Did the far-left COVER UP this AWFUL crime to push abortion?

While speaking about abortion access last week, President Biden told the story of a 10-year-old girl in Ohio who was forced to travel across state lines to receive an abortion after a horrific sexual assault. But we now know there’s MUCH more to the story that the far-left likely never wanted you to know. Glenn is joined by investigative journalist Megan Fox, who provides details that suggest the unimaginable: The far-left may have COVERED UP the truth in order to push their pro-abortion agenda. There are still several details yet to be released, Glenn says, but it is TIME FOR ANSWERS.


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GLENN: But let's start with the rapist.

The rape of the 10-year-old girl that the president was speaking about, when he was talking about the dangers of Roe vs. Wade. He told the story about a 10-year-old girl in Ohio, that had to cross state lines into Indiana to be able to get an abortion, after she was raped. Now, that story didn't sit right, with people.

Because there were no names involved. And I'm not talking about the name of the 10-year-old. There was only one anonymous source.

And so people started, especially the people at PJ Media. Started asking the questions, well, wait a minute. Wait a minute. We need more than one source.

And so they went for criminal records. They wanted to see, if a rapist, had been charged in the state of Ohio. Raping a 10-year-old girl. Nope!

No record of it. Okay. So we go to police. Then we go to the state. And, in fact, the state of Ohio, the attorney general says, I don't know anything about this. This would be a very big thing, if there were a rapist of a 10-year-old girl. I don't know anything about. So there had been no charges filed. Nothing. Nothing.

Well, we find out now, that probably, the reason nothing was done, is because the rapist is an illegal alien. His name is Gershon Fuentes. He was arrested after police say he confessed to raping a child on multiple occasions. He's been charged now with rape.

And at first, the Columbus Dispatch said, yeah. He might be an illegal alien. Yeah. He is an illegal alien. He was in the US, unlawfully.

You know, he had been caught. He had been caught.

And they said, hey. You're not supposed to be here.

And he's like, what?

Me no speak English. And they said, well, here. Here's a paper. You've got to report back. And check in with us. Because we're going to -- and he said, oh, I speak that English, sure. I'll get in touch with you, wink, wink, nod, nod. He obviously didn't. So what happened? Apparently, this guy was working either near or, you know, at the child's house. We don't know all of the details yet. But here's -- here's what we do know, according to an Indianapolis obstetrician gynecologist.

She said she had spoken to a child abuse doctor in Ohio, in scant detail.

So this -- this gynecologist object stet transition meets with this girl. Now, here's the real problem. You -- you have to file a report. If you're a doctor, and you have a rape, especially of a child. You have to report it to the state. This doctor that seems to be the source of this story. This doctor didn't report it. It

Now, the state law says, could have an abortion. So why did this activist send this 10-year-old across state lines?

Now it's not only Ohio that is looking into that. It is also Indiana. Indiana is now looking into this doctor. And wondering why this doctor. Did send the child to Indiana. And not inform the police.

Well, we find out now, that the doctor is an abortion activist. Did this doctor, not report this rape to a child? And send this child unnecessarily across state lines, just to make the point and have the story that the president could give?

We don't have all of the details yet. But believe me, they will come out. You're probably not going to see this story in mainstream media. They report it on the rape of the 10-year-old, over and over and over again.

But now that we know, it's an illegal alien. Now we know the doctors is an activist. Now we know that the doctor didn't report the rape. We know that the doctor is a -- a -- an abortion activist. I doubt you'll be hearing much about this story, at least with the mainstream media.

Thanks to Megan Fox at PJ Media, she's the one who really was really relentless on this, and broke this story. So we're trying to get her on. She'll be on with us in about 15, 20 minutes. She'll give you the whole story.

This little girl. By the way, when the police finally found out about this rape, no thanks to the doctor, once they finally found out about this rape. They went in, and arrested the guy.

He -- let's see -- see if I can find this. She'll tell you this story.

The police department report, blah, blah, blah. The perpetrator may have actually been living with or at least near the victim until his arrest.

