Cause of Global Warming Discovered: Scientists

Monday on radio, Glenn and his co-hosts eagerly shared the findings of a new study that sought to confirm how climate scientists claim the earth is warming --- with catastrophic consequences.

"This is fantastic," Glenn said.

According to the study, conducted by two scientists and a veteran statistician, the data sets used to prove global warming are "not a valid representation of reality."

"I love how they emphasize this is a peer-reviewed study, because that's what you always hear from the global alarmists. [The study] says almost all of the supposed warming is coming from scientists adjusting the temperatures," Co-host Pat Gray said.

Now that is a verifiable inconvenient truth.

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

GLENN: Let's go for the global warming update.

PAT: This is so fantastic.


PAT: It's peer reviewed. And I love how they emphasize this is a peer reviewed study. Because that's what you always hear from the global warmists. It says almost all of the supposed warming is coming from scientists adjusting the temperatures. And we've talked about before how they go back and they adjust temperatures. Now, what are you -- why are you adjusting temperatures from the 1940s?

STU: Right.

PAT: How do you know today, in 2017, what the temperature was on July 10th in 1943? You don't. You don't.

STU: Uh-huh.

PAT: They probably knew then. But you don't know now.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: And this is one of the things that -- because I've never seen it compiled like this before. Skeptics have pointed this idea out before, that what they do is not necessarily adjust the current temperatures higher to get --

PAT: Although they have done some of that. According to this study, they have done that too.

STU: Yeah. One of the things is they go back and make the old temperatures colder.

PAT: Right.

STU: So it looks like it's warmed more from back then to today. Now, they show --

PAT: Of course, the '30s and '40s were hot. They were really warm periods. Warm decades.

STU: Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

PAT: And so now we're making them cooler. They're not as hot as they once were.

STU: And the important thing here is the rate of the warming. Because the rate of the warming is something they can -- you know, it's not even how much it's warmed. It's, what is the rate? How much per decade? So they can extrapolate that to make global warming look intensely horrible if the rate is fast. If the rate is slow, it's not as big of a deal. And when they're talking about hundreds and in some cases thousands of years, it makes a big difference. But you look at the difference between the 1980 chart of temperatures and the 2015 chart of temperatures. They reproduce every single chart on -- all against each other. And you're talking, you know, almost all the warming is because of this.

PAT: Because of the adjustments.

GLENN: Holy cow.

PAT: And they said it almost -- it's almost never adjusted up in the 40s or down in the current temperatures that they're adjusting. It's always the other way around.

STU: And they show the charts.

PAT: It's really amazing.


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