Michael Rectenwald | Episode 3

Don't think there is anyone on the Left that can change their mind? Michael Rectenwald was a Communist NYU professor and he did it, and he shared with Glenn how we can talk to each other without all the outrage.


Glenn: THIS is what the protests in China are REALLY ABOUT

This isn’t just about COVID, Glenn says. In fact, the protests currently spreading throughout China are about something much, much more serious: Slavery and control. In this clip, Glenn dives into the real motivation behind the protests. He explains why they’re different from the 1989 ones at Tiananmen Square, and he predicts how these events could play out in our near future…


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GLENN: I want to start in China. The protests in China, they say this is all about the COVID-19 measures.

It is and it isn't.

It's about slavery. That's what this is really all about. This started you know bubbling here recently.

Then there was a fire. And I don't know if you've seen, but they are bolting people into their houses. You can open the doors. These -- this fire was raging through an apartment complex. Nobody could get out.

Because the state had locked the doors, from the outside. That didn't go over real well. Then, the people at Foxconn heard that there was coming -- another zero COVID lockdown was coming.

Now, these people have been in lockdown for about two years. Two years. So you know, Foxconn is the wonderful place, where they make all of the Apple products.

Oh, Apple should be so proud. They have everything you need, you know in that building. So you sleep on one floor. You eat on another floor. You maybe watch a movie on floor four. And, of course, you do all your work, on floor one.

It's tremendous! You never, ever have to leave the building. Well, people heard that there was another lockdown coming, and they started jumping the fence. Now, because they have social credit systems, where you have to have your i Phone, or your cell phone, and it tracks you, and it gives you either a red or a green. Red means, you have COVID.

But not really. Not really. That's what the state says. But they are changing things to be able to control people. Again, the zero COVID is not about COVID.

It's about control. So they started jumping the fence. But they couldn't get on to a train or a bus. They weren't running. And if they could get on, their little red badge said, you couldn't actually -- so they just started walking. And they started walking on the highway.

The state got very upset. And said, hey. Foxconn, you have to clean this up. And so the Foxconn, which is basically the state. Said, we're going to offer four times the bonus. If everybody would just come and work, just apply. You get four times the bonus.

Oh. Do the people who stayed at Foxconn. Do they get the bonus too?

No. Discontent. Then all these new people were hired. What happened?

Oh, no. There was a misunderstanding. I'm sorry. Is mandarin your first language. Oh, it is?

Well, there was a translation problem. You're not getting four times the bonus. That's when everybody went crazy.

They all jumped the fence. And they left. Now, this is not Tiananmen Square. And this is really important that you understand.

Tiananmen Square, ended in 1989.

This is much larger than that. The number of regions in China, and the number of people that are participating, in 1989, there was no internet.

There was no mobile phone. So compare it to then, today, hundreds of millions of Chinese are aware of what is going on. Most Chinese in 1989, learned about Tiananmen, in the next school year. If they ever heard about it at all. But at the time of the protests, only 2 percent of the Chinese population, even knew anything about them.

It's key to remember. Tiananmen wasn't a protest, that happened over a single day or weekend. The -- the protests took nearly two months, before they rolled the tanks out. So we may just be in just the first inning here, but this is getting out of control in China.

So protester -- or, a worker protest at Foxconn, the Apple factory. By the way, Apple, they really care about the people. Man, they are so enlightened. They're so great. As an artist, I can only use an Apple product because they just get me, as an artist, you know.

That's why I was so proud to see, they shut off the airdrop ability in China. Now, why would you do that?

Because that's a way you could communicate with other people, without having it tracked.

And Apple is so one with humanity, and the earth. And what's good and right.

They wanted to make sure that the government could track every word, every image, everything. They needed -- you know Xi Jinping. He gets a bad name.

And they just want to help him out a bit. So congratulations, Apple. So for several weeks, this has been going on.

It went from tens of thousands of Foxconn workers, to hundreds of thousands of other people in the area. But the protest was still primarily about removing the zero COVID restrictions.

But then, over just a couple more days, something changing.

I'll pick it up there, in 60 seconds.

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GLENN: Ten-second station ID.
Okay. So the worker protests started as an anti-COVID protest.

