Glenn asked YOUR 2024 candidates how they will avoid WORLD WAR III. Here's what they said.

How would YOU want your next President to deal with World War III? Be sure to watch this week's Glenn TV special to hear Glenn's take.

Between Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and other regional conflicts, the world is inching toward the precipice of a global war, and the outcome of the 2024 election may very well be the determining factor whether we are pushed over the edge into World War III. According to a recent poll, most of the respondents said they believe World War III is unavoidable, and the overwhelming majority predicted World War III will erupt within six months AND that the U.S. is in poor shape to engage in a global conflict.

The world is inching toward the precipice of a global war.

The stakes of the 2024 election couldn't be higher, and heading into the third GOP Presidential Primary debate, Americans are seeking clear answers to these global issues that will likely determine the course of our nation. To obtain these answers, Glenn asked Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Chris Christie, Tim Scott, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to respond to 10 national security questions with clear, written answers. Glenn goes over and ranks each of the candidates' responses on this week's Glenn TV special.

The stakes of the 2024 election couldn't be higher.

Below you will find written responses from Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaigns. Trump, DeSantis, and Christie were unable to send their responses within the deadline for publication. It is also important to note that Glenn told the candidates to prioritize the first two questions if they were pressed for time preparing for tonight's debate. Be sure to watch this week's Glenn TV special to hear Glenn's review.

Click the arrows in the slides below to read each candidate's response.

What is your strategy to avoid World War III?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:

A strong America doesn’t start wars; a strong America prevents wars. The most urgent priority to avoid America getting dragged into conflict is getting President Joe Biden out of the White House. His weakness has emboldened our enemies and we’re seeing disastrous results around the world. I am the wife of a combat veteran. As we speak, my husband is deployed overseas to keep our country safe. I understand the sacrifice of our service men and women. Our number one goal should be peace, for the sake of our fellow Americans, our children, and our grandchildren. We need a president who understands that protecting our people requires standing with our allies and standing up to our enemies. I will be that president.

With over 10M illegal border crossings in America since Biden took office, hundreds on the terrorist watchlist stopped at our border (that we know of), how will your administration safeguard the country from current and future imported terrorism?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:

Terrorists know that under Joe Biden, the easiest way to get into America is through the southern border. We can’t wait for another 9/11—we need to secure our border, and that’s what I’ll do as president.

I’ll reinstate Title 42 and Remain in Mexico. I’ll end catch-and-release and start catch-and-deport. Instead of the thousands of new IRS agents Biden plans to hire, I’ll hire 25,000 more Border Patrol and ICE agents. I’ll also make sure we stop giving handouts to illegal immigrants and defund sanctuary cities. Finally, I’ll introduce a mandatory national E-Verify program, like I did as governor, which will punish employers who hire illegals.

As president, I’ll also deal with terrorist groups before they get to our borders. Whether it’s Hamas and other Iranian proxies, or the cartels that operate in Mexico with the help of China, we need to choke off the funding these groups use to spread terror.

What is the order of importance for the U.S. right now: the war in Ukraine or the conflict in Israel?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:

To achieve peace, the most important thing we can do right now is help Israel eliminate Hamas, as fast and as fully as possible. Swift and decisive victory in Gaza would stop a broader war in the Middle East. It would also send the best possible signal to Russia and China. The war in Gaza must not become mired down like the war in Ukraine. It is in America’s and the region’s best interest for Israel to win quickly and fully.

The war in Ukraine is another part of the China-Russia-Iran battlefield. A win for Russia is a win for China and Iran. And a win for Russia would not end with Ukraine. We should continue to provide Ukraine the weapons it needs to reclaim its territory. Biden has spent nearly two years delaying and denying Ukraine’s requests for help. That’s doubly wrong, considering Biden’s weakness invited Russia to invade Ukraine in the first place. The longer the war in Ukraine drags on, the more it encourages other wars, in Europe and across the world.

In the midst of the war on Israel, the United Nations made Iran the chair of their human rights forum. Why should the United States continue to support the U.N.?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:

I know what it’s like to fight the UN because I did it every day as ambassador. I successfully pushed for the United States to get out of the falsely-named UN Human Rights Council. I successfully pushed to cut the UN budget, and we saved a billion dollars as a result. I fought the DC establishment and won in pushing to stop American funding for UNRWA, a corrupt UN agency that spreads hate against Israel.

