Bill O’Reilly is INSULTED by Biden’s ‘DUMB’ response to growing crime in America

Bill O'Reilly tells Glenn that New York City in the 1980s was a 'horrific place to be.' Crime and drugs were rampant UNTIL Rudy Giuliani became mayor and restructured policing there. But, soon enough, progressives took over — and NYC is back to high crime once again. And it's the same in every city across the nation where far-left politicians called to either defund or dismantle police. Plus, our president doesn't help the matter, either. In fact, O'Reilly says he was INSULTED with Biden's 'dumb,' recent response on growing crime in America: 'It's frightening and it's subversive.'


Why Oscar Winner Richard Dreyfuss Is Grateful Glenn 'Outed' Him | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 170

Even as an Oscar-winning A-list actor, Richard Dreyfuss never really fit in with the Hollywood crowd. “There are people who now think that opposing views are un-American,” he tells Glenn. Today, that toxic belief has been spread across the country, and he couldn’t stay silent. Having grown up communist, he’s seen this before, and he believes the root issue is simple: Our schools no longer teach civics. To fight back, he founded the Dreyfuss Civics Initiative and wrote his new book, “One Thought Scares Me.” His hope is to save America by encouraging conversations between people with opposing views. He lives by this. In his own words, he’s a “Lib-o-Conserve-o-Rad-o-Middle of the road-o,” and has been for years. And of course, he’s gathered plenty of stories over those years: Activism, drugs, James Dean, the 1960s, the consequences of celebrity feuds, the power of a good teacher … Oh, and a story about how his great-grandaunt may have assassinated a Russian Emperor.


What Everyone Is MISSING in Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal | Ep 246

The Biden classified documents story is not just a story of hypocrisy by the media and the DOJ. It’s about time and TIMING. Why did the Biden classified documents story get leaked to the press THE SAME WEEK the New York Times wrote a story on Hunter Biden ADMITTING that his business deals with Ukraine and China were shady — but that Joe Biden was apparently in the clear? And why are we hearing about Biden’s classified documents, allegedly first discovered days before the midterm election, only NOW? When you put the entire story up on a timeline, it reveals something deeper, bigger, and more nefarious. It tells you a story the mainstream media and the White House DON’T want you to know and opens up new questions of corruption, cover-up, and potential election interference. BlazeTV host Stu Burguiere fills in for Glenn and is joined by founder and award-winning journalist John Solomon. They discuss John’s latest report on Biden family business deals that paid off for the Chinese in big ways. Plus, in a bizarre twist, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Justice Department has kept the FBI away from the classified documents evidence and has trusted Biden’s lawyers to “self-report” anything amiss. Solomon explains why the two-tiered approach to President Trump and Biden is important: “This means Biden’s lawyers could be witnesses in a criminal case.”


John Kerry EXPOSES World Economic Forum elites’ TRUE feelings

Ah, another moment when world elites reveal EXACTLY how they truly feel about us peasants surviving below them. This moment came from John Kerry, who praised a ‘select’ group of elites at the World Economic Forum for gathering in Davos to discuss how they can ‘save the planet.’ Pat and Stu, filling in for Glenn, discuss the moment, plus the awkward photo-op Greta Thunberg had with police during her recent ‘arrest’ at an eco-protest in Germany…


Glenn: The DESTRUCTION of eternal truth is hurting YOUR kids

Comedian Chelsea Handler embarrassingly admitted on a recent appearance on the The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that she didn’t know the moon and the sun were ‘not the same thing’ until she was 40-years-old. But it gets even worse. In this clip, Glenn details another, more sinister story that demonstrates how eternal truths are being not only ignored by world elites, but DESTROYED by them as well. And YOUR kids are being affected by it all. Our kids are confused, Glenn says, and it’s time we figure out how to help them before it’s too late.