Sabo STRIKES AGAIN: 5 new DEVASTATING pieces from the anti-woke street artist

Courtesy of Sabo

Last August, the infamous anti-woke guerilla street artist known as Sabo displayed several shocking posters at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, criticizing American Airlines’ controversial woke policies. Glenn has become a fan of Sabo's work, applauding him for his edgy, yet strikingly powerful art, which conveys important messages that not everyone is brave enough to convey in public.

This week, Sabo is BACK, and this time, he hit the streets of Los Angeles, taking aim at Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, BLM, and more. He gave exclusive access to his latest installation, which leaves NO ONE from the establishment unscathed.

You can find Sabo's entire collection HERE. In the meantime, here are five of our favorite pieces from Sabo's latest anti-woke art campaign:


Sabo's "STOP

Courtesy of Sabo

A prominent theme in Sabo's work is keeping the establishment accountable by laying their hypocrisy bare for all to see. Sabo's brilliance lies in the fact that he never puts words in the establishment's mouth. He lets their words, actions, and hypocrisy speak for themselves.

This theme is perfectly exemplified in this particular stop sign piece in which Sabo captures one of the more infamous moments when Joe Biden displayed questionable behavior towards minors. Sabo remarked how he had wanted to do a stop sign piece for years because they are, in his words, "so in your face." The perfect opportunity arose when he came across the viral clip of Joe Biden sniffing the hair of the young girl depicted in the poster. He said:

When I saw that particular picture of that girl pulling away from Biden, she was just screaming, 'STOP!' And I knew it was perfect [for the piece].

The media has worked diligently to cover up Biden's questionable behavior with minors. But Sabo isn't giving him a free pass, and he doesn't need to insert his own opinions to do so. He lets Biden's behavior speak for itself.

"Exodus East"

Sabo's "Exodus East" road sign art piece is on display in Downtown LA

Courtesy of Sabo

The theme of letting the establishment's actions speak for themselves permeates Sabo's "Totem" collection consisting of repurposed street signs. Sabo says this collection represents "the collisions our country has suffered throughout the past couple of years." From the COVID pandemic to January 6, Sabo's stark messaging forces the viewer to recall the hypocrisy and corruption latent in the establishment's responses to these landmark events that shook our nation to its core.

In this particular street sign piece, Sabo wanted to commemorate those affected by Newsom's draconian COVID mandates that left thousands jobless, out of business, and destitute while Newsom himself was dining at the French Laundry with the nation's elite:

I wanted to mount [this piece] in Los Angeles because it basically tells a story of this particular time. COVID, Newsom, and I want to commemorate the people who said, 'I love this state, but I have to go.'

Sabo's stark messaging forces the viewer to recall the hypocrisy and corruption latent in the establishment's responses to these landmark events that shook our nation to its core.

The name of the collection, "Totem," came from Sabo's friend who remarked that the pieces reminded him of the Totem poles from Indigenous tribes. Embedded within the Totem poles themselves are the stories of a people, forcing the viewer to recall significant events in their cultural history as it's passed down from generation to generation. Sabo hopes to achieve the same effect through this collection:

In a graphic sort of way, these pieces are like stained-glass art. People would look at them and tell these stories. God willing 100 years from now, if they still stand, people will be reminded of them.

Sabo's work is for the Americans who are fed up and disillusioned with the lack of accountability towards their government. During the pandemic, Americans were censured for going against the mainstream COVID narrative, forced to choose between complying with draconian mandates and putting food on their table, all the while watching their rulers have their cake and eat it too. Two years after the pandemic, the establishment still hasn't been held responsible—and Sabo won't let us forget, despite the ruling class' best efforts.

"Full Mental Jacka**"

Sabo displays his poster, "Full Metal Jacka**," which is inspired from the movie poster of hte Vietnam War-era film, "Full Metal Jacket."

