3 government LIES that should result in JAIL TIME

Glenn has had enough of the hearings, investigations, and questionings…when are government officials who’ve LIED to Congress under oath going to face ACTUAL consequences?! Glenn explains three recent lies from government — like Attorney General Merrick Garland assuring Americans the FBI was NOT targeting parents — that might have been proven with new evidence. So, it’s time some of these officials face JAIL TIME, Glenn says…


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GLENN: I am so sick and tired, so sick and tired, of people not going to jail.

You know, we had hearings. Sure. And then they lied to you. And then what happens? Nothing. Nothing.

You know, I grew up. You didn't lie under oath, ever. Didn't matter with the definition of is, is. You didn't lie under oath. Or you go to jail. Well, that changed in the '90s. And now, you can lie to Congress. The other thing that I always heard is, oh, it's even worse with Congress, because they set the rules. If they decide you're lying, they can say, jail for you.

Wait. What?

When is anyone going to go to jail for lying?

Listen to this one. The National Institute of Health, the acting director, confirmed to lawmakers yesterday, that U.S. health officials concealed early genomic sequences of COVID-19, at the request of Chinese scientists.

Now, do you remember -- do you remember when there was a -- a reporter that said, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

They -- they're hiding information.

There's a sequence, that has been removed. Do you remember this? There's a sequence that's been removed. Where is that sequence? And everybody testified. That is -- that's a conspiracy theory. That is absolutely conspiracy. It was in Vanity Fair. An article March 31st, reported that evolutionary biologist Jesse Bloom discovered last year, that early COVID-19 sequences had disappeared from a federally run data repository. When Bloom raised the issue, he was reportedly ganged up on by a group of researchers, assembled by the then NIH director Francis Collins, and infectious disease head, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

They destroyed him for it. They said that it was a conspiracy theory and everything else. Well, it comes out yesterday, in testimony, that, yeah. We deleted the sequence.

We deleted it. Because the Chinese scientist asked us to. And they happen they got us into this argument of, well, it's not the really deleted. I mean, it was deleted from everything, except, and I have to give you this.

What it was kept on. The sequence read archive. Oh, yeah, here it is. A tape drive. It's kept on a tape drive. Now, I don't know if you're old enough to remember the old computers, that they would have in big computer banks, back in like the '60s. With those reel to reel tapes going back. That's what he's talking about. It's on a tape drive. That's like saying, yeah.

I got a couple of -- Bible. It's on the stone tablet. What? Why is it on a tape drive? Why did you store it there? The reason why is because you can't get to the tape drive. No. It's available.


How do you access that tape drive is this, oh, I just take out my tape drive reading machine. Okay.

All right.

So is anyone going to go to jail? Is anyone going to go to jail?

The answer probably is no.

Will we have hearings? Oh, sure. How about this one?

Mike Johnson and Jim Jordan say they have evidence now that the FBI targeted parents who protested school's covid policies, despite assurances from Merrick Garland, that it never happened. In a letter addressed to the Justice Department, Jordan and Johnson said they have evidence now. The FBI labeled dozens of investigations into parents with a threat tag created by the bureau's counterterrorism division, to assess and track investigations related to school boards. The evidence is coming from brave whistle-blowers within the Department of Justice.

Thank God. Thank God. I have been waiting for some -- is there anybody in the Department of Justice that isn't completely corrupt.

The National School Board Association, you remember, sent the letter to the Biden administration. At the Biden administration's request. Comparing parents who protested school's covid policies to domestic terrorists. Five days later, the FBI issued the memo, saying that they wanted to investigate the threats to school boards, as domestic terror.

An internal email from the FBI's criminal and counterterrorism divisions instructed agents to apply the threat tag, EDU officials, to all investigations and assessments of threats, directly -- directed specifically at education officials. Jordan and Johnson citing the whistle-blowers said, the FBI opened investigations with EDU officials thread, in every region of the country. And relating to all types of educational settings. The lawmaker cited several examples where someone reported a parent or a state elected officials, using the FBI's national threat operation center. In one investigation, FBI officials interviewed a mom, for allegedly telling a school board member, we're coming for you. The person reported the mom, because she belonged to a right-wing mom's group. Let me just tell you that again with a straight face. A right-wing mom's group. Oh, man.

STU: Tons of bake sales going on with that thing. Man.

GLENN: It's what they do with the brownie money, you know what I mean? They come out, sell you brownies. Then they just pile in the cash.

STU: Direct to international terrorism.

