Is ‘Cabrini’ the BEST Christian film since ‘The Passion of the Christ?’

Is ‘Cabrini’ the BEST Christian film since ‘The Passion of the Christ?’

From the director of “Sound of Freedom” comes a new film that Glenn believes may be the best Christian movie since “The Passion of the Christ.” When Glenn first saw Angel Studios’ newest film, “Cabrini,” he was floored. “I feel like how those sitting in the room with Francis Ford Coppola must have felt like on the first screening of ‘The Godfather.’” Now, Angel Studios co-founder and president Jordan Harmon joins Glenn for the premiere of the latest trailer for “Cabrini.” Harmon dives into the backstory behind the film and what makes Angel Studios theatrical releases so unique.


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GLENN: I want to tell you a story, a few months ago. I was here in Georgia. And I had the opportunity to see a rough cut film. I don't know if it had been locked yet.

But a film that had been made, called Cabrini.

And, well, I decided to go. And I'm sitting next to the studio head.

As we're all watching this movie.

There's about 20 of us. And about halfway through. I lean over.

And I said, I feel like those sitting in the room with Francis Ford Coppola, must have felt on the first screening of the Godfather. This film, Cabrini is a tremendous film. It is a great story. It's well-acted. John Lithgow is in it.

It is -- it is -- it's a miracle of a film. It -- I compare it to the quality of the Godfather.

It's an epic tale. And it is beautiful.

It is the highest of the art form. If it wasn't, you know, being released, I think by Angel studios, it would win best picture, when it comes out.

It is remarkable, and now the reason why I -- I want you to really listen to this is, do you remember what Christian films were just a few years ago?

Remember how bad they were?

Remember how preachy they were?

Oh, my God. Can we just make a good movie?

We are making good movies now. And this is an exceptional movie. It is Cabrini.

And it is a story about Mother Cabrini. If you don't know who she was. She was an Italian immigrant. She comes to New York City in the 1800s. And she just wants to help the immigrant children because there's no -- I mean, the way, you think immigrants have it bad now. Oh. You should see the way it was.

She decides, that she will clean things up. She will help feed people. She will teach them, et cetera, et cetera.

And she ends up building an empire of hospitals, in just a few short years. She built 67 hospitals, orphanages and schools. And she's just this little woman, that was sickly. And deathly afraid of water.

And yet, I don't know how many trips she went back and forth, from Europe to America.

And changed everything.

She became an American citizen, in 1909.

And that is the story of the movie Cabrini that is coming out in a few weeks.

It's actually March 8th.

There's a reason I'm telling you this, in advance. And to explain that, is one of the cofounders and the current president of Angel Studios. Jordan Harmon.

Hi, Jordan, how are you?

JORDAN: Glenn, it's so good to hear from you.

GLENN: I tell you, and you know I mean this. I've been raving about this movie to everybody I know. I can't wait to see how it does when it comes out. This is from the same director that did Sound of Freedom. He is a really big deal in South America. Everybody knows his name in South America. And he has come and put this together.

And why did he pick this particular story?

JORDAN: Oh, man. That's a great question. I remember when I first talked to him about it. He said, Jordan, there's film that you want to do. And then there's film that you're called to do. And he said, this was a film that I felt called to do. Because it tells the story of a real woman who showed her power and her God innate power, to change the world in such a miraculous way. And when I heard that, it just hit me so deeply.

And I had a similar feeling to you, where I remember watching Cabrini for the first time and texting Jeff and Nil (phonetic), my brothers. They're the cofounders, and saying, guys, I think we found the next Frank Capra.

Alejandro Monteverde is so good. For those who don't know who Frank Capra is, he's the guy who did Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. He did It's a Wonderful Life. Some of the greatest and most iconic movies of that generation.

GLENN: I think you're --

JORDAN: Alejandro is an artist.

GLENN: I -- you are exactly right. I hadn't thought of it that way. I think he was the next Frank Capra.

