Blake J. Harris: Let's get 'The History of the Future' all the way to No. 1

Two days ago Blake J. Harris joined Glenn on radio to talk about his book detailing the inner workings of Facebook. Due to the political nature of the book, Harris was blackballed from interviews subsequently burying this bestselling author at 33,000. After coming on the program he's all the way up to No. 3 — but we can do better.


Glenn joins The Daily Caller Podcast

Glenn went by the Daily Caller to talk about why cable news stinks, what he thought of Trump's SOTU speech and more! When asked what he's trying to achieve through BlazeTV, Glenn said, "We're doing what you're doing . . . We're trying to tell the truth as we see it, tell the truth as we find it and replace the old media, because the old media is wildly broken."