PROOF Bud Light, Target boycotts ARE WORKING. But will it last?

Bud Light sales have dropped dramatically since the Dylan Mulvaney controversy, and now Target is taking steps after its over-the-top pride month/LGBTQ products caused backlash nationwide. The boycotts — and YOUR stance against both companies — are working. But will this actually last?! Typical boycotts usually don’t see longterm effects, but resistance from Americans in these two situations may be different. Glenn and Stu discuss what makes today's Bud Light & Target backlash different and what MUST happen to truly make a long-lasting difference…


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GLENN: I'm going to tell the story here, of Target. Now, it came out in the New York Post.

Just a couple of days ago. Target's top executive dismisses the social media uproar over the retailer's new line of LGBTQ friendly kid's clothing. Outraged shoppers have posted videos and images on social media, showing bathing suits, that offer an extra crotch coverage, as well as rainbow-colored onesies for infants and children.

Other offerings that raise conservative haggles, include T-shirts that say Pride Adult Drag Queen.

Trans people will always exist. Girls, gays, theys. So in the podcast last week for Fortune, called Leadership Next, the CEO of -- of Target, Brian Cornell, was asked about the backlash to woke capitalism.

And specifically about Budweiser and Disney. He said, you know, I think these are just good business decisions. And it's the right thing to do for society. And it's a great thing for our brand. The things we've done from a D, E, and I -- diversity, equity, and inclusion standpoint. It's adding value. It's helping us drive sales. It's building greater engagement with both our teams and our guests, and those are just the right things for business today.

Spokesperson for the company told the Associated Press, the tuck-friendly swimsuits are only offered now in adult sizes. Kid's collection does not feature the label.

STU: Oh, that's great.

GLENN: Oh, that's nice.

Yeah, when we think about purpose at Target, he said. It's really about helping all the families. And the word all is very important.

Most of America shops at Target. So we want to do the right thing that supports families across the country. I know that the focus on diversity and inclusion and equity, has fueled much of our growth over the last nine years.

Huh. So it was -- last week, the story was. They're going to stick to their guns. Well, Target came out yesterday, Tuesday, and said, the retail giant is going to pull some of its LGBTQ-friendly kid's clothing from its stores, after facing customer backlash.

Just days after the company's top executive dismissed the social media uproar, the Minneapolis-based chain said, one of the main factors in the nationwide adjustment, ahead of Pride Month, was because some customers had become violent with workers.

Well, I hope that that is not true, and if that is happening, I don't want anything to do with that.

STU: Any of it. If you were to harass a Target employee, violently over clothing.

GLENN: You're an idiot.

STU: Of any sort. But still, this is what they always say.

GLENN: Yeah, I know. So I don't know if I believe anything.

STU: Yeah, they always say, we've had death threats. They have always said. The death threat thing is particularly comical for anyone who happens to be in AM talk radio.

GLENN: Yeah. Suck it up, buttercup. Jeez.

Since introducing this year's collection, we've experienced threats impacting our team member's sense of safety and well-being, while at work, said the Target spokesperson.

Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plants, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.

Target declined to say whether it would remove the tuck-friendly women's swimsuits that allow trans women.

They're men, who have not had gender-affirming operations to conceal their junk.

My words, not theirs. One of the LGBTQ brands being pulled, however, is Aprallen (phonetic), which makes T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags. Mainly because, you know, it's a cult, and Satanic-themed.

LGBTQ features and stuff. I mean, I don't know. Criticism has been widespread, Target spokesperson said.

Folks are reaching out with feedback. While some are sharing it with constructive criticism. They disagree with product decisions that we have made. Target shares were down, 3 percent yesterday. At closing.

So it's good for their brand. Good for their brand.

No. Actually not good. You are the beginning to have an effect.

You -- anyone -- anyone that you know that is like, let's go and tear it down.

Tell them they're a moron.

You're beginning to win!

Already, ESG -- any ESG fund is way down.

They're not introducing -- they're introducing half of the number of funds, than they did last year.

That's because you're winning.

Now you have Budweiser on the ropes. I mean, have you heard the ads from one of the local bottling companies in Alabama.

Did an ad. And they're -- it's a really bad ad. But it's like, we're sorry. We don't have anything to do with this.

