Biden seeks 33 BILLION for Ukraine. Will Putin RETALIATE?

Vladimir Putin made it clear in a recent warning to the world: ‘If someone intends to intervene…and creates unacceptable strategic threats for us, then they should know that our response to oncoming strikes will be swift, lightning fast,’ the Russian president said. So, why then did President Biden today make a very public speech requesting from Congress 33 BILLION dollars more for Ukraine? Nuclear war isn’t likely, Glenn says, but it’s not entirely off the table either. Perhaps America’s Commander-In-Chief should tread carefully…and a little more discreetly too.


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GLENN: Joe Biden is now asking for $33 million more, in funding. So we can help the Ukrainians.

STU: I know these numbers do get confusing. And millions and billions don't seem to matter. But I believe you mean $33 billion of funding.

GLENN: Sorry. Thirty-three billion dollars of funding. We already gave almost 34 billion dollars' worth of equipment and training and everything else.

So now it's ten times the amount. Joe Biden has just been warned by Vladimir Putin, that if you continue to meddle in our affairs, that we will expand the war. I -- I honestly -- this makes me extraordinarily nervous. Because I think this plays into everybody's want.

When you're talking about the global community of elites.

Russia wants to abrupt us. Russia wants to destroy us.

Russia wants to have a -- a bipolar world again. And they rise to the top.

It -- on the -- just the very small part. Biden wants to make sure America is seen, as being able to beat Russia. Because of what happened with Afghanistan. But I don't think that's the real reason. We are resetting the entire world. And this is the emergency. That will allow The Great Reset to happen.

And I am just seeing way too many things, people that are just cheering on this war.

From the New York Times. Fears mount. Ukraine war will become a broader conflict.

This one from the Wall Street Journal.

The U.S. should show it can win a nuclear war.

Can we -- didn't we learn that lesson?

There's no winner. Do we all need to watch war games again?

We can bring that out. I can show it. It's probably one of those free movies, that you can get at Amazon, with your subscription.

Why are we talking about that?

STU: Well, because Russia is talking about it.

GLENN: No, I know that.

STU: And then we seem to be -- because it's not just Russia escalating at this point.

We are too. Ukraine as well.

GLENN: We are too.

STU: And we are now seeing bombs, explosions going off, inside Russian borders, by drones, purchased from NATO countries.

I don't know that Russia is going to look all that fondly upon those developments.

I know -- call me crazy. Call me wacky. But I don't think -- they're not going to go look so fondly on that. And you have that going on.

You have the fact that we continue to idiotically announce all of the money. All of the weapons.

Every little bit of assistance. We brag about it constantly, in the media. Our own president is saying that we're doing it. Why?

GLENN: And you bring up his remarks. This is live right now.

Here's the president on Putin's -- quote, Putin's war.

BIDEN: They surely did.

We said we would not send U.S. troops to fight Russian troops in Ukraine, but we would provide robust military assistance and try to unify the Western world against Russia's aggression.

I said I would impose powerful sanction on his Russia. And that we would destroy and develop -- we would destroy this myth, that somehow they continue to move without the rest of the world acting. That we deploy additional forces to defend NATO territory, particularly in the East, along the Russian and Belarus borders.

That's exactly -- that's exactly what we said we would do. And we did.

But despite the disturbing rhetoric coming out of the Kremlin, the facts are plain for everybody to see.

We're not attacking Russia. We're helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression. And just as Putin chose to launch his brutal invasion. He could make the choice to end this brutal invasion.

GLENN: Okay. Stop.

This is -- this is not going to de-escalate.

It's just not going to de-escalate.

May 9th is a very -- it's like our July 4th.

It's a very important take, in Russia. It's, I think hero's day. Or victory day. And it was commemorating the victory over the Nazis.

Well, don't think that this isn't being compared. Because they're saying, they're going in to defeat the Nazis.

That's going to be a -- a frightening day, in my opinion. To see what's going on.

Now, Russia state TV today, is, again, talking about nuclear war. You have -- who was it? Navrov? Who was it, that was talking about, that nuclear war is becoming more and more likely? Just the other day.

STU: Sergei Lavrov.

GLENN: Yeah. So you have the officials saying, it's more and more likely that nuclear weapons will come into play. Here's what Russian state TV said, to comfort their viewers.

They have been discussing the idea of war spreading beyond the -- the Ukraine.

And they're promoting now, the idea of this war is inevitable. And they have been talking about World War III. And listen to this quote.

Personally -- this is one of their -- you know, talking heads. On state-run TV.

Personally, I think the most realistic way, is the way of World War III. Based on knowing us, and our leader, Vladimir Putin. Knowing how everything works around here. It's impossible. There is no chance that we give up.

STU: And, again, this is state-run propaganda. But would anybody here, disagree with that. Would you disagree with that?

GLENN: I wouldn't disagree with that.

STU: There's no chance of him being, you know what, this is a mistake. That's not part of the picture here.


STU: I mean, it's possible. He gets taken out in some way. You know, who knows, but other than that, this isn't just going to stop.

GLENN: Who is replacing him? If he's taking --

STU: That's not going to change anything.

GLENN: Yeah. If he's taking out -- it's very easy to say, that was an American conspiracy. You know what I'm saying?

Because we've said regime change, and then said, no, no, no, no. We don't need that.

STU: Thanks, Joe.

