Amazon TERRORIZED them. Now, they're sharing a HUGE WIN.

It’s a 21st century horror story: Amazon’s massively dangerous ties with our federal government resulted in the intimidation, terrorization, and near-financial destruction of one innocent family. Amy Nelson’s husband, Carl, was accused of a crime by the tech giant just months before the COIVD pandemic took root throughout the U.S. And through civil asset forfeiture, the Nelsons nearly lost everything they had. But through sheer determination, this family never gave up fighting against tyranny. In this clip, Amy joins Glenn to detail a recent, HUGE WIN over Amazon. Plus, she explains why Amazon and Jeff Bezos are FAR more dangerous than the everyday American may realize…


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GLENN: Win one, for the good guys. Amy Nelson is here. She is -- she is the founder of the riveter -- She's also been on our show multiple times. She was on our government's completely out of control lookout show.

She was not somebody who -- I'll get it right. Amy, you weren't a fan of me, or anything before. Right?

AMY: It wasn't that I wasn't a fan of you. It's that I had been a Democrat my entire life. And been very active in progressive politics.

GLENN: So you hated me, that's what you're saying.

AMY: I did not.

GLENN: I mean, wanted to throw that in. Because we're strange bedfellows. And I think more and more people need to find themselves with strange bedfellows. Because if we have the Bill of Rights in common, we can be friends with anybody.

That's the way America used to get along.

We believe in individual rights and the Bill of Rights.

So, Amy, your husband was accused by Amazon of -- of a whole bunch of crimes. And the DOJ came into your life, and destroyed your life.

Can you give me like a 30, 40-second rundown of what happened?

AMY: Yeah. My husband works for Amazon Web Services, the cloud competing division of Amazon for eight years. He works sourcing real estate.

A year after he left, Amazon accused him of a crime. And we learned of that, because the FBI knocked on our door. My husband then spent three years, fighting these allegations. The allegations was this esoteric crime called private sector honest services fraud, which is a process crime. Like witness tampering. And over the course of three years, Amazon had the government seize all of our bank accounts. The FBI raided our home.

And then they sued my husband in the eastern district of Virginia.

GLENN: It's funny. Virginia seemed -- isn't Amazon a Seattle-based company, or did they move out to Virginia? Is that why?

AMY: Well, Amazon is a Seattle-based company, and my husband lived and worked in Seattle.

But Amazon chose northern Virginia, as its second headquarters.

You know, Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper there. He is trained by the football team there. And he is very close to the government.

GLENN: So you alleged, when you came on, that none of these things were true.

And we believed you. None of these things were true.

And that Bezos was using the government, to crucify, and prosecute your husband, so they didn't have to pay 100 million-dollar fine, on another unrelated topic, correct?

AMY: Correct.

GLENN: So last time I spoke to you, you said, it was going to -- finally going to trial. But it was a civil suit. Because the Justice Department never brought any charges.

AMY: That is correct. And the civil trial is scheduled to start on May 3rd, just in a few weeks.

GLENN: And what has happened?

AMY: Something really extraordinary happened.

Glenn, last week, the federal judge issued an order, tossing out almost all of Amazon's claims before trial. Essentially saying, these claims aren't even strong enough to warrant a jury trial. We can throw them out today.

The judge said, that my husband didn't even violate Amazon. He said, there was no fraud. He tossed out Amazon's sensational racketeering claim, which was Amazon stepping in with the DOJ and trying to prove a crime. And the federal judge said, ejector strong enough to merit a trial.

GLENN: Wow. That is a huge loss for them.

AMY: Yeah.

GLENN: He tossed out six of the seven. What did he leave?

AMY: He left a claim that is called civil conspiracy to purposefully interfere with the contract. And it's a little bit confusing. Because it's a question of, can Amazon prove that there was a conspiracy for a bunch of people to interfere with my husband's employment contract.

But, again, it's not that my husband didn't violate his employment contract. So we're still trying to kind of work through what that means.

GLENN: Okay.

So there's no jail time.

Maybe there would be a fine.

But this is a huge win, kind of. Because if you have this tossed out of court. How did Amazon get the DOJ to persecute you guys, for what? Two years. Two and a half years.

AMY: Three years. So, you know, Glenn. There's a lot of things at play here. It's a huge win.

