Roy Moore’s Wife Shared Endorsements From Pastors – Here’s the Problem

What’s going on?

Several pastors want their names removed from an endorsement letter for Roy Moore that was originally released before the GOP primary.

Kayla Moore, Roy Moore’s wife, apparently re-posted the letter on Facebook over the weekend without its original date, making it look as if more than 50 Alabama pastors were coming forward to support Moore after multiple allegations that he tried to assault teenage girls while in his 30s.

The RNC has pulled support from Moore’s campaign after the allegations.

What are the pastors saying in response?

After her post, several pastors told that they did not give permission for their names to be used in that context.

“The list that has recently circulated was evidently copied and pasted from the August endorsements without checking to see if I still endorsed Moore,” Pastor Thad Endicott told

Glenn’s take:

Even after being accused of trying to seduce a 14-year-old and assaulting a 16-year-old, Moore is ahead in polls for Alabama’s Senate race – showing what’s wrong with our politics.

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

GLENN: So how many more hits can Roy Moore absorb before he drops out of the Senate race? Last night, the RNC withdrew its financial support of Moore's campaign. Also, yesterday, Paul Ryan called for Moore to withdraw from the race. And Mitch McConnell said, if he was elected, Moore would face an immediate ethics committee investigation.

Now, I was surprised that the Senate still had one of those. But apparently, they do.

Moore tweeted that the, quote, has just begun. End quote. And that McConnell's days were -- were numbered.

He used the catchy #ditchMitch. Moore's wife Kayla has been using Facebook to try to defend her man. She shared her story yesterday, claiming the Old Hickory Restaurant, where one of the alleged sexual assaults by Roy took place didn't even exist. A few minutes of research and an old-fashioned establishment called the town library, however, confirmed that the restaurant did, in fact, exist.

Mrs. Moore also shared a letter signed by 53 pastors, urging people to vote for Roy. The letter praises Moore for things like his immovable convictions for Biblical principles.

That's good. Right?

Not so much. The letter was written in August. And Mrs. Moore's repost left out the date, implying that the endorsement is current.

So far, three pastors have said, could you please remove my name from that list?

Despite the circus, Moore still leads his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, by six points.

The fact that Moore is still ahead tells us exactly what's wrong with our politics. And it's not that Moore is guilty, yet still in the race. It's because we don't know that he's guilty for a fact. We believe these women's stories, but we don't know for certain that he did these things.

Our problem is a total lack of consistency, on the left and the right. Listen to what Jake Tapper said about this on CNN.

JAKE: The accusers of Bill Clinton back in the '90s, were never given the credence and treated with the same respect that these women are being treated.

And I think that there is something to be said about how society has evolved since then. But in addition, it's hard not to look back at that period and think, you know what, the media treated those women poorly.

GLENN: My gosh. Did I slip through a wormhole? Is this a parallel universe, or did I just hear a journalist actually speak the truth? Not a surprise, it's Jake Tapper.

Was it that hard for someone on the left to admit this? Apparently so. Where is everybody else?

In the 1990s, Bill Clinton's accusers described events that had happened within the previous ten to 20 years. Roy Moore's accusers are talking about things that happened 40 years ago.

Why then have the Moore allegations received nearly an instant acceptance, even though the allegations are twice as old?

Again, I find the Moore accusers believable. And I don't think the Facebook post from his wife is helping.

But we have to be consistent on both sides of the aisle. As I said yesterday, the minute the left decides, you know what, Bill Clinton is a predator, and they say it out loud and they distance themselves from the Clintons, I'll believe they're serious.

But if we don't become consistent, we're -- we're lying. We're lying to ourselves. We're lying to each other.

And no one will have any credibility.


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