Watch: Why Did Las Vegas Police Wait to Reveal the True Timeline for Shooting?

What happened?

The tragic shooting in Las Vegas that claimed 59 lives is still a mystery. Authorities don’t yet have a motive for Stephen Paddock’s decision to open fire on a crowd of thousands of people. But a startling new development has been revealed: Las Vegas police say the real timeline had a 6-minute gap between when Paddock first opened fire and when he started shooting at the crowd.

Why are we just now finding this out?

We don’t know. This new information only invites more questions. It was believed that Paddock stopped shooting because a hotel security guard was outside his door, but the updated timeline says the guard was shot at before the gunman started firing on the crowd.

Originally, police said Paddock checked in to the Mandalay Bay hotel on Sept. 28, three days before the shooting. Now they’re saying he had been in the hotel since Sept. 25.

Glenn’s take:

If police want the American people to trust them, they need to stop changing the story.

“What is happening with this investigation?” he asked the question on everyone’s mind. “They better figure it out quickly.”

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GLENN: Okay. What's happening with the Las Vegas attack? The investigation. At this point, it's getting harder and harder to know the truth. This is not helpful.

The first time line given for the attack, given by the police, goes like this: 10:05, Stephen Paddock begins firing from his hotel room on the 32nd floor. 10:15, Paddock stops shooting. 10:17, police arrive on the 32nd floor. In counter security guard Campos, who had been shot through the door by Paddock. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo explained last Wednesday, Paddock stopped firing when he saw that the security guard was at his door because he was, quote, in fear that he was about to be breached, so he was doing everything possible to figure out how to escape at that point.

Okay. That's the story, right?

Yeah. Until yesterday. Because that's not the story. That all changed yesterday. The new time line released by police says the security guard encountered Paddock before he started shooting.

Campos arrived in Paddock's room at 9:59 because he heard a drilling sound coming from inside. Paddock then shot him through the door. Then broke out the windows and started firing at 10:05. So six minutes go by. 10:50 -- or, 9:59, he's shot through the door. 10:05, Paddock begins shooting. The security guard obviously showed up in the middle of Paddock's preparations and forced his time line forward, ahead of schedule. Police now say Paddock fired 200 rounds through the door and into the hallway trying to take out the security guard.

Two hundred -- 200 rounds, through the door of the hallway? That had to last anywhere, what? Three to five minutes?

So here's the question that I have now: Did the security guard not radio for backup during the five minutes of hell?

Ask anybody who has been in a firefight, and they will tell you 200 rounds seems like an eternity. If someone has a little too much to drink at a hotel casino, you see a platoon of security guards there ready to respond. But in this case, not a single person responded to 200 gunshots on the 32nd floor?

And no one from police would officially arrive for 18 minutes. Sheriff Lambardo also changed the date that he checked into the hotel. They said, originally, that Paddock arrived at the hotel on the 28th. But now they're saying, actually, we think he arrived on the 25th.

How -- how -- how does this hotel not know when he arrived? They had already been in Las Vegas?

There are more cameras in a Vegas casino than in a maximum security prison. There are hundreds of cameras. Front desk records. Credit card charges. I don't know. Checking those would seem to be (?) on Tuesday. The question is, what is happening with this investigation?

And they better figure it out quickly, because the conspiracy theories are going to gain strength. The more you change the story, the longer you go without knowing what the story is or releasing any of the video and the pictures, you know the contest has a picture of him at the front desk, whether it's on the 28th or the 25th. Which date was it?

Tell us the truth.


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