Courtesy of Sabo

Remember how the Left called Trump a "warmonger" and warned that he would march us toward World War III? Sabo's take on the Vietnam war-era Full Metal Jacket film poster exposes the irony that it is Biden—not Trump—that has brought us to the precipice of a global War. He said:

The thing that Democrats said Trump would get us into, Biden is getting us into. They failed with Afghanistan. There's a war with Ukraine, and we're getting into a war with Russia. And there's China with Taiwan. Now we're here with Israel and Iran. We are headed towards war.

Sabo remarked on the difficulty of preserving his art. Most of his pieces are vandalized on the street or taken down all together, and those pieces that survive are refused by galleries due to their controversial nature. He said:

I hate that art has become so weak that there probably isn't a gallery in this country that would show these pieces of art.

But Sabo also said the struggle behind his work is implicit within the genre itself, that edgy art with controversial messages is often not accepted in its own time. He said:

I think that's what edgy art is really about. At first, it's not accepted. It's shunned. And later on, people will be able to look at it in a different light, and hopefully, that's how it will be with these pieces.

Ironically, several of these pieces from Sabo's collection have been preserved in a museum, but not for the reasons that you would expect. The Smithsonian acquired multiple of Sabo's pieces in their January 6 installment.

"One Bad Dude: Cornpop"

Courtesy of Sabo

This piece is Sabo's ode to young rappers. Sabo is fascinated with the pro-Trump fervor amongst the new up-and-coming generation of rappers, breaking from their Democrat-dominant predecessors. Sabo says:

Young rappers want Trump because they see what Biden and the Democrats have done to their community.

Sabo once again exposes the irony of the establishment's propaganda. Democrats promised to better the lives of minorities, yet it was Trump who ushered in America's greatest economic era to date, including the lowest unemployment rates for both African Americans and Latino Americans.

Sabo once again exposes the irony of the establishment's propaganda.

Younger generations are experiencing the stark contrast between the Trump-era economic boom and Bidenomics. Sabo said young people "can't afford to eat. They can't afford gas. They can't afford rent," things that they didn't experience under the Trump administration.

The establishment is yet again trying to silence Trump ahead of the 2024 election. Amid an onslaught of indictments and legal suits, Trump has proven one thing: he is a fighter. Nothing exemplifies this more than his mugshot which has become an icon of the resistance against the establishment's onslaught of censorship of those who Trump represents: freedom-loving Americans. Sabo said his rendition of Trump's mugshot was "my way of communicating that he's a bit of a hard thug."

"BLM Loves Hamas Paragliders"

Sabo hangs his "BLM Loves Hamas Paraglider" pieces in Downtown LA.

Courtesy of Sabo

Much of Sabo's art has a short shelf life, and not for a lack of relevance or talent. Most of his art pieces are either vandalized or taken down completely within a day of going public. To deter this vandalism, Sabo said he wanted to "come up with a method where people couldn't reach them," and this collection presented the perfect opportunity.

Most of his art pieces are either vandalized or taken down completely within a day of going public.

Sabo created multiple pieces depicting Hamas paragliders, which has become one of the most haunting images to emerge from the October 7th terrorist attacks that killed 1,400 Israeli men, women, and children, the largest attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

This collection calls out BLM's support for the Hamas terrorist, referencing BLM Chicago's tweet in the wake of the attacks that voiced their support for Palestine alongside the same image of the Hamas paragliders. Though they quickly removed the tweet due to backlash, Sabo wouldn't let them get away with it. He said:

I figured the paragliders come from the sky and the air, so it will have the impression of paragliders coming down like they did in Israel. At the same time, I wanted to take a jab at BLM.

Unfortunately, even though the paraglider posters were hung from a telephone wire and streetlights, this didn't deter whoever took them down the next day.

