Glenn Reveals New Details About His Mother's Suicide Following the Conviction of Michelle Carter

As any longtime listener of Glenn's knows, he has very personal experiences with suicide.

"When you are suicidal, I'm sorry, but all reason has broken down. And I know this, as a guy who has had two suicides in his family and has been suicidal himself," Glenn said Monday on radio. "When you actually go through it, all reason breaks down. You really do believe that if you were gone, everyone around you would be happy. That you are the source of all problems."

In the wake of the Michelle Carter conviction, some are reporting that the young woman who urged her friend to commit suicide should go free, that she had no direct responsibility. However, Glenn shared new insight into his own mother's suicide as a way to contrast innocence with guilt.

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"The family had done everything that they could and she wouldn't take any of the advice. And she wasn't doing what she was supposed to do. And one day, she went over to my aunt's house and my aunt was very frustrated with my mother," Glenn said. "My mother said, you know, Joanne, 'I'm just going to do it.' And my aunt looked at my mother and said, 'You know what, Mary, then just do it.'"

Glenn's mother died just a few days later.

"Now, that's not what her advice was. Her advice the whole time was, 'Seek help. Get help. We're here for you. But you have to change your life.' She was tired of hearing what she thought was an empty threat," Glenn shared.

Glenn's aunt carried that burden for decades after his mother died.

"My aunt immediately thought, 'Oh, my gosh, and I told her to do it.' No, sweetheart, you didn't. You didn't," Glenn said.

Michelle Carter, on the other hand, repeatedly encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself and offered no assistance while she listened to him die over the phone.

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

GLENN: We're talking about this girl who Friday was convicted of involuntary manslaughter because she encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide. And she was actually on the phone, encouraging him, while he did it. She listened to him.

He got out of a truck. In a garage. And he had, for months said he was going to do it, she was encouraging him for months. And he got out. He said he was afraid. Called her. She said, "What are you doing out of the truck? You promised you were going to do it. You're going to be fine. Get back in the truck." And listened to him while he died.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Horrible, horrible.

Now, the -- the conservative point of view from David French is -- is two parts. And I want to address the first part before we get to the second. The first part is, we should have compassion. And we can't regulate because it is your free choice to kill yourself. Well, yes, it is. Yes, it is.

But let me share something about my mother's suicide. I didn't know my mother was suicidal -- none of us kids knew that she was suicidal. But my grandparents did. My aunt did.

And she had encouraged her to get help, et cetera, et cetera. And she apparently -- in the last year of her life -- had threatened this a lot. And the family had done everything that they could. And she wouldn't take any of the advice. And she wasn't doing what she was supposed to do. And one day, my -- she went over to my aunt's house. And my aunt was very frustrated with my mother.

And she said -- my mother said, you know, Joanne, "I'm just going to do it." And my aunt looked at my mother and said, "You know what, Mary, then just do it." Now, that's not what her advice was. Her advice the whole time was, "Seek help. Get help. We're here for you. But you have to change your life." She was tired of hearing what she thought was an empty threat, just to, what? Gain sympathy, or whatever. She didn't understand it.

My aunt carried that around for decades after my mother died because my mother committed suicide about -- I think it was five days later. Four or five days later. And my aunt immediately thought, "Oh, my gosh, and I told her to do it."

No, sweetheart, you didn't. You didn't.

You said something very human in a moment of frustration with a sister who had been threatening to do it for a long time and you supported for years.

PAT: And that's a different thing that we're talking about.

GLENN: Totally different. So I understand because partly I'm afraid that you -- you have a moment like that, and anybody could be blamed for it. And that's not what we're talking about. This is somebody who over months was encouraging.

Now, the second part of his argument is where it gets dangerous. And it gets dangerous because we no longer have a right and wrong. We no longer have a moral foundation for our country and for us as humans. We can't agree on what is right and wrong. So we need a judge to do it.

And don't think that there will be people that will use this case to make all kinds of points. And here's where David French makes sense...

STU: He says: Second, the First Amendment implications are real with this verdict. Carter's actions -- the girl's actions -- were reprehensible, but she was sharing with him thoughts and opinions that he might have found persuasive, but had the capacity to reject. A legal argument that renders otherwise protected speech unlawful because it actually persuades would blast a hole in First Amendment jurisprudence.

When a young man dies, especially under these circumstances, the desire to hold someone accountable is entirely understandable. But the law can't and shouldn't try to right every wrong. Michelle Carter should go free. That's his argument.

Now -- because, think about this in the perspective of what happened last week. You know, let's just say the other way it happened. A crazy right-wing person who was influenced by all sorts of propaganda for --

GLENN: They would be using this --

STU: This case.

