Navy SEAL’s Mom Shares Her Secret to Raising Strong Sons

The best thing you can do while raising your son is to allow him to grow up to be a man, according to this Navy SEAL’s mom.

Karen Vaughn joined Glenn on radio Thursday to talk about her book, 'World Changer: A Mother’s Story: The Unbreakable Spirit of US Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn,' and her family’s experience raising strong, resilient kids on a farm.

A small-town boy from Tennessee, Aaron Vaughn was one of 30 Americans who died aboard Extortion 17. The tragedy in August 2011 marked the greatest single loss of Navy SEAL lives. After their son’s death, Aaron Vaughn’s parents decided they would continue his legacy of protecting the American way of life.

In her book, Karen Vaughn wanted to share her family’s story with the hope that it would help other parents trying to raise kids who are willing to face their fears. She told a story on Thursday’s show about how 10-year-old Aaron learned from facing down the most intimidating cow on their family farm.

“I stood back and let him do it, and Aaron did,” Vaughn said.

She explained that sometimes not interfering was the best thing she could do as a parent, stepping back when her husband needed to teach their son about manliness.

GLENN: I want to introduce you to Karen Vaughn. She is -- she is a mom of a U.S. Navy SEAL who was part of an operation -- what was it?

KAREN: The helicopter's call sign was Extortion 17.

GLENN: Extortion 17. That's what I thought it was. And I thought, it couldn't be extortion.

KAREN: Yeah.

GLENN: Extortion 17.

If you have anything to do with Navy SEALs, military, you know Extortion 17 as one of the worst days in the history of SEALs. More SEALs were lost in that one day than ever before.

KAREN: Right.

GLENN: You want to talk just a little bit about that.

KAREN: Yeah. It was the single largest life in the history of naval special warfare single largest one-day loss in this entire war actually. And, you know, on that Saturday morning, unfortunately, we found out that our only son, our first-born child was part of that disaster. And it's been a life-altering experience. Those men were brave, fearless American warriors who were rushing into the battle to assist Army rangers who had been in a gunfight for three and a half hours. And their helicopter was shot down just before they touched down, killing every single person on board.

GLENN: So you didn't know -- I mean, there's a reason I have you on. And I'm doing an hour with you tonight on television. And I -- I invite you to watch this. Because there's a reason I had Karen on. There's a lot of people that can tell these remarkable stories of heroism. I mean, the stories of heroism from the guys who survived and didn't survive, they're -- they're just -- they're plentiful. They are plentiful.

And they're stirring, each one.

But the reason why I wanted to have you on, Karen, is because of what you did with that experience. It's very different than just simply telling a story of a great hero.

You chose a different path.

KAREN: I did. You know, after Aaron's death -- it's going to make me emotional to say this. Because you're kind of a rock star in our family. You were to Aaron, and I want you to know that. He absolutely loved everything you did. And we did too and have listened to you from day one.

GLENN: Thank you.

KAREN: But, you know, what I realized after Aaron died was, he gave his life for me, fighting a battle kinetically to protect and preserve the American way of life. Not a government. Not a piece of land. But a way of life.

And my husband and I have dedicated our lives to fighting culturally, as you do, to protect the same. We feel like it's the at least we can do to spread the message across this country that America is worth fighting for. It's worth dying for. And that it's up to all of us inside the boundaries of this nation to protect and preserve in -- in the interior of this nation, what so many are giving their lives for, to protect and preserve from the exterior of the nation. So it just became a calling on my life.

GLENN: So it's amazing to me, Karen -- I'll speak to millennials -- and they don't -- you know, it's hard for people my age to really come to grips with, they didn't know America prior to 9/11.

KAREN: Right.

GLENN: So they don't -- they don't know her real promise.

KAREN: Right.

GLENN: And so many rights are starting to just slip away. And, you know, I talk to people our age, and I'll say, "The western way of life is in real jeopardy. It's about to slide under into tyranny of some form."

And people our age understand it.

KAREN: Right.

GLENN: Millennials don't really understand it.

KAREN: Right.

GLENN: Your son -- you know, the book is called world changer. And what you started to do was right a book for his children so they knew dad.

KAREN: Right.

GLENN: But then you realized, wait a minute. This is actually a parenting book. Tell me about that.

KAREN: It was an interesting thing. Because as you said, I knew -- his babies were only two years old. Not quite two years old, Reagan was, if that tells you anything about my son's politics. And Chamberlain who was only 9 weeks old when Aaron left this earth.

GLENN: That's funny.

KAREN: You understand, right?

GLENN: Yeah.

KAREN: So -- so, you know, I wanted them to be able to pick up stories of their father's childhood in every stage that they would go through. You know, their dad is not here to tell them what it was like when he was ten or what it was like when he was 14 or when he learned to drive. So I wanted to be able to know their dad's story. And that's how it started.