Democrat Mutiny? These prominent Progressives and Democratic leaders DEMAND that Biden withdraw

NurPhoto / Contributor, Justin Sullivan / Staff, Cindy Ord / Staff | Getty Images

Biden is still taking hard blows from both sides of the aisle after his abysmal performance in last month's presidential debate. As Glenn pointed out in his post-debate coverage, Biden came across as so incompetent that it has made many Americans scared that, should the country face a major threat, Biden would be unable to respond to it. This includes many Democrats, who are finally admitting that Biden isn't as fit as they have been claiming for the last four years.

Many names have already been suggested as potential replacements for the Democratic nominee, but many people, including some Democrats, don't believe Biden should even stay in office for the election. Here are some prominent progressives and Democratic lawmakers who have called for President Biden's resignation:

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Texas)

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Rep. Raúl Grijalva (Arizona)

NurPhoto / Contributor | Getty Images

Rep. Seth Moulton (Massachusetts)

Justin Sullivan / Staff | Getty Images

Rep. Mike Quigley (Illinois)

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Rep. Angie Craig (Minnesota)

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Rep. Adam Smith (Washington)

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Rep. Mikie Sherrill (New Jersey)

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Rep. Pat Ryan (New York)

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Rep. Hillary Scholten (Michigan)

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Senator Peter Welch (Vermont)

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Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Oregon)

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BONUS: Actor George Clooney

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These TOP 5 new technologies left Glenn SHOCKED

Peter Macdiarmid / Staff | Getty Images

Glenn has been covering some of the most groundbreaking, exciting, and often terrifying technological advances. Some new tech has the potential to make a positive impact. Some tech is just SUPER cool, like a flame-throwing robot dog. However, there is also a dark side to technology. Glenn exposes how some new technological developments, particularly in the realm of AI, pose serious ethical questions.

Here are the top five new technologies that Glenn covered that will make your jaw drop:

Anti-gravity device

This new technology developed by Dr. Charles Buhler and his team may change everything we know about transportation and travel. Described as "propellant-less propulsion" by Dr. Buhler, this technology appears to defy gravity and is potentially a way for people to travel into and through space without the need for rockets. It doesn't stop there either, this tech could be used to forever change the way we travel here on Earth.

Human embryo-powered supercomputer

To have massively powerful AI, something, which many people seem to have an invested interest in, you need a lot of electricity to power the computers that host the artificial intelligences. Naturally, this energy consumption upsets the environmentalists so in response a terrifying solution was developed. Bio Processors are essentially computer chips powered by human cells, specifically stem cells, which are predominantly harvested from embryos. These Bio Processors have a limited shelf life, meaning they need a steady supply of stem cells to keep the computers that use them operational. What could be more terrifying than an AI that eats human cells?

Voice-stealing AI

When ChatGPT came out in late 2022 its power and versatility took the world by storm. Suddenly, students had it write entire essays in mere seconds, and it was creating songs and poems with ease. The capabilities of the ChatGPT AI were as disturbing as they were impressive, but after a recent update, it took a hard turn towards disturbing. OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, decided to give the program a voice and tried to recruit famous actress Scarlett Johansson to lend her voice to the machine. After she declined the offer, OpenAI went ahead and released the update for ChatGPT featuring a voice that sounded eerily similar to Johansson's. While OpenAI claims it's a different, similar-sounding voice actress, the idea that a computer is going around with your stolen voice is terrifying.

Flamethrower robot dog

How could you possibly ever make something cooler than a flamethrower? Simple, strap it to the back of a robotic dog of course! Originally built to help fight forest fires (ironically enough) by creating backburns, Glenn pointed out that a pack of these bad boys patrolling your property would be the ultimate home defense. Nobody would come anywhere near your house if it was guarded by a few of these firey companions.