GLENN: This case to go after people -- let's say, instead of Rachel Maddow, he was listening to me. They would use this case to go after me.

STU: Uh-huh. They would have gone after you.

Your speech -- if they had -- if he had called in and you had talked to him and encouraged him to take action, and even though it wasn't violent action, they would use that -- they would take this --

GLENN: Let's use this as true despicable speech. On the so-called right, Alex Jones and Ping-pong Pizza.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Or the woman who went up and -- what did she do, threaten the life of one of the Newton parents?

PAT: Yeah, from Florida.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: From Florida. Who said she was listening to Alex Jones and he inspired her to go up and take care of these lying Newton parents. Well, doesn't he play some role?

In all honesty, yes. But don't we have free choice? Yes. So what is the answer? We go there, next.


GLENN: Congressman Steve Scalise has had several surgeries and is doing better today. That is really good news. And tomorrow, I'm going to show you -- I really believe Divine Providence kicked in last week. A week ago, Tuesday, was the shooting at the ballpark. Was it Tuesday, or was it Wednesday? It was Tuesday, wasn't it? No, because Bill O'Reilly was on last Tuesday. So it was Wednesday, I think.

And we're going to do a special episode. I've asked some fiction writers, some thriller writes, some politicians, some media experts, all of whom will remain nameless, "Tell me what you think could have happened if we were, this last weekend, burying 30 congressmen and senators, what would be happening in the world right now?"

It's pretty bleak. And I'm only showing you this because I want to show you how close to the edge we really are. But I may not make it to that show to be able to tell you that. Why?

Breaking news this morning: We shot down a Syrian -- not airliner -- fighter jet. We shot it down. Russia has responded this morning with this news: We will shoot down any American plane -- what is it?

PAT: West of the Euphrates.

GLENN: West of the Euphrates. They have also stopped the hotline between our military. There was a hotline between us because this is a very tight airspace. And it's easy to make a mistake. And so we've had a hotline between our -- our, you know, flight directors, if you will, "Hey, your plane is over here. Sorry, didn't mean to. Please don't shoot it down. Not hostile."

STU: Yeah, conflict resolution, basically.

GLENN: Correct. A way for us to communicate with each other. Russia has just shut that down and said, "We will take that as a hostile act, anything west of the Euphrates." Gang, I believe we are either at war or we are really, really close to war.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: And it is -- it is not going to be like it was in, you know, Afghanistan, or is in Afghanistan. One of these wars that you can just, "Oh, well, we're at war with another country," and you don't pay attention to. This changes the entire world.

We'll get into that in a second. The reason why I'm bringing up this -- this woman who encouraged her boyfriend, or this girl who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself, for months, is because you are not in your right mind.

When you are suicidal, I'm sorry, but all reason has broken down. And I know this, as a guy who has had two suicides in his family and has been suicidal himself. I was suicidal -- I've never been suicidal since we've known each other, have I?

PAT: No, it was just before.

GLENN: It was just before. It was in the '80s. And I had depression. My whole family is prone to clinical depression. And in the '80s, before I knew about medication -- they were still using things like Elavil, which is a really kind of nasty drug, to help you with -- with depression -- I've told you before, I've gone through it. If I wasn't -- I always say that cowardice saved my life. But I thank God that I'm a coward.

I couldn't think about putting a gun to my head. I just couldn't have done it. I looked at a pillar of a bridge abutment on 84 in Louisville, Kentucky. I passed it every single day. And every single day, both to and from work, I prayed, "Lord, give me the strength to plow my car into that." He never did, thank God.

And when you actually go through it, all reason breaks down. You really do believe that if you were gone, everyone around you would be happy. That you are the source of all problems.

It's like I would read my own press. And you are the source of all problems.


And that is true to you. And no amount of, "Get over it. Just be happy. Go see a happy movie. Let's go out and have fun." None of that makes a difference.

No reason will penetrate.

The second thing that you think is -- and this is where it gets -- this is where suicide becomes real. You just want the pain to stop. If you've ever -- you know what, I hate to minimize it, but as somebody who has gone through it, I think I'm allowed to do it. It's like the moment right before you vomit.

No, I'm sorry, like two minutes before you vomit, to where you're like, "Oh, just let me vomit. I just want this to be over." And then that moment, as you're getting closer to it, you're like, "No, no. No. Okay. Okay. Okay. I don't want to vomit." Okay?

There is -- you just want it to stop. And nothing you've tried will make it stop. So, A, you're not in your right mind. And what she did was incite. She went and personally incited that person.