We have nothing to do -- we're all local people just like you. We disagree.

We have nothing to do with this.

But it's getting -- it's bad.

STU: I think this is a really fascinating case study. The whole Bud Light thing.

And I think the Target thing is rising to that level as well.

In which, I don't know exactly how these things work. Or how you do them, or how you make them happen.

You know, we were talking about this a little off-air the other day. Obviously, Miller Lite is one of the big alternatives for Bud Light. I swear Bud Light is the one -- this is Sara Gonzales' point which I'm stealing, but I swear Bud Light leaked the Miller Lite ad because it was old.

GLENN: Oh, sure they did. I'm sure they did.

STU: But Miller Lite is the alternative. Right? But then they were doing this too.

Now, of course, Coors is -- owns Miller Lite. So Coors Light and Miller Lite are in on all this stuff too.

And Michelob Ultra also released an ad a while ago, that had a transgender athlete that we just all missed. I don't even know what happened.

GLENN: That's okay.

I don't care who teaches everybody a lesson, somebody needs to teach -- be taught the lesson.

STU: And that's what's fascinating here.

Maybe that's the answer. Because you really can't boycott everybody that does things that you don't like. It wouldn't even be consistent with capitalism to boycott everyone that disagrees with you.

GLENN: It's not even possible.

STU: It's not possible in this society. It's also not consistent with the principles of capitalism. Like, you're not supposed to do only business with people you agree with.

That being said, when you have things like this, that's making a big difference. Their sales are down 24 percent.

Their stock does seem to finally be reacting to this. For a while, it hadn't really reacted.

GLENN: Because I don't think people thought it was serious. And thought it was going to last.

STU: Right. And so now you're seeing them panic. You see a real reaction. Disney is the same way.

I don't know that Disney's business was particularly harmed by any of the stuff that happened there.

But it might be.

They -- a lot of the stuff that has been talked about.

We talked about it with the DeSantis situation.

They acted like they were blaming DeSantis for this 1 billion project that they shut down.

When in reality, they pretty much shut it down previously.

But still, like, nobody wants to be the next Disney. Nobody wants to have -- nobody wants to be the next Bud Light.

Nobody wants to be the next Target. Why bother with this stuff?

Just stay out of this discussion completely.

GLENN: Well, I will tell you that I hear from Ramaswamy. What's his name?

Yeah. Vivek Ramaswamy. He said, I talked to business leaders all the time, Glenn.

He says, there's a few of them that are held hostage. He said, that they're like, we don't want to do any of this with Vivek.

We just can't not do it.

STU: I think that's more common than we realize.

GLENN: I think so too.

You start teaching.

I don't know if Target is a true believer or not.

Boy, they sure seem like it.

STU: But the fact that they're moving clothes from the front to the back.

GLENN: They're only doing it in certain cities, et cetera, et cetera.

I think they just -- I -- boycott.

Don't -- and this is a women's thing, really. The men who goes -- that go to Target. They're like, I'm going to tear your face off. Are not the ones that they are going to concern themselves with.

STU: Also, are there actually any of the people -- I've never seen one. It's possible. I suppose. Some idiot is doing something dumb.

GLENN: I don't know. But one person does something dumb, and then it becomes the whole thing.

STU: Yes.

GLENN: But women, and I -- I mean, Ricki, our executive producer, she's like, I'm trying not to go to Target. It's been three days. I'm having a hard time not going to Target. I'm like, well, we can -- I can give you a 12-step class to go to.

We'll do 12 steps to get you off of Target. But it's the women that will make the difference in this one. And if you keep this up, if you teach Target the Anheuser-Busch lesson, you've got two in a row. And kind of with Disney. Three.

STU: Yeah. I just Disney counts. I think too, one of the things that's interesting with the Bud Light thing. And I've gone through this myself. It's not as much about some sort of organized boycott against this company.

Honestly, I don't know that -- I've heard a lot of people talking about that. It's not like a typical boycott that we've been on the other side of. Right? Where you have all these big organizations.

One of the things I think with Bud Light. And maybe Target is getting to that point.

Is that it's created some level of like societal, like, ickiness.

Like, it's one of those things. I think I mentioned this story.

I went to a wedding, and they had all the beers up there.

You can choose whatever you like.