And we have to see if Amazon even decides to go trial, to try to prove that last claim.

But I think I've been sitting here for the past few days. Amazon is too big.

They have too much money.

If a company can go and spend billions of dollars, to try to lobby the federal government to bring criminal charges, for civil forfeiture.

To deprive Americans of their bank account. And then to delay and enforce American employees to spend millions of dollars, essentially proving that he didn't break his employment contract. That company is too big. Like, that is not how this is supposed to work. Amazon employs over a million Americans. This is frightening.

GLENN: Well, it's not just a million Americans. They have all kinds of people from the Department of Justice.

And other three-letter agencies. That truly frightening.

Because they're providing the cloud servers for the US government. And for all of these agencies.

That's -- that's a lot of power.

AMY: Yeah. I think most Americans don't understand, that Amazon stores the secrets of the FBI, the NSA, CIA, everybody.

So, Of course, when they go to these agencies, and ask for something. The biases of agencies will delete them.

They want to, right?

We entrust them. We entrust Jeff Bezos with our national secrets, full stop. That's pretty terrifying, particularly when -- Glenn, I don't know how to frame it otherwise.

But it seems like this a modern day robber barons. He's out there using the courts to try to imprison his employees when they're not even liable for breaching the employment contract.

And also, what bothers me in this story, is the use of civil asset forfeiture. When the government can come in and just take people's assets. Remember, it was Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan Chase. That last week, in his shareholder meeting, said, we need to start seizing farms, because we need to rapidly grow wind and solar energy. And we can't get enough farmland

So we just need to start seizing it. Ford is seize all of these farms down south, they announced over the weekend.

The civil asset forfeiture. When they can just take things. And they don't have to return it, even.

If you're not guilty, they don't have to do anything. Did you ever get an apology for any of that?

AMY: No, Glenn. In fact, we had to agree not to sue the government in order to get our money back.

GLENN: That's crazy. That is just crazy.

AMY: Glenn, they can do it secretly. Like, we've still never seen the affidavit, that were the basis of seizing our money.

Like, we don't even know what Amazon told the government to get them to take that money.

But I do know the federal judge and the lawsuit, that he just tossed out all these cases, said that Amazon had misrepresented there were damages. There were no damages.

Misrepresented their code of conduct. And what it said.

They made all these misrepresentations. So did the government take our money based on those misrepresentations? And who gets held accountable for all of this?

GLENN: Nobody.

AMY: Nobody. Right.

And they will go and start taking American's farmlands, because they want to, they'll just find a way. Right? I think powerful people. Powerful entities. Powerful corporations and banks can really manipulate the law, the way they want to.

GLENN: So you walk away, at this point, pretty happy.

AMY: I mean, I do. But I have to say, I'm still afraid, that Amazon and its CEO, Andy Jassy might go back to the DOJ and say, please go do what we couldn't do. Get these people.

GLENN: But how?

On what?

AMY: I don't know. But, Glenn, they're -- how did they do this for the past two years?

Right. Just, I don't know.

GLENN: This is no way. This is no way for an American to live.

When you were afraid of the government, when you have done no wrong.

Because they're in bed with a corporation, that needs the -- you know, needs the trouble pinned on somebody else.

That is terrifying. That's not America.

AMY: It really is not. And I'm still afraid the FBI will knock on my door, and try to take my husband and our four daughters. And it -- there's so many things about this, right?

Glenn, your point at the beginning, you have the Bill of Rights. That's what should unite us.

And to think we're in a constant fight, between Democrats and Republicans about smaller issues. When if you look up, when you look up, corporations are really -- because many reasons, able to direct politicians of all stripes and all colors, right? Of what to do. And how to act.

And I think it's truly terrifying to me, somehow progressives are these massive supporters of the FBI.

GLENN: It's -- yeah. Go ahead.

AMY: Yeah. We look back, five, ten, 15 years ago. The Democrats are out there screaming about the FBI's overreach.

And spying on citizens.

And now I think because Democrats feel like the FBI will go after Trump for them.

That they're the good guys.

GLENN: It's really amazing to me. That I was listening to you talk about these big businesses.

And the FBI, right before you -- you brought this up.

And I thought, you know. Ten years ago, 15 years ago.

I would have been thinking right now, oh, jeez.

This is not going to fly well with the audience.

Because you'll sound too progressive.