I was a big fan of his, when I first saw, what was it? Little Boy. You remember that film?

JORDAN: Oh, man. It was so good. So good.

GLENN: Oh, it just captured America.

It was just -- he is really good. Really good.

So he's the same director that did Sound of Freedom, which ended up being the 16th highest grossing independent film of all time. Made over $240 million. It's never been done really before.

I mean, it was crazy.

But you guys at Angel have -- have short-circuited the -- the movies.

I mean, you -- distribution.

Walt Disney tried to do this.

And had to create his own distribution company. Which is almost impossible to do.

But you've short-circuited, because you go directly to the people.

Explain a little bit about the -- the system you've done, where people select what you make, and then how you get the theaters to accept the movies.

JORDAN: Yeah. So we've created what is called the angel guild. And the angel guild is this group of 200,000 people. And growing very rapidly, who basically get to be the gatekeepers to all Angel content. So unlike Hollywood, where you have five or six executives in a room, who are making the decisions for what is seen and what is driving the culture of our children and our grandchildren, you as individuals, get to come in, and decide.

So the Angel Guild, for example, you have a thousand-plus people, who randomly are sampled. They saw Sound of Freedom. They love this.

They got it out to the world, and it's now been seen by well over 16 million people on our best estimates, between theaters and Amazon. And trending on Amazon. Ask then Cabrini. People saw an early screening of that. And said, this is absolutely incredible.

I remember my wife watching it, and she said, this film is by far, the best film I've ever seen us put out.

Us being Angel. And that's saying something, when you look at dry bar comedy. And the Chosen, and the Sound of Freedom.

And there's all these different projects. And this film stands in a league of its own. And the reason it's critical that we're talking about this today, versus on March 8th, is that part of our model is helping the theaters, give us more screens, by having a direct relationship with them as well. So we basically already put tickets on sale. You can go to And you can actually go get your ticket today, and that signals to the theaters, we want more content like this.

This is the content that's going to change the culture and is going to change the world, to where it looks the way we believe it should for our children and our grandchildren. And the theaters are on our side. The theaters love what we're doing. It was fun. We did a business conference called Cinematog (phonetic), and my brother was there. And he was wearing an Angel shirt. And people would walk up to him left and right. And they would pull out a cross. Or pull out a little scripture verse, like we're on your side.

GLENN: Yeah. And, you know what --

JORDAN: They're middle America.

GLENN: Right!

And they're in Middle America, and they also want to make money.

And what Hollywood is pumping out, nobody is going to see anymore. It's so separate from the Middle of America.

This is a great way. And I'm telling you, the problem with making films, is you can't get them into the theaters. Because you need the big Hollywood studios to distribute it.

Well, Angel Studios has broken that.

But to be able to have this scene, nationwide, the people that are like you, and me, that want to go see great movies.

We have to buy the tickets in advance.

Because once a few of those theaters sell out, then the theater chains all see that, and go, oh, wow. I better get on board.

And they start opening it up to their theaters, and it just spreads. That way, it has a massive opening. That's never been able to be done before.

GLENN: And the response for Cabrini has been incredible.

When you look at a big theoretical release in the US, it's usually between 2,000 and 3,000 locations. That's a really, really wide release.

And anything above 3,000, just massive. We are already over 2,000 locations all over the nation.

And people are pouring in to buy tickets, because they're realizing, this is a film. This is a cinematic masterpiece.

GLENN: It really is.

JORDAN: This is not a motion picture. This is a motion painting. Every seen, every frame.

GLENN: It is.

JORDAN: Is absolutely gorgeous. And it has to be experienced in theaters.

And so, like I said, go to Make sure you get your tickets now, because again, it, again, it signals to the theaters, give us more locations. Give us bigger auditoriums.

This is the type of content that will change culture.