We don't know for sure, but the scene of the crime was Fuentes' apartment, and his lawyer told the judge at a hearing on Wednesday, that Fuentes had an address, where he could live, that was not the same location as the 10-year-old. Note the use of the word could.

The suspect could live separate from the victims. Okay. So wait a minute.

Was the 10-year-old child living in the same house with the rapist?

And how long was that going on, after she got her abortion. Was she going back to the rapist?

This is -- this is -- by the way, one other thing on the doctor, HIPAA. She didn't report it. She instead, reported it to the press.

She's now also being investigated in Ohio, for a violation of HIPAA. A 10-year-old. And tell me these people care.

PAT: Yeah. This douche bag is 27, by the way. Twenty-seven years old. Shouldn't be in the country at all. And people will say, well, there's plenty of rapists who are born and raised right here. Yeah, this one wasn't. This didn't need to happen. We don't need other people's rapists as well as our own. We don't need that.

And so, this thing is a mess, and I think you're right. It's even worse than if it hadn't happened at all. Despicable. Despicable.

GLENN: Yeah, because now it shows the complete act of compassion for the actual 10-year-old.

PAT: Uh-huh. They don't care.

GLENN: They were using this 10-year-old. They didn't care. They tried to make it look like, oh, they were so compassionate. Think about this 10-year-old. As Joe Biden said, can you imagine think that 10-year-old? Can you imagine being that 10-year-old, and realize that your continued rape was used by the president, and they did nothing. They did nothing. They sent you across state lines, to have a procedure done, that should have, could have been done in Ohio.

I mean, I think most Americans agree with life of the mother, rape or incest. You can -- you can split hairs on this. And it gets down to a very narrow group of people. I am for those exceptions, if they're legitimate, and I feel bad about it. I shouldn't be for those exceptions, I think. But I just can't do it myself. I couldn't imagine saying to my daughter, who had been raped, you know, hey, this is the decision, it's the only decision. I just can't imagine.

PAT: And especially when it's a 10-year-old. You can't ask a 10-year-old to carry a baby to term. Right? I mean, I don't think I could do that.

GLENN: No. Yeah. So here we are with a 10-year-old, where everybody agrees, and the state of Ohio also has those exceptions. And these monsters -- these absolute monsters don't report the rape, then they go out and give all this information to the press and to the president. When I say all this information, I mean just about the kid having to go across state lines, which is a lie. We are dealing with such evil. Such evil. But it makes sense. I don't know if you know the history of abortion. That there is a birth of abortion. Modern day excuses on abortion. And I'll give it to you here in 60 seconds. Stand by.

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GLENN: It was the Marquis de Sade. Is that right? Is that how you pronounce it? Pat, I know you took some French. S-A-D-E.

PAT: Marquis de Sade.

GLENN: Yeah. Marquis de Sade. He was a really nasty, cruel, and proudly deviant. He did not believe in God. And he used his godless hypothesis, to reach the most radical conclusions. He is the father of sadomasochism.

The marquee preached pleasure as the ultimate value. He said, I have -- listen to this. This is a quote. I have destroyed everything in my heart, that might have interfered with my pleasure.

And destroy he did. Not only in his own heart, but in others. He was notorious for picking up prostitutes, imprisoning them, and then violently raping and torturing them. He was so depraved, that even the French thought, okay. This guy is really spooky.

They had him locked away. While he was in prison, he wrote a how-to book for the West. Using fiction to instruct his readers on how they could become sexually depraved and like it. His books were generally considered graphically, and repulsively considered pornographic. But Wikipedia said, they're now considered sociopolitical dramas. Oh!

So one of his most popular works is the philosophy of the bedroom. And this is what this evil dude wrote. It is impossible to demand of any individual, that he become a father or a mother against his will. We are currently the masters of this more sell of flesh.

However it be animated. As we are the -- as we are of the excrements that we eliminate through our bowels, because the one and the other are our own. And because we are absolute proprietors, of what emanates from us.

So he is saying, we take crap, and we have the power to do that. Because it's in my body. My body, my choice. He then writes, if however, the misfortune of pregnancy does occur, without yourself having been at fault. Without yourself being at fault.

