Durham Report EXPLAINED: Here’s EVERYTHING we learned

Prosecutor John Durham has finally concluded his report and the FBI’s probe into alleged Trump ties to Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign season. And the findings are HUGE — despite what some in the mainstream media may say. In this clip, Glenn explains exactly what the Durham Report says, what it means for the FBI, and why Glenn wouldn’t be happy until ‘people GO TO JAIL.’


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let's go to Jake tapper. Because I think this one is the only example of an honest reporter, from yesterday on the Durham report. Here's what he said on CNN.

VOICE: Regardless, the report is now here, it has dropped. And it may have not produced everything that the Republicans have voted for.

It is regardless, devastating to the FBI. And to a free, it does exonerate Trump.

GLENN: Wait. What? So you know, Jake tapper was one of the first ones to really jump on the bandwagon and say, is this true.

He was involved in a Russia scandal. So for him to reverse himself, that's a big deal.

For him to be on CNN and reverse himself, that's a big deal.

Maybe we're starting to see a little bit, a little bit, of actual journalism come out from Jake tapper.

Now, here's what we found out. This is -- is this quite amazing. What we found out yesterday was the FBI had zero -- zero Intel or faith in any of this.

So they opened an investigation on something, they had no faith on. They had no Intel. And more importantly, what we found out, is that they had been briefed on the fact, that Hillary and her campaign, was going to discredit Trump by claiming Russian collusion.

Joe Biden was made aware of Clinton campaign plans. I was told, in a meeting, August 3rd, 2016. August 3rd, 2016. By then, CIA director, John Brennan in the Oval, with Barack Obama, Biden, and James Comey, the FBI director and other senior administration officials. They were discussing Russia's efforts to interfere in the election. And according to Brennan's handwritten note and his recollections from the meeting. He briefed on relevant intelligence, known to date on election interference. Including -- this is in a quote. The Clinton plan intelligence.

Now, what was that? Durham writes, specifically, Director Brennan's declassified handwritten notes reflect that he briefed the meeting's participants, regarding the alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on the 26th of July, of a proposal from one of her campaign advisers, to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security services. End quote.

Now, how can any American say, this is not a big deal? Not only did all of this -- and we knew it came from the Clinton campaign. Remember the early stories was, this came from a G.O.P. operative.

Remember that? That was the early thing. This came from a G.O.P. operative. They were doing -- they were doing research. No. No.

The president, the FBI, the CIA. Everyone knew that it was decided on July 26th, and then briefed in the Oval in August. That Hillary Clinton had something called the Clinton plan intelligence he has

Where she would release things, to try to get the spotlight off of her email scandal. Durham noted, that even though Comey was in attendance at this meeting, it did not spark any FBI action.

So Comey knew from the beginning, so every time you saw Comey on television, saying, well, we don't know. And there's some evidence that we really have to look into.

He had been briefed, in August. And took no action on Hillary Clinton. Then when the Durham report came out. Not the Durham report.

The Christopher Steele file. When that came out, they all knew that that was the Clinton plan intelligence. The Durham report goes on to say, none of them had any faith in it, at all. In fact, while filing for the FISA court filings, to be able to spy on Trump, the Durham report says, the agents didn't then or in hindsight have any belief that any of these things were true. Okay. So let's just start adding up the crimes here. You have Intel, that one campaign is going to release false information to tie them to the Russians.

Your FBI knows it. Your CIA director is briefing the president. The vice president, Joe Biden. About the Clinton planned intelligence.

And they do nothing. But then when they are delivered something that they know comes from the Clinton campaign, they turn on the machine.

They then start -- the FBI then starts leaking this information, to the press. Which they have zero confidence in.

Durham noted, that during Comey's attendance at this meeting. It didn't spark any FBI action. He further highlighted August 22nd email, that an FBI cyber analyst sent to the bureau employees and senior intelligence officials, informing them of the details of the Clinton plan.

They failed to remember any follow-up actions, the bureau might have taken after the second briefing on it.