That's different. Because she's -- you can't say something like that to somebody who is not in their right mind, because they will do it. And you're inciting. And it's literal incitement.

So what is the cure for this? Let me start here. Man's love for man is cold. Men's hearts are failing them.

Men's hearts are -- are cold to their fellow man. We don't care as much about each other. We're tired of hearing the arguments. We're tired of hearing the whining. We're tired of all of this stuff.

And so we're just sick of it, and we want it to stop. Does that sound familiar? Because that sounds like the mind of a suicidal person, except we're not suicidal. We just don't mind if other people get out of our way, no matter what it takes. Just shut up.

That's man's love for man going cold. And our heart has failed us, because as David French said, "We have to have compassion." And it's wrong when compassion isn't offered.

But we're not working on compassion at all.

I wrote something yesterday. I got out of church, and I went home. And I wrote something that I want to share with you, that -- that is really -- known before the Greeks were around in philosophy.

But it just hit me clearly yesterday, that this is where we are.

In life, but especially in times of strife, you will not rise to the level of your expectations or desire.

So think of this. Think this through with me: In life, we all think we are -- or expect that when things get tough, we're going to stand up. We're going to be the one. Oh, we'll do that. Oh, I would have stopped slavery.

And we would -- we all expect to rise to a certain level. But it is true that in life, especially in times of strife, you're not going to rise to the level of your expectations or desire. Instead, you will fall to the level of your preparation.

You're not suddenly going to become Hercules. You're going to become the person that you've prepared yourself to be.

So what have you prepared for? What have you mentally done the homework on?

It goes back to my father and the most important thing I think my father -- well, one of the most important things my father taught me. Should make a list of those.

One of the things he taught me was, "Glenn, you don't want to be like me. I promise you, if you don't replace everything that I have taught you about being a father, you're going to be exactly like me."

And that is true. I was very much like my father. A good dad, just not a dad that was very present, in any way.

Until I started to replace that image of what it means to be a good dad and actually replaced it with things that I could see, things that I could understand, things that I could follow in good times and bad -- I prepared myself to be a better dad than I -- than my father was. I had to prepare myself for it. I had to do the things to -- to not say, "Oh, well, I'm just going to be better than that." No, you're not.

I'm just going to be better. No, you are not going to be better than your mom or your dad. You're not, unless you've done the homework to be better. You're not going to be the person that stands up and saves the world, unless you've prepared to be that person.

You're not go back to the person that can rally everyone around the cause and lead them away from the cliff, unless you've prepared to be that person. Corrie ten -- Corrie ten Boom. Paulina in Poland that saved all of those Jews, that I quote all the time. Glenn, you misunderstand. The righteous didn't suddenly become righteous, they just refused to go over the cliff with everyone else.

Well, why is that? If you look at those who saved, those who were really, truly righteous, there was always something -- Oskar Schindler, what was his motivation?

At first, it was to make money. He had prepared himself to be a great capitalist. And to be a great capitalist and prepare himself to succeed no matter what was going on, at first, Oskar Schindler just took advantage of the cheap labor. He didn't rise to the expectations. He fell to where he was prepared.

He saw an opportunity, and he took it. Paulina. Corrie ten Boom. Their parents prepared them to be those kinds of people because they studied the Scriptures because they prayed all the time, because they used real examples. Because they actually went out and helped people. And their compassion for others was fostered. You just don't have compassion for others in this society.

We're swimming in a sea of filth. We're swimming in a sea that shows no compassion. Our video games. It's deadening the compassion because it's not -- they're not real. Nothing is real to us anymore.

Where does food believe from, gang? Food comes from the supermarket. When you go and talk to kids -- especially in the -- in the cities, and you ask them, "Where does meat come from?" They will tell you, "From the store."

Yes, but where does the store get it?

From the meat place?

What is meat?

They can't tie it to a farm. They can't tie it to an animal. We're not preparing our children for anything.

You will fall to the level of your preparation. You will not rise to the level of your expectations.


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Glenn: Bank collapses & inflation hint it’s time to PREPARE

What caused Venezuela to succumb to such destructive poverty? Well its inflation rate of over 900 PERCENT and its GDP decrease of 35 percent likely is to blame. Now, 85 percent of Venezuelans live in poverty. And Glenn is worried America may be heading for the same reality. In this clip, Glenn explains how today’s banking crisis — which began recently with the SVB collapse — inflation, and record-breaking spending by our federal government is sending America down a dark path. But it’s imperative we do NOT panic. Instead, Glenn says, start to prepare your family for what may come…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Hey, I have good news for you. Moody's -- Moody's Investor Service has now downgraded its rating of the entire US banking system. In the latest sign that what president Biden is telling you is not true. Moody's, one of the three major rating entities, downgraded its outlook for the U.S. banking system from stable to negative.