That would be rape and incest. But if you were an active participant in it, you are at fault.

Notify me within the first seven or eight weeks. Even -- even the guy who started S and M said, you know, go to find the first seven and eight weeks. Because then it just gets crazy. Notify me in the first seven and eight weeks, and have it very neatly remedied.

Dread not infanticide. The crime is imaginary. We are always mistress of what we carry in our womb.

So what is he saying there? If you get pregnant, don't worry about it. We can just neatly get rid of it. It's just a clump of cells. There's no reason to feel bad about disposing of this. Well, this sounds almost exactly what Planned Parenthood uses on women.

This is the guy, who started the transition from abortion as an unspeakable act. To abortion as a social norm. By the way, I'm not the first person to say any of this. An article in the NIH is National Library of Medicine. Says the publishing of the philosophy of the bedroom is from where the medical and social acceptance of abortion can be dated.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: So the worst masochist. Sadomasochist. Is credited by the National Institute of Health. As the guy, who says, the medical and social acceptance came from there! Came from him!

He laughed in the face of God. He said, the imbeciles who believed in God, persuaded that immediately an embryo begins to mature, a little soul emanation of God, comes straight away to animated these fools, he said. Because there is no God. So there is no value to life. Thus, life is really valueless. He destroyed in his heart, what inhibited his pleasure.

So destroy the idea that that is a child in there. So you can continue to do whatever you want.

It's your right to destroy what inhibits you.

Just this week, they were having a conversation about the value of life. They wouldn't say that the baby had any value.

Because the mothers choice of whatever she wanted to do. That's paramount.

She has the right to destroy what inhibits them.

We really need to understand, how monstrous this is. What a monster, it was, that made this popular. And what monsters we're becoming. Back in a minute.

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GLENN: The author of the book, Believe Evidence an investigative journalist for PJ Media, Megan Fox joins us now. Megan is really the woman that took it upon herself to find out the story of this 10-year-old victim of rape. That had at that at first we thought might be a hoax. That would have become a dream come true, if our president were only lying about it. As she found out, the story is much, much darker. Welcome to the program. Hi, Megan.

MEGAN: Hi, Glenn. What a fun surprise to remember from you this morning. Thank you for having me.

GLENN: Oh, well, thank you so much for the hard work. I mean, this had to be agonizing, confusing, and at the end, just depressing on what has gone on in the state of Ohio, with this -- with this poor 10-year-old girl.

MEGAN: Yeah. It has -- it has been. And, in fact, I had no idea that this story was as huge as it really is.

It would have been much better had they been making it up. My brain didn't even go to, they're using a real victim, to push a pro-Roe agenda.

I didn't even go there. Because that was too awful to consider, and yet, here we are. And what I considered, when I saw this one source, poorly sourced, poorly vetted story in the Indianapolis star was, there's something else here. No one cares about a rapist who is on the loose, apparently, in Ohio. And why aren't we asking those questions? Why aren't we asking, who raped this child, and can we get him prosecuted? Can we get him arrested?

And you know what really bothers me, and what question is still out there, top of my list is, well, there's two. One, why did the police in Columbus tell the Washington Post, Glenn Kessler, there was no report. They also told the attorney general, there was no report. So then the attorney general goes on Fox News on Monday, and says, I can't find a report. And on Tuesday, they have an arrest?

There was a report, Glenn. It was put in on June 22nd. So who was keeping it from the press and the -- the attorney general?

GLENN: So wait. Oh, my gosh. So this is a bit deeper now.

So now we think, not only was the doctor violating HIPAA. Lying to the child and saying, you have to go to another state. And unnecessarily sending him to another state.

Did the -- did the doctor report the crime? And if so, then the police investigated, but didn't arrest the guy, and the police are involved in the cover-up?

MEGAN: Well, I don't know. We can't get answers from the police, Glenn. They won't talk. So I put in a FOIA, last week to the Columbus police, asking for this very case. Do you have an investigation that involves a 10-year-old being raped?

