Glenn: Are YOU going to accept THIS from the FBI, DOJ, & DC?

We are on the verge of LOSING OUR REPUBLIC, Glenn says. And signs show that ‘regular politics’ won’t be enough to fix the gaping issues currently facing America. In this clip, Glenn runs through just the latest stories showing how the FBI, Department of Justice (DOJ), and others in D.C. expect ordinary Americans — like YOU — to ‘sit down and shut up.’ The way FBI Director Christopher Wray handled recent questioning from Senator Hagerty is just one example. But Glenn is NOT willing to ‘sit down and shut up,’ he says. So, what’s the solution? Glenn will provide a constitutional one TONIGHT during his special, ‘The Reckoning: Biden Crime Family,’ which airs Thursday, May 18th at 8:00pm ET on and blazetv .


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GLENN: Wow. Stu, how are you?

STU: I am great, Glenn. How about yourself?

GLENN: Well, I'm a little, shall I say, fed up.

STU: You are a little fed up. I've noticed that this week.

GLENN: I am a little fed up.

STU: It has been the theme of the week.

GLENN: It has been. And it has been -- I don't know -- a long time coming. And I think we all are. And you have two choices when you're fed up, you can either go, oh, well. It doesn't matter. Or you can say, wow, is this really kind of important. We should find a way to make it stop.

Because we're on the verge of losing our nation. I believe the constitutional republic, that we all think we live in, is already a thing of the past.

But it can be saved, but I don't think through regular politics in Washington. I'm going to lay this out for you tonight.

But I just want to ask you, if you are willing to accept the consequences, of things like this.

Bill Hagerty, yesterday, he's a senator. He was grilling the FBI director. About a document, that Grassley and comber have said, we need for our investigation. We know you have it. Whistle-blowers have said, you have it.

We need it. And you have until like 5 o'clock today, to produce it.

Well, they didn't produce it. So when Ray gets up to testify in front of Congress, here's what happens. Senator Grassley and Chairman Comer subpoenaed an FBI document containing an allegation regarding a pay-to-play scheme between then vice president Biden and a foreign national, and your response was due just a little bit earlier today. My question is, has the FBI complied with the subpoena for this document?

PAT: I believe we submitted a lengthy letter earlier today.

VOICE: A letter? But not the document that is of the subject of the request.

VOICE: I can't speak to the specific document. But we are committed to working collaboratively with both committees, but we also have to balance sources and methods and ongoing investigations. And we will continue to work through the accommodation process as has happened many times in the past.

VOICE: Was there a plan to submit the document? Or will it be never submitted.

VOICE: I would refer to the letter which is quite detailed.

And kind of goes through a fair amount of discussion, about our proposed approach.

VOICE: To addressing the document? I do want to confirm, the document does exist.

VOICE: I -- I -- really can't get into the specifics.

GLENN: No. He can't get into that.

VOICE: I will tell you, we understand completely, the importance of congressional oversight.

GLENN: Right. Really important.

VOICE: I also understand very much, as I think you do, the importance of us protecting sources and methods for investigations.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. That's why you can't answer anything about January 6th. How many people from the FBI were involved in that? How many -- did you really have 12, or was it ten people on -- in the plot to -- to, you know, kidnap and kill Gretchen Whitmer?

Was it ten? We can't get into any of that.

Oh, gosh darn it. I'm sorry. Am I going to foul up your really, really competent system there?

You know that Durham, his scope included the FBI investigations directed at the Hillary Clinton campaign. Did you know that?

The FBI had three concurrent investigations, into the Clinton foundation. Yeah.

FBI has -- you know, I wonder, is that why they shut it down after she lost?

Is that why, it just went away? Nobody. Contributions went to zero. Because I thought it was just about the bribery.

But was it possibly that you had a government agency going, there's a problem here. You've got foreign money, funneling in.

And the FBI had that tip. The tip that was -- that a foreign government, in fact, three of them, a foreign government was sending a person to contribute to Clinton's anticipated presidential campaign, in a way to gain influence, with Clinton, should she win the presidency.

So it's kind of like what they said, was happening with Russia. And Trump.