Would you commit to defunding the U.N.?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:


Is there a strategic reason for the U.S. to continue in NATO?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:

NATO is a 75-year success story. In the half century before NATO existed, Germany twice went to war with its European neighbors, pulling America into two world wars. In the 75 years since, no NATO member has gone to war with another, and the Soviet Union (now Russia) has never attacked a NATO member country. Putin and his proxies have attacked three non-NATO countries in the region. So NATO has been a success. However, America has borne a disproportionate funding burden for NATO. We must make sure every NATO country pays its appropriate share, and we have to stiffen their spines when it comes to confronting our adversaries.

If not, would you support the U.S. withdrawing from it?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:

See above answer.

Given Erdogan’s supportive rhetoric for Hamas, should Turkey still be allowed in NATO?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:

Turkey continues to show why it is not a true partner. It criticizes Israel in outrageous ways. It cozies up to Russia. And it gives comfort to Islamic extremism. America’s and NATO’s relationship with Turkey under its current leadership must be reexamined.

First Russia moved on Ukraine, and now Iran is moving on Israel through its proxies. Do you believe China will soon move on Taiwan, and if so how would you deal with it?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:

Iran, Russia, and China are working together. They don’t just want to conquer our friends. They ultimately want to destroy America. We can’t let that happen.

We should bolster Taiwan’s defense. Communist China needs to know it would pay a very steep price by invading Taiwan. America must rally both our Asian and European allies to the cause of containing China’s military and technological expansion.

How does America avoid being spread too thin on its involvement in global conflicts so that we don’t give strategic advantage to our adversaries?

Nikki Haley answers Glenn Beck's Presidential Survey questions about how to prevent World War III.

Nikki Haley's response:

When it comes to spreading ourselves too thin, we should start by looking at how Joe Biden is spending America into bankruptcy, building a political-subsidy economy and gutting our future by swapping economic freedom for government control. If he isn’t stopped, Biden will leave America unable to lead in this time of crisis.

I will bring back a free and flourishing America. We can get our fiscal house in order while modernizing and strengthening our military. We can rev our economy by ditching corporate welfare and regular welfare gone wild. And, yes, we can leave China in the dust by embracing America’s principles and promoting economic freedom.

What is the Secret Service trying to hide about Trump's assassination attempt?

KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI / Contributor, Anadolu / Contributor | Getty Images

This past weekend we were mere inches away from a radically different America than the one we have today. This was the first time a president had been wounded by a would-be assassin since 1981, and the horrific event has many people questioning the competency and motives of the supposedly elite agents trusted with the president's life.

The director of the Secret Service apparently knew about the assassin's rooftop before the shooting—and did nothing.

Kimberly Cheatle has come under intense scrutiny these last couple of weeks, as Secret Service director she is responsible for the president's well-being, along with all security operations onsite. In a recent interview with ABC, Cheatle admitted that she was aware of the building where the assassin made his mark on American history. She even said that she was mindful of the potential risk but decided against securing the site due to "safety concerns" with the slope of the roof. This statement has called her competence into question. Clearly, the rooftop wasn't that unsafe if the 20-year-old shooter managed to access it.

Glenn pointed out recently that Cheatle seems to be unqualified for the job. Her previous position was senior director in global security at America's second-favorite soda tycoon, PepsiCo. While guarding soda pop and potato chips sounds like an important job to some, it doesn't seem like a position that would qualify you to protect the life of America's most important and controversial people. Even considering her lack of appropriate experience, this seems like a major oversight that even a layperson would have seen. Can we really chalk this up to incompetence?

Former Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI / Contributor | Getty Images

The Secret Service and DHS said they'd be transparent with the investigation...

Shortly after the attempted assassination, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which oversees the Secret Service, launched an investigation into the shooting and the security protocols in place at the rally. The DHS promised full transparency during the investigation, but House Republicans don't feel that they've been living up to that promise. Republican members of the House Oversight Committee are frustrated with Director Cheatle after she seemingly dodged a meeting scheduled for Tuesday. This has resulted in calls for Cheatle to step down from her position.

Two FBI agents investigate the assassin's rooftop Jeff Swensen / Stringer | Getty Images

Why is the Secret Service being so elusive? Are they just trying to cover their blunder? We seem to be left with two unsettling options: either the government is even more incompetent than we'd ever believed, or there is more going on here than they want us to know.

Cheatle steps down

Following a horrendous testimony to the House Oversight Committee Director Cheatle finally stepped down from her position ten days after the assassination attempt. Cheatle failed to give any meaningful answer to the barrage of questions she faced from the committee. These questions, coming from both Republicans and Democrats, were often regarding basic information that Cheatle should have had hours after the shooting, yet Cheatle struggled with each and every one. Glenn pointed out that Director Cheatle's resignation should not signal the end of the investigation, the American people deserve to know what happened.