GLENN: This is, I would say, the only Christian film made in my lifetime, that is this good. Is probably Passion of the Christ. Where that was just a mainstream, unbelievable film. Now, that was in Arabic, so I hate to say it was mainstream. But it was a great film.

This is the same thing.

It's the best thing.

And this is the kind of quality you're getting, because Angel has found a way to go directly to you, and bypass everything.

So if you believe in changing the culture.

If you believe that we deserve better than just one choice of Hollywood, then this is the kind of thing that you need to get involved with. And you can go to

Is that right?

JORDAN: That's exactly right.

GLENN: Yeah. And you buy your tickets.

How do you join the Angel Guild?

JORDAN: Yeah, you can actually go to as well.

You'll see on the left-hand side, people in the chat bar, that are joining the Angel Guild. They will be able to join the Guild, and that will allow you to actually be a part of not only getting two free tickets every Angel theatrical release, getting early access to our content.

But more importantly, your voice gets to be a part of of deciding what the next Angel project is. What the next Angel original is. You get to be the alternative to the Hollywood the gatekeepers. And that membership, that membership could be one of the most powerful thing that individuals can do today, to influence the culture for their children and their grandchildren.

GLENN: Yeah. Jordan -- what you and your brothers have put together, is absolutely amazing.

As you know, I'm a big fan. And a friend of -- of your whole family.

And I mean that of the Angel studio. But I'm going to -- they'll just release a trailer. We have to play it first. We will play the trailer of Cabrini.

I just want you to know, they have picked Shania Twain, to back this up.

Which is so weird, juxtaposed to how this film looks.

But it is again, brilliant strategy.

For those who went to see what a strong woman is like, and they watched Barbie. Give this a shot.

VOICE: If we are to build an empire of hope, let's go, girls.

VOICE: It seems we must first conquer New York.
Do people know rats have it better than the children here?
We have to show America, we are all people of dignity.

VOICE: Be careful, mother. For this place will eat you alive.

VOICE: You have slaughtered the hornet's nest.

VOICE: We have hope, or we die.

VOICE: It's not for you.

VOICE: I will speak to the mayor.

VOICE: Who the hell do you think you are?

VOICE: You think you're going to march in here and tell me --

VOICE: I want the best hospital for your people, and for mine. Begin the mission. And the means will come.

VOICE: What kind of New York we want.

VOICE: We have to fight. We all do.

GLENN: It opens up March 8th. It is Cabrini. Get your tickets now.

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House Releases 5,000 Hours of Jan. 6 CCTV Footage, Will Release ALL 40K Hours

House Releases 5,000 Hours of Jan. 6 CCTV Footage, Will Release ALL 40K Hours

House Republicans are moving forward with their promise to release all 40,000+ hours of CCTV footage from the events of January 6, 2021. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) joins Glenn to announce the release of 5,000 hours of footage, partially in response to the FBI’s arrest of Blaze Media journalist Steve Baker. Plus, he tells Glenn that the House plans to release the rest of the footage over the next 8 weeks.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Congressman Loudermilk is on now. He has an announcement of his own today, that I think kind of ties into this. But I don't know what it is. Barry, welcome to the program.

BARRY: Glenn, it's always good to be with you. Not necessarily under these circumstances. But thank you and Steve for the resilience through all this. It's terrible. It's ridiculous. But it's sort of like what my dad told me. He was a medic in World War II. Was involved in the D-Day invasion. Battle of the Bulge, all the way into Germany.

And he used to tell me that, Glenn, they don't shoot at you until you're taking their ground.

GLENN: I know.

BARRY: And we must be over the target. We're taking this --

GLENN: Well, we know, we are, Barry.

You've been a big part of helping us get access to all of the video footage.

And we know we are.

The more footage that is released, the more this looks like a total and complete setup and lie.

BARRY: Well, that's part of the transparency part of the Constitution. That's why we have the freedom of the press, to be able to be transparent and hold government accountable.

