The Art of the Bad Deal: Our Leaders Are Failing Us – but We’re All Part of the Problem

President Donald Trump has sponsored a bill from Democrat leaders that would increase the debt limit and keep the government running until December. The plan would essentially kick the can down the road so lawmakers can deal with another debt crisis in three months.

Neither side in Washington is serious about reining in spending, Glenn asserted on radio Thursday. But if we want to know why these problems keep happening, we all need to take a sobering look at ourselves. We elect our leaders, and they only get away with bad leadership because we let them.

“We could talk about these things, or we could just look in the mirror and ask the really hard question: How much do we as people actually care about all of this stuff?” Glenn declared.

Too many of us would rather talk about the personalities running our country than the difficult issues we face.

“Our government is a reflection of who we are as a people,” he said.

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GLENN: The art of the bad deal. Trump has cut a deal with Democratic leaders to increase the debt limit to finance the government until mid-December. However, the deal isn't about Donald Trump. The deal proposed by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, combined the debt ceiling increase with relief aid for Harvey victims.

Now, we could talk about the G.O.P.'s refusal to address runaway spending. We could talk about how unserious Washington is, on either side, about restraining the deficit and the debt. We could talk about how unserious both sides are about securing the border, because that was also left out of this deal. And this morning, Donald Trump just tweeted, "If you're in DACA, don't worry. You're okay. No action for six months."

Well, Politico just reported that Nancy Pelosi called him this morning and asked him to tweet that. And he did.

Now, is that even true? And did Nancy Pelosi, if it is, did she call him and ask him to tweet that because she wanted to make sure that everybody was calm, or was she just setting the president up so we could score political points one side or the other?

We could talk about these things, or we could just look in the mirror and ask the really hard question: How much do we as people actually care about all of this stuff? How much do we actually care about immigration and immigrants? The debt and the debt ceiling, how much do we care?

The reason Washington has been able to kick the can down the road to this point is because we put up with it over and over and over again. Our government is not like all governments everywhere else. Our government is a reflection of who we are as a people. And right now, as a country, we are a people that would rather talk about the personalities in a meeting than about the debt ceiling or the debt itself.

We would rather whine about our politicians. We would rather whine about our media. We'd rather gospel about who has hurt feelings than worry about who we vote for, over and over and over again, that would lead us to a place where they're passing this bill to the next generation.

Yeah, this is a really bad deal. Really bad. But America has turned accepting bad deals into an art form.

It's time we ask ourselves some hard questions. And it's time we spit ourselves out of this system.


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