But it was Clinton. And the FBI, somehow, you know, they -- they had all of this information.

And then they lost it. They don't have a copy anymore. Of the illegal payment.

And the FBI handlers couldn't explain why this illegal contribution wasn't documented in FBI records. It should have been there. It was a human error, I think. And we could all understand that.

So, by the way, the FBI the agent handling it, was told the other agency that, you know, was saying, hey, here's some documents.

They were told that you should stay away from all events relating to the Clinton campaign.

So -- so that's -- that's good. I don't know about you.

I think this is fair and honest.

That I think we're not -- we're not looking at a giant cabal. Certainly, not a secret one.

They're out in the open. They're absolutely out in the open.

And they're doing a bang-up job. I don't know if you heard this. Let me give you a quick update. You remember the Zodiac Killer?

STU: Yeah, big story.

GLENN: Yeah. Back in the day. I think I was like four.

STU: Made movies out of it. And everything.

GLENN: Yes. Yes. Apparently, the FBI had the DNA evidence and everything, since 2012, I think. Yeah, 2012.

Felon has been secretly listed the Zodiac suspect in headquarter computer since 2016, with partial DNA safely secured at Quantico. Unfortunately, they -- they didn't do anything about it.

They were like, we're busy, on other things. We've got other things we got to do.

And so they did those things. Now the Zodiac Killer is now dead.

STU: So they got him. Good job, FBI.

GLENN: Well, God got him, really. Eventually. Eventually.

Now, something else that you should probably -- I mean, I'm just saying. I'm a little fed up.

I think it's so clearly obvious what's going on.

And we lose the republic, if we all go, well, what are you going to do. Right?

If we all say, well, what are you going to do? That's just Washington. What happens?

Why do you think they're trying to scare you, like they are?

Why do you think, that they are taking these whistle-blowers. Wait until I tell you about the whistle-blowers.

Wait until you see what they're doing to them. Why do you think they're doing that?

Because they're telling every FBI agent, you stay in place.

They're telling every IRS agent. You sit down, and shut up.

They are making these people's lives miserable, and it's dangerous. Why do you think they're going after pro-abortion people?

Sit down, shut up.

Why do you think they targeted parents at the school boards?

Sit down and shut up.

So my question is: When somebody is saying that to America, do Americans today, continue to sit town and shut up?

Because I know how that movie ends.

I'm not going to sit down and shut up.

I haven't a clue on how we're going to solve this.

Well, you know what, something happened the last couple of months. We all looked at each other, and went, hey, that gives me an idea.

And it's a constitutional stick. I don't look to guns or violence, or anything else for the answer. I look to the Constitution. Because they got it.

They covered all of it. So how can we solve this?

Because the Justice Department is not going to throw anybody in jail. The FBI is completely corrupt.

We know that the Democratic Party. I mean, think of this.

If your democratic friends. If they are paying any attention at all, the crimes here are so clear, and I don't even mean the crimes -- I can't tell you -- I can guess, but I can't tell you about the Clinton Foundation. I don't have evidence. But I believe that the FBI has had the evidence, and done nothing about it.

It's so clear, when what you lose the presidency, and all of a sudden, nobody is giving to your foundation anymore?

Hello! It's so clear what that is.

However, you know, you need an investigation. In a court of law. But that's never going to happen.

And even if it does happen, it's going to happen in Washington, DC, where 97 percent -- I mean, it's honestly.

It's like Baghdad and Saddam Hussein: 97 percent of the people going to vote, are like, yeah. I'm for Saddam Hussein! Put my finger in the ink.

So how do we win? How do we reclaim a blind justice?

I'll tell you tonight. Blaze TV. If you're not a member of Blaze TV, you need to be.

We need your support. Look, anybody telling you the truth. And this includes you. And that's why we try to be there for you. Anyone who is telling you the truth, and if we go to involved in this. It's about to go Jason Bourne.

I worry about these whistle-blowers. This is dangerous stuff now in America.

But the good guys win. We win. We just have to stay together and stand together. So join us at the Blaze. Tonight at 8:00 p.m.

