Bill O’Reilly: Biden’s failure is BEYOND DEBATE. Here's why.

Americans who STILL believe President Biden is doing a good job running this nation must be delusional, Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn, because at this point Joe’s failure is beyond debate. So does the president actually WANT America to collapse? Are those working behind the scenes purposefully enacting policies that will take this nation down? Or are all those in the West Wing THAT incompetent? Glenn and Bill discuss all this, plus: how Biden’s horrible policies are taking us from ‘America First’ under Trump to ‘America Last’ today…


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GLENN: Thank you for using me. Anyway, so, Bill, what is the number one story this week, in your opinion?

BILL: The total collapse. You know, I want to advance this story now. The Biden story. So it's beyond any kind of debate. If you, in your life, have a person who still thinks that Joe Biden is doing a good job, as president, then you might want to reevaluate that relationship.

Because it -- it's a delusional relationship. You're not dealing with a person, who has a grasp on reality.

So when a Wholesale Price Index comes in at 11.3. And nobody knows what that is.

But it's what all of the vendors, that you use your grocery store. Your 7-Eleven. Your Subway sandwich shop. Whatever it may be. Those are the wholesale vendors. When they're paying 11.3 percent more for their product. Guess who is going to have to pay that down the road?

GLENN: Right.

BILL: Okay. Guess. Maybe that's us.

So it's not explained. Immediately explained. Is they're embarrassed now. The media is embarrassed.

Because they were all behind. They were in the tank for Biden. They never warned anybody about Biden. Beck and I -- and I remember these conversations in the fall of 2020 with you. We both said, you may not like Trump. And there are many good reasons not to like him. But if you put this guy in, we're all going to suffer. And that's exactly what has happened.

So now we have to advance the story.

Because people -- if you don't earn a lot of money. If you are a service worker. If you are in a union. Okay?

Your salary isn't going up. In correspondence with the prices. So, therefore, your lifestyle is going down. We all understand this.

GLENN: So, Bill, you know, we're -- we're sitting here, today.

I -- I just don't think there is any doubt. We've gone from America first, which the left and the media thought was just so horrible.

We have literally gone to America last.

And I -- and I said, the people who were designing the policies, for Biden.

It is clear, they hate America.

They hate America.

BILL: Yeah. I know this is circulating around on the internet, that Biden, in conjunction with Obama, are trying to tank the country.

GLENN: I don't -- I'm not even including him. I don't think he's that important in my opinion.

BILL: Okay.

GLENN: It's the people who are writing -- whoever it is, that are designing these policies. You cannot be this wrong, this much.

BILL: Yes, you can. Okay.

So the right-wing websites. Conservative. The real hard-core right. They basically say, this is intentional. The -- to tank the economy, so that socialism rises up. And the progressive left gets what they want. We whip out all traditions in America. We whip out the capitalistic system, so they do it on purpose. I don't think that's happening.

What I think is happening is that James Buchanan is back. So the White House was supposed to be haunted on the second -- that's the residence.

All right? And all the past presidents are supposed to be floating around in apparitions, all right?

So I write today in my message today, on BillO', that Joe Biden should summon James Buchanan. Who was James Buchanan? Nobody knows because that would require history teachers to actually teach, and that's of course not happening in America.

Fifteenth president of the United States. Lancaster Pennsylvania. Lifelong bachelor. Many people feel that he was gay.

That's probably true.

All right. That's his social problem. Gets elected president, after the immortal Pierce. Franklin Pierce, who was drunk pretty much every day he was in the White House, Franklin Pierce.

He had a lot of wine flowing. So Pierce goes out, Buchanan comes in. Buchanan then allows the South to loot and steal all the federal armories to take all the guns. Buchanan does nothing. Seven states secede in his four years. Basically say, blank you, James Buchanan. We're leaving. Because we like slavery. And that's what we're doing. So then Buchanan leaves after doing nothing, Beck. Nothing.

For four years, allowing chaos to rein. Lincoln comes in. Civil War. Worst debacle in American history. Hundreds of thousands dead and maimed. And it's all on James Buchanan. And then he goes back to Pennsylvania. And says, oh, it wasn't my fault.