And this is why they're trying to strip away, and as you just said, if you're going to go after Steve Baker, you need to go after the dozens of other reporters, that were present, in the Capitol that day. Who didn't do anything wrong. That's why we wanted to make sure that we got these video, regarding Steve and where he was, out early.

GLENN: And I know you guys have worked all night to do that. We got it early, early this morning. And I can't thank you enough for that, Congressman.

BARRY: Yeah. And our staff, I cannot commend them enough. I mean, we have this blue-like thing going through everywhere.

I think half our staff has been sick. Including me this week. But they stayed late. And got this done.

But they were also pushing to make sure we were doing something else today. Literally, just before I came on. Speaker Johnson released what we've been working on, over the past the several -- several weeks.

Is today, I did additional 5,000 hours of video footage.

Will be available on Rumble.

It's going to be rolling out throughout the day. It's taken us a while to get this because it's a technical process.

You've got to convert these video from the CCTV format, into an internet-friendly format. And when we first started doing this, when Speaker Johnson said, let's get them all out there. It was just taking our investigative team, of full-time -- just trying to get all this processed, which was taking us away from the other parts of the investigation.

GLENN: So how many -- how many hours are there in total?

I mean, I know you're going to release 5,000 hours. Is that all of it? Or...

RIKKI: No, no.

We're going to continue doing. Our goal is to continue doing about 1200 hours a day, if we can, through the processing.

So what we've done, I just went to the speaker. I said, look, it's taking all of our time.

I agree with you. We should get all of this on you the there.

But it's taking our investigative teams time just doing this.

And it's taking away from the other important points of investigating January 6. The light and selective committee.

And how they violated rules. And how their report is just a fabrication.

And so I suggested, can we just contract?

Can we find a contractor?

And hire a contractor to come in, and start the process of getting all these videos uploaded. And so he approved it.

And so it took us just a little bit of time to get the contract done. The contractor is working on getting the videos uploaded.

So the 5,000 will be available today.

It may take a little while for them to propagate through the system on rumble.

But we are going to continue every week, with rolling out more and more, just -- you know, anticipating some technical issues or whatever.

We're looking at maybe eight weeks.

That we should have all 40,000 hours up.

GLENN: Barry, is this because of Steve or partly because of what's going on, or the timing?

BARRY: The videos that we're releasing the prioritization of which videos of which we decided to do first.

Is partially because of what Steve is going through.

We -- because that is important to get those angles and those things out.

And it helps us to work on both at one time. And so that was part of it, because we see the direction that certain people are going, and what they're trying to cover up.

And so, we're going to get all the video out there. But we did prioritize some of these angles, and these footages.

And that's what we're looking at. What are the most important to support, the findings in our investigation. As well as, I mean, Steve has been a great team player with us. You know, he gets information. And when he gets something that he thinks is valuable to our investigation. He'll share it with us.

GLENN: We offered it all to -- he offered all of it to the FBI. And, I mean, on day one, when he had it. He was like, if you need it, you can have it.

I mean, he was documenting -- I don't want to get into it.

Congressman Barry Loudermilk from Georgia. Thank you, sincerely, thank you. Appreciate it.

BARRY: Thank you, Glenn. Well, we appreciate all you're doing, and definitely our prayers are with you. I mean, this is -- this is horrendous. It's terrible. We're going to be there, to make sure that justice is done. And -- and that means that the freedom. Our Constitution is upheld. And the truth be known.

GLENN: Yes. Thank you so much, Congressman. Congressman Barry Loudermilk from Georgia. A true friend indeed.

WATCH: FBI ARRESTS, Handcuffs, & Charges a JOURNALIST Over Jan. 6 Reporting

WATCH: FBI ARRESTS, Handcuffs, & Charges a JOURNALIST Over Jan. 6 Reporting

Blaze Media investigative journalist Steve Baker has been arrested, arraigned, and handcuffed by the FBI on charges related to his reporting at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Glenn reveals the charges, as well as a segment of CCTV footage that House Republicans released to Blaze Media that suggests a different story. Plus, BlazeTV contributor Jill Savage gives an update from the Dallas, TX, courthouse.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: We welcome to the program now Jill savage.