GLENN: So this right-wing mom group, called moms for liberty. She's also a gun owner. FBI officials took the threat seriously. Interviewed her. And then said, no. She's not a threat. She's a mom. In another investigation, FBI officials interviewed a dad, opposed to masks, according to Jordan and Johnson, the person who reported the dad, did so, because he supposedly fit the bill of an insurrectionist. And rails against the government. Has a lot of guns. And threatens to use them. Claims which the person later admitted they had no information, or observation of any of that.

The Republican officials in an undisclosed state, were also reported by state Democratic official, who said, Republicans were inciting violence by expressing displeasure with the vaccine mandates.

Jordan and Johnson said these investigations were a direct result of Garland's October 4th directive to the FBI. They noted the FBI agents ultimately determined that these cases did not amount to terrorist threats, but they lamented the waste of valuable of law enforcement time and resources that could have been expended on real and pressing threats. The whistle-blower information raises a few concerns.

Why? Because that means Merrick Garland lied to Congress under oath over and over and over again. Do you remember what he said?

Quote, I can't imagine any circumstance in which the Patriot Act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children. Nor can I imagine a circumstance where we would label parents as domestic terrorists.

Well, you just did. Is anyone ever going to jail?

More news on the FBI. Congress has decided, they're not going to look into the FBI's infringement of the free press. So the House Freedom Caucus. By the way, support the Freedom Caucus. And if you have people in the state, that you think should be in the Freedom Caucus, start a Freedom Caucus in your state. You can -- what was the web address? Was it, or something? We just had the guy who was running it on the other day.

And we need Freedom Caucuses all over the country.

STU: Somehow, I actually remembered that website. That never happens. You have it right in front of you. You misread it in every interview. Yes. Congratulations.

GLENN: Okay. The witnesses were Sharyl Attkisson and James O'Keefe. Sharyl, we know what happened with Sharyl with the FBI. Or we thought we did.

She said, yesterday, under oath, that -- she said, the Obama era gun-walking scandal, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, shared her experience of the U.S. government breaching her electronic devices. Remember that?

The government infected her computers with spyware in an attempt to identify her sources. Her story is well-documented in media reports. Which her litigation against the government, which is still ongoing. But she surprised committee members when she told them, that the FBI threatened to plant child pornography on her husband's laptop. Quote, one of the federal agents involved in one of the operations against me, said they attended the plant child pornography on my husband's computer. This was the FBI. It had not accomplished in my -- it was not accomplished, in my case. I can guess the curtain was drawback drawn on that facet of the operation, before they could do it. But imagine how you would ever get out of that. They knew we had a young daughter at home.

Can you imagine?

This is the kind of stuff, that used -- we used to think, could never happen.

Now, I don't know. Now, I would say, probably.

And if it's not, it probably will. Unless people go to jail. Now, how is that going to happen?

Well, we don't get mealy mouthed worms, like turtle head, Mitch McConnell, who said two days ago, look, I think we all agree here. That the biggest threat to the world, is Ukrainian, Russian conflict. No, it's not. No, it's not.

The biggest threat to world security is the collapse of the United States of America.

Period! And there's multiply ways, we could collapse.

And we have people in our own government, actively working towards that collapse. And if you are a candidate, and you don't get that, you should not -- you should not be sworn into office!

I'm going to introduce you in a minute here to a candidate, I want to get to know her. Because I really want to like her. I think I do.

But she's coming under attack, like nobody's business. I want to give her a chance to explain. And introduce herself, to you.

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GLENN: So the Senate yesterday, voted to confirm Alvaro Bedoya. It was a 51:50 vote with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote. This was a deadlock now that was finally solved.

But the problem is, it makes the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, it puts it into the hands of progressives, and now the FTC is run by radicals.

If you don't know -- if you happen to be watching TheBlaze. Put the picture up. I pulled this down today.

When I saw this. This is the statue. Woodrow Wilson is the guy who started the FTC. So that should tell you everything you need to know. When FDR got in, he built them this beautiful building. And that statue stands in front. It's a giant horse. And a shirtless man, all kinds of muscles. Holding that horseback. Now, people walk by this statue every single day. And they have no idea, what that means.

The horse is industry. The man is government. The FTC puts a bridle on business, and pulls them back. And holds them from galloping. Now, it could be, I guess, a good thing. If you have -- if you have businesses that are out of control. But I don't think we need the FTC. We have the Constitution.

We have the courts to do that. This is a managed economy. And that's what they're going for, again.

FTC was Woodrow Wilson's baby. It will hold business back. You -- you want to really -- you want to -- you want to be a successful country?

You want to get out of the situation that we're in right now, and going into. You let go of the reins. And you let the court systems work it out. You let go of the reins. The FTC is about to do the exact opposite.

Good luck to the economy.


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