They did not respond to me. But Glenn Kessler got them on the phone. And they told him no. The attorney general -- general -- attorney general Yost of Ohio, asked around to all his prosecutors and sheriffs. They told him, there was no report.

And then -- now, we have the report. I have it on my desk. And the police have this since June 22. June 22nd. So they have -- they knew about this rape. And they didn't arrest this guy until the 12th. After the Fox News blitz. I just find the timing highly suspicious. And I want to know how the investigation went. And that's what I'm still digging into. Now, I don't know if Caitlin Bernard. I don't know if she reported to the Indianapolis Police, her mandated report.

That's another FOIA that I have, that's waiting to be returned by Indiana government. So they haven't confirmed that. Maybe she did. It appears according to the investigation, that she cooperated in some way. Because they did get the fetal remains for DNA testing. So that means, she had to either have been given a warrant for that. Or she voluntarily provided it. I don't know.

She won't answer my question. When I asked about these directly, yesterday. She sent me a link to the Columbus Dispatch article, that just details the arrest of this guy. She still won't answer directly, what role she had, in helping this investigation or not.

GLENN: Who gave this story to the left?

MEGAN: That is a very good question. And I also have questions about why the only reporter in the courtroom yesterday. For the arraignment of the illegal alien, who raped this child, more than once, and impregnated her, was a reporter from a Ghanic (phonetic) corporation media conglomerate. That's the same conglomerate that owns the Indianapolis Star. Why are they the only people who had any access to any of this information. And when the Washington Post tried to reach out to get them to corroborate their story, they wouldn't -- they said that their reporting was clear.

But it wasn't clear. They had a one source story, with no backing, documentation. No mention of a police report. And now, the only reporter, that was tipped off, to the courtroom proceeding yesterday, was somebody at their company.

That's interesting.

GLENN: Mention, boy, this is -- this is a story, that when you're done with, you should get a Pulitzer. You won't. But you should get a Pulitzer for.

When you -- when you're looking at this story -- first of all, did -- did the girl cross state lines, into Indiana? She did, to have that abortion, correct?

MEGAN: Yes. And we need to know why. Because Ohio would have allowed that abortion. I've read the law. I've had it confirmed by Ohio legal analysts. Attorney general himself has confirmed it.

The emergency section of the law specifically says, that this physician can make a good-faith judgment on the life and safety. Health and safety, in an emergency situation. And this clearly, clearly would be -- would fall under that category. So we need to know why.

GLENN: Correct.

MEGAN: She was refrain Ohio to Indiana. Was it for the story? That's my guess. My guess is -- and this is just a guess. This is what journalists do. You know, I'm getting a lot of flak for, oh, you thought it was a hoax.

It is a hoax. There's something wrong here. And if you can't see it, I'm trying to point it out. This whole thing, this story was not, that Roe was somehow, causing little girls to be denied abortions. Because she would never have been denied an abortion in Ohio. The story is that illegal aliens are raping kids. And all the left cares about is that they can get abortion.

That's insane.

GLENN: So we know that this -- this doctor, that the girl apparently went to first. She's an activist. An abortion activist. Right?

MEGAN: Actually, she's the second doctor. We don't know who the first doctor is. The girl went to a doctor in Ohio. There was a consultations that happened in Ohio. After the police were informed. So the police get informed on the 22nd. The family takes the child to a Ohio doctor, on the 28th, or 29th. That doctor consults with the family, and then calls Dr. Bernard. Well, we don't know who that doctor is. They won't be release the name. So I also can't check to see if the doctor made a mandated report. It doesn't matter, I don't think, if that doctor is not aware, that doctor has to make a report. She called Caitlin Bernard, or he. I don't know who the doctor is. Called Caitlin Bernard. Bernard then arranged for the child to come to Indianapolis, have the abortion there.

The police were then given, or obtained somehow. Because it's not clear how.

The DNA from the fetal remains. Then they're now checking that with the arrestee, who they say confessed.

And they're checking that against him. And also, the siblings. I guess they're just trying to rule out the siblings. I can't figure out why they would test it against the siblings, unless they would want to rule it out.