And normally, I'll have one beer at a wedding. I'll probably have a Bud Light, just because it's the one I -- but I looked at it, and I was like, eh, I don't want to get a conversation about transgender issues tonight with somebody. I'll take a Miller Lite.

And I think that is like, what is actually affecting sales.

I don't know, that everybody would be like. Yes. We have people who are -- Kid Rock is shooting his Bud Light with machine guns. Maybe that's part of it. But I think part of it, too, is people want to avoid it.

And it's created this societal pressure on people, to just choose something else.

GLENN: That's -- when that happens, when somebody comes into the house with a Target bag, or you say, oh, I got this at Target.

And they'll say, you're shopping at Target?

STU: Yeah. Yeah.

GLENN: That's when this will change. That's when this will change.

STU: That's when it happens. It's amazing.

GLENN: I've been saying this for a while. I have really good feelings. Bad crap is coming our way. Don't get me wrong.

For those of you who listen for the doom and gloom, I'm still here.

But good things are happening as well.

There is something happening in America. Anheuser-Busch going down and staying down. And now, just in a couple of days, I mean, the icky feeling happened with me and my wife.

When we were walking through Target, and it's right there.

It's in your face.

And as I'm walking down the aisle of Target, right in front of the cashier. And I see all of this.

I'm like, you know, really?

This is who you are? This is who you think we are?

You think that transgendered needs a -- a display up front?

How many transgender people are there?

You are grooming our children. It really bothered me. Really bothered me.

STU: Yeah. And, you know, when you look at -- we just talked about this with the social media alert from the government yesterday.

They sent us a positive, one of the things about social media was it helped people -- what was it?

Developed their identity in LGBTQ. That was one of the positive effects of social media.

They had tons of negatives like suicide and everything else. But one of the positives was, if you happen to be LGBTQ, this helps you develop your identity.

And it's like, well, that's just saying, that social media is there, to walk you -- I mean, grooming is -- it's actually a really good word for that.

GLENN: It is. It is.

STU: It's different than the criminal version of it.

But it's a pretty applicable word.

GLENN: You know, they say, the thing that one generation tolerates, the next will embrace.

If you look at casual sex, we tolerated Bill Clinton.

Well, it depends on what the definition of is, is. And all of a sudden, it became totally cool.

Sex, and oral sex. All of that, totally fine.

Kids doing it in schools, almost immediately. Okay?

Remember that -- where was that story that was in Virginia.

STU: Alexandra, Virginia. Anyway, there was a -- this happened over night.

What are we tolerating? We are now tolerating Satanism.

We are now tolerating our children being groomed for trans drag shows. You don't want this embraced as a society.


Video PROVES far-left crime policy is DESTROYING American cities

Recently posted video Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia provides a SHOCKING view of some of America’s most crime-ridden cities. In fact, homelessness, drug abuse, and more have become so out-of-hand, that even the bluest of Americans are taking a stand. In this clip, Glenn plays video of Oakland, California residents standing up to city officials for not doing anything to stop the crimes. Glenn explains that these videos PROVE the far-left’s policy on crime is destroying U.S. cities and that so many Americans are living in fear as a result of it all…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let me take you here. Let me show you the horror on the streets of Philadelphia.

Cut five. Now, I lived in Philadelphia, it was always not the best.
But this is --

STU: Less suboptimal.

GLENN: Less suboptimal. These people are zombies. They're just all drugged out. Laying in the streets. Or stooped over.

All in Philadelphia.

Now, let me show you something else. This is in Oakland.

This is people coming and speaking. This happened this week, in Oakland California.

Not exactly a -- a red part of California.

STU: It's not MAGA land.

GLENN: No. It's not MAGA land. So these are the Oakland residents that are coming to Oakland, to demand a change from the city.

Listen to this.

I'm Louise, owner of Studio Naga.

VOICE: I you in your office every week. (inaudible) I email everyone. And you know the situation.

Someone who is mentally deranged, in front of my business, who has threatened me multiple times. Who has threatened other people. Who has defecated on a property on our business. And I'm being told by macro that they can't do anything. I'm being told by police, that there has to be something in the middle.

As they said, I don't want to have to get threatened with sexual violence. I don't want my children to see this, as a normal behavior from an individual on the street. That they get.