They did this yesterday, to reflect the rapid deterioration of the operating environment following deposit runs at Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank, and Signature Bank.

In addition to downgrading the entire banking system, Moody's also issued warnings for several individual banks with substantial unrealized security losses. What is an unrealized security loss?

My son is collecting cards. You know, like baseball cards. And he's like, Dad, this one is worth -- and I said, son, it is only worth it, when you sell it.

You can say it's worth anything. And it can even be marked as worth as this. But until you sell it, you don't know what it's really worth.

In the case of bonds, an unrealized loss is: I'm counting on it on my sheet here, to be worth this.

But if I have to sell it today in a panic, I'll lose 25 percent. That's an unrealized loss.

You haven't realized it yet, because you haven't had to sell it. But you, and everyone else knows, that is not worth what you say it's worth today.

That's what's happening. So they say, there is substantial unrealized security losses. With non-retail and uninsured US depositors, that still may still be more sensitive to depositor competition, or ultimate flight.

What that means is: You're not getting paid for your savings, like you could get at Chase. And Chase is seeing all of these people, that are moving over because they're offering more incentive to put your money there and save your money there and have a checking account there.

And so you're making more money over there. Plus, people are worried about their local bank now. And so they're taking their money out, and going to Chase.

I will tell you, if you are in an FDIC insured bank, don't take your money out of the bank. Don't.

What do you -- if all of these banks start to fail, the first thing that will happen are all the local banks will fail.

And they'll fail, because people panic. And they go and take their money out. It's just like It's a Wonderful Life. Mr. Potter is JP Morgan Chase.

They're offering more for your money. They'll give you money now.

Uh-huh. And what happens? Mr. Potter gets more powerful and more wealthy. Don't take your money out of the local bank. Unless it's not FDIC insured.

Once this collapse comes, and it is going to happen, your money, your dollars are going to be worth less and less.

We are headed towards Venezuela. You have to understand that. Hope you live by a zoo, because you'll get the big cat. You'll be able to make lion stew for a while.

We are headed towards a Venezuelan-style collapse. And I don't know when it happens, but it is coming.

There is no way out of this. Just don't panic. And don't pull your money out, unless it's not insured.

You will get the money, just like the people did in Silicon Valley Bank. If it's insured. However, there won't be any money, so they'll have to print the money so you'll only get a fraction of it.

This is why I've told you, please, consider gold or silver, land, anything that has value.

Now, land will have an unrealized loss. Because if you've got land, and you put all your money in land, if you need that money and sell it. You'll sell it for less than you're paying now.

But your money will become worthless. So they are warning -- Moody's is in Trust Financial, Western Alliance. What is it? Comerica, Zions, and First Republic.

European banks are taking a huge hit today. Credit Suisse looks like they may collapse.

And the Dow is down, I don't have the number right here. Last time I looked, it was down 622 points.

This is nothing to panic about. This is exactly what we told you would come.

I, again, do not think that this -- I'm always wrong. Wouldn't it be wild if I was like, this is not it. It will be, you know, a year from now. And this is it.

I'm always wrong on timing. Always wrong on timing.

But this is what it's going to look like.

Meanwhile, you have conservatives, who are on television. In the House. On radio. Everybody saying, we've got to go after Putin and have war!

Please, please, do not march for war. War powers give people all kinds of tools at their disposal.

One thing you have to do, is get on the phone, with your local -- your state, House member. Your state Senate member. And your governor.

And tell them, you must not pass the UCC legislation. I'll give you all the information on this.

But it is -- it is flying through the House and Senate. And governors are ready to sign this stuff.

It has got to be stopped. That will allow only the digital currency, coming from the central bank, to be considered money.

Once the government has this, they control your life entirely.

That is not an overstatement. You need to understand, that right now, your freedom and the freedom of your children are being decided at the highest levels.

And you are not being told the truth, because they won't trust that you won't panic.

I'm telling you the truth on what is going on. And I'm telling you, don't panic.

We make it, if you don't panic. I trust the American people. Now, in 2022, about 20 percent of the US retirement savings, disappeared. Gone.

You lost 20 percent in your retirement fund last year. This last few days, I don't know what the number is.

But you've lost a lot of your retirement savings again. Also, 1939, what portion of the United States wanted to invade Germany, because they invaded Poland? 1939.

12 percent. After December 7th, that number was 96 percent. We are on the verge of a global disastrous war. Financial collapse, very much like Venezuela, is coming.