However, this has now evolved into honest anti-CCP protest, and that's not done.

Up until two weeks ago, protesters publicly called for the end of Xi Jinping's rule and the end of the Communist Party.

And it would have been pretty much done. Disappeared by the secret police. Likely put to death.

But over the last few days. Over the weekend, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets, to scream those exact demands. Spray painting the same on the sides of government buildings.

Even posting down with the CCP online.

This has not been seen since Tiananmen. The other major difference. Which should matter to every American, and the whole world, is the size and the scope of China's role in the global economy.

In 1989, China was less than 2 percent of global GDP. And engaged in very little trade. Today, China is merely 20 percent of the global GDP.

And provides more than 30 percent of all manufacturing.

China facilitates over 25 percent of all global shipping. China consumes 20 percent of all global energy supplies.

You know they used to say. If we catch a cold, Europe gets pneumonia. Now it's if China sneezes, the world could die.

What happens if China has a heart attack?
We have supply chain problems now. Wait until this country has to shut down.

Also, it's key to remember, the CCP just had their once every five-year Congress. They elected a whole new Politburo and central committee. All allies of President Xi. All who sworn had to support the zero COVID policy, that causes the protest in the first place. The Chinese people don't have -- they don't have many places to go, but they know right where the blame goes. And they are actually speaking it.

One last thought on this: You know, how those -- those protests ended. Right?

We're all very clear on the tanks that rolled in.

In the end, 2700 people were dead. Twice as many were injured. That was a single protest in one square.

The protest this last weekend, involved a thousand times more people, across dozens of major regions.

Let's hope my math sucks. And pray that we don't have a repeat of 1989.

This is game-changing. They either go full authoritarian and start slaughtering people like Mao. Or there is a massive change in China.


The Fed launched a DIGITAL CURRENCY while YOU weren’t watching

Right before Thanksgiving, our trusted leaders in D.C. did what they did best: They pushed forward controversial policies while YOU weren’t watching. In this clip, Glenn details how the Fed began its ‘Central Bank Digital Currency’ program last Wednesday afternoon, while Americans were busy preparing for the holidays. Plus, Glenn explains another, big decision the Biden administration made that very same day...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let me tell you a couple of things that have happened over the weekend.

This one happened during the American rescue act plan of 2021.

You have a new threshold, and you should be aware of it. Because the IRS is going to come knocking. And this is why they have 80,000 people. The Internal Revenue Service, reminded income taxpayers, that due to the American Rescue Plan Act, gig workers who accept any transaction over 600-dollar -- $600 through a third party app, such as Venmo, cash app, PayPal, must report those payments.

Must report the -- how -- they're not going to go after people making $600.

Yes, they are! Just a friendly reminder.

By the way, there's something else that happened on Thursday afternoon.

And I'm sorry, Wednesday afternoon. And what were you doing Wednesday afternoon? Besides being glued to the TV and the news, right?

PAT: Yes.

GLENN: You might have been preparing for, I don't know, a holiday weekend, where you completely tuned out.

So you might have missed what happened Wednesday afternoon at the Fed, but they started their DBDC. Central bank digital currency.

Yes! The Fed coin is here.

Now, they rolled it out, on Wednesday. Just, I mean, that was the only day they could do it.

You know. Because they were denying that any of this stuff was happening. But they could only get it, when no one was paying attention. So they rolled it out. And it's in its beta test right now. But here's the thing: I don't know if it's going to work. This is what they're trying to do. They're very concerned, that they won't be able to make large digital transactions, across the Atlantic. Okay? They're worried. You know some -- these big transactions, that happened. What they're doing now, and going to try to break this down. Because it's very, very technical. But let me break this down for you. What they're doing, is they're taking a digital currency, and they're -- they're buying and selling and trading those digital currency. Those dollars, over to some place else. And they got to make it all the way over. Those numbers have to make it all the way over.

Now, that's what they do. But now, they're going to take a digital coin, not a digital dollar. A digital coin. And they're going to buy and sell and trade. And those numbers have to go all the way over to another place, and finish the transaction.

PAT: That's a completely different thing. Not related at all.

GLENN: Okay. How are you going to do this?