GLENN: Gosh, how hard was just that, going through the scrapbook of your mind?

KAREN: Oh, my -- yeah, that's it. And it was a gut-wrenching experience. It took a long time because I continuously had to put it down because I was just emotionally overdone.

GLENN: Oh, I bet.

KAREN: Well, then just out of the blue, a friend of mine asked me to speak to a mom's group down in south Florida, not far from my home. And she said, I want you to teach people how to raise a world changer like your son. And I was like, wow, I don't think I did that. I thought God did that. You know, because Aaron was a devout believer. He loved Jesus. You know, his whole life revolved around his faith in God.

And so I just always saw it was something God did. And then when I started just evaluating basic principles of parenting and started talking to moms about this, I realized this culture did not have those foundational tools that, Glenn, you and I had growing up or raising our families. And all of a sudden, I was like, wow, I did do something -- it didn't seem fantastic to me or extraordinary to me. But in today's culture, they're extraordinary tools.

GLENN: It is. It is.

KAREN: And so I just sort of thought, wow, I'll go back through these stories, and I will weave the teaching principles into every single story. And that's what I did.

And my oldest daughter and I wrote 18 tiny chapters in the back of the study guide where moms could sit down together in groups or even dads and go through principles of how to raise strong formidable kids who don't need safe spaces on college campuses. Kids that are willing to run in the direction of whatever it is God calls them to do with their life, instead of running away from it in fear or cowardice. Just kids who can take what life deals them.

You know, and it was quite a project, working with one of my children, to write a book about parenting.

GLENN: I bet. I bet. I bet.

KAREN: It was kind of funny, you know. And we had to go away and, you know, butted our minds together and just said, what did I do right? You know, my husband and I. Not me. But Billy and I. What did we do right, Tara? What did we do wrong? And so we put all those principles in the back and just loved it.

GLENN: What was the biggest thing that you get to now and say, had no idea, but, wow, were we lucky we did this and people should do this?

KAREN: The first thing that comes to my mind is as a mom, wow, was I lucky that I caved to the concept that my husband wanted to raise a man. It's that simple.

You know, in our society, I believe one of the biggest breakdowns in our homes right now is this role reversal and this constant striving of women to believe that they have to be everything that a -- I know this sounds -- this is such a broad thing. And I know it needs to be a little more narrow than this, but there's a lot to talk about here in our culture, you know, where we are constantly telling men, you have to be more like women. You have to be more like women to fit into this society. And, you know, I was married to a rugged farm boy who had no intention of conforming our son to my -- you know, and I say in the book, I tried to fight that every way I knew -- I was a 19-year-old mom, Glenn, when Aaron was born. And so I tried to fight it every way I could. I entered him in the Troy Tiny Tot Beauty Review. And he won it.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

KAREN: But he never forgave me for it, you know.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

KAREN: While Billy was constantly busy teaching Aaron that he could overcome unimaginable obstacles, obstacles that seemed too huge for him. He would have him out there helping him cut trees on our farm, helping him give birth to calves. You know -- you know, things like that.

And I tell a story about White Cow, this cow who literally terrorized our children on our cattle farm in Tennessee. And this cow -- Aaron was terrified of this cow. He wouldn't walk out the pasture with it. And Billy one day, instead of letting Aaron cower in fear to this cow, he said, I'm going to tell you what, you're going to stand at the fence right now. And when White Cow -- I'm going to herd the cows in. And when White Cow confronts you, if she charges you son, you've got to punch her in the nose. I'm sitting there thinking -- Aaron weighed like 60 pounds soaking wet. You know, he's about ten years old, I think. And I was like, you're going to do, what? But he let Aaron do it. I stood back and let him do it. And Aaron did.

White Cow sure enough charged Aaron that day. And he rared back in a nerve-defying -- like a nerve-racking defiance and just punched that heifer in the nose. Well, you know what he learned that day -- and White Cow, you know, she snorted and snarled at him and took a step back like she couldn't believe what happened, but then in submission she went in the pen. And Aaron learned that day that there was no challenge too great for him. And this is what drove him to become not only a Navy SEAL, but all the way to the pinnacle at Seal Team 6. Those are the things. And I say the greatest principle I can teach any mom is let your husband raise a man. It's hard not to interfere. But let him raise a man.

GLENN: I was always afraid to have a son. Because I didn't have a dad that did any of the typical dad stuff. And had a hard relationship with my dad for a long time.

And so I was terrified of raising a son.

KAREN: Yeah.

GLENN: And I have three girls.

KAREN: Yeah.

GLENN: And I do not know how to raise girls. I am horrible at raising girls. I don't know how many times my wife will look at me like, what the hell is wrong with you? What are you saying?

