MAR. 6 CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: CDC disinfectant list, nurse complains about testing & cancelled events

Glenn gives the latest coronavirus numbers, updating YOU on everything needed to know as Americans and officials monitor China's new COVID-19 virus:

Daily Stats as of 5:30 AM CT (from John's Hopkins)

  • Total Confirmed Cases 100,242 (up from 96,268 yesterday)
  • Total Confirmed Deaths 3,408 (up from 3,304 yesterday)
  • 55,812 Patients Have Recovered from COVID-19 Doctors point out recoveries outpacing hospitalization or death
  • 94 Countries Have Confirmed Cases (up from 87 yesterday, 11 more have Suspected Cases
  • 16% of Active Cases are considered Serious (Requiring Hospitalization, down from 16% yesterday) including 5% that Require ICU
  • US has 233 Confirmed Cases, and now 14 Deaths
  • Confirmed Cases in the US Now Include: Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Tennessee, Nevada, with additional suspected cases in Montana, Nebraska, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
Head of World Health Organization Pulls Out All The Stops...But Fails to Name COVID-19 A Pandemic
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ✔@DrTedros · 17hReplying to @DrTedros Leadership from the top: We call on country leaders to mobilize their plans, coordinating every part of the government, not just the health ministry – security, diplomacy, finance, commerce, transport, trade, information and more – the whole government should be involved. #COVID19
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ✔@DrTedros We're concerned that in some countries the level of political commitment & the actions that demonstrate that commitment don't match the level of the threat we all face. This is
NOT a drill
NOT the time to give up
NOT a time for excuses
NOT the flu
This is a time for pulling out all the stops

Unfortunately, Vodka Cannot Be Used as a Disinfectant - Titos
  • Tito's Vodka, based in Texas, Responds on Twitter that NO, their vodka is not a sufficient disinfectant against COVID-19
  • "I made some hand sanitizer out your vodka," one Twitter user wrote. "The hand sanitizer doesn't taste bad either. Cheers to Tito's vodka. Keeping me germ-free and feeling good at the same time."
  • The brand replied " "Per the CDC, hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% alcohol, Tito's Handmade Vodka is deliciously only 40% alcohol, and therefore does not meet the current recommendation of the CDC."
  • Despite the company's Tweet, more than a dozen Titos Vodka Sanitizer recipes are currently circulating online.

Coronavirus Outbreak Leads to Bump in Ding Dongs
  • Alongside those coronavirus prep bags being filled by shoppers with bleach and hand sanitizer may be boxes of long shelf life Twinkies and Ding Dongs.
  • "We are seeing that," Hostess Brands CEO Andy Callahan said when asked if he is seeing a bump in business as people stock up, should they be trapped at home due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • "We are benefiting likely in the short-term due to traffic. That's the great thing about Hostess...We are there to comfort things. So we are seeing a slight uptick in traffic. It's too early to tell, a lot of our point of sale data lags."
  • The average Twinkie and Ding Dong package sold today has an expiration date of 2024.

Hundreds of Concerts & Events Go Offline
  • Dozens of Tradeshows, Concerts and Events have been canceled due to Coronavirus fears
  • In the US, more than 41,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the cancellation of South By Southwest, the 10-day tech and music concert that normally draws 400,000 visitors to Austin, Texas
  • HIMSS canceled the 2020 Global Heath Conference were Donald Trump was scheduled to speak. First cancelation in the event's 58-year history.
  • American Bar association canceled its National Conference on White Collar Crime, prompting Bernie Madoff to Tweet "#all, I have a bridge to sell you." [note: not sure the Tweet really happened].
  • Natural Products Expo canceled in Anaheim, CA
  • 32nd Annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Annual Sports Festival in Columbus OH will be held for athletes, but no spectators or fans will be allowed, prompting hundreds of people to Tweet "I'll be back."
Don't Be a Tool
  • New Zealand resident who had a fever and was exhibiting symptoms attended a live Tool concert on February 28th
  • Packed Rock Concert was packed with thousands of other people, and health authorities are using security cameras to identify who he may have come into contact with.
  • "He was in the general admission standing area in the front left-hand Quadrant" Ministry of Health Director General Dr Ashley Bloomfield said in a news conference. "Also stood in line for refreshments and used the restroom."
  • The ministry is advising anyone attending the conference to be aware of any flu-like symptoms over the next two weeks.

New Case in Small Village in Slovakia Demonstrates Spread
  • Man in his 40s in Slovakia confirmed with COVID-19 yesterday
  • No international travel, son who does not live with him had traveled to Venice, Italy in January (returned February 5th)
  • 2 Additional suspected cases in Slovakia also have no known exposure to international travel

China's Economy Losing $20 Billion Per Day
  • Migrant workers and contractors worst impacted, could lose a combined $115 Billion by April 2020
  • Total economic loses in China mount, could exceed $1 Trillion in lost income across all Chinese households according to the International Monetary Fund
  • Bank of China has made $200 Billion available for Chinese small-businesses
  • Bank of China has also purchased over $100 Billion in Chinese stocks and bonds, Chinese Stock Market has gained 9% so far in March.
  • Global Stocks have lost more than $8.9 Trillion in total market cap since February 1st
  • In the US, 10 Year Treasure Bills hit an all-time low of 0.739%, could be headed toward 0% Yield [recall that the US represents about 90% of positive yield on government debt globally]

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