GLENN: We -- we also have a situation that seemed pretty fuzzy yesterday. Where the guy who was arrested, his attorney, said he does have a place where he could live. Away from the victim. So was he living with the victim, up until what, yesterday? Day before?

MEGAN: Yeah. That hasn't been confirmed, but it sure sounds like it. Because if during the -- there is somewhere, you should let him out on bond. Because we can put him somewhere, that is not with the child. Does seem to suggest that he was living in the same -- at the same house. I don't know. Maybe it was an apartment.

GLENN: Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait a minute. Hold it. I need to understand this.

The police were notified, that there had been a rape of a 10-year-old. She goes across state lines. She has an abortion. It is reported by the president, in a campaign, to say how evil the Supreme Court is.

At the same time he's doing that, the police have not arrested a guy. In fact, released him back possibly into the same home, with the 10-year-old victim. Do I have that right?

MEGAN: Yes. Now, let's -- let's -- let's also say this though. Here's one more detail that was in the court records. Let's give the police the benefit of the doubt, that they did not know who the rapist was on the 22nd. The details of -- the details of the report say that on July 6th, is when the child told the police, that this is the person who did it.

So we don't know if anybody else told them before July 6. But the child told them on July 6th. But that still leaves six whole days, when there was not an arrest. After the police knew, that this was the rapist. So there are questions, here, Glenn. Questions that should be answered. Questions the press should have asked in the beginning. This was never about, can a 10-year-old get an abortion?

It is about, who raped a 10-year-old child. For God's sake!

Why do I have to do this work, Glenn, for the media? Why do I have to say, me, an independent journalist out here, who nobody returns my phone calls. You know, when the Washington Post calls the Columbus police, they pick up the phone. They don't do that for me. So, you know, people like ABC and NBC and Indianapolis Star. They have so much more clout with getting answers than I do. I'm out here struggling on my own, to try and get these answers.

I did the media to remember what their job is. I reminds them, that they did no legwork on this story. And as soon as they figured out, that they were being embarrassed on a national stage, they suddenly did their job. And guess what happened? Now there's a rapist behind bars. That's what should have happened in the very first reporting of this story.

GLENN: It should have happened before the girl had an abortion, even. I mean, that seemed to me, to be the priority. Stop the rapist. Now, make sure the girl is safe. And then, let's carry out the procedure. The abortion, on this 10-year-old. I mean, it's insane. Will you do me a favor, Megan?

I'm kind of well-known in Ohio. If you don't get somebody returning your phone calls, will you let me know? Because I can guarantee you, they will return your phone calls, if they know I'm about to explain to all of Ohio and America, who is not picking up their phone. Would you allow me to help you with that?

MEGAN: Well, it's the Columbus police Cannon now that won't be respond to my FOIAs.

GLENN: Won't respond to your FOIA. Wow. That's interesting. Who is it that you're dealing with there?

MEGAN: Well, they just make you send an email to their -- you know, it's like a request email line. It's no particular person.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

MEGAN: And like -- it goes to the public records officer. Or whatever. But that's --

GLENN: Will you do me a favor? Get me the name of the public records officer, and get me the name of the chief of police, and we'll -- and we'll make sure somebody is returning your phone call. Will you do that for me?

MEGAN: Glenn, I appreciate that.

GLENN: You know, hang up the phone --

MEGAN: I will. But one more thing. Columbus -- this is very important.

GLENN: Yeah.

MEGAN: Columbus is a sanctuary city. Is this problem with the police not communicating and the arrests not being made until this huge national, you know, blitz went on. Is that because they weren't going to do anything about this? Because they couldn't hold a guy, because they don't honor ICE holds, because it's a sanctuary city? There's a much bigger story here, Glenn. And I would love your help getting to the bottom of it. Because I need all the help I can get.

GLENN: You do anything -- anything you need from me, you have. And I don't need -- you -- whatever I can do. Off-air. On-air. To help. You'll get to the bottom of the story. You will. Don't give up. Thank you so much, Megan. You bet.