I'm like, what? What? Yes, the skirt makes her look fat.

No. What are you doing, you imbecile

But I see it with my wife with my son. Men speak the language of a boy. Women speak the language of a girl. And if you don't honor that language and honor that there is a difference there --

KAREN: Right.

GLENN: -- I mean, your kids will be lost.

KAREN: You're right.

GLENN: They'll just be lost.

KAREN: You're right.

GLENN: What was the thing that you found out that you did wrong?

KAREN: That's a hard question. No one has ever asked me to evaluate that side, Glenn.

Wow. You know, gosh, I'm not like I'm flawless. But if I tried to single out one thing -- I don't know. Maybe it was that -- maybe it was that I resisted things for so long. You know, that I tried so hard to resist. Speaking specifically about Aaron, not with our daughters, but maybe I tried to resist so much that forging that a man has to do with his son, if a boy is going to turn out right. You know, I did resist it for a long time.

And like I said, I'm thankful that I caved. But that's the first thing that comes to my mind, is I really did try to resist that. And if I could just speak to women out there who are raising boys, stop resisting. Let your -- let your husband have that role in his -- in his son's life. And let him be to him what he needs to be, you know, and stop trying to turn both of them into women.


GLENN: As you see the world and where we're headed and where we're headed I think with war, where we're headed culturally, where Europe and everything is headed and the lack of leadership, how do you feel about your son's sacrifice?

KAREN: That's hard. It's really hard. I -- you know, we have -- we have a -- I'm not trying to plug our organization. We have an organization where we mentor kids whose fathers have died during this war.

Not long ago, we had about 30 kids sitting in front of my husband, as he was, you know, closing out the camp and their moms, the widows were behind them. And my father said -- my husband said to those little kids, he said, I want you to know your fathers didn't die for a government -- like I said earlier. He didn't die to seize anybody's land. They died for an American way of life -- or, for a way of life, the American way of life. And, Glenn, we are watching that slip through our fingers.

And I feel like every day I have an obligation to honor the sacrifice that not only Aaron has made for me, but so many others throughout history. And I feel a compelling desire to -- to reach into the homes right now and say we got to shake this loose and shake this up and understand what we've given up. Where we are today. And where we need to go into the future, whether before it's too late. And you will never convince me it's too late because that means Aaron died for nothing. And you will never convince me of that. He died for the American way of life. And I'll fight. I'll fight to reinstill those values in American culture with my last breath.

GLENN: It will not be men who save the earth. It will not be women who save the earth. But I am convinced that it will be mothers and fathers that save us from ourselves.

One last question: What's -- what is the -- what is the thing your son taught you?

KAREN: That's easy. How to be strong. Aaron's death didn't make me weak. It made me strong. It really did. Because I started employing the principles in my life that he employed in his. Aaron never took a break. He never said I'm too tired to go fight the fight. He never said that.

And so you know my life has taken this crazy turn in the past -- we're coming up this Sunday as the sixth year anniversary of his death. And I've lived a very different life than I lived before Aaron died.

And many times along the way, I've thought, you know, I'm too tired. I'm too old. I'm too weak. I'm too frail. I'm too this. I'm too that. And every time, it's just his voice whispering in my ear -- Aaron was an encourager. You can do this, Mom. Just keep walking.

GLENN: I want to let you know that I believe there is something on the horizon that is very important that I just feel is coming and that is a movement of moms unlike we have seen before. And I wanted Karen to be on TV tonight to spend an hour with you and with moms. And talk about changing the world just by raising good children. If you're struggling and you would like some help or you want to know how to spread, join tonight at at 5 o'clock. The name of the book is World Changer: A Mother's Story. The unbreakable spirit of U.S. Navy SEAL Aaron Carson Vaughn, by Karen Vaughn, his mom. Thanks, Karen. Appreciate it.

KAREN: Thank you.


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Glenn: Are YOU going to accept THIS from the FBI, DOJ, & DC?

We are on the verge of LOSING OUR REPUBLIC, Glenn says. And signs show that ‘regular politics’ won’t be enough to fix the gaping issues currently facing America. In this clip, Glenn runs through just the latest stories showing how the FBI, Department of Justice (DOJ), and others in D.C. expect ordinary Americans — like YOU — to ‘sit down and shut up.’ The way FBI Director Christopher Wray handled recent questioning from Senator Hagerty is just one example. But Glenn is NOT willing to ‘sit down and shut up,’ he says. So, what’s the solution? Glenn will provide a constitutional one TONIGHT during his special, ‘The Reckoning: Biden Crime Family,’ which airs Thursday, May 18th at 8:00pm ET on and blazetv .


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Wow. Stu, how are you?

STU: I am great, Glenn. How about yourself?

GLENN: Well, I'm a little, shall I say, fed up.