You're going to take a whole system that is based on digital paper dollar. You're going to digitize that dollar. And then you'll just move numbers to another bank?

PAT: It's impossible.

GLENN: That's a dollar. That's paper. This is a coin. How are you going to do that is this?

Completely different.

So they think that it -- you know as long as it passes its beta test.

PAT: No.

GLENN: Don't worry. They could have it. They could have it by spring.

PAT: So they're essentially taking 20th century technology, and using it in the 21st century?

GLENN: Yes. Wow. Yes.

PAT: Wow. Wow. That's bold.

GLENN: Yes. But they have to have a name-change for it.

PAT: Right. Okay.

GLENN: This is -- remember, this was a Federal Reserve, printed currency, that had been digitized. This is a federal reserve digital currency.

PAT: Okay. Yeah.

GLENN: So one starts as a digital. The other has to be transformed digitally. So they've cut that transforming part out. And that's the part that gets really sketchy. Okay?

By the way, India rolled out its pilot digital program for digital rupees as well. Don't worry. I think maybe we should start having the conversation. Because this is coming.

Maybe we should start having the conversation of, gosh, this looks like the mark of the beast. I mean, doesn't it?

PAT: But surely it's not.

GLENN: Of course not.

PAT: Not from the US government.

GLENN: No. No. They never do anything underhanded or evil. Never. Never.

PAT: Especially when Democrats are in control.

GLENN: Amen to that, brother.

Hey, by the way, the White House also, last Wednesday, announced that they were going to continue the freeze on student loan payments.


Now, that means millions of people are not making payments on their federal student loans, regardless of their financial situation. They could be millionaires. Still are not required to pay back that student loan.

Now, the freeze, it started with Trump, with COVID-19. Congress approved it.

And it was supposed to expire two years ago. But it's been continually renewed by Congress. So it's been extended only eight times.

It has now cost you 155 billion dollars per year.

And that's scratching the surface. Now, here's the story. I -- you probably didn't even hear that it was renewed again.

But let me give you the other part of the story, that certainly you haven't heard.

This is big, because of some of the weird rules that no one pays attention to. But I pay heaps -- a lot of money to watch this stuff. This is nothing more than a gigantic scam, meant to benefit government workers. This is exactly what I told you, they would do, in 2009.

Exactly. How does it benefit the government workers? Well, it's not just the government workers, but many who work for nonprofits as well. Many of those lean left.

Okay. The second reason Biden likely wants to continue the pause. Is it greatly benefits employees, at government agencies. Including teachers. Hmm.

Unions. Under the public service loan forgiveness program, which is what we talked about in 2009. Do you remember this? Anyone who makes ten years' worth of monthly student loan payments. 120 in total. While working for the government or a nonprofit, receives total debt forgiveness, no matter how much they owe.

Now, defying all logic? Yes.

But they're continuing to count nonpayments under the pause towards the total number of payments required for public service loan forgiveness. So even if you have not made a payment in 24 months, you still are counted, as making those payments in the last 24 months.

So that all goes to your 120-month requirement. The longer the student loan forgiveness continues, the more government and nonprofit workers will qualify for total loan forgiveness. Millions. Millions will be moving towards total student debt cancellation.

So, in other words, what is this story really all about? Biden giving a big, fat gift, to government workers, and the people that are working, in many cases, to subvert our republic and make it into a democracy. He's giving them a kickback. Because most people don't know how these things work. They have no idea what's going on.

Oh, by the way. Another one. Trust the government. Hunter Biden owned financial stake in digital banking platform. A digital banking platform. How did they do that digital banking? How did they do that?

This started in 2016. They must have been using like an abacus or something. I don't know how they did it. But it was digital banking platform for undocumented immigrants. Hmm.

So this was a multi-balance, multi currency digital wallet, and payment ecosystem. And he had a -- a big share of this. In fact, got, you know, $20,000 wire transfer from the company. And -- and now, it looks like all of his buddies are running it. So that is fantastic.

But here's the great thing: It was -- it was to support mass migration to the US. Because the company positioned itself, as the premiere platform for sending and receiving remittances. Oh.

Over 150 billion dollars, of remittances happen every year in the US alone.