And thank you to everyone from PJ Media for the fine work they're doing there. And Columbus. And Columbus police. You're on -- you're on notice. I think we have a few Ohio listeners, that would like to know, what the hell is going on. In their own community.

And you might want to -- I mean, I'll give you some people to call here, shortly, but you might, if you're listening in the -- and you're in Columbus, and you work for the police.

You might want to call, and say, hey. We should call Megan Fox back. Before -- before just whoop ass is opened up.

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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: All right. So here's what we have to do this weekend, beginning tonight at midnight, if we don't sign the CR, and continuing resolution, which will give just a buttload of money. Just keep spending, exactly like you were spending last year, and no real accountability for any of it.

And we have to add some more for a war.

If we don't sign that by tonight, we have to shut the government down. Pat Gray is joining us.

What will you do as of 12:01, tonight.

PAT: Well, Stu gave me a suggestion. Because I was confused what I would do when I came in. What am I going to do? What was your suggestion that I should do? Now, this is in the eventuality, of a government shutdown.

GLENN: Okay. Are you well read enough, to give a recommendation?

STU: I mean, I would be concerned if I was going to be held to some legal standard.

GLENN: Right. Because you're not not an expert.

STU: I'm not an expert. But I was thinking you could continue living your life exactly the same way.

GLENN: Okay.

PAT: Oh. Well, that's weird. What about the catastrophe that is -- what about that?

STU: Yeah. You would -- in this particular scenario. It's a fictional scenario, at some level.

GLENN: Okay. You're not a doctor. I think this is dangerous.

STU: What were the things you were going to do?

PAT: Do those things.

STU: The things you weren't going to do, don't do those.

PAT: It's crazy talk.

GLENN: All right. Hang on a second. Here's what's going to happen. Here's what's going to happen, okay? This is from the O and B. The Office of Management & Budget.

And they have now released the contingency plan.

So here's what's going to happen.

Now, please don't panic.

But economic indicators like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs report could -- could be delayed. This month.

PAT: Don't say that.


The federal mediation and conciliation service, which is charged with promoting labor management cooperation.

PAT: They'll still have that, right?

GLENN: Well, yes. Yes.

PAT: Good.

GLENN: However, they would have to cut back in its -- they won't close. But they'll have to cut back in some of the things they do.

And this all amid the strike with the auto workers.

PAT: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: What are the unions and the -- and the -- you know, the plants going to do? Without federal officials. They'll never be able to do anything.

PAT: No, they won't.

STU: And the thing is, we're so a used to high efficiency from the government. That when you lose that -- society --

PAT: It all goes sideways.

GLENN: Time to throw everyone a bone here, so you don't panic. The Federal Reserve activity will be unaffected. So they can still raise the interest rates on November 1st, no matter what happens.

PAT: Good.

STU: Great.

GLENN: The Federal Trade Commission, however, would stop the vast bulk of its competition and consumer protection investigation.

PAT: You can't be serious.

GLENN: I am serious.

They have -- the vast bulk of them, would just stop.

STU: So some of them would continue?

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: But the vast bulk of them -- what percentage does that translate to?

GLENN: Don't know. Vast bulk.

This is from the O&B.

The Security and Exchange Commission, will not review or improve registrations from investment advisers, broker dealers, transfer agents, rating organizations. Investment companies. And municipal advisers.

They're not going to be able to -- if you try to register --

PAT: At the SECC.

GLENN: You won't -- you won't be able to do it.

STU: What is that? For a new fund? Or something? New rating. A two-week process probably?

PAT: What about the FDIC? Do you have information on the FDIC?

GLENN: No, they still do not have all of the -- they're scrambling for this information.

STU: They didn't see this coming.

GLENN: Now, again, to give you some good news.

The IRS has not released this plan for the potential shutdown. However, previous plans have said that the IRS would use funds from Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act.

STU: Oh, good.

GLENN: To keep employees paid and working.

PAT: Thank heaven.

GLENN: And the union representing the IRS workers are saying, new plans are being discussed, that would involve some furloughs. However, businesses and individuals, who requested that six-month extension for your tax return in April. You will still be required to file by April 16.