STU: You are a little fed up. I've noticed that this week.

GLENN: I am a little fed up.

STU: It has been the theme of the week.

GLENN: It has been. And it has been -- I don't know -- a long time coming. And I think we all are. And you have two choices when you're fed up, you can either go, oh, well. It doesn't matter. Or you can say, wow, is this really kind of important. We should find a way to make it stop.

Because we're on the verge of losing our nation. I believe the constitutional republic, that we all think we live in, is already a thing of the past.

But it can be saved, but I don't think through regular politics in Washington. I'm going to lay this out for you tonight.

But I just want to ask you, if you are willing to accept the consequences, of things like this.

Bill Hagerty, yesterday, he's a senator. He was grilling the FBI director. About a document, that Grassley and comber have said, we need for our investigation. We know you have it. Whistle-blowers have said, you have it.

We need it. And you have until like 5 o'clock today, to produce it.

Well, they didn't produce it. So when Ray gets up to testify in front of Congress, here's what happens. Senator Grassley and Chairman Comer subpoenaed an FBI document containing an allegation regarding a pay-to-play scheme between then vice president Biden and a foreign national, and your response was due just a little bit earlier today. My question is, has the FBI complied with the subpoena for this document?

PAT: I believe we submitted a lengthy letter earlier today.

VOICE: A letter? But not the document that is of the subject of the request.

VOICE: I can't speak to the specific document. But we are committed to working collaboratively with both committees, but we also have to balance sources and methods and ongoing investigations. And we will continue to work through the accommodation process as has happened many times in the past.

VOICE: Was there a plan to submit the document? Or will it be never submitted.

VOICE: I would refer to the letter which is quite detailed.

And kind of goes through a fair amount of discussion, about our proposed approach.

VOICE: To addressing the document? I do want to confirm, the document does exist.

VOICE: I -- I -- really can't get into the specifics.

GLENN: No. He can't get into that.

VOICE: I will tell you, we understand completely, the importance of congressional oversight.

GLENN: Right. Really important.

VOICE: I also understand very much, as I think you do, the importance of us protecting sources and methods for investigations.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. That's why you can't answer anything about January 6th. How many people from the FBI were involved in that? How many -- did you really have 12, or was it ten people on -- in the plot to -- to, you know, kidnap and kill Gretchen Whitmer?

Was it ten? We can't get into any of that.

Oh, gosh darn it. I'm sorry. Am I going to foul up your really, really competent system there?

You know that Durham, his scope included the FBI investigations directed at the Hillary Clinton campaign. Did you know that?

The FBI had three concurrent investigations, into the Clinton foundation. Yeah.

FBI has -- you know, I wonder, is that why they shut it down after she lost?

Is that why, it just went away? Nobody. Contributions went to zero. Because I thought it was just about the bribery.

But was it possibly that you had a government agency going, there's a problem here. You've got foreign money, funneling in.

And the FBI had that tip. The tip that was -- that a foreign government, in fact, three of them, a foreign government was sending a person to contribute to Clinton's anticipated presidential campaign, in a way to gain influence, with Clinton, should she win the presidency.

So it's kind of like what they said, was happening with Russia. And Trump.

But it was Clinton. And the FBI, somehow, you know, they -- they had all of this information.

And then they lost it. They don't have a copy anymore. Of the illegal payment.

And the FBI handlers couldn't explain why this illegal contribution wasn't documented in FBI records. It should have been there. It was a human error, I think. And we could all understand that.

So, by the way, the FBI the agent handling it, was told the other agency that, you know, was saying, hey, here's some documents.

They were told that you should stay away from all events relating to the Clinton campaign.

So -- so that's -- that's good. I don't know about you.

I think this is fair and honest.

That I think we're not -- we're not looking at a giant cabal. Certainly, not a secret one.

They're out in the open. They're absolutely out in the open.

And they're doing a bang-up job. I don't know if you heard this. Let me give you a quick update. You remember the Zodiac Killer?

STU: Yeah, big story.

GLENN: Yeah. Back in the day. I think I was like four.

STU: Made movies out of it. And everything.

GLENN: Yes. Yes. Apparently, the FBI had the DNA evidence and everything, since 2012, I think. Yeah, 2012.

Felon has been secretly listed the Zodiac suspect in headquarter computer since 2016, with partial DNA safely secured at Quantico. Unfortunately, they -- they didn't do anything about it.

They were like, we're busy, on other things. We've got other things we got to do.

And so they did those things. Now the Zodiac Killer is now dead.

STU: So they got him. Good job, FBI.

GLENN: Well, God got him, really. Eventually. Eventually.

Now, something else that you should probably -- I mean, I'm just saying. I'm a little fed up.

I think it's so clearly obvious what's going on.