We're going to show you all of this. And we're going to go over it female I have a website, that I will introduce to you tonight. I will show you the whole plan. I ask you, bring friends over. Bring neighbors over. Bring anybody who has an open mind, to listen. Who wants to solve the problem.

Because it will take all hands on deck. That's tonight 8 o'clock, Blaze TV. Join us. Use the promo code fed up, for your subscription. And you will save 30 bucks.


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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let me take you here. Let me show you the horror on the streets of Philadelphia.

Cut five. Now, I lived in Philadelphia, it was always not the best.
But this is --

STU: Less suboptimal.

GLENN: Less suboptimal. These people are zombies. They're just all drugged out. Laying in the streets. Or stooped over.

All in Philadelphia.

Now, let me show you something else. This is in Oakland.

This is people coming and speaking. This happened this week, in Oakland California.

Not exactly a -- a red part of California.

STU: It's not MAGA land.

GLENN: No. It's not MAGA land. So these are the Oakland residents that are coming to Oakland, to demand a change from the city.

Listen to this.

I'm Louise, owner of Studio Naga.

VOICE: I you in your office every week. (inaudible) I email everyone. And you know the situation.

Someone who is mentally deranged, in front of my business, who has threatened me multiple times. Who has threatened other people. Who has defecated on a property on our business. And I'm being told by macro that they can't do anything. I'm being told by police, that there has to be something in the middle.

As they said, I don't want to have to get threatened with sexual violence. I don't want my children to see this, as a normal behavior from an individual on the street. That they get.

He's naked. He's masturbated in front of them. He's urinated in front of them.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

VOICE: And there's nothing I'm told the police can do. So your policy of not enforcing some of this 150 feet from the school, 150 feet from the residences. That policy has a direct effect.

GLENN: Okay?

STU: Jeez.

GLENN: Can you imagine that? Can you imagine that?

Why are you paying taxes? What am I paying taxes for?

Okay. Listen to this. Crime change, cut two. Number seven.

VOICE: I understand. It comes from a place of hurt, generally when people are being violent. At some level, in some form, it's coming from a place of hurt. Sure. But if they're doing hundreds of gun point robberies mostly to women, to people of all races, where I've been in poverty my whole life, it makes it hard for us to keep job, to find jobs, to live life, to fight through mental health issues. To fight through our poverty. And it's not just one Democrat, and women. It's all kinds of women being targeted. This is systemic violence as well.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: So here's what I want to leave you with.

When you start to have conversations. Because all of the data points are there.

Before, when they were like, we'll reimagine the police. We're like, that's not going to work. That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard.


And that obviously, wasn't necessarily the best thing to say. But that's what was out of our mouths. I know it was my mouth at the time.

You are out of your mind?

Now all the data points are there. You show things like this.

And say, so let's talk about defunding the police. And saying, that the homeless, you know, can live anywhere they want. And all of this.

How is that working out for you?

Just ask them that. How is that working out?

Can we just look at -- can we just look at the facts? How is the city doing?

How is crime? How is crime, compared from a red city, to a blue city?

Is there anything we can learn from this? How is it working out?

And just be kind about it. But it's time we talk about facts. This is empirical evidence. This is how science is done.

I don't follow scientists. Because I know scientists can be wrong. I follow actual scientists. And that is, I have a theory.

I will now test it out, and I will look at the facts. So when they say, you just don't even know, you're a racist.

No. I'm following science. Here's how it works. You propose a theory.

I think police are making our cities racist. And they're -- they -- we would be safer, in the minority communities, if there weren't any police.


You said defund, because you want to reimagine.

Now we've done that in several cities. So let's look at those cities. Because if it was working and it was better. I would be with you.

I would change my mind. I don't want to be right.

I want to live in a great country, that treats everybody fairly. That -- that looks at everyone equally. Looks at people who are sick, and says, they're sick.

How can we help them?

I don't want to live in crime. And neither do you.

So how is that working out?

That's science.

STU: We did a show on Stu Does America, called Stu does the collapse of the American city. A couple weeks ago. And highlighted a station called old station subtraction in Phoenix.

Listen to this. This is their everyday. Everyday.