GLENN: He goes on to say. Now, this is Russian state TV. We all know everything will end with a nuclear strike. It's more probable than any other outcome.

STU: Jeez.

GLENN: This is to my horror on one hand. But on the other hand, with the understanding that it is what it is. But we'll go to heaven, while they simply croak. Look, we're all going to die some day.

STU: Uh-oh.

GLENN: If I were saying that on CNN, which is our version of almost pretty much wrapped up state-run television, just the checks haven't been signed. Wouldn't you be like, oh, crap. They are preparing us for nuclear war?

STU: And, I mean, Glenn, we talk about a lot of things that I find to be very important.

There is no single threat that approaches the threat to our civilization, like this one does.

Now, I still think, it's a low percentage possibility. It spirals out of control. And does that sort of damage, that we end in a nuclear war. But it's not impossible.

You know, there are a lot of things we talk about, that even at their worst. Are nowhere near the outcome, that we're talking about here. This is -- we're talking about -- we are one button push away, with the guy who has no checks and balances. And might very well be insane from a nuclear war.


How the WHO's 'pandemic treaty' could CONTROL governments

On May 22nd, the World Health Assembly — which is the governing body of The World Health Organization — will meet in Switzerland to discuss next steps for its ‘pandemic treaty [and its] quest to use public health to expand The WHO’s power over sovereign states,’ Daniel Horowitz reports for TheBlaze. He explains how certain amendments to be added to this treaty could ‘allow the director-general of the WHO to declare a public health emergency in a country and unilaterally coerce its citizens to take certain actions.’ The far-left and global elite continue to destroy our sovereignty, Glenn says, and this is just one more step toward their desired global government.

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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I read some stuff this morning. I've been doing some research on what's happening with the WHO. And I read their stuff today, that will make your head explode. And is really evil and important.

But let me give you this today, from -- from Daniel Horowitz at TheBlaze. States must preemptively nullify any WHO international pandemic regulation.

I'm going to read it verbatim because it's just so well-written. And now is the time, that things are shifting. We're going to. There's going to be a New World Order out there. And we've got to lead it. And we have to unite the rest of the free world in doing it. That's Joe Biden. March 21st, 2022.

Any Republican that is running without mentioning your intent to fight the global pandemic treaty or regulations, might as well run as a Democrat. This is really super important, and it is beginning to happen next week. On May 22nd, the world health assembly, the governing body of the World Health Organization, is going to meet in Geneva Switzerland to discuss the next step in its pandemic treaty. And the quest to use public health to expand the WHO's power over sovereign states. Representatives from 193 nations, including the US, will be attending the only country, not invited is Taiwan.

Gee, I wonder why. So what is this treaty? On January 24th, 2022, the director general of the WHO explained the treaty was a priority, to urgently strength the WHO, as leading and the director authority on global health, at the center of the global health architecture. He laid out the guiding principle of this plot. We, quote, all want a world in which science triumphs over misinformation. Solidarity triumphs over division. And equity is a reality, not an aspiration. He said, we are one world, we have one health. We are one WHO.

Now, this has not been announced. Biden has not even spoken about it. They are deathly quiet about this. But they're going to be approving amendments. The proposed amendments are essentially going to allow the director general of the WHO to declare public health emergencies in any country. And unilaterally coerce its citizens to take certain actions. Here's one of the amendments, a critical section from article nine. The WHO shall consult with and attempt to obtain verification from the state party, whose territory the event is allegedly occurring. But this is the way it's going to read. Now, WHO may take into account, reports from sources of other than notifications or consultations -- consultations shall assess these reports, according to established principles. And then communicate information on the event, to the state party, in whose territory the event is allegedly occurring.

Now, they have scratched out, before taking any action based on reports, the WHO shall consult with and attempt to obtain verification from the state party. That's all gone. They're taking that out.

So WHO gets information, has reports, and they can act without verifying with the president or anybody else.

Why would you be erasing the requirement, for the WHO to consult with the government?

Number four. If the state party does not accept the offer of collaboration within 48 hours, WHO, it used to say, May. It now says, WHO shall -- when justified by the magnitude of public health risk, immediately share with other state parties, the information available, whilst encouraging the state party to accept the offer of collaboration, by the WHO. It used to say there, while taking into accounts the views of the state party concerned.

So they're erasing all of our sovereignty. This is going to be another thing. They're going to say, is a conspiracy theory. It is not. You can look it all up. It is the world health agenda. From the World Health Organization. They are meeting in Geneva, on May 22nd. So that's next week. They are intentionally quiet on this.

Because they know the power. Now, we also know what the WHO is. You remember, when everybody was saying, we have to get out of the WHO.

They're just a tool of China. Why would you say that?

Forget that I mentioned that Taiwan is the only country that is not invited to this in Geneva.

PAT: Yeah. That's completely -- completely irrelevant.

GLENN: Completely. Amen, brother.

PAT: I don't even know why you brought it up in the first place.

GLENN: Thank you. Thank you.

PAT: It's a good thing they weren't actually -- I wish we weren't invited to it.

GLENN: Well, I will tell you this. Another reason why Donald Trump. They fought so hard to keep him out: Because he wouldn't have --

PAT: He sure wouldn't have. That's exactly right.

GLENN: He wouldn't have empowered the WHO.

PAT: Well, he took us out of the WHO.

GLENN: That's exactly right. And this president is not only putting us back, they're taking away our sovereignty.

And so it's one more piece to the global governance of the left. Warning.


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