And we lose the republic, if we all go, well, what are you going to do. Right?

If we all say, well, what are you going to do? That's just Washington. What happens?

Why do you think they're trying to scare you, like they are?

Why do you think, that they are taking these whistle-blowers. Wait until I tell you about the whistle-blowers.

Wait until you see what they're doing to them. Why do you think they're doing that?

Because they're telling every FBI agent, you stay in place.

They're telling every IRS agent. You sit down, and shut up.

They are making these people's lives miserable, and it's dangerous. Why do you think they're going after pro-abortion people?

Sit down, shut up.

Why do you think they targeted parents at the school boards?

Sit down and shut up.

So my question is: When somebody is saying that to America, do Americans today, continue to sit town and shut up?

Because I know how that movie ends.

I'm not going to sit down and shut up.

I haven't a clue on how we're going to solve this.

Well, you know what, something happened the last couple of months. We all looked at each other, and went, hey, that gives me an idea.

And it's a constitutional stick. I don't look to guns or violence, or anything else for the answer. I look to the Constitution. Because they got it.

They covered all of it. So how can we solve this?

Because the Justice Department is not going to throw anybody in jail. The FBI is completely corrupt.

We know that the Democratic Party. I mean, think of this.

If your democratic friends. If they are paying any attention at all, the crimes here are so clear, and I don't even mean the crimes -- I can't tell you -- I can guess, but I can't tell you about the Clinton Foundation. I don't have evidence. But I believe that the FBI has had the evidence, and done nothing about it.

It's so clear, when what you lose the presidency, and all of a sudden, nobody is giving to your foundation anymore?

Hello! It's so clear what that is.

However, you know, you need an investigation. In a court of law. But that's never going to happen.

And even if it does happen, it's going to happen in Washington, DC, where 97 percent -- I mean, it's honestly.

It's like Baghdad and Saddam Hussein: 97 percent of the people going to vote, are like, yeah. I'm for Saddam Hussein! Put my finger in the ink.

So how do we win? How do we reclaim a blind justice?

I'll tell you tonight. Blaze TV. If you're not a member of Blaze TV, you need to be.

We need your support. Look, anybody telling you the truth. And this includes you. And that's why we try to be there for you. Anyone who is telling you the truth, and if we go to involved in this. It's about to go Jason Bourne.

I worry about these whistle-blowers. This is dangerous stuff now in America.

But the good guys win. We win. We just have to stay together and stand together. So join us at the Blaze. Tonight at 8:00 p.m.

We're going to show you all of this. And we're going to go over it female I have a website, that I will introduce to you tonight. I will show you the whole plan. I ask you, bring friends over. Bring neighbors over. Bring anybody who has an open mind, to listen. Who wants to solve the problem.

Because it will take all hands on deck. That's tonight 8 o'clock, Blaze TV. Join us. Use the promo code fed up, for your subscription. And you will save 30 bucks.


Glenn: Hillary Clinton should face PRISON after Durham Report

The Durham Report revealed that the 2016 Clinton campaign — with knowledge of Hillary Clinton herself — fabricated the claims that Donald Trump was colluding with Russia. Then, the FBI — despite knowing it was a Clinton-concocted story all along — investigated the phony claims and even LEAKED it to the public. So, why is Hillary Clinton (and all those involved) not currently sitting in prison for massive election interference? THIS is why Glenn is so fed up, he says. The lack of action to hold ANY D.C. leaders responsible for their crimes and corruption has gone too far. There’s just ONE way to change it, and Glenn explains how in this clip…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I'm looking at what the Durham report actually said.

The Durham report said a few things. Our investigation revealed that senior FBI personnel displayed a serious lack of analytical rigor toward the information that they received. Especially from politically affiliated persons and entities.

In particular, there was a significant reliance on investigative leads provided or funded directly or indirectly by Trump's political opponents.

The department did not adequately examine or question these materials. And the motives of those providing them. I want to take you back to Ricky Vaughn. Stu, who is Ricky Vaughn?

STU: Well, he was the pitcher in the movie Major League, but also, he was a pseudonym of a guy named Mackey. What was his first name? I can't remember. Douglass Mackey.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: Douglass Mackey. And he -- and he was a -- you know, an online troll, they would call him. And he was posting things. In a pro-Trump way, online. Back in the 2016 election.

Some of those things were like, hey. Remember, save time. Don't wait in line. You can vote from home.

And, of course, you couldn't vote from home, it was a criminal thing to suggest something like that. That didn't happen until the 2020 election, when you were allowed to do that. That is a totally different election though.

Now, everyone just voted from -- it's mail voting from all.

But back in the day, this was criminal to suggest, Glenn. And it was a joke, right? It was a joke about, hey, Democrats vote on Wednesday. Republicans vote on Tuesday.