Now, you don't sound like a progressive at all.

You sound like a conservative. It's so bizarre.

AMY: It's a strange world. And I find myself out there talking to my progressive friends about this all the time now. And I really feel like Americans of all political persuasions are being distracted to forget our freedoms, to forget our freedoms.


And it's terrifying. Because our freedoms really matter. They really do.

GLENN: Amy, thank you so much.

Tell us what happens. Keep us up to speed, when you -- when you get that last one, cleared up.

And my best to you and your family and the kids.

AMY: I know.

Thanks for telling our story, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet. Amy Nelson. She's from

It's an amazing American horror story.


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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let me take you here. Let me show you the horror on the streets of Philadelphia.

Cut five. Now, I lived in Philadelphia, it was always not the best.
But this is --

STU: Less suboptimal.

GLENN: Less suboptimal. These people are zombies. They're just all drugged out. Laying in the streets. Or stooped over.

All in Philadelphia.

Now, let me show you something else. This is in Oakland.

This is people coming and speaking. This happened this week, in Oakland California.

Not exactly a -- a red part of California.

STU: It's not MAGA land.

GLENN: No. It's not MAGA land. So these are the Oakland residents that are coming to Oakland, to demand a change from the city.

Listen to this.

I'm Louise, owner of Studio Naga.

VOICE: I you in your office every week. (inaudible) I email everyone. And you know the situation.

Someone who is mentally deranged, in front of my business, who has threatened me multiple times. Who has threatened other people. Who has defecated on a property on our business. And I'm being told by macro that they can't do anything. I'm being told by police, that there has to be something in the middle.

As they said, I don't want to have to get threatened with sexual violence. I don't want my children to see this, as a normal behavior from an individual on the street. That they get.

He's naked. He's masturbated in front of them. He's urinated in front of them.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

VOICE: And there's nothing I'm told the police can do. So your policy of not enforcing some of this 150 feet from the school, 150 feet from the residences. That policy has a direct effect.

GLENN: Okay?

STU: Jeez.

GLENN: Can you imagine that? Can you imagine that?

Why are you paying taxes? What am I paying taxes for?

Okay. Listen to this. Crime change, cut two. Number seven.

VOICE: I understand. It comes from a place of hurt, generally when people are being violent. At some level, in some form, it's coming from a place of hurt. Sure. But if they're doing hundreds of gun point robberies mostly to women, to people of all races, where I've been in poverty my whole life, it makes it hard for us to keep job, to find jobs, to live life, to fight through mental health issues. To fight through our poverty. And it's not just one Democrat, and women. It's all kinds of women being targeted. This is systemic violence as well.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: So here's what I want to leave you with.

When you start to have conversations. Because all of the data points are there.

Before, when they were like, we'll reimagine the police. We're like, that's not going to work. That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard.


And that obviously, wasn't necessarily the best thing to say. But that's what was out of our mouths. I know it was my mouth at the time.

You are out of your mind?

Now all the data points are there. You show things like this.

And say, so let's talk about defunding the police. And saying, that the homeless, you know, can live anywhere they want. And all of this.

How is that working out for you?

Just ask them that. How is that working out?

Can we just look at -- can we just look at the facts? How is the city doing?

How is crime? How is crime, compared from a red city, to a blue city?

Is there anything we can learn from this? How is it working out?

And just be kind about it. But it's time we talk about facts. This is empirical evidence. This is how science is done.

I don't follow scientists. Because I know scientists can be wrong. I follow actual scientists. And that is, I have a theory.

I will now test it out, and I will look at the facts. So when they say, you just don't even know, you're a racist.

No. I'm following science. Here's how it works. You propose a theory.

I think police are making our cities racist. And they're -- they -- we would be safer, in the minority communities, if there weren't any police.


You said defund, because you want to reimagine.

Now we've done that in several cities. So let's look at those cities. Because if it was working and it was better. I would be with you.

I would change my mind. I don't want to be right.

I want to live in a great country, that treats everybody fairly. That -- that looks at everyone equally. Looks at people who are sick, and says, they're sick.

How can we help them?

I don't want to live in crime. And neither do you.

So how is that working out?

That's science.

STU: We did a show on Stu Does America, called Stu does the collapse of the American city. A couple weeks ago. And highlighted a station called old station subtraction in Phoenix.