She is a Blaze TV contributor.

And following this story, this is going to be breaking news all day. We don't believe anyone else will cover it. That's why it is so crucial that we cover it. And you spread the news. Or -- or honestly, America just goes down another road, that is unthinkable.

The FBI arrested a Blaze TV reporter. Jill, what do you know, so far.

JILL: Well, we know he will be in court at 10:00 a.m.

He's already self-surrendered at 7:00 a.m. this morning. They handcuffed him. And this is -- it's interesting, because we think there will be four misdemeanor charges.

Right? That's what they've told us so far.

We don't know that for a fact. He's not been told the charges up until this point.

Because they said, they were scared he would tweet out the charges.

Well, at some point, this will all become public record.

So they're also afraid. He is afraid, that it is three or four misdemeanors.

How many misdemeanors?

JILL: Four.

GLENN: Four misdemeanors. But he feels like they will use those four misdemeanors to -- as enticement. You just say you did wrong, otherwise we bump it up to a felony.

But for the life of me, I cannot understand what -- what even the misdemeanors are. You know, they were parading. What were some of the other ones that they charge people with?

He's not parading. He went as a journalist. And we have, and we'll show you in a few minutes. We just got in the middle of the night, from Barry Loudermilk's office and the Speaker of the House. Those two have just been amazing. They got all of the tape of Steve, reporting in the Capitol on January 6th.

And so we have all of the -- I think there might be a couple more minutes. I don't know.

We don't know how complete it is. But it's fairly complete of him in the Capitol that day, just reporting.

And our understanding is, from the Capitol, that there is no parading. There's nothing, but journalism, taking photographs.

Taking video. And reporting.

JILL: Yeah. Steve Baker is a Blaze media reporter now. But on the day of January 6th.

When he went into the Capitol building. He was an independent reporter. He said, he went in trying to document the day. He said, he didn't know what January 6th was going to turn into. He just followed the story where it went. He was outside with the crowd, and said, okay. A lot of people are going in the building, let me go see what's going on in there. And from that, they are now turning his life into hell. And you can see, that they are not just going out. And he said, they could have easily just said, an order to appear in front of the court today. But that's not what they did. They put an actual arrest warrant out for him. And Steve this weekend asked his lawyer, why are they doing this to me? And his lawyer looked at him and said, you know why they're doing this to you. You've poked them for three years.

That's the other point. They've been doing this to him for almost three years now.

In December of 2023, they said an arrest warrant would be imminent. They've been making him wait and wait for these charges to come down. He's just living his life, thinking, okay. What time is this going to happen to me?

GLENN: When you know people have been railroaded and if they didn't cooperate, they got 20 years, 20 years!

This is like a cancer diagnosis. Can you imagine, the doctor saying, you might have cancer. You might be fine.

Here. I'm going to give you the results of your test. They're imminent, any day now. And then you wait two and a half years.

That's -- they're making the process, the punishment. Because they don't have anything.

And so they're making -- they're setting an example by scaring everyone. And I swear to you, America. If you don't wake up on this one, if these reporters, if these journalists don't report this. May God have mercy on your soul! For what you've done to the republic. This is a journalist. That is being arrested. And you say nothing?

May God have mercy on your soul.

So they arrested him. Now, they told him to show up in shorts and sandals, right?

JILL: Right.

STU: Which you just can't picture -- told him, I can't picture you in flip-flops. He does not look like a man who has ever worn flip-flops in his entire life.


