These 5 global events show how CLOSE we are to World War III

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World War III is a hot topic right now. Some are saying it will break out before Christmas. Is it that unrealistic? World War III was trending on Twitter earlier this year when Biden announced yet another of the many billion-dollar aid packages to Ukraine that, as the Kremlin warned, is funding a proxy war with Russia. We have continued to poke the bear, sending over $100 billion to Ukraine, while fueling Russia's campaign to forge a new axis of power with China, Iran, North Korea, and other anti-Western nations to counter the U.S.

We have continued to poke the bear.

Glenn has long warned about the development of this new anti-Western axis of power. Through the BRICS alliance, Russia, China, and Iran have provided developing nations that have been disillusioned by U.S. foreign policy an alternative to the U.S. dollar, severely diminishing its global influence. Moreover, Russia and China have strengthened their military alliance as the U.S. continues to deplete its munitions while neglecting its ever-weakening economy at home. If the anti-Western axis of power were looking for an opportunity to take advantage of America's weakness, it would be now.

Glenn has long warned about the development of this new anti-Western axis of power.

Following Hamas' terror attacks in Israel, World War III is trending again, and this time, it feels more imminent than ever. This new axis of power has escalated into military action to counter the American-Euro response to the conflict, inching towards the precipice of full-blown war. Here are five global events that demonstrate the deepening ties between the new axis of power—Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea—and how, as Glenn predicts, World War III is imminent.

China deploys 6 war ships to the Red Sea

Chinese soldiers stand at attention during a Navy celebration for the People's Liberation Army.

Chinese soldiers stand at attention during a Navy celebration for the People's Liberation Army.

Following Hamas' terror attacks, China's People's Liberation Army deployed six warships to the Middle East. Though the Chinese Communist Party and White House National Security Advisor John Kirby deny any connection between the deployment and Hamas' terrorist attacks, Israel is calling their bluff, and Glenn is too.

China, Russia, and Iran hold joint military exercises off the Gulf of Oman

\u200bRussian ships depart Moscow headed to the Middle East.

Russian ships depart Moscow headed to the Middle East.

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Shortly after China deployed its six warships to the Gulf of Oman, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PCLA) engaged in joint military exercises with Russia and Qatar, the world's largest sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood. Glenn said that these joint military exercises debunk any semblance of credibility to China's self-touted "neutral" deployment of six warships to the Middle East.

This is concerning for several reasons. First, China has sided with Arab nations, criticizing Israel's retaliatory military engagement in Gaza following the Hamas terror attacks. Chinese minister Wang Yi said Israel is "acting beyond self-defense" and continues to criticize the IDF's objective to take out Hamas. It is clear that China is no friend to Israel.

It is clear that China is no friend to Israel.

Moreover, China's military position in Africa poses a considerable geopolitical threat if the Israel-Hamas war becomes the catalyst for World War III. China maintains its only foreign military base in Djibouti, across the Gulf of Oman. These joint-military drills simulate the ease with which China could deploy additional troops from its naval base to the Middle East should the Israel-Hamas war erupt into a global conflict with Russia close behind.

US forces in Syria, Iraq, and the Red Sea come under attack

US troops operate a tank in Syria.

US troops operate a tank in Syria.

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The Pentagon announced that U.S. forces based in the Middle East have been attacked at least 13 times in the past week. According to Brigadier-General Pat Ryder, American troops were targeted ten times in Iraq and three times in Syria “via a mix of one-way attack drones and rockets." Though Iran has yet to claim responsibility, the Pentagon said these attacks have "Iranian fingerprints all over it.

Iran backs multiple militia groups in the Middle East, including the insurgent groups in Iraq and Syria that are suspected to have launched the recent attacks against U.S. troops in the region. In addition, Iran funds Houthi militias in Yemen, who incited an ongoing Yemeni Civil War against the U.S. and Saudi-backed Yemeni government. It is clear that Iran's military influence extends throughout the greater Middle East beyond its borders.

These attacks have "Iranian fingerprints all over it.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carriers to the Middle East in addition to multiple retaliatory airstrikes over Syria in response to the Iranian-backed attacks, signaling the escalating tension between the two powers.

Russia’s foreign minister offers security talks with North Korea and China as he visits Pyongyang

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov meets with North Korea's Kim Jon Un in Pyongyang to discuss ways to deter the US's growing military alliances in the region.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov meets with North Korea's Kim Jon Un in Pyongyang to discuss ways to deter the US's growing military alliances in the region.

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Russia has taken on the lead role in deepening ties of what Glenn has described as the "new Axis of power" with China, Iran, and North Korea. Most recently, Russia's chief diplomat, Foreign Minister Lavrov visited Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang to address what he described as the US's increasing regional military threats in the region. Lavrov said:

The United States, Japan, and South Korea intensifying military activity here and Washington working toward moving strategic infrastructure, including nuclear aspects, here, are of great concern to us and our North Korean friends.

North Korea has played a crucial role in supplying Russia with weapons, enabling the Kremlin to bypass international sanctions to fund their war effort in Ukraine. The White House reported that North Korea had delivered more than 1,000 containers of military equipment and munitions to Russia. The revolving aid between traditionally sanctioned countries like Russia and North Korea demonstrates the decreasing effectiveness of Western sanctions to deter global aggression towards U.S. allies.

39 countries are ready to join the BRICS alliance in 2024

Putin, Xi, and other world leaders gather at the South African BRICS summit.

Putin, Xi, and other world leaders gather at the South African BRICS summit.

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Glenn has long warned of the threat the BRICS alliance poses to the U.S. dollar and, consequently, the U.S.'s national security. BRICS was originally founded by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to provide an alternative to the U.S. dollar's global dominance in international trade. The dollar has been the default international currency since the end of World War I due to its stability and dependability compared to other currencies. This position gives the U.S. major leverage in geopolitical relationships.