Listen to this. This is their everyday. Everyday.

Sixty-nine-year-old owner, who opens a sub shop. It's been around for a while. This is his current situation. There are hundreds of people sleeping within a few blocks of Old Station. Most of them suffering from mental illness or substance abuse, as they lived out their private lives with public view of the restaurant.

They slept on Joe and Debbie's outdoor tables. Defecated on their back porch. Smoked methamphetamine in their parking lot. Washed clothes in their bathroom sink. Pilfered bread and gallon jars of pickles from the delivery trucks. Had sex on their patio. Masturbated within view of their employees. And lit fires for warmth that burned down palm trees and scared around customers.

Within a half mile of the restaurant, the police have been called to an average of eight incidents a day in 2022.

There are at least 1,097 calls for emergency medical help. 573 fights or assaults.

236 incidents of trespassing, 185 fires, 140 thefts, 125 armed robberies, thirteen sexual assaults, and four homicides. The remains of a 20 to 24-week-old fetus, 20 to 24-week-old fetus were burned and left next to a Dumpster in November. Two people were stabbed to death in their tents.

Sixteen others were found dead from overdoses, suicides, hypothermia, or excessive heat.

A group of young men in the encampment have begun selling off pieces of the public sidewalk, charging each person $20 a week for what they called lot rent and security.

That had seemed ridiculous, to an encampment resident, until he decided not to pay and then awoke one night to the smell of someone dowsing his tent with lighter fluid.

Then there was Kesha, barely out of her teens, who skittered around the encampment like a scared cat, wary of everyone. Carrying a few old dolls, and crying sometimes.

Joel had tried to watch out for her, offering her water, for a few minutes inside whenever she was upset.

But one weekend, when he wasn't around, the temperature was 115 degrees. She laid down on the curb near his gallery and died of heat exhaustion. Story after story after story of this.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: This goes back to one of these court rulings where they said, of course it's okay to camp outside. That's okay.

Of course it is. So this has completely devastated. And this is the story of one sandwich shop. But this is repeating itself all over the country.

GLENN: So, you know, here's the thing.

We have to understand, that America is not all -- John Philip Sousa, marching bands, perfect military, and white picket fences. Okay?

We have to understand that. I never thought it was. I thought we were better than we are now.

I never thought it was. We've done some really bad things. I'm willing to admit that. I know at this point, you are too.

Because we've gone through this together. We've actually gone through soul-searching. The vast majority of Americans have changed. The vast majority of Americans on both sides have changed.

Now, we've changed because we've done soul-searching. And we went, yeah. Jeez. We really screwed things up. Boy, you know what. The liberals who were right about the companies, becoming the state, I didn't think that 20 years ago.

And they were right about the FBI. And the -- the spy apparatus in this country. They were right.

Okay. All right. Now, why do I say that?

Not because I'm forced to. But because I'm watching the evidence.

Nobody convinced me of that. The evidence is overwhelming. Now, while that evidence is coming out, and changing hard-core Republicans, hard-core conservatives.

Really pro-police. Pro-military. All of the things, that they've always hated.

As we're changing, because we see the facts. They're changing in spite of the facts.

And embracing the things they rejected. This is not logical.

It's just not logical.

And it's -- it's -- it won't endure.

And the further we get down this path. I'm reallying beginning to understand, the gods of the copybook headings. With terror and slaughter return. Is the last line. Of that Rudyard Kipling poem.

And I'm beginning to understand it. It doesn't just mean war. It doesn't mean, you'll have someone come in, and just right everything. We're experiencing the terror and slaughter right now.

We're experiencing it. How many people in this country, right now are living in fear. That weren't living in fear, ten years ago.

How many people who own a business in a town, live in fear of what the police won't or will do, of what's happening outside of their streets.

Anybody who says they're compassionate, and they heard what Stu just read, that's happening in Arizona. How do you claim compassion here?

How is this compassionate? You are not helping the lowest. You're enriching the rich right now.

You're not even -- you're not helping the millionaires. You're helping the billionaires.

You're empowering them. You're destroying so many lives, that are living on the streets, that are in the worst shape.

And how you are doing that?

By disregarding every known principle. There's a difference between facts. Facts can change.

Principles don't change. There's something that man has found to be true, over thousands of years.


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