He's naked. He's masturbated in front of them. He's urinated in front of them.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

VOICE: And there's nothing I'm told the police can do. So your policy of not enforcing some of this 150 feet from the school, 150 feet from the residences. That policy has a direct effect.

GLENN: Okay?

STU: Jeez.

GLENN: Can you imagine that? Can you imagine that?

Why are you paying taxes? What am I paying taxes for?

Okay. Listen to this. Crime change, cut two. Number seven.

VOICE: I understand. It comes from a place of hurt, generally when people are being violent. At some level, in some form, it's coming from a place of hurt. Sure. But if they're doing hundreds of gun point robberies mostly to women, to people of all races, where I've been in poverty my whole life, it makes it hard for us to keep job, to find jobs, to live life, to fight through mental health issues. To fight through our poverty. And it's not just one Democrat, and women. It's all kinds of women being targeted. This is systemic violence as well.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: So here's what I want to leave you with.

When you start to have conversations. Because all of the data points are there.

Before, when they were like, we'll reimagine the police. We're like, that's not going to work. That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard.


And that obviously, wasn't necessarily the best thing to say. But that's what was out of our mouths. I know it was my mouth at the time.

You are out of your mind?

Now all the data points are there. You show things like this.

And say, so let's talk about defunding the police. And saying, that the homeless, you know, can live anywhere they want. And all of this.

How is that working out for you?

Just ask them that. How is that working out?

Can we just look at -- can we just look at the facts? How is the city doing?

How is crime? How is crime, compared from a red city, to a blue city?

Is there anything we can learn from this? How is it working out?

And just be kind about it. But it's time we talk about facts. This is empirical evidence. This is how science is done.

I don't follow scientists. Because I know scientists can be wrong. I follow actual scientists. And that is, I have a theory.

I will now test it out, and I will look at the facts. So when they say, you just don't even know, you're a racist.

No. I'm following science. Here's how it works. You propose a theory.

I think police are making our cities racist. And they're -- they -- we would be safer, in the minority communities, if there weren't any police.


You said defund, because you want to reimagine.

Now we've done that in several cities. So let's look at those cities. Because if it was working and it was better. I would be with you.

I would change my mind. I don't want to be right.

I want to live in a great country, that treats everybody fairly. That -- that looks at everyone equally. Looks at people who are sick, and says, they're sick.

How can we help them?

I don't want to live in crime. And neither do you.

So how is that working out?

That's science.

STU: We did a show on Stu Does America, called Stu does the collapse of the American city. A couple weeks ago. And highlighted a station called old station subtraction in Phoenix.

Listen to this. This is their everyday. Everyday.

Sixty-nine-year-old owner, who opens a sub shop. It's been around for a while. This is his current situation. There are hundreds of people sleeping within a few blocks of Old Station. Most of them suffering from mental illness or substance abuse, as they lived out their private lives with public view of the restaurant.

They slept on Joe and Debbie's outdoor tables. Defecated on their back porch. Smoked methamphetamine in their parking lot. Washed clothes in their bathroom sink. Pilfered bread and gallon jars of pickles from the delivery trucks. Had sex on their patio. Masturbated within view of their employees. And lit fires for warmth that burned down palm trees and scared around customers.

Within a half mile of the restaurant, the police have been called to an average of eight incidents a day in 2022.

There are at least 1,097 calls for emergency medical help. 573 fights or assaults.

236 incidents of trespassing, 185 fires, 140 thefts, 125 armed robberies, thirteen sexual assaults, and four homicides. The remains of a 20 to 24-week-old fetus, 20 to 24-week-old fetus were burned and left next to a Dumpster in November. Two people were stabbed to death in their tents.

Sixteen others were found dead from overdoses, suicides, hypothermia, or excessive heat.

A group of young men in the encampment have begun selling off pieces of the public sidewalk, charging each person $20 a week for what they called lot rent and security.

That had seemed ridiculous, to an encampment resident, until he decided not to pay and then awoke one night to the smell of someone dowsing his tent with lighter fluid.

Then there was Kesha, barely out of her teens, who skittered around the encampment like a scared cat, wary of everyone. Carrying a few old dolls, and crying sometimes.

Joel had tried to watch out for her, offering her water, for a few minutes inside whenever she was upset.