Sixty-nine-year-old owner, who opens a sub shop. It's been around for a while. This is his current situation. There are hundreds of people sleeping within a few blocks of Old Station. Most of them suffering from mental illness or substance abuse, as they lived out their private lives with public view of the restaurant.

They slept on Joe and Debbie's outdoor tables. Defecated on their back porch. Smoked methamphetamine in their parking lot. Washed clothes in their bathroom sink. Pilfered bread and gallon jars of pickles from the delivery trucks. Had sex on their patio. Masturbated within view of their employees. And lit fires for warmth that burned down palm trees and scared around customers.

Within a half mile of the restaurant, the police have been called to an average of eight incidents a day in 2022.

There are at least 1,097 calls for emergency medical help. 573 fights or assaults.

236 incidents of trespassing, 185 fires, 140 thefts, 125 armed robberies, thirteen sexual assaults, and four homicides. The remains of a 20 to 24-week-old fetus, 20 to 24-week-old fetus were burned and left next to a Dumpster in November. Two people were stabbed to death in their tents.

Sixteen others were found dead from overdoses, suicides, hypothermia, or excessive heat.

A group of young men in the encampment have begun selling off pieces of the public sidewalk, charging each person $20 a week for what they called lot rent and security.

That had seemed ridiculous, to an encampment resident, until he decided not to pay and then awoke one night to the smell of someone dowsing his tent with lighter fluid.

Then there was Kesha, barely out of her teens, who skittered around the encampment like a scared cat, wary of everyone. Carrying a few old dolls, and crying sometimes.

Joel had tried to watch out for her, offering her water, for a few minutes inside whenever she was upset.

But one weekend, when he wasn't around, the temperature was 115 degrees. She laid down on the curb near his gallery and died of heat exhaustion. Story after story after story of this.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: This goes back to one of these court rulings where they said, of course it's okay to camp outside. That's okay.

Of course it is. So this has completely devastated. And this is the story of one sandwich shop. But this is repeating itself all over the country.

GLENN: So, you know, here's the thing.

We have to understand, that America is not all -- John Philip Sousa, marching bands, perfect military, and white picket fences. Okay?

We have to understand that. I never thought it was. I thought we were better than we are now.

I never thought it was. We've done some really bad things. I'm willing to admit that. I know at this point, you are too.

Because we've gone through this together. We've actually gone through soul-searching. The vast majority of Americans have changed. The vast majority of Americans on both sides have changed.

Now, we've changed because we've done soul-searching. And we went, yeah. Jeez. We really screwed things up. Boy, you know what. The liberals who were right about the companies, becoming the state, I didn't think that 20 years ago.

And they were right about the FBI. And the -- the spy apparatus in this country. They were right.

Okay. All right. Now, why do I say that?

Not because I'm forced to. But because I'm watching the evidence.

Nobody convinced me of that. The evidence is overwhelming. Now, while that evidence is coming out, and changing hard-core Republicans, hard-core conservatives.

Really pro-police. Pro-military. All of the things, that they've always hated.

As we're changing, because we see the facts. They're changing in spite of the facts.

And embracing the things they rejected. This is not logical.

It's just not logical.

And it's -- it's -- it won't endure.

And the further we get down this path. I'm reallying beginning to understand, the gods of the copybook headings. With terror and slaughter return. Is the last line. Of that Rudyard Kipling poem.

And I'm beginning to understand it. It doesn't just mean war. It doesn't mean, you'll have someone come in, and just right everything. We're experiencing the terror and slaughter right now.

We're experiencing it. How many people in this country, right now are living in fear. That weren't living in fear, ten years ago.

How many people who own a business in a town, live in fear of what the police won't or will do, of what's happening outside of their streets.

Anybody who says they're compassionate, and they heard what Stu just read, that's happening in Arizona. How do you claim compassion here?

How is this compassionate? You are not helping the lowest. You're enriching the rich right now.

You're not even -- you're not helping the millionaires. You're helping the billionaires.

You're empowering them. You're destroying so many lives, that are living on the streets, that are in the worst shape.

And how you are doing that?

By disregarding every known principle. There's a difference between facts. Facts can change.

Principles don't change. There's something that man has found to be true, over thousands of years.


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