After Haiti Mission, OUR Founder Shares a Chilling Story About a Human Trafficker

“Evil will protect me,” she said.

Tim Ballard joined Glenn in the studio today to talk about Operation Underground Railroad’s latest mission in Haiti. He shared the incredible story of taking down a “kingpin” trafficker who had enslaved countless children and bribed government officials to cover up her dirty work.

To get the full story with Ballard and Jessica Mass, listen to the third hour of today’s show here. Ballard and Mass cover these topics and more:

  • What it’s like to work with Rep. Mia Love on Haiti outreach
  • How Haitian officials support O.U.R.’s efforts to root out human traffickers
  • Why horrifying stories like the Turpin family’s are not unusual, even in the U.S.

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GLENN: We all talk about, oh, if I would have lived back in the day, I would have been an abolitionist. Really, would you? Because there are more people that are being held as slaves today than in the entire 400-year history of the slave trade. And yet, are we involved? Are we doing things? Are you an abolitionist? I invite you to be an abolitionist by going to

Abraham Lincoln is on the 5-dollar bill, once a month, just give five months and become an abolitionist. If you can afford it, give more. And, which is also rescuing the slaves in the Middle East.

Tim Ballard is the founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad and the chairman of the Nazarene Fund, just returning from Haiti, where there is a big shakeup happening, trying to make their government work and get away from evil.

You just rescued a whole bunch of children and caught a -- probably the kingpin.

TIM: The kingpin. Yes. That we arrested back in February of last year. And bought her way out of jail. We got the right people, the new president of Haiti, and here we are going in to get her again two nights ago.

GLENN: So you have -- your photographer is one of the back of your vehicles.

TIM: Yeah. My videographer jumps in the back. And I'm like, Justice, what are you doing?

We're about to hit the brothel. He's like, I got to get a camera on this guy's helmet. So he's wrapping -- I'm laughing. I'm like, okay. He's wrapping duct tape around this kind of awkward scene.

The guy is like, all right. That's fine. So we get to the spot. The team gets out of the van. There's like three vans that jumped out and get around the target and take her down. She's in the middle of selling one of the girls, while we do it, with a guy who has 1200 condoms that he holds the bag for her.

But these two guys, one with the camera on his helmet, gets out of the van. And he's supposed to come with us. But I see him take off the other way.

And what had happened was, one of the girls, one of the victims got scared, didn't know what was going on, and ran into what I call a stable. I mean, it's a stable door. It's a steel door. And she runs into it. He follows her.

He says, something is not right. He gets in there. And, Glenn, in my 16 years, I've never seen this. I've seen the camera footage of what he captured. I've never seen this.

A girl, probably 13 years old. And I would ask people. This is a tough thing to ask people, but who is 13 in your life? You have a daughter. I have a daughter who is 13. These are babies. Okay?

He goes in there, and catches in the act, a man who is raping her in the back bedroom. And pulls him off. And -- and goes to her -- her rescue. And we caught it all on camera.

Which will allow us to prosecute the heck out of this guy. I've never seen that. We've raided so many situations like this. Never in the act. And we have not seen kids, by the way, in the four weeks leading up to -- tracking this woman. Because she keeps them so hidden. It was providential. And the fact that Justice, my videographer --

GLENN: At the last minute.

TIM: Last minute, puts a camera on this guy's helmet for no apparent reason, it was just kind of a strange act.

GLENN: So you get the -- the madam or the kingpin here of the Haitian slave trade. Is she the king -- is she the or one of them?

TIM: She is, according to the attorney general of Haiti, she is the number one child trafficker that they wanted. The number one.

GLENN: Wow. So you get her. And she says to you, evil will protect me.

TIM: Yes.

GLENN: That's a quote?

TIM: It was translated to me. But that's as close -- that's the translation that I got.

GLENN: I don't think people understand -- going to -- knowing the history of Haiti, at the same time, we made a pact with God. The same year, 1791, they made a pact with Satan. A literal pact with Satan. And I think that's one of the reasons why that country has so many problems. They've never really broken that. I think a lot of people might dismiss it now.

But I think it's real there. Evil is real there. And people like her, to say, evil will protect me, that's what she's talking about.

