What Is the ‘Deep State’ and Is It Real?

Conspiracy theorists and spy novelists have been using the term ‘deep state’ — meaning an entity or organization that secretly rules within or over the accepted government — for years now. But since January 2017, discussions about the deep state have gone mainstream.

In this video clip from today’s show, Glenn introduces this week’s chalkboard series on the ‘deep state.’

“What is the deep state?” asked Glenn. “It might surprise you that, yeah, the deep state is real, but not in the way that everybody says it is…. This is what we have to talk about. We want to separate the conspiracy theory versus reality.”

Monolithic vs. the large bureaucratic machine

Glenn points out that there are two different types of deep state: the ‘monolithic’ and the ‘large bureaucratic machine.’ Conspiracy theorists are almost always alluding to the monolithic type of deep state. These theories often revolve around a “boogie man” type character who secretly calls the shots from a hidden underground lair.

“It’s almost a competition of the absurd with the masters of the deep state ranging anywhere from the Illuminati to the Freemasons,” said Glenn. “Let’s put this to bed right now. A monolithic deep state does not exist in the United States.”

What’s all this about the Turks?

However, monolithic deep state scenarios do exist in other parts of the world. Turkey and Egypt are two such countries. The term ‘deep state’ comes from the Turkish phrase derin devlet and generally refers to a secret government within the government. According to historian Ryan Gingeras, the concept of the deep state, or a state within a state, originated in Turkey in the 1900’s when the Ottoman Empire was overthrown by the ‘Young Turks.’

“In Turkey during the final days of the Ottoman Empire, the Young Turks came to the forefront,” Glenn explained. “They were responsible for the Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian Christian genocides– and it was dirty work. So they had to become a clandestine force within the government that carried all of it out.”

Watch the video clip above to learn more.

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