And here's what the -- here's what the digital bank said: Labor moves around the globe. And when workers move, so does their money. The global nature of labor often makes it difficult for somebody to have a bank account in the country where they're employed. Really?

This is why ePlata, allows to you transaction in a currency of your choice, without limits across geographic borders. Is there any reason money transfer should be more expensive, because one person lives in a different country?

We don't think so, with ePlata. Simple, secure, and inexpensive international transactions are now in the palm of your hand.

Now, that's great. Now, I don't know the difference between that platform, which is sending boatloads of digital currency to another country. And let's say, bitcoin.

But all I know is, one, the president's son is involved. And the other one is extraordinarily dangerous


Comedian gives 3 TIPS to survive YOUR family on Thanksgiving

Comedian Jamie Kilstein — a self-described ‘piranha’ on both sides of the political aisle — joins Glenn to dissect exactly how YOU can handle those awkward, news-related discussions around the table on Thanksgiving. In this clip, Kilstein provides four of his top tips that will help your survive the holidays with your favorite, liberal relatives…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Jamie Kilstein he is with us. He's a comedian, and the host of Advice Not Taken.

He's a guy who we probably would have really hated each other years ago, and now it's just simple dislike.

And Jamie is here. He is -- he was a guy who was way on the left. In fact, I want to read something from July 2019. A few weeks ago, this fragile Jew flew to Texas to meet his girlfriend's very conservative mom and dad.

You're writing out a list of people who wouldn't like me, it would read conservatives, Christian gun owners, oilmen, and Justin Timberlake.

Mainly because I've had several public conversations with Noam Chomsky. The Bible scares me more than pet cemetery. I also felt I would accidentally kill myself if I ever owned a gun. I drive a Prius, and I really don't trust Justin Timberlake.

So he's gone from this, to let me just say, as I welcome Jamie Kilstein on, congratulations on your baptism a couple years ago.

JAMIE: Oh, man. And -- and I bought a gun, and I'm still alive.

STU: Wait. What's the current status with Justin Timberlake?

Do we have any update on that?

JAMIE: I'll find him one day. He knows what's up.

GLENN: All right. No. Seriously, I had some really nice notes from you, the last couple of weeks. I really wish I could have been invited to your baptism.

But I'm so happy for you.

Now --

JAMIE: Well, man, and I really do -- I'll say this publicly. Where part of my shift -- you know there's this -- I wasn't planning on talking about this. There was this dangerous thing that happened, especially on Twitter. Although, maybe not anymore, if Twitter goes down. Where anyone who has any change of political beliefs, is automatically called a grifter. And I almost want to write a piece called defending grifting. Where for me, I -- I have had plenty of opportunities, to -- to do that. To pretend I was conservative. To be the -- you know the former woke guy. And to profit off of it.

And I was never interested in doing this heel turn just for my career. The reason that I have become more conservative, and that I have -- and you know that I did find Jesus after. I mean, I opened for Richard Dawkins back in the day. It wasn't because I was like, I need to make a career pivot. It was because, when I made -- that's what you do for Jesus.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. Sure.

Because it's so very popular right now. Yeah.

RICHARD: Yeah. Once the Chosen took off. I was like, this is my path. But the -- by the way, I'm going to see the premiere today.

GLENN: Yeah, me too.

RICHARD: But I met. It was meeting guys like you. Meeting guys like Tim Kennedy. Becoming legitimately friends with people who were conservative, who also I go, man, this is the kind of person I want to be. This is the kind of dad I want to be. This is the kind of husband I want to be. This is the kind of conversations I want to have.

And so what happened, I go, well, if I admire these men as men. Then maybe I should take a step and look at these things that I thought I would hate them for that they believe. And ask them why they believe it. And then it just sort of all started happening.

So it was the opposite of what we do on Twitter.

Ask what I used to do. Instead of looking at someone's political beliefs and their tweets. And judging them by that. I looked at them as a person. As a human. And then if I respected them as a human. I said, yeah. How did you get to this belief? And it just opened my eyes.

GLENN: Yeah. That's crazy. I don't know why anyone would talk to somebody.

So, Jamie, you were -- in 2019, you were -- you know the pariah, at the holiday table.

JAMIE: Yeah.