So how do you -- how do you heal a country like that, Tim?

TIM: You know, what you do is you find those of light. And they're there. And it was that very history you're talking about, where we brought that to light. And said, look, even in that darkness -- because that is part of their history. Anyone will tell you -- they'll tell you, like, yeah, there's elements that did that.

GLENN: It is. Yeah.

TIM: But there was light that came with that too, from the beginning that fought it.

GLENN: Yeah.

TIM: And it's about finding those. And Congresswoman Mia Love who came down, and Attorney General Sean Reyes, also accompanied us and helped us to bring the light to -- to the country, through people like President Moïse and the Attorney General Acknam. And the aftercare partners we have. I mean, talking -- you've been to our safe house.

GLENN: Yeah. Jessica was the director of the aftercare. And you're one of the most tender-hearted people I know. And just, I love watching you, because you are tender. And yet, you are a pit bull in those situations. Because you know where the danger is.

How many people did you get out?

TIM: Four. There was four --

GLENN: Four children.

TIM: Yeah.

GLENN: And the one big boss.

TIM: Yeah. Well, and four -- three of her minions went down -- we nailed her at the same time.

GLENN: And they are going to -- the president is all over this one.

TIM: Oh, yes. Yeah.

GLENN: So the situation with the children, you've been there so many times, tell me what happened on the anniversary of the earthquake, and how that tied in. Do you know what I'm talking about? Tim, do you know what --

TIM: Yeah, sorry.

GLENN: Yeah.

JESSICA: Yeah. So with the four girls, two of them, their parents were killed during the earthquake, and while we were there, was when they were rescued, was the anniversary of the earthquake eight years later.

GLENN: So they've been in that situation for eight years.

TIM: They were kidnapped because their parents were killed in the earthquake. Just like my kids that I'm adopting, the same thing that happened. It happened to thousands.

GLENN: People don't understand -- thousands.

TIM: Tens of thousands of kids.

GLENN: Yeah. People don't understand that the earthquake -- we think, oh, well, the Clinton Foundation came down and built some roads. No, what people didn't look at is all of the parents that were dead. And the kids were kidnapped. And they're still slaves. So they've been slaves for eight years?

JESSICA: The devastation that comes when someone becomes an orphan overnight, and the vulnerabilities that are there are ongoing. And, yes, these kids have been in this situation for eight years. And so when you're sitting with a kid that has been through that, their parents killed, they've been trafficked, and she's looking in my eyes, and she says -- she says, "This is the first time I've ever felt like there's hope." And tears start to roll down her face. And she's like, "I finally feel like there might be hope that I'll have something for my life." Eight years later, there's the pain and the beauty that go hand in hand in the story. Because she's been through this for so long. But even this girl feels the hope in that moment.

GLENN: We started the hour talking about what happened in California, what they found out from those monsters of parents that chained their kids to the beds. And I know because Jessica and I have talked privately about things that she has seen here in the United States, this happens everywhere. This is not a Haitian problem or a Middle Eastern problem or an American problem. It's a human problem.

And there is something inside of man that when it goes dark, it goes really dark. And that's what the Nazarene Fund and operation rescue, O.U.R. is really all about, is rescuing and going into the darkest of dark places. And I don't know how you guys do it. Tim, I don't know how you are as full of light as you are, after all the things that you have seen. But you're a miracle, and we thank you. Tonight at 5 o'clock, we're going to have the footage. So you'll see some of the things that we were talking about.

And if we have time, I don't know if we'll have time tonight, but we were talking off the air about what's happening in Sweden right now, where Iran is going to be welcoming home one of their own. Somebody who is a refugee, who left Iran because she saw a woman being stoned in the streets.

She was a journalist over in Iran. She left. She went to Sweden.

She got a work visa. She was a refugee. They accepted her. Then she announced -- she felt comfortable enough to say, I am not Muslim. I am a Christian. And Swedes turned on her. And have revoked her visa and are threatening to send her back.

I don't know what's happening in the world. I mean, I just -- it is like evil is protecting its own right now.

And -- and we need your help. So if you can help us, please become an abolitionist. And you can do that by going to More tonight at 5 o'clock. Thanks guys for coming in.

TIM: Thank you.


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