An AI revolution is at hand, right now. And what is our government doing? Making sure that their money, their power, their wealth, with all of the wealth of their connected friends, goes up, while you and your friends get poorer.

They're going to do this by continuing to destroy our currency, through inflation. Cut one.

VOICE: I can't talk about next week or even next month, but inflation is the worst thing the economy could have, and I think that people underrate that.

If you look in history, every hegemony has been destroyed by inflation, or almost every one. I mean, just go back to Rome. That's what happens. And we have major problems, I think, in this economy right now.

GLENN: Is inflation. Okay.

Now, where is inflation coming from? Spending.

The United States government is trying to restrain your spending by raising interest rates. They're trying to get your small business to stop hiring people. Meanwhile, what are they doing?

They are spending money at a record unheard of in all of human history. This isn't just out of whack with the United States spending. This is the most any people have ever spent in all of human history.

And then they're telling you things like, there was no risk, Officer, at SVB. Did you hear that?

There was nobody that was in charge of the risk. Well, it depends on how you define risk.

I keep hearing this story over and over again. And I thought, there is -- there was a risk manager there. They just weren't looking at the same risk, that you and I would be looking at. You and I would be looking at the risk, to the bank.

To the depositors.

To all the people that have invested. But that's no longer the risk they care about.

They care about the ESG risk. That's why they can't do business with people. You can't do business with people, because their ESG score is not right. Because they're on the wrong side of an issue.

But if they're on the right side of an issue, an extraordinarily risky, financially speaking, it doesn't matter.

Their risk is not as great, as the ESG risk is. That's what happened.

They had -- they had a CRO. A chief risk officer.

They had a risk -- a risk officer at their -- at their bank in -- their -- their arm in England.

And Jay Ersapah, I think is his name.

He was -- his -- his risk. He was looking over the pro diversity initiatives.

Or is it a she? And I don't know.

I mean, it might be a him, who calls herself a -- I don't know anymore, what people are.

But they were the CRO for the Silicon Valley Bank in Europe and Africa and the Middle East.

And she organized a range of LGBTQ+ initiatives. A month-long pride campaign. A safe space for catch-ups with staff.

She moderated the Pride Town Hall, served as a panelist at the banks Global Pride Town Hall. Shared her experience as a lesbian of color.

Her LinkedIn profile indicates that she's had a very successful career, including at Citibank and Barclays and Deloitte. What risk was she managing?

The risk that is the only risk that matters, to the banks, the insurance companies.

Our -- apparently, every -- every part of our government now. And that's an ESG risk.

This is poison. Everything that you have gone through, in the last 12 years, specifically the last five years, you've known this is poison.

But people haven't been willing to stand up and say, and it is killing all of us.

It will enslave our children. People will die, because of the insanity, that is going on.

Just with oil.

Let alone, with the Pentagon. More in a second.

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833-Glenn-33. 833-Glenn-33. Ten-second station ID.
Here is the latest on -- from -- sorry.

This is from Joe Biden. Cut five, please.

BIDEN: If we don't keep the temperature from going above 1.5 degrees Celsius, raised. Then we're in real, real trouble. That whole generation is damned. I mean, that's not hyperbole.

Really, truly, in trouble.

GLENN: No. Not hyperbole, to say an entire generation is damned, if we don't stop the temperature from rising.

They actually believed this, or have said it so much, for their own gain, that they now believe it.

Here's what CNN reported, yesterday. Cut four.

VOICE: Look at the fact that oil won't start flowing out of Willow for six years. And at the current rate of electrification and the price of renewables coming way down, the country is not going to need a national petroleum reserve in six years. Experts would say -- energy experts would say.


VOICE: And so practically, who knows how much damage it would do?

GLENN: Who knows how much damage it would do?

But let's go with the experts who have been right about, what?

Tell me what they've been right about. Can you tell me what an expert has been right about in the last five years?

Were they right about COVID? Were they right about global warming?

Because remember, as California is getting dumped on with snow in unbelievable amounts. They were the ones that told you, there would be no snow on any mountaintop in America by 2020.

So what experts has gotten anything right? And we're going to take the word of the experts, that in six years, we're not going to need petroleum.


Well, that doesn't seem like too big of a risk. We're headed towards Venezuela. What happened with Venezuela?

Well, they have an inflation rate of 946 percent.

Their GDP went down 35 percent. Don't worry, only 85 percent of the people live in poverty.

So I wouldn't worry about it.

That's exactly what they did to Venezuela. Is what this group of dangerous clowns, are doing to us now.

It's got to stop!

Please, prepare your family for impact.