BRICS provides an alternative to the U.S. dollar's global dominance in international trade.

However, BRICS has significantly diminished the U.S. dollar's global significance, giving developing nations who have been disillusioned by U.S. foreign policy a tantalizing alternative. The alliance has already enabled Russia, China, and Iran to bypass sanctions and solidify their influence in Africa and South America. Now, with Iran formally joining the alliance in 2024, Russia, China, and Iran will have an established means of bypassing Western sanctions and the "petrodollar" to build their parallel global economy.

Should a global war erupt, the petrodollar and sanctions will be rendered useless to stifle the war efforts of the opposing powers. Moreover, BRICS is expanding into 34 countries in 2024, shifting many countries that have traditionally looked to the U.S. for economic partnership elsewhere. As the developing world is being pulled towards the East, the U.S.'s historic economic supremacy during wartime would be severely diminished.

POLL: Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests?

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Just one day after Hamas’s surprise attack on Israel, which left over 1,400 people Israelis dead, 34 different student groups from Harvard University wrote a joint statement pinning the blame of Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel. In the following days after publishing this callous statement, these students staged a walkout and rallied in support of the Palestinians. As Glenn has discussed, this is not an isolated event, and campuses across the country have hosted similar rallies where antisemitic jargon like "we don't want no Jew state" and "globalize the intifada" is freely spewed.

Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests?

While the Universities have not officially backed any of these rallies or student groups that organized them, they haven't stopped them either, which raises the question: should they? On one hand, these are American students in American Universities, who are protected by the First Amendment. On the other hand, history tells us how dangerous antisemitism is if left unchecked; and what of the rights of Jewish students to be safe on the campuses they pay to attend? Let us know what you think in the poll below:

Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests? 

Would you feel safe if your child attended a University that allowed pro-Hamas protests?

 Should Universities allow pro-Israel protests?

Is pro-Hamas rhetoric protected by the First Amendment?

POLL: What do YOU think Israel should do about Gaza?

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Should Israel take over Gaza after defeating Hamas? This contentious historical question has resurfaced amid Israel's retaliatory airstrikes in Gaza following Hamas' terror attacks, which resulted in the greatest death of Jews since the Holocaust. Biden and the global elites have warned Israel against occupation of the Palestinian territory. When asked on 60 Minutes if he would support the Israeli occupation of Gaza, Biden said, “I think it would be a big mistake.” Today Glenn responded to Biden’s answer: “I don't think it's a mistake to occupy."

This has been a long-standing, polarizing issue that is now more relevant than ever, and we want to hear YOUR thoughts. Let us know in the poll below:

Would you support an Israeli occupation of Gaza?

Do you think the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza are justified?

Do you think a two-state solution is still possible?

Funding IRAN?! Here are the TOP 5 reasons Joe Biden should be IMPEACHED

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On September 12th, the House announced an official impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden with allegations of abuse of power, obstruction, and corruption. Naturally, the media quickly jumped to the President’s aid claiming that “there is no evidence to support these claims” and that the whole affair is a witch hunt.

If you’ve been listening to Glenn, you know that this is simply not the case. Biden has been committing impeachment-worthy deeds before he even stepped foot into the Oval Office—there’s no shortage of evidence to justify this inquiry. Here are 5 scathing reasons why Biden should be impeached:

He was responsible for the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster.

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The Biden administration began with the US's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Under his watch, Biden left thousands of US citizens and allies stranded in the Taliban's hostile regime. Countless Afghan allies have been murdered by the Taliban due to the Biden administration's negligence.

He was involved with Hunter Biden's illicit foreign business dealings.

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There is clear evidence that Joe Biden was more than aware of his son Hunter's foreign business dealings. From suspicious money laundering through the Biden family's accounts to Joe's involvement with important business meetings within Hunter's company, there is mounting evidence to warrant an impeachment inquiry.

He lied about his involvement with Hunter's business dealings.

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Not only did Biden involve himself with his son's less-than-legal foreign business ventures, but he lied to the American people about it too, claiming he had NO KNOWLEDGE of what was going on.

He failed to protect the Southern border, and actively made it worse.

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Biden singlehandedly turned the Southern border into the worst illegal immigration crisis in US history. He reversed many policies set in place by the Trump administration, resulting in 2.3 million illegal immigrants flooding into the US under his watch, a historic high.


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Biden reversed the Trump-era policy that halted all funds going into Iran. The Wall Street Journal revealed the smoking-gun evidence proving that Iran trained AND funded Hamas before its gruesome terror attacks against Israel. Moreover, shortly before the attacks, the Biden administration unfroze $6 BILLION dollars of Iran's assets as a part of a prisoner swap. On top of this, Biden resumed $200 million worth of "humanitarian aid" to Gaza that Trump had ended—because the money was being used to buy weapons for Hamas.

Top 5 economic milestones that show HOW BAD Bidenomics has made the economy

SAUL LOEB / Contributor | Getty Images

From groceries to house prices, everything seems to get more expensive, and you can thank Biden for that. Glenn recently exposed the truth about 'Bidenomics' and the havoc it has wrought on the American economy. Here are five economic milestones during the Biden administration that expose the glaring track record of "Bidenomics:"

In July 2022, the inflation rate hit 9.1 percent, a 40-year record high.

In June 2022, gas hit an all time record high of $5 a gallon for the national average.

61 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck as of this September.

Interest rates reached a 15-year high at 5.25 percent and are still increasing.

Americans have $1 trillion in collective credit card debt, in part due to food/staple pieces being very high.