GLENN: Now, if I remember right, you're -- your father was a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, and your mom, I think bought your first pack of cigarettes.

So --

JAMIE: My dad definitely wasn't a fundraiser. But they're very liberal. My mom certainly bought me my first pack of cigarettes.

And I believe it was for Christmas. And it was from Santa. I feel like, when you become 40 years old, and you're like, you know, I've spent years being like, man, I have a cool mom. And as you get older, you're like, was she just an alcoholic? Everybody's mom lights their cigarettes on the stove, right?

So, yeah. There's a lot -- a lot of -- I'm learning.

GLENN: Okay.

JAMIE: But, yeah. They're liberal. What's funny, I've always been a pariah, because I was too left for my family, and for a lot of my friends. I was too liberal. And then now I'm very too conservative. But I figured out ways to talk to people, who I disagree with.

GLENN: Okay.

JAMIE: And I think -- that's what I -- I just wrote about it. I started a Substack. And I wrote about tips to essentially not kill your family over Thanksgiving.

GLENN: Yeah. This is a big one.

There's a lot going on. The Hunter Biden laptop. The change of Congress.

The election.

JAMIE: Yes. And that's exactly -- it was bad enough, before we knew about Hunter Biden's laptop. It's hard enough to go to your family. And explaining why you don't have kids yet.

Let alone, now I need to have talking points, on gender assignment therapies. Or how I have an opinion on -- like Substack.

It's so hard.

Romda, who is this great spiritual guy, who I -- I -- I loved. He had this great quote. He's literally one of the most spiritual people who has ever lived. He has this quote that says, if you think you're enlightened, go spend two weeks with your family. And like, there is -- it was already hard. But like, our forefathers did not see us arguing about Libs of TikTok over Thanksgiving.

You know what I mean?


RICHARD: So it's -- you can't go into it, prepared for battle. You have to remember, it is your family. You want this holiday to be good.

And I feel like, people are already sort of memorizing their talking points.

I used to do that. I was the insufferable person, sent to ruin November through December. It's like, oh, if my dad was praying for a Jewish holiday, I would have to remind him about how I --

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

RICHARD: Well, I have a rant about Jesus and capitalism. Dude, I was like a step away from, is leaving cookies for Santa fat shaming? Like, it was so bad. It was so bad. And so like, I'm not -- I'm not judging. Like my new friend Jesus, we are not here to judge.

GLENN: Right.

JAMIE: But I really do think there are things that you can do. So I wrote three things.

GLENN: Okay. What are them?

JAMIE: So the first one, you have to find things you can all agree on. So, for example, and I've done this so many times. All politicians suck. You open with that. You don't open with, your team is bad. You open up with, hey, man. I'm not a fan of a lot of democratic politicians. I'm going to agree with some of their stances. But I think that it's just so much more honest, if I'm representing liberals.

Yeah, man, Biden is not doing great. Because now they know, I'm not a liar. I think that conservatives --

GLENN: So wouldn't tip number one actually be don't lie?

JAMIE: It would be don't lie. We don't do that. Because we are trained by social media, to be like, I have to defend my team, no matter what -- do you know how many Republicans were just white knuckling it, defending certain things Trump said, or how many liberals are doing the exact same thing with Biden?

I mean, guys, how many people were doing that just the other day, with his speech? Where they were like, this is what I have to defend?

Okay. Yeah. I guess execute drug dealers.

They don't -- and if you can admit, if you can admit when your side is wrong, the other person is going to start seeing you as someone who wants to make the world better. And fix the system. And not someone who just wants to attack them, for who you voted for. Right?

We can all agree Nancy Pelosi is a ghoul, we can start there. And then move on.

GLENN: Tip number two.

JAMIE: Number two. If all of your relatives can do is shout things they heard on Rachel Maddow or Tucker Carlson, maybe their life is kind of rough, and we should actually feel compassion for them. Right? Like, if someone at your table refuses to leave until they win an argument about January 6, you kind of already won. Right?

When all I could do was argue about politics, Glenn, I was so depressed. I was so miserable. I was in a crumbling relationship. The only thing that made me feel good is this illusion that I was doing something, by yelling at people on Twitter. But in reality, like, I was suffering.