What we DO and DON'T know about Thomas Matthew Crooks

Jim Vondruska / Stringer | Getty Images

It has been over a week since 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks narrowly failed to assassinate President Trump while the president gave a speech at a campaign rally in Butler, Pennslyvania. Despite the ongoing investigations, we still know very little about the would-be assassin, which has left many wondering if the agencies involved are limiting the information that Congress and the public are receiving.

As Glenn has pointed out, there are still major questions about the shooter that are unanswered, and the American people are left at the whim of unreliable federal agencies. Here is everything we know—and everything we don't know—about Thomas Matthew Crooks:

Who was he?

What we know:Thomas Crooks lived in Bethel Parks, Pennsylvania, approximately an hour south of Butler. Crooks went to high school in Bethel Parks, where he would graduate in 2022. Teachers and classmates described him as a loner and as nerdy, but generally nice, friendly, and intelligent. Crooks tried out for the school rifle team but was rejected due to his poor aim, and reports indicate that Crooks was often bullied for his nerdy demeanor and for wearing camo hunting gear to school.

After high school, Crooks began work at Bethel Park Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as a dietary aide. In fact, he was scheduled to work on the day of the rally but requested the day off. He passed a background check to work at the facility and was reportedly an unproblematic employee. Crooks was also a member of a local gun club where he practiced shooting the day before the rally.

It was recently revealed that sometime before his attempted assassination, Crooks posted the following message on Steam, a popular computer application used for playing video games: "July 13 will be my premiere, watch as it unfolds." Aside from this, Crooks posted no warning or manifesto regarding his attack, and little other relevant information is known about him.

What we don't know:It is unclear what Crook's political affiliations or views were, or if he was aligned with any extremist organizations. Crooks was a registered Republican, and his classmates recall him defending conservative ideas and viewpoints in class. On the other hand, the Federal Election Commission has revealed he donated to a progressive PAC on the day Biden was inaugurated. He also reportedly wore a COVID mask to school much longer than was required.

Clearly, we are missing the full picture. Why would a Republican attempt to assassinate the Republican presidential nominee? What is to gain? And why would he donate to a progressive organization as a conservative? This doesn't add up, and so far the federal agencies investigating the attack have yet to reveal anything more.

What were his goals?

What we know: Obviously we know he was trying to assassinate President Trump—and came very close to succeeding, but beyond that, Crooks' goals are unknown. He left no manifesto or any sort of written motive behind, or if he did, the authorities haven't published it yet. We have frustratingly little to go off of.

What we don't know: As stated before, we don't know anything about the movies behind Crooks' heinous actions. We are left with disjointed pieces that make it difficult to paint a cohesive picture of this man. There is also the matter that he left explosives, ammo, and a bulletproof vest in his car. Why? Did he assume he was going to make it back to his car? Or were those supplies meant for an accomplice that never showed up?

The shocking lack of information on Crooks' motives makes it seem likely that we are not being let on to the whole truth.

Did he work alone?

What we know: Reportedly, Crooks was the only gunman on the site, and as of now, no other suspects have been identified. The rifle used during the assassination attempt was purchased and registered by Crooks' father. However, it is unlikely that the father was involved as he reported both his son and rifle missing the night of the assassination attempt. Crooks' former classmates described him as a "loner," which seems to corroborate the narrative that he worked alone.

What we don't know: We know how Crooks acquired his rifle, but what about the rest of his equipment? He reportedly had nearly a hundred extra rounds of ammunition, a bulletproof vest, and several homemade bombs in his car. Could these have been meant for a co-conspirator who didn't show? Did Crooks acquire all of this equipment himself, or did he have help?

There's also the matter of the message Crooks left on the video game platform Steam that served as his only warning of the attack. Who was the message for? Are there people out there who were aware of the attack before it occurred? Why didn't they alert authorities?

We know authorities have access to Crooks' laptop and cellphone that probably contain the answers to these pertinent questions. Why haven't we heard any clarity from the authorities? It seems we are again at the mercy of the federal bureaucracy, which begs one more question: Will we ever know the whole truth?

Who will be Kamala Harris' VP pick?

JIM WATSON / Contributor, Chris duMond / Stringer, Justin Sullivan / Staff | Getty Images

Over the weekend, President Joe Biden officially dropped out of the 2024 presidential election and put forward his endorsement behind his Vice President Kamala Harris.

Glenn recently predicted that Biden would step down due to the mountain of pressure within his party to do so. But now that we are here we are faced with an all-new line of questions, like, who will be the candidate on the Democratic ticket? Who will be their pick for vice president?