I mean, it's a joke that's gone back forever.

GLENN: Forever.

STU: So he was arrested for this. Because it was disinformation.

He was supposedly -- I mean, the write-up from the government.

It was like, he's, you know, messing with the most central part of our democracy.

The right to vote. I mean, it's so heavy-handed and ridiculous.

He was brought in. He argued, look. It's a joke. Like, all the things you would think he would argue.

He lost. And is now facing ten years in prison. And is due to be sentenced in August for that. For that, quote, unquote, crime.

GLENN: Okay. Okay.

So a guy who put a meme up, that said, you can vote from home, just, you know, mail it in on Wednesday.

STU: Vote by text, I just was the specific thing.

GLENN: Yeah. Vote by text.

So vote by text.

He goes to prison for possibly ten years. Now, I would think that if anyone had seen that meme, and you believed it, I would say that there is a serious lack of analytical rigor toward the information that you have received, especially from politically affiliated persons or entities.

Right? You didn't adequately examine or question the materials and the motives of those providing them.

Now, that was part of the Durham report. Those words. And it fits both.

Okay? And what they said was, well, we just have to -- we just have to police ourself a little better.

We just have to follow the rules a little better. Because we should have. We should have questioned this.

Right? We should have questioned. We knew it was coming from Hillary Clinton.

We should have questioned this. But we fixed it. Nobody goes to jail.

Because they just -- you know, the people that got that information, they just made a mistake. They ran with it. And they shouldn't have.

Well, what about the people that just ran with the meme. Do we know if anybody did?

Was there any real harm done by that in the first place?

And wouldn't it be their responsibility to go, that seems a little too good to be true. I've never heard that.

Because the FBI just got off, from doing exactly the same thing.

The FBI just got off.

This guy now, he was -- what was it?

Sacrificing or infringing on our most sacred right to vote. How?

He was suppressing the vote with misinformation. Okay.


So let me see.

So if we just look at the Durham Report, they didn't suppress information.

They manufactured information. They put false information out, that they according to the report, knew was false.

They knew it was coming from Hillary Clinton's campaign.

None of them had any serious thought, that these charges were true. But they decided to investigate anyway.

And then they leaked that information, which, by the way, try to find out anything about the January 6th people.

Try to find anything out.

I'm sorry, the Justice Department does not comment on ongoing investigations.

But they leaked this out.

Why? For political purposes.

Hillary Clinton planned a disinformation campaign, to leak -- to get it out.

That -- that Donald Trump was in league with the Russians.

Which he wasn't, now proven by the Durham report.

There was no truth in it.

Is she going to get five years in prison? Because I think she did more than a meme.

How about all of the CIA former chiefs, that knowingly signed a letter, that was only produced to give Biden the edge at a campaign debate.

So he would be able to squash Donald Trump, and knowingly help Biden win.

That seems to me, worse than you can text your vote on Wednesday.

Doesn't it?

This is why I'm so fed up.

First of all, none of this is going to change, until two things happen.

One, you get a Republican House and Senate, and not one of the usual House and Senate.

But ones with spines!

People who will actually stand up and do something.

If you get that, you'll be able to impeach all of these people. You won't be able to put any -- any of them in jail. Because they will all go through the Justice Department.

Which, the Justice Department, you know, if it's Republicans in both the House and the Senate, you have a chance of cleaning house on that as well.
But until that is totally cleaned up.

You still have the judge and the jury, in Washington, DC.

They're predisposed to believe the Democrats, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Because 95 percent of them, vote that way.

So you're really not getting a jury of your peers, in Washington.

You're not getting a fair trial, in Washington.

But this is the kind of thing, that is causing so many Americans to say, I'm living in a banana republic.

There is no justice. There is -- no one is going to pay for anything.

That cannot be.

We live in a republic. And even though our national leaders have forgotten that. And they look at us, like mice. Or annoyances.

Something they have to once in a while, just go, put their arm around and go, hi.

Aunt Hilda, it's good to see you again.

You do your hour at the nursing home, and then you leave. That's the way our politicians nationally look at you.

You're their boss. This is our money. How many years were spent -- how many millions of dollars were spent on this report.

Only to have it completely dismissed by the people, who are in league with the people, who did it. They're in league with the Clintons.

They're in league with the Justice Department.

They helped leak these stories, and push the story, that we all now know, was a lie.

That these things are true. And there's mounting evidence. There was no mounting evidence.


All of those years -- all of that division. And none of them have apologized.

So first thing we have to do is just start asking, is anyone going to pay the price that Ricky Vaughn has paid?

And if none of the elites have paid that price, why is Ricky Vaughn paying that price?

This is what you call the Bubba Effect.

We all know what Ricky Vaughn did was wrong.