But one weekend, when he wasn't around, the temperature was 115 degrees. She laid down on the curb near his gallery and died of heat exhaustion. Story after story after story of this.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: This goes back to one of these court rulings where they said, of course it's okay to camp outside. That's okay.

Of course it is. So this has completely devastated. And this is the story of one sandwich shop. But this is repeating itself all over the country.

GLENN: So, you know, here's the thing.

We have to understand, that America is not all -- John Philip Sousa, marching bands, perfect military, and white picket fences. Okay?

We have to understand that. I never thought it was. I thought we were better than we are now.

I never thought it was. We've done some really bad things. I'm willing to admit that. I know at this point, you are too.

Because we've gone through this together. We've actually gone through soul-searching. The vast majority of Americans have changed. The vast majority of Americans on both sides have changed.

Now, we've changed because we've done soul-searching. And we went, yeah. Jeez. We really screwed things up. Boy, you know what. The liberals who were right about the companies, becoming the state, I didn't think that 20 years ago.

And they were right about the FBI. And the -- the spy apparatus in this country. They were right.

Okay. All right. Now, why do I say that?

Not because I'm forced to. But because I'm watching the evidence.

Nobody convinced me of that. The evidence is overwhelming. Now, while that evidence is coming out, and changing hard-core Republicans, hard-core conservatives.

Really pro-police. Pro-military. All of the things, that they've always hated.

As we're changing, because we see the facts. They're changing in spite of the facts.

And embracing the things they rejected. This is not logical.

It's just not logical.

And it's -- it's -- it won't endure.

And the further we get down this path. I'm reallying beginning to understand, the gods of the copybook headings. With terror and slaughter return. Is the last line. Of that Rudyard Kipling poem.

And I'm beginning to understand it. It doesn't just mean war. It doesn't mean, you'll have someone come in, and just right everything. We're experiencing the terror and slaughter right now.

We're experiencing it. How many people in this country, right now are living in fear. That weren't living in fear, ten years ago.

How many people who own a business in a town, live in fear of what the police won't or will do, of what's happening outside of their streets.

Anybody who says they're compassionate, and they heard what Stu just read, that's happening in Arizona. How do you claim compassion here?

How is this compassionate? You are not helping the lowest. You're enriching the rich right now.

You're not even -- you're not helping the millionaires. You're helping the billionaires.

You're empowering them. You're destroying so many lives, that are living on the streets, that are in the worst shape.

And how you are doing that?

By disregarding every known principle. There's a difference between facts. Facts can change.

Principles don't change. There's something that man has found to be true, over thousands of years.


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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Good news on the ESG front.

Insurance company, lords of London, has announced its exit from a net zero alliance. For insurers.

This is the sixth insurance company in the last couple of weeks.

The Net Zero Alliance convened by the United Nations, seeks to commit group members composed of the world's leading insurers, and reinsurers, to fight climate change.

As part of this, members have to transition their insurance and reinsurance, under portfolios to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

On Friday, Lloyds of London quit the Net Zero Association, took the total members who have quit. I'm sorry. Not last couple of weeks. One week.

Last week alone, to six, which represents a fifth of the total 30 members. Since March, the total of ten members, have walked.

STU: Yeah. Yeah. Good.

GLENN: This is really, really good.

How about this one?

Germans are questioning. Remember, you American. You right-wing American. Hate-mongering. Mao information delivering conspiracy theorist.

We're not banning gas. We're not thinking about banning gas stoves or gas heaters.

We're not doing it. Except we are.

The Germans, such right-wing conspiracy theorists. Germans are banning gas and oil boilers.

And replace them with electric heat pumps.

Germany wants to become net zero by 2045. To this and the government recently announced, it will ban gas boilers, effectively forcing people to switch to heat pumps.

Because our electricity will be much better for the planet.

Yeah. Because we won't be making any.

The cost of the ban is estimated at over 9 billion euros.

Or $10 billion.

And that's annually, annually, until 2028.

So they're upset go. They're starting to March in the streets as well. How about this one? This is the first time. This is the first time. This is how you know climate change is complete bullcrap. Okay?

Because insurance companies are still writing 30-year insurance policies for Miami. Well, I thought it was going to be underwater.