Wormhole-generating UFO's

It's been a decade since the tragic disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. No trace of the aircraft or any of its passengers, except a few small pieces of debris, were ever found nor was an official cause of the disappearance ever given. There have been an infinite number of theories explaining what might have happened, but this one from investigative journalist Ashton Forbes might take the cake for the wildest. Forbes joined Glenn on his radio show and brought with him convincing video evidence that seemed to show the now-missing aircraft being circled by three mysterious orbs before suddenly disappearing in a flash of light. Does this video show the doomed aircraft being sucked into an artificial wormhole, or is it an amazing piece of hoaxwork?

THESE TOP 10 Founding Fathers' quotes help us remember America's original vision

traveler1116, wynnter, GeorgiosArt | Getty Images

Independence Day is one of the few days when Americans come together to celebrate our country and the continued vision that our Founding Fathers crafted in 1776. But what is that vision? It seems with every passing July 4th, Americans lose even more of a sense of what the original intent of our nation was supposed to be. It's becoming increasingly important to read the Founding Fathers in their own words and to remember the vision that they cast for our nation. Here are our TOP 10 favorite Founding Fathers' quotes to help us remember their original views of government, freedom, and the American vision.

"The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty." —James Madison

GraphicaArtis / Contributor | Getty Images

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." —Benjamin Franklin

GraphicaArtis / Contributor | Getty Images

"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light." —George Washington

Stock Montage / Contributor | Getty Images

"The people are the only legitimate fountain of power." —James Madison

Hulton Archive / Stringer | Getty Images

"I agree with you that it is the duty of every good citizen to use all the opportunities, which occur to him, for preserving documents relating to the history of our country." —Thomas Jefferson

GraphicaArtis / Contributor | Getty Images

“Human passions unbridled by morality and religion… would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net.” —John Adams

Stock Montage / Contributor | Getty Images

"Those who stand for nothing will fall for everything." —Alexander Hamilton

Stock Montage / Contributor | Getty Images

“The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.” —James Madison

UniversalImagesGroup / Contributor | Getty Images

"I fear that in every elected office, members will obtain an influence by noise, not by sense. By meanness, not greatness. By ignorance, not learning. By contracted hearts, not large souls. There must be decency and respect." —John Adams

National Archives / Handout | Getty Images

“We must go home to be happy, and our home is not in this world. Here we have nothing to do but our duty.” —John Jay

Fine Art / Contributor | Getty Images

We live in a dark time, so it is more important now than ever to make sure you are anchored to the truth.

Glenn was recently on the “Chicks on the Right” podcast for a follow-up interview after Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver joined Glenn on his podcast back in March. The three dove into a lively discussion that touched on several things happening in Glenn's personal life, and Glenn delved into the importance of truth in our increasingly Orwellian society.

Glenn told the “Chicks” about his upcoming first novel for young adults, Chasing Embers, which is set in a dystopian world where the wildest WEF fantasies have come true and history has been completely rewritten. Glenn revealed that he was inspired to write the book while reading Karl Marx. He reflected on how Karl Marx was, and still is in many cases, considered this articulate revolutionary, but when compared to the words of the Founding Fathers, his articulation and arguments pale in comparison. He wanted to explore the idea, "What if Jefferson was the revolutionary again, not Marx?" Chasing Embers asks how we preserve the philosophies of the founders and the values of the Constitution so that our children have a chance to discover it if the world turns completely upside down.

Glenn also discussed how important it is to learn history, to anchor yourself in truth, God, and the Constitution, and our responsibility to preserve them in the face of the dystopian movement that is increasingly encroaching on Western civilization. Glenn described the country as "suicidal" and posited whether we can rein in a nation that is hurdling itself towards the brink. He said we can do our part to help, but unless the country decides it wants to live, it will die. We have to be prepared to endure such a scenario with our morals intact and the necessary knowledge to rebuild on hand.

Towards the end of the conversation, Glenn revealed some of the lessons he's learned in his decades on radio. He said that you have to know yourself--both the good and bad--be ready to defend your beliefs, and admit when you are wrong.

This is a podcast you won't want to miss. Click here to listen to the FULL discussion.