But the bigger problem is the people in Washington. So we'll take care of the Ricky Vaughns of the world. Get out of our life. That's the Bubba Effect.

We cannot accept that the national government has power over us, and there is nothing we can do about it. There is. If you are fed up of people not going to jail, tomorrow night, at 8 o'clock, a Blaze TV network-wide special is happening. I'm the host of it.

And it is the reckoning. The Biden crime family.

And I urge you to get your friends, your neighbors, anyone. Anyone who is a little fed up, to view.

Because the solution -- the constitutional stick in the eye, comes from you.

And only when you stand up, and there is a way to do this.

There is a way to make sure justice is served.

And it's all constitutional.

We need you to be a part of it.

Will you join us, and at least see the case we're laying out?

It's tomorrow night. I think it's a two-hour special.

On Blaze TV.

Make sure you join us. By the way, you can get your questions in.

During the show, we're going to do -- we'll take some questions after. Mark Levin is joining me. We'll take some questions from the audience, if you're a Blaze TV subscriber. You can now send them in, with our live chat. You can send them in right now. And our producers can get ahead on this.

But it's all about the crimes, that have been committed.

And how we go about saving it.

If you would like to get involved, you can watch it on YouTube for as long as it lasts. You can also watch it at Blaze

It will always be there, and we are doing it for you, and we would love for you to be a subscriber, 30 percent off now.

And your promo code is Fed Up.


Why THIS Miller Lite commercial makes Glenn ‘SICK AND TIRED’

After the HUGE Bud Light controversy concerning Dylan Mulvaney, you’d think every other beer company in America would do EVERYTHING possible to avoid a similar catastrophe. Yet, a months-old ad from Miller Lite has now gone viral too. And this particular commercial makes Glenn ‘SICK AND TIRED!’ Why? Because it goes against nature, of course. He explains the ‘scientific, biological’ truth in this clip…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Miller Lite, you would think has -- has been awake, or let me say it.

Have not been in a coma, for the last month or so.

STU: I would think. I don't know how much of their product they've consumed. Likely, they have been sober at times.

GLENN: I think it would take a medical coma, to not know what happened to Bud Light.

STU: It's been an incredible gift to them.

GLENN: Yes. Theirs skyrockets. And Bud loses its number one status.

Big news. If you're in the beer industry.

STU: Right.

GLENN: Well, they have put together a new -- a new ad.

And can -- can we -- can we play the ad please?

VOICE: Here's a little known fact: Women were among the very first to brew beer ever, from Mesopotamia, to the Middle Ages, to colonial America, women were the ones doing the brewing. Centuries later, how did the industry pay homage to the founding mothers of beer? They put us in bikinis. Wow.

GLENN: Yes. Wait. Just a bikini lady.

VOICE: Look at it. It's wild! It's time beer made it up to women.

So today, Miller Lite is on a mission to clean up, not just their (bleep), the whole beer industry's (bleep).

Miller Lite has been scouring internet for all this (bleep) and buying it back so that we can turn it into good (bleep) for women brewers! Literally --

GLENN: Wait. Okay. Stop.

STU: So stupid. It's so stupid. I can't.

GLENN: I can't -- I can't take it.

First of all, that was a very nice poster that she took down and shredded. And I don't appreciate that.

STU: Yeah, and just to give you some science behind it. There's absolutely no way you're getting more benefit out of shredding a document than I guess turning it into some sort of fertilizer for beer, than the electricity used to just shred the document. There's no way that's a worthwhile transaction.

GLENN: I was just going to say that. No, it's good for everything.

STU: No. No.

GLENN: I would also like to point out.

Now, this came out before Bud Light. And then it kind of went away.

And here's my thing. What were you doing for the last month, if not trying to make sure that never saw the light of day again?

STU: Right. They've been deleted off -- it should have been deleted off the YouTube page. Right.

GLENN: Oh, if I'm Miller. I go and see if we can buy an EMP to shut down and erase and fry all the chips.

So, you know, they say the internet is forever.

Hmm. Not with an EMP.

STU: You want to be like a future draftee of the NFL deleting your old tweets.

That's what you want to be. Hiding your history, because you're right.

This has been a huge boon to Miller Lite and Coors Light, and all these other brands that are not Bud Light. As they cut their sales by 25 percent. The current number is. It was as high as 25.

So they come out with this. Which is just again, it goes on to tell you, they will take the -- they literally claim. I can't imagine this is true.

But they claim, at Miller Lite. They're going on I guess e Bay.

And buying up old cardboard cutouts of bikini models for beer ads. And then having them sent to them.

Which, again, all of the emissions and all the other stuff associated with this, is just a side hustle here.

But it goes all the way to them. Then they're taking it, and they're composting it. Shredding it and composting it. And then using it -- transporting it to somewhere else again. Where they will make beer that will be transported somewhere else.

