poll when he got on the helicopter and waved goodbye. You're always going to have that.

GLENN: So let me ask you this: The other part of this, one, we have to have an independent investigation. Let's just get it done. The second part of this -- leave out the press because I don't think the press is curable at all. But the president has got to learn that this is not a business deal. You're the President of the United States.

BILL: Absolutely.

GLENN: Will he learn that?

BILL: That is the most astute question that you've asked in this hour. The big mistake that Trump made, and he can't make it again, was having a private meeting with James Comey. If you're President of the United States, you don't have a private meeting with anybody. Didn't Lewinksy thing, you know -- you don't meet privately with anybody ever. You always have somebody there. Andy Card was velcroed to Bush the youngers side--

GLENN: Bill, you were there with the height of my controversy with me where I was white hot, you know hatred or love, and even I at that point would never have meetings with people by myself. Ever. And that's me. I just knew I was a target.

BILL: Absolutely.

GLENN: The president has got to learn this.

BILL: I always left my door open when anybody would come into my office. You can't. And the fact that Comey -- and Trump doesn't even trust him, and you meet with him alone? You can't do that.

GLENN: So if you're an adviser, and you're talking to Donald Trump, what is the advice you give to him to make this stop?

BILL: Well, he's already done it. The justice department appointed Muller, but you know Trump had to okay that. Sessions doesn't do anything on his own. So he's already done it, and it's already succeeded to some extent. Now he goes abroad. It's a big dog and pony show over there. And the anti-Trump press is going to come out with something every day. Every day there's going to be something else. Somebody will leak something, and they'll do this and that. But it doesn't reach critical mass; right? Unless there is a very specific allegation. And now Trump has just got to say hold it. You got four investigations. Let him do it. Let him do it. And then he doesn't have to be involved with it anymore, so I think he avoided the bullet but, boy, you can't make too many more mistakes. He just cannot do it.

GLENN: Going over to Israel, he won't say -- or he said that they're going to move the embassy. If I said there was anybody that would move it, it would be him.

BILL: Yeah, but that's a Netanyahu call, though. He's not making that call. He's going to do what Netanyahu wants. We don't know. We're not privy to what Netanyahu wants. But if Netanyahu wants the American embassy in Jerusalem, it will be there. If he doesn't, it won't. That's what's going on there.

GLENN: You're saying Netanyahu tells our president what to do on that?

BILL: On a case like this? Yes.

GLENN: Wow. Bill O'Reilly from I pay him in sandwiches, so I promise him that he could say something nice about something --

BILL: Yes, we need to get everybody mobilized. Go to Signed books. I'll give you yours for free.

GLENN: I don't believe I have any of your books signed. I don't think you signed a single book for me. Not one.

BILL: Now I will. And -- but who are you going to give it to? This is what I want you to know. I'm going to send you two signed books. Now you can put them right up on eBay and make some money. But if you're going to give them to somebody, who are you going to give them to?

GLENN: I'm going to give one of them to my dad.

BILL: Good. Old school. I'm sure he's an old school guy; right?

GLENN: I'm going to take a shovel and bury your book right next to him, and he's going to love it.


BILL: Oh, I see.

GLENN: Grab his books. The killing the rising sun is fascinating. You'll learn more than you ever knew about World War II and Japan and old school.

BILL: Can I say one more thing?

GLENN: Oh, jeez. What?

BILL: If people came in on this interview late, Beck post it on The Blaze, and I post it on The whole interview from top to bottom. So I think people want to listen to it again if they came in the middle.

GLENN: And I especially want you to go back and listen to the warm, friendly greeting that Bill did.

PAT: It meant so much to you, right?

GLENN: It meant so much.

BILL: I'll work harder on it.

PAT: No, you couldn't do it any better.

GLENN: People say that you're a cold bastard, and I don't see it.

PAT: No. Oh, my goodness. No.

BILL: Would it help, Beck, if I called you dude? Would that help?


STU: I think so.

GLENN: No. No, it really wouldn't. No, it really wouldn't.

STU: I think you should go back too and listen to the incredible compliment that Mr. O'Reilly paid to you, Glenn, when he said this is the most amazing question you asked in this hour. Which was huge. What a hurdle to clear.

GLENN: The most astute.

STU: You have the most beautiful girl in the room.

GLENN: We're alone. Bill, thanks a lot, man. Appreciate it.

BILL: All right. Guys, we'll see you next week.

GLENN: See you next week. Bill O'Reilly every Friday and every day at

STU: One thing I like Bill O'Reilly is he never makes me feel panicked. Whenever there's a really stressful situation, he just kind of says stuff, and I'm, like, okay. I guess we're all right. Who cares. We'll make it through this.

PAT: Very calming.

STU: There's something calming about the way he talks about issues that I really enjoy.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: You freak me out. He --

GLENN: No, and you know what? I want to -- but he -- his deal is he never reads beyond the day. He has told me over and over again. Off the air. I'll say come on, Bill. George Soros. Come on. And he's, like, you can live ahead of the news cycle. I live today. This I know to be true today.

STU: You need both. Both.

GLENN: But that's where the tension between us comes, which I really enjoy. That and the fact that he is just --

PAT: Oh.

GLENN: He smells like a funeral home. When you talk to him, don't you just.

JEFFY: Feel that funeral home --

GLENN: Yeah. Okay. I'm only saying that because I know he's listening.


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