STU: Yeah, there's a lot of construction in Miami. I don't know if you have been there recently.

GLENN: How do you get the insurance companies to do it? They're writing it? It's all going to be destroyed by water. How does anybody afford insurance on an island or a coast or a Malibu?

Okay. They can do it because global warming is bullcrap.

Now, State Farm general insurance has now stopped accepting all new application for business and personal lines of property and casualty insurance today for California.

Now, see. See. You can't get insurance.



Because -- now, they say, due to historic increases in construction, costs. Outpacing inflation.

Rapidly growing catastrophe exposure, and challenging reinsurance market, the change does not affect existing home insurance.

If you already have that. Just new. State Farm is one of California's biggest insurers. The biggest home insurer by premium volume.

They say, global warming. But what they're citing is wildfires. Mudslides.

STU: All from global warming.

GLENN: Yeah. All of it, from global warming.

So here's what's going to happen: State Farm pulls out and says, we're not going to insure anything anymore.

What happens?

The government will step in and say, well, we have to have insurance.

And so the United States government will step in, to insure all those houses that really shouldn't be there, California.

I mean, if you're worried about wildfires and mudslides. And the coastline. You should just pack up all those houses and go away.

You should go is someplace, like Puerto Rico.

No. I like Puerto Rico.

You should go someplace. Well, maybe you'll be happy in Canada. I usually like Canada.

But it's gone away. You'll be happy there. They're already putting people to sleep. No pills for grandma. Let's kill her. You will love Canada.

Now, let me take a one-minute break.

And come back, and tell you about Target.

Oh, I feel -- I feel so bad about what's happening to Target. Yeah. Their losses are starting to pile up.

People don't seem to be slowing down on this.

And you'll never guess who is involved in making sure that they're ESG compliant.

Yeah. You know what, it's almost the same group of people, that wanted those crazy, you know, transgender nuns.

At the baseball game. Maybe they were canceled. And they were like, whoa. Whoa. We didn't realize, our conscience.

We couldn't sleep at night, doing that. This wasn't because of pressure at all.

We want those lesbian trans nuns right here for baseball.

Because baseball apple pie, and transgenderism.

That's what we've always said.

Yeah, is it? Or was there a wee bit of pressure?

You don't know, that's not what God sounds like. Do you? Do you?

STU: I guess technically no.

GLENN: Might have been a big Pall Mall smoker in the day. You know what I mean?

Whoa, the '50s came around. I got kind of lost in that Camel cigarette thing.

Anyway, so there were bomb threats, apparently at Target. But there weren't bomb threats at Target. So everybody was freaking out. They -- this is what happens when you target LGBTQ people.

Except, it appears, it is from LGBTQ people.

But we found out, that they are not violent.

The extremist right is. But they didn't send it either.

It appears as though, this was Russian disinformation.


Yes! We've tracked it down. The Russians are trying to make us hate each other.

You think so? You think so? Now, the only problem is, I have absolutely no trust in the FBI. FBI came out, we tracked you town. It was the Russians.

Was it? Weren't you guys tracking the Russians with Donald Trump?

Yeah. But that was -- that was different. You really did do that with a prostitute at a hotel.

Oh, did he? So here's some good news. Target has lost about $10 billion. Stock keeps going down. People are leaving. Now, we just found out, that they are big with educational people, special interest groups.

Not necessarily. Not necessarily associated with the teacher's unions.

But they are with GLSEN. G-L-S-E-N, which is a bunch of other people.

That a lot of them are in the LGBTQI+. Don't know what the S is. But anyway, it's a great network.

And they have been working with the schools, to make sure that teachers keep all of the information about your children, transitioning, there in the school.

No. No, we're not going to tell any parents. The great thing is, if you didn't think Target was a problem before, I just want you to know, that they donated at least $2.1 million to GLSEN. So they could, you know, teach the districts and the students how to hide their transgenderism, and their transitions from their parents.

And I think that is, yeah!

Yeah. So if you just wanted a little extra, you know, understanding of why maybe you shouldn't be pushing what I believe are the greatest shopping carts in America.

Why you should not be pushing those shopping carts. Uh-huh.

How about that one? I mean, you know, unless you don't have a problem with Target helping people in school, keep information about your children from you.