JILL: And theoretically, it's to make it easier just to put the orange jumpsuit on, and put the chains on. And go through, right? They want to make this as humiliating as possible. This is not just, here, let's do X, Y, and Z. Let's go through by the book. No. We want to humiliate you. That's why we're telling you, not what charges you're facing. But we're telling you to show up in shorts and flip-flops.

GLENN: So this is what is what happened about an hour ago. Do we have the video of Steve?

STU: Not wearing shorts and flip-flops notably?

GLENN: No. He went in a suit. And he's on his way to the FBI. There's first picture of him.

Do we have the video of him being handcuffed?

That's all we have right now. But he was -- I am told, I have not seen the video. I am told that he was -- he was leaned up against the car.

And then his face was pushed down on to the -- on to the hood.

STU: Come on.

GLENN: And he was handcuffed.

They're going to put leg irons on him, and an orange yomps.

Now, for four misdemeanors, why do you need leg irons?

JILL: It's all the humiliation game.

And that's exactly what -- everything is going back to. None of this needed to happen. The way that it is.

I hope that that is what people take away from today. None of this needed to happen this way.

It could have been an order to appear in front of the court. It didn't have to be duress. It didn't have to be an orange yomps. It didn't have to be with the chains.

But they're doing this for show.

STU: He told me yesterday, Glenn. That the fifth person to breach the Capitol building.

The fifth, was a New York Times journalist.

GLENN: Who went through the window.

STU: The window. The broken window. The fifth one.

Now, look, I am not at all advocating that the New York Times journalist who went in there, should be arrested. Should not.

Quite clearly, this is a story worth covering, and it's -- it's vitally important we have video that Steve took. Which, by the way, was then used by documentaries.


STU: By the House -- the -- whatever that counsel -- the committee was.

GLENN: The committee of clowns.

STU: The committee of clowns that went after everybody. They used his footage. And now they're going to arrest him for taking it. It's incomprehensible what they're doing.

GLENN: He said, there's a possibility that they get him on some sort of crossing state lines.

Because he crossed state lines and then sold the video. It's like, what?

What kind of law is that?

I've never even heard of that.

STU: These are the Commerce Clause for anything, as you know.

GLENN: Yeah. No. I know. I know. Okay. So you're on your way down to the courthouse, right?

JILL: Yes, I will be there today, reporting back with whatever comes out of the courthouse today.

GLENN: Okay. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

JILL: Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: I have done this job, since 1978.

I have never seen anything like this.

I believe, they left Steve alone, for two years. He was not a Blaze TV correspondent. They left him alone. They first contacted him, and they had nothing. Literally nothing.

He is a journalist, an independent journalist, when he was at the Capitol. He did not engage in anything.

The guy is a Libertarian. He wasn't for Trump. He wasn't for anybody. He was an independent journalist.

There are, I think, 60 journalists, that were on Capitol Hill that day. Now the federal government, as soon as he joined us. And started putting his stuff out, and it got eyeballs.

All of a sudden, they're after him.

And I don't think this is -- I mean, I know they need him to stop. Because he's the guy who has revealed everything.

We're getting down to the Kamala Harris stuff. He told me yesterday, some things that he's working on.

And he said, Glenn, there are other people, who know it.

Other people have my work, in case, I become suicidal, in jail.

He said, and he told me a story, I'm not going to tell you.

He told me a story, if he can prove this. I mean, it's game-changing.

This is the clip of him. Is this the clip of him in the Capitol, being handcuffed?

Here he is, the clip of him being handcuffed today if you're watching Blaze TV.

STU: Got to be kidding me.

GLENN: Look at that. Perp walk. This is the nicest, quietest, gentlest man I know.

STU: It's incredible.

GLENN: Unbelievable.

STU: Charges are as follows. Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority. Now, that's one he's talked about. And he said, you know, look, I'm a journalist. And I know, even as a journalist, I --

GLENN: New York Times was there.

STU: -- I'm not allowed to be in these buildings, even if I'm covering these stories.

However, the fifth person, through a broken window, to enter the Capitol, was a New York Times journalist. And they are not being charged.

