Put on Your Shocked Face: Hillary Clinton Campaign Tied to Infamous Trump Dossier

During the 2016 election, an unconfirmed dossier of information was passed around with salacious claims about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s time in Russia.

As first reported by the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee funded information that was part of the dossier.

Glenn shared this not-so-shocking news on today’s show. Learn more about the bombshell report and the Clinton campaign’s connections to the dossier with our explainer.

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

GLENN: All right. Get ready to put on your -- your ultimate shocked face, the one you're like, what! That one. Get ready.

We finally know who funded the Fusion GPS, and the infamous dossier. Now, this is the dossier that like, Donald Trump was having sex with horses in Moscow. Remember that one?

Okay. What used to be thought of as just an unknown group of Hillary Clinton supporters has now been confirmed as the actual Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. Go. Do the face. What! I can't believe it!

Now, I'm going to give you a second to recover. I'm sure no one in America actually expected that the Democratic leadership and Hillary Clinton was behind the -- the goats and the chickens in Vladimir Putin's bed with Donald Trump and a model. What, that couldn't have come from Hillary Clinton.

The truth is that those involved in the funding of this thing have been lying about it now for over a year. This, by the way, according to the New York Times.

We still wouldn't know today, if it weren't for a federal subpoena for Fusion GPS bank records. The law firm retained by the Clinton campaign and the DNC released Fusion from their client confidentiality client obligation yesterday, so now we know. And the time line is beginning to be clear.

This sounds like the ultimate chalkboard. And, yes, we will be covering it tonight on TV.

A Republican client, whose identity is still unknown, hired Fusion GPS to dig up information on Trump during the primaries. Apparently, there was nothing worth using. So the contract ended. Around April 2016, the law firm representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, decided to pick up the payments to Fusion so they could keep on digging. There's got to be a horse in his bed.

It was then that Christopher Steele, the former British MI6 agent was hired and began compiling the Trump dossier. The dossier then began to circle around Washington.

Now, who would have taken that dossier and started circulating that around the press and other people in Washington? Certainly not Hillary Clinton.

Steel's dossier eventually made its way to the FBI. And then it was reported that the information within helped kick off the Trump/Russia investigation. So did the FBI use that to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign?

This is one of the many new questions that have new meaning now, that we know who was giving the orders and who Hillary Clinton were cutting the checks.

But wait. There's more.

Fusion GPS was also hired by another law firm. This other law firm was hired in 2013. And it was representing Natalya Vessasky -- sky -- her.

I don't know if you remember her, because I can't pronounce her name. But she was the Russian lawyer that met with Don Jr. in the Trump Tower.

So wait a minute. She was -- they hired another law firm? And that was the law firm representing her? She went? She was helping the Russians get the Magnitsky Act overturned?

So let me see if I have this straight: Fusion GPS has been employed directly and indirectly by the Russians, the Clinton campaign, and the Democratic National Committee. It was -- it was almost given money by the FBI.

The latter of which may have based some of their Russia collusion investigation off of the information given to them by a firm that was employed not too long ago by agents of the Kremlin.

So how is that Russian collusion thing looking now? Are we even looking at the right people?

More on this, tonight, on the Glenn Beck television show, on TheBlaze TV.


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