GLENN: Oh. There's nothing better than cardboard beer. I will tell you that right now. If you can take that and mix it with some crap, and you just let it steam in a pile for a while.

STU: That's the original formula for Miller Lite.

GLENN: And you mix it into -- may I just say. So what you're saying is that men said horrible things and took horrible pictures of women to sell beer.

STU: Yep.

GLENN: So you're now making that up, by saying horrible things about men to sell women beer?

STU: Uh-huh. And also, I will say, horrible things about women. You're saying horrible things about women too.

Because what you're doing is denying their agency to live their lives.

You see, men didn't put women in bikinis. What happened is individual women sent in their head shots and body shots to try out to attempt to get the jobs, this woman in a sweater is now criticizing. By the way, I don't know if you've noticed this, Glenn.

They treat these women as so much -- they take in their agency, so much, in this ad. They have actually blurred out their faces in the ad.

I don't know if you noticed that. The bikini picture, because you weren't looking at her face in the bikini picture.

GLENN: Kudos. Did you find that out through Lisa?

STU: No, I had to watch it like 46 times. And eventually, oh, my God. Their faces were gone!

But these are individual women, who made individual decisions based on what they wanted to do.

Now, we can be critical of that as a career goal. But if you're in a model, getting into a national ad campaign, probably a big deal. Probably something you're proud of.

But this woman in a sweater, says, you shouldn't be proud of it.

In fact, it wasn't even you doing it. Men put you in the bikinis.

GLENN: Well, I have to tell you, I like the fact that she looks like mom.

Because I've wanted my mother to make all of the choices in my life.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: And that could just keep going on. You know, I just -- I think every guy loves that. I think every woman loves that. When mom comes in and tells them exactly what to do.

But I have a bigger problem with this. And we'll get to that in 60 seconds.

GLENN: So let me ask you something. Do men actually exist anymore? I mean, have we phased them out entirely?

STU: We phased out women entirely. You think we've phased out men entirely?

GLENN: Well, I think so.

If you're not crying and you're not thinking, maybe I too can get pregnant. I don't think you exit in today's world. Okay?

If you are a woman, who is a strong woman, but is a woman who is like, I don't want your corporate job. I don't want this. Or that. I'm not going and playing by those rules.

You're not really a woman either. Now, here's the good news.

If those men and those women, that don't play by those rules, get together. They'll have children, the other ones won't.

And we win. But -- but why wait that long? Why wait that long?

I am so sick and tired of having to deny the natural state of things.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: The natural state of things is men, like women.

Women like men noticing them. Not being creepy about it, but noticing them.

STU: That's part of the human attraction situation, that set up all of procreation and civilization, sure.

GLENN: Now, there's a reason sex feels good. Because that's God saying, right? You like that, you should do that more.

STU: Do this, dummy.

GLENN: Because you're trying to have children. Okay.

STU: This is science, by the way.

GLENN: Totally science. This is a science driven show.

Now, I gave up on Sports Illustrated, the swimsuit edition, a long time ago.

And it was the only edition of Sports Illustrated, I was ever interested in. Okay?

But I gave up on it, when they started putting fat people on the cover. Now, nothing against fat people. We're part of the fat community.

GLENN: No, I'm the king of the fat people. But I'm the kind of fat people that I don't think exist anymore.

The kind of fat people that you're kind of embarrassed that you're fat. I mean, it's not enough to get you to stop eating.

STU: No. Of course not.

GLENN: Right. But you're not happy when it's beach time.

You know, you're like, I'm not going to the beach. Nobody wants to see me in a swimsuit. And good heavens, man, I can see my reflection in the ocean, I'm not going.

STU: Sure.

GLENN: Okay? I'm that kind of fat person.

But we've graduated now to a more enlightened fat person like Lizzo.

Or -- right? Lizzo is the fat -- very good flautist, I might say.

STU: She's quite a good flautist. She is quite the flautist.

GLENN: But she is a fat flautist.

STU: A flautist.

GLENN: And I don't want to see her in all of her fatness.

STU: Even if she's flouting?

GLENN: I don't -- well, if she has clothes on, yes.

STU: You want to see her flouting in clothes?

GLENN: Well, no. I don't want to see it. But I'll look at it. Okay? I'll look at it.

STU: Sure.

GLENN: I don't know what happened to the people who are like, I'm not in a bikini. I -- I look good in a bikini. I should wear a bikini.

Because I don't see those people anymore. I just see people like men, wearing a bikini. And they shouldn't be in a bikini. Because they're men. Let alone, fat men.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: I would like to break this down here, with Miller Lite. As this is unnatural.

Everything that is happening goes against nature. Just want to throw that in. Just, you know -- just some scientific biological truth. Just mic drop there. I'm just saying.