GLENN: And he didn't enter through a broken window. The other two -- three charges.

STU: Disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted HEP or grounds. Disorderly conduct in the Capitol building.

GLENN: Didn't happen.

STU: Parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.

GLENN: Didn't happen.

So we are waiting now in front of the -- the justice building, if you can call it that. The courthouse, here in Dallas. One of our colleagues has been arrested today for January 6th. Could we just play the footage, that we got from the Capitol, last night?

There, I mean, look at this. He -- Steve is in this footage, this the Capitol from January 6th. He is up against the wall, right there. He's either writing or he's checking the pictures on his camera, to make sure he has the shots he wants.

STU: He's not even looking at what's going on at that point. He's writing.

GLENN: Yeah, he's not engaged in anything, other than writing and something.

And then soon, he's going to move around the crowd. And he's going to stand in a doorway, doing exactly the same thing, except taking pictures.

RIKKI: Doesn't look very disorderly to me.

STU: No. He's just texting or taking notes.

RIKKI: Not a lot of parading. His tripod is actually up against the wall.

GLENN: Have I seen all of this footage?

RIKKI: No, we've only got -- you heard the Congressman telling --

GLENN: No, no, no. Have you seen all 5 minutes of this -- it's boring as not.

RIKKI: Oh, yeah. It's very boring.

I could see why the FBI didn't want to look at this.

STU: I mean, this is not parading. He's not even engaged with the crowd. He's leaning against the wall, as the crowd passes by. And takes notes. We have seen him try to document the events that are going on.

But like people in front of him are cheering, waving their flags.

He's just leaning against the wall.

GLENN: Writing, writing.

And taking photographs and videos.

This is -- this is insane. But then again, this is -- this is not the only journalist. The other journalist that all other journalists seem to have turned their back on is Catherine Herridge.

She was at CBS, right?

She was just fired. She's been all over. She worked at ABC. NBC.

Fox. And she was at CBS. They just fired her.

And now, she is facing jail time. Because she won't reveal the source of a witness.

And that witness, that whistle blowed to her, was whistle-blowing on how there is an infiltration in our universities. From China.

And the government wants to know who her source was. And so they're putting her in jail.

What a surprise, it has something to do with China, hmm?

So that's two journalists in jail today. Rikki, I'm sorry.

Jill Savage is down at the courthouse. And she's -- we're waiting for Steve to come out. But what is the situation, have you heard, Jill?

JILL: Yeah. I was just up in the room with Steve Baker as he was going through his arraignment. He was there with four -- four defendants, who walked in. Steve, it was nice enough that they were letting him wear his blue dress pants and dress shirts.

So the orange jumpsuit that we were talking about earlier on the show, Glenn, did not happen. But he was indeed shackled at his wrists and ankles.

Steve looked over at us, as he walked in to the courthouse, and definitely showed those -- those shackles there on his wrists and ankles. And, Steve, it is going to be known that he will be released some time today. They were asked that. The government lawyer said that that was fine. That that was going to be part of today's proceedings. And then he will be set to appear in court, in the District of Columbia, on March 14th, at 12:30 Eastern Standard. So that will be the next thing that we should look for, for Steve Baker.

GLENN: Do we know the judge?

Stu, in the charges, it was signed a District of Columbia judge.

We should look up the judge.

Is that the hanging judge?

I mean, he's going into territory now, where he -- good luck getting a fair trial.

JILL: Yeah. Absolutely. And I think that was one of the things that the lawyers definitely knew what they were getting in for today. We were able to speak to them just briefly before they went up into the courtroom. But that is now the unknown.

What happens when things do get into the District of Columbia on March 14th.

GLENN: Tell Steve that I talked to Alan Dershowitz today. And Alan is willing to get involved pro bono, to help him, for free speech cases.

This isn't the only one, unfortunately, that is now popping up.