And so I think, if you have a family member, who was glued to their phone all day, angrily sharing political memes. You shouldn't be like, oh, I can't believe I could slam that guy at Thanksgiving.

Don't give him more ammo by fighting with him. You need to give that person a hug. You need to talk about anything but politics, and connect with them. And honestly, make sure they're okay.

GLENN: Holy cow.

JAMIE: And we can all check ourselves on that. When I got back on to Twitter, I just go, what am I projecting? What am I hiding from?

And oftentimes, it's just something I'm not taking care of within me, so I just have to make it about Washington.

GLENN: I am -- you're preaching. I mean, I'm about to shout amen. This is an actual beginning of a conversion here. Because these are all Jesus tips.

JAMIE: Right. Right.

GLENN: You know. Kind of got the --

JAMIE: I didn't think about that.

GLENN: There's -- there's nine others.

But you have the, don't lie and love one another. Just have compassion for one another.

What's the third one? Is it about false idols?

JAMIE: Right. The third one is storm the Capitol.

The third one is -- okay. So this one is going to sound rough at first. So stay with me. The third one is hold hands and watch the world burn. And here's what I mean by that. I'm not a fan of apathy. But when you think about what your family, on Thanksgiving and Christmas, what are you doing in that moment to change the world, as you're screaming?


You guys are arguing with each other, like you're making your case in front of the UN. But is your uncle on the Supreme Court? No.

Did anybody in the family pass the laws you're mad about? Do you even know how laws get passed? Right. Probably not.

In that moment, there's literally nothing your family can do to change the system. So maybe we don't let these jerks in Washington, ruin one more good thing, by tearing our family apart. Right?

So here's how you can inspire your family member who thinks differently than you to be more like you.

It's not screaming at them, like an unhinged CNN pundit whose ratings are in the trash.

It's be a good ambassador for your side. Right? So instead of throwing a fit about who your sister voted for, why not be so cool, that people want to be like you? Be so kind and generous that others start to wonder who you voted for, without you even having to tell them. Right?

When you see someone. Again, myself included. Screaming about something.

Even cross fit. You have to do cross fit. You must. Why?

So you can be miserable like me. My lower back hurts all the time. If they're screaming at you, they're projecting. So, Glenn, back to the baptism thing. Going to an atheist, to finding Jesus at 40. The reason why I haven't written a piece called, if you don't go to church, you're garbage. Because for the first time in my life. I feel like I have nothing to prove to anyone.

Right? Like, I don't need to project that, like I did with my old liberal talking points. People respect how I treat others, and they're curious about why, I will tell them. And they can tell because I'm actually happy, right? So if you're the only conservative at the dinner table. The best thing you can do is be kind. Ask questions. Be open-minded.

Use phrases like, I never looked at it that way. Do not bring up Alex Jones. Like if you're a responsible gun owner, talk about things you would do to prevent mass shootings, instead of shouting, come and take them. Like, all you have to do is through your actions, be kind.

And make people want to know how you think politically. Because you didn't -- like I did with you. Man. The first time I met.

Well, that guy is nothing like I thought he would be. So now I want to learn more about him. And like, you can be that person, for your family. That actually destroys all the stereotypes that people have about Libertarians or whatever.

GLENN: So here we are, getting ready. The last break before my Thanksgiving break. And I am truly grateful for this very funny and very enlightening segment. Jamie, I'm so happy for you.

You've got -- you've got all kinds of stuff ahead of you. It's all good.

He's the host of the podcast, Advice Not Taken. I would suggest, that maybe some of this advice, we all take on all sides of you know politics. Jamie Kilstein. Thank you so much. God bless you.

JAMIE: Thank you, God bless you too. See you soon.

GLENN: You bet.


This dad LOST CUSTODY thanks to today’s GENDER WAR

Jeff Younger’s son, James, began learning from his mother at age two that he actually is a girl. And that’s when Jeff’s battle to save his sons — James and his twin brother, Jude — began. The boys are now ten, living with their mother in California, and Jeff hasn’t been able to see them in over a year. He joins Glenn to share his entire story, and then Glenn asks a panel of legal experts how other parents could prevent similar nightmares moving forward.