As of now, the answer to the first question seems to be Kamala Harris, who received the support of the president and several prominent democrats. It's still too early to call for certain, and Glenn doesn't think it's likely, but assuming Kamala becomes the Democrat nominee, who will her VP pick be? There are endless possible options, but there are a 5 big names that could prove beneficial to Harris' campaign:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom

Bill Pugliano / Stringer | Getty Images

Governor Newsom has spiked in popularity within his party since his taking office in 2019 due to his scathing criticisms of President Trump and other Republicans. Newsom has been a popular contender as a possible Biden replacement, and a future presidential bid seems likely.

His widespread recognition may be a boon to Kamala's ticket, but the California governor comes with a dark side. Newsom was famously nearly recalled as Governor in 2021, hanging on to his office by a narrow margin. He also faced criticism for his hypocrisy during the COVID lockdowns, attending large gatherings while the rest of his state was locked inside. There's also the issue that both Newsom and Kamala are from California, meaning that if they were to appear on the same ticket, that ticket would lack geographical balance and would potentially lead to a Constitutional issue that would force the duo to forfeit all 54 of the states' Electoral College votes.

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro

Tom Williams / Contributor | Getty Images

Another prominent Democrat Governor, Josh Shapiro has also been floated as a potential VP pick. Governor Shapiro has become a viable pick due to his well-received performance as Pennslyvania's Governor. The governor has good support within the swing state due to his handling of the I-95 bridge collapse, the train derailment in East Palestine, which had effects on his state, and the assassination attempt on the former president last week. Shapiro would bring much-needed support from the swing state if he was put on the ticket.

That being said, Shapiro has little time to build nationwide name recognition before the DNC in August and the November election. This would be Shapiro's debut on the national stage, and he would find himself in the most unforgiving situation possible.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

FREDERIC J. BROWN / Contributor | Getty Images

Former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and opponent of Biden during the 2020 Democratic primaries, "Mayor Pete's" name recognition might be what Kamala needs on her presidential ticket. Buttigieg rose to popularity during the 2020 election due to his youth and status as "openly gay." Buttigieg has served as the Secretary of Transportation during the Biden administration for the past four years and has formally endorsed Harris.

Nevertheless, Buttigieg has some dark spots on his resume. The East Palestine train derailment disaster has besmirched his reputation as Secretary of Transportation. And while his youth may work in his favor when compared to the other elderly members of our federal government, it also means Buttigieg lacks the experience and prestige that other politicians enjoy.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Noam Galai / Stringer | Getty Images

Yet another governor of a crucial swing state, Whitmer was elected in 2018, two years after President Trump was elected, helping secure the state for the Democrats. Whitmer is known for her strong opposition to Trump, both during his presidency and his reelection campaign. Whitmer serves as co-chair for the Biden-Harris campaign and as vice chairperson of the DNC, which gives her influence over the Democratic party, something that would come in handy as a Vice President. Gov. Whitmer also established the Fight Like Hell PAC, which is dedicated to helping Democrats get elected and to stopping Trump by any means.

On the other hand, in a statement following Biden's resignation from the election, Governor Whitmer stated that her role “will remain the same.” It is also worth noting that if she were to be chosen as Kamala's VP, that would make their ticket all-female, which may foster some "woke points," but is politically risky.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear

Lexington Herald-Leader / Contributor | Getty Images

Andy Bashear has seemingly beaten the odds twice, having been elected and reelected as the Governor of Kentucky, despite the deep-red nature of the state. Beshear, who has moderate tendencies, would be a boon to the Harris campaign as he has a track record of reaching rural, typically conservative regions where Democrats tend to struggle. He is also known for his propensity to talk about his Christian faith and willingness to work with Republicans, which are traits that might help win over moderates.

But, like Gov. Shapiro, Bashear has very little time to whip up national support and recognition. He also is unlikely to be very much help for the Harris campaign in winning over important swing states.

Five times Glenn had J.D. Vance on his show and where he stands on key issues

CHANDAN KHANNAMANDEL NGAN / Contributor | Getty Images

We finally have an answer to the long-awaited question of who Trump will pick for his running mate, and it's none other than Ohio Senator and friend of the show, J.D. Vance. At the RNC in Milwaukee, Trump officially accepted the party's nomination as the Republican candidate and announced J.D. Vance as his running mate.

Glenn has had Senator Vance on the show several times to discuss everything from DEI to the Southern Border. If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the next potential Vice President, look no further, here are five conversations Glenn had with Trump's VP pick:

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