PAT: Well, of course, you would.

STU: Yeah. By what date? October 16th. I was going to say, I thought I had more time.

GLENN: Yeah. Emergency relief is going to be a problem. A shutdown would create increased risk, that FEMA, their relief funds, could be depleted.

So there's a risk, that their funds could be depleted. If large additional catastrophic disasters occur. During the shutdown.

STU: Now, of course, they would very easily pass funding for that almost immediately. But still, we should deny that that would happen.

We will deny that any of these people will get their money afterward.

We all know they will retroactively pay off all of this stuff anyway. It will be a vacation for many people.

PAT: They've already done that. For many people. So, yeah. Sure.

GLENN: For those of you concerned about, hey. What about my energy?

What about the environment?

This is what this Draconian shutdown is going to do.

PAT: Thank you, Republicans.

GLENN: The interior department, which does all of the designing for the Capitol building, and the interiors, and pick out the drapes.

Oh, no. Apparently, it doesn't do that. The department of interior, will retain limited discretion to use permits for energy projects on federal lands and waters, when user fees are attached.

So they'll -- they'll retain just limited discretion, to issue those permits. You know, for drilling, and things like that.

PAT: They don't have full discretion.

GLENN: No. Not during a shutdown.

PAT: During a shutdown. Oh, no.

GLENN: A funding lapse would paralyze -- to develop would require environmental analysis for all energy projects. Highways. And other infrastructure.

The EPA, may be able to continue some IRA-funded activities.

As well as other attempted works such as settlement-funded cleanup at some Superfund sites.

PAT: Let's hope that is the case.

GLENN: Now. The White House is warning, most EPA led inspections at hazardous waste sites, as well as drinking water at chemical facilities, it's got to stop.

PAT: Oh, wow.

GLENN: So your drinking water. Could go completely -- it will stop.

PAT: It will turn to mud this weekend.

GLENN: Well, by Sunday. Maybe Monday.

The Energy Information Administration, which publishes snapshots of the US oil inventory.

It will continue to collect and publish data on schedule. But they say, at least initially.

At least initially. Our nuke sites are going to be maintained. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, however, will stop all licensing of new nuclear facilities.

PAT: Oh, there's so many of those going up too.

Because, I mean, we did the last one in 1978. And bang.

GLENN: This is going to stop.

PAT: Well, there's no new ones.

GLENN: But it will stop.

STU: This was the week. This was the week it would happen.

PAT: And now, thanks to you, MAGA Republicans.

GLENN: Right. Now transportation and travel.

Travelers could face delays as air traffic controllers and transportation security administration officers.

PAT: That will continue.

GLENN: Will be working without pay.

PAT: But without pay.

GLENN: Yeah. So people will --

PAT: I mean, they really are not. They will be paid. Just maybe not time.

GLENN: Right. Which is a hassle.

PAT: It is a hassle. I won't deny that.

GLENN: It is a hassle. However, Amtrak, they will keep transporting those 12 passengers. They will just keep going.

PAT: Is Ange going to continue to tell stories, about how many miles Joe Biden has traveled on the train.

Will he be there? Even in death, as he was when he told the story to Joe Biden?

GLENN: I don't know.

Now, passport and Visas will still be issued.

PAT: I thought those would be delayed. But they're not going to?

GLENN: Efforts to defend the nation and conduct ongoing military operations, will continue.

PAT: Right.

STU: That's good.

GLENN: Burials and tours, at Arlington National Cemetery would continue.

STU: Did anybody doubt, they would stop burying the bodies.

They'll just pile up, until we open up the government.

GLENN: COVID-19, response research including vaccine and therapeutic development by the US government will continue.

PAT: Will continue.

GLENN: The National Institute of Health, might have to postpone clinical trials for diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's, according to the White House. So this may throw him from solving cancer.

We were so close to him coming through with his promise of curing cancer, but it's the damn Republicans.

STU: We can actually check that at any point. If you go to,

GLENN: Can you check that real quick? We're really close.

STU: Has Joe Biden cured cancer?

