CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Facebook demonetizes for Wuhan truth; cheapest gas; & Nancy Pelosi's freezer

Here is the latest information and statistics for today's coronavirus update: -Worldwide cases are now at 2,197,000 - up 100,000 since yesterday
  • Confirmed deaths worldwide is 147,000 people
  • The US now has 687,000 cases, with 34,000 deaths
  • China has now revised the Wuhan death rate upward by 50 percent
  • There's a 99 percent probability the WHO is SO corrupt, it will issue a statement praising the transparency of the Chinese Communist Party
  • There's even further evidence now the coronavirus did NOT originate in a Wuhan market, but Facebook still de-monetized a BlazeTV video on the subject matter because fact-checker USA Today deemed the information incorrect
  • Yesterday, Facebook also said it will redirect any stories they deem false TO the WHO for the "truth."
  • Casinos are opening back up, with social distancing rules still in place.
  • Gas is cheaper than EVER - it's selling for 12 cents a gallon, wholesale...making it between 50-60 cents per gallon at the station in middle America (sorry, NYC-ers)
  • And, does Nancy Pelosi's freezer get maid-service? Because it looks a LOT different from Glenn's.

Why Eric Weinstein Is Finally Talking to Glenn Beck | Ep 93

Eric Weinstein is not a conservative, but he talks to conservatives because he says, more often, they're the ones who let him speak his mind without branding him (a Jew) a Nazi. He tells Glenn why, after many requests over the last few years, he finally agreed to this podcast. In the aftermath of the U.S. Capitol riot and President Trump's second impeachment, Eric and Glenn probe the historical, economic, social, and even scientific reasons for the events of the last week. They also tackle some of the hardest questions our country faces: What do we do about a power-grabbing Big Tech, a dishonest media, Wokistan vs. MAGAstan, and the destruction of American culture? How do we restore civility between the Left and the Right? How do we save the UNITED States of America? In an honest conversation that will stretch your comfort zone, Glenn and Eric show us where to start.


A pre-Inauguration Day plea: You wield MUCH more power than you know

Glenn has spent years teaching YOU — his audience — about the power of Martin Luther King, Jr. After nearly a year of witnessing chaos and turmoil both in the streets and now at our Capitol, we're all frustrated. We're angry. And we want to fight back. But Glenn says now, more than ever, we must refuse to engage with the darkness. We must be a light in the world, instead. MLK is one of the most powerful leaders America has ever seen, and he led some of the most profound changes too. He did it all nonviolently. As we approach Inauguration Day, and as the left HOPES you engage in chaos, never forget that like MLK — you wield MUCH more power than you know.


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YOU will be RESPONSIBLE for loss of rights if you riot

A new poster is circulating social media, calling for a record-breaking armed protest to take place across America on Inauguration Day. Here's Glenn's advice for those considering attendance: DON'T GO. No matter who is responsible for the poster or for any possible future chaos that may take place, the far left and the media WILL blame Trump supporters regardless of the facts. And because of that, if you attend and partake in rioting, you WILL be responsible for the loss of our rights that will come as a result. Don't go. But, listen to this clip to find out what Glenn thinks you SHOULD do on Inauguration Day instead…