That's Biden. That's Biden.

GLENN: So let me -- you say he did nothing.

That was the -- the last part of Obama's term.

What -- what Joe Biden is -- or his administration is doing, is not nothing.

They are -- I mean, look, we are depleting our strategic oil reserves. Sending the oil over to Europe, putting us into a very dangerous situation.

They are canceling another oil auction.

For -- for really oil-rich property.

While we have the highest gas prices. We have baby food shortages. And they're just blaming it on the kids. While there are pallets of baby food, down at the border. Which are required by law. If you're going to have people. You have to make sure you can take care of the evidence. And that's right. But why are they selectively doing that law, when they have an open border policy?

They're killing us, every single way. Every way possible.

BILL: Okay. Number one. Those kids are eating too much, Beck. We have to cut back on those nutrition to those kids. All right?

They're lucky they got out of the womb, after Biden.

He wouldn't have -- he doesn't want any limitations on. They're lucky they got here. What, they're whining about baby formula now?

Is that what we're hearing?

Look, Biden gets in here. He doesn't know what he's doing. You and Stu agree with that.

STU: He definitely does not know what he's doing.

BILL: He cannot administrate. He can't do it. People come to Biden. They walk into the Oval Office, and they say, hey. Let's cancel the pipeline, because it's bad for climate change. And Biden says, okay. Then they come in and they say, let's not enforce border law, because that's mean to the migrants. And Biden goes, okay.

Then they say, hey. Under Trump, inflation was just 1.4 percent. And Trump had to deal with the covid shutdown, completely.

Now, under you, it's 11 percent. But let's blame covid.

And he goes, okay. This is a man, who cannot think in the office.

GLENN: Yeah. I agree with that. But I'm talking about people who come into the office. They're not all morons.

BILL: But this is not a personal decision. He's not going to say, hey, Larry, you're an idiot. And the last seven things you told me to do, have been horrible for the country. People don't understand what the word incapacitated means.

He can't make decisions. On anything.

GLENN: He is -- whether he knows it or not, he is overseeing a group of people, that are in a Tet cult.

What they are doing is causing -- I mean, just look at the border. We have now -- the CDC's national vital statistics from 2021. There were 107,622 Americans, between 18 and 49.

That died, from fentanyl.

Okay? That's the largest number of Americans who have died from drug overdoses, ever.

And an increase of about 15 percent. An increase from 2020. An increase of 50 percent, from 2019.

Now, you've got those numbers. Now let's look at what happened with covid.

Same time period. Eighteen to 49 in 2021. So I'm giving it, at the height. 1849. One year. There were only 41,000 deaths. And we shut down everything.

Everything. We are killing our 18 to 49-year-old adults. And they don't give a flying crap.

BILL: Okay. That's all true. But do you think Joe Biden has a sheet of paper with those stats in front of him? And he's actually thinking about how to solve the problem?

GLENN: No. But I do think the people who are making policy. For instance, the safe smoking kits with the free crack pipe.

Somebody put that together. They then -- somebody hid it. Psaki. Somebody made the decision to hide it. And now we do know, that, yes. Five cities got free crack pipes.

BILL: Listen. You can do this all day long. You can -- you can -- every policy -- everyone that the federal government has dealt with in the last 16 months has failed. So you might think that there would be some firings, right?

Maybe some new blood come in. No?

Because Biden doesn't know the difference between success and failure.

See, people when I say this, they don't believe me.

They don't believe me.

GLENN: No. I think -- I think --

BILL: We have a president, who cannot think. He's incapable of thinking.

GLENN: But you might think, you and I disagree. We don't. In that part, we're in lockstep.

BILL: What you're saying, these incompetent people around him, doing these crazy things. Yes. Yes.

But nobody is going to replace them. All right?

Because that would have to come from Biden.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: And he doesn't know what they're doing. Doesn't care particularly, what they're doing.

Want to go to Delaware, and have some Jell-O. That's where he is.

GLENN: And also, spend some of his Chinese money.

All right. Back with Bill O'Reilly here in just a second. I want to talk to you about the new press secretary, Bill, when we come back.


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