No. Cancer still exists as of today.

GLENN: Food stamps for low income people. The disabled, and others could be delayed.

There's no excuse for that. There's no excuse for that.

That is just to trot out the downtrodden.

The people that just say, look at what's happening. If the IRS can stay open, food stamps can stay open. Social Security checks will be delivered. Applications for benefits processed. However, people will not be able to verify benefits or replace cards.

Most national parks will be closed. The Smithsonian and the National Gallery of Art may close.

PAT: Don't say that.

GLENN: Cemeteries. Monuments. Visitor centers. Worldwide housed under the American Battle Monuments submission, will close.

STU: So are they -- and you said the national parks will close.

That means that many of these open field areas, will -- will not be opened?

GLENN: Yeah. They will -- they will build some fences around those things.

STU: Are they -- we don't seem capable of building fences.

GLENN: They're closed.

But I will tell you, you know they're big on the blue.

They will just be -- I make sure you're out there.

And you enforce that law.

You have somebody coming into the national park.

We don't have bathrooms that are open.

No. What are they going to do, poop in the woods, what kind of animals do you think we are?

PAT: Well, we're animals that poop.

STU: Sometimes -- sometimes that works. At least for many, many centuries.

The Capitol Police will not get paid under this.

PAT: What!

STU: They will -- they will --

PAT: They're under assault again. Just as they were during the insurrection.

STU: By the same people. The extreme MAGA Republicans.

PAT: You're exactly right.

By the same people.

STU: Now they'll get their number later. But for now, they won't get paid.

Except, for them. Unlike thousands and thousands of other federal workers, they actually will still have to do a job.

Most of the federal workers that will get all their money and then not have to do their job for however long this takes.

Which is a terrible, terrible --

GLENN: Just -- I -- I am in. I am in.

I mean, I think we should take a vote, who wants to open it back up?

I think 15 days, to slow the curve of spending. Fifteen days. Let's just do that.

Let's meet again in 15 days. And see if we can open the government up.

STU: We probably --

GLENN: Well, we might. We might.

Fifteen days, to slow the curve of spending.

PAT: And then after that, 30 days are up. After 15, then the 30. We might need another 18 bucks after that.

GLENN: Well, I don't know -- I don't know if the government will survive that.

You know, it may not survive that. Of course, the American people did it for a year.

STU: Yeah, and they don't care about them surviving.

GLENN: No. Nobody really cared about them surviving.

STU: Can I also say too, we talk about these big government cuts that we should do. We think there are things to do, to make the government smaller, and more like it was supposed to be. You know, a limited government.

GLENN: Yeah. We're not talking about any of those, I want you to know.

STU: But maybe we are. You know, haven't they unintentionally identified all the cuts here. Haven't they just said, hey, whatever we're going to just stop doing, the unnecessary parts of the government that can just shut down.

GLENN: You mean those nonessential?

STU: Yeah. The nonessential stuff, we stop doing. And the essential stuff, we stop doing. And we'll go from there. We'll talk about, maybe we need to add this back in. Maybe we can get rid of this other thing.

But isn't that a good starting point? Whatever you say is nonessential, I promise you we should not be doing it.

GLENN: I'm not sure of that. I mean, you know, we're talking about --

STU: Really?

GLENN: Yeah.

We're talking about things like the interior department.

Just having limited discretion to issue permits.

STU: So there will be still issuing permits. But they will have limited vegetation.

Maybe we shouldn't be doing so much permitting. Maybe people should be able to do a lot of the things they want to do.

But if there are certain needs for certain permits. Then the limited permitting might just cover that.

GLENN: Well, you go ahead. While we're all drinking poison by next Wednesday.

Just from our tap, from our homes. While sludge, nuclear waste.

Syringes are pouring out from our kitchen sink.

PAT: So syringes might pour out of our taps?

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: How do they get around the curves?

GLENN: Are you an expert?

STU: No.

GLENN: Are you a doctor?

STU: I'm not a doctor.

GLENN: I am. Let's move on. Very dangerous.

Keep going, Republicans. Keep going.

Do not buckle.