Then the FBI, when they got the Steele dossier, remember, the one that no one in the administration believed. Anything in it.

The one that they knew came from Clinton. The one they had been told months before, was coming, in the Clinton campaign. What was it? The Clinton planned intelligence.

When they got it, they went to Christopher Steele. He's the author of the dossier.

And offered a million dollars. We'll pay you and your primary sources money, if anyone was able to prove this.

So now, when Hillary Clinton's operatives couldn't get anything really solid, they pass it to the FBI, the FBI looks at this, and goes, this is garbage. Yeah, I know.

But it could be true. All right. Offer him a million dollars, if he could come up with something.

Okay. Anybody have a problem with that?


Then they went, one of the FBI agents, Brian Auten, traveled to Rome, and met with Steele on October 2016.

And he made the offer, knowing that it relied primarily on one person or subsource.

The bureau paid that subsource.

That subsource was Igor Danchenko. They paid him almost a quarter of a million dollars, even after he was unable to provide any evidence for a single claim.

Your tax dollars paid him. Now, this will get worse.

More shockingly, according to the Durham report, the FBI had significant evidence that Danchenko, himself, was Russian intelligence.

It had closed a counterintelligence investigation into him, on -- in 2011.

Because agents mistakenly believed he had left the country.

The FBI investigated Danchenko as a possible Russian spy from 2009 to '11, after a colleague at the Brooking Institute, the left-leaning think tank where he worked, told the FBI that Danchenko raised the prospect of paying him for classified information, if the colleague joined the Obama administration.

A second Brookings employee also told the FBI, he suspected Danchenko of being connected to Russian intelligence.

It became a full-fledged investigation, when the FBI realized that Danchenko was a known associate of two other spies and had contacts with known Russian intelligence offices. And had said, he wanted to join the Russian diplomatic service. He also told another person, he worked on special matters for the Russian army. And that his Russian passport listed him as connected to the Russian military intelligence service. They paid him, 250,000 to prove that Trump was colluding with people like him.

He couldn't come up with that evidence. Let me take you to Jonathan Turley. Jonathan Turley said, the APA. The AP tried to dismiss this as not the crime of a century. That Donald Trump termed it.

But whether or not anyone will ever be held accountable, is hard to get around, that indeed nothing like this has ever been done before.

Or that it was so damaging and divisive to our nation. What's criminal is that it appears people might get away with it. That doesn't mean it wasn't the crime of the century. It just means, people are not being held to account.

There is so much wrongdoing involved in all of this, but let's point out one big lie, that we always knew was a lie, which the report now confirms.

Do you remember when Adam Schiff, then the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed he had seen evidence, that he couldn't share with us, demonstrating the Russian collusion.

Now that the report verifies, there never was anything, what was that evidence, Adam?

Given Durham's findings that there was no basis for action, taken by the FBI. And launching the investigation. It would be a good time for former House intelligence chair, Adam Schiff to reveal the evidence that showed the Russian collusion.

There is no evidence. So here's what you have, America.

You have a former president, that knew someone was going to attack the Republican candidate, and make up a story about Russian intelligence so the press would not talk to Hillary Clinton about her emails.

The president knew about it. The vice president knew about it. The CIA knew about it. And the FBI knew about it. But they took no action at all.

Now, if that isn't throwing an election, I don't know what is. If that's not making sure, your person wins.

Because you immediately follow it up, with being delivered that -- that you know is false.

Being delivered, and then start leaking everything to the press, from official sources.

I don't know.

I'm not going to be happy, until people go to jail.

Now, the FBI did come out. And they said in their statement, the conduct in the 2016, and 2017 special counsel examined was the reason that the current FBI leadership already implemented dozens of corrective actions, which now have been in place for some time. So they fixed it.

Nothing to see here. No one went to jail. No one was fired. No one was held accountable. But trust us, they say, we fixed it.

Boy, I'm so close to using a word that I know I can't use. And follow it with you, to the FBI.

There is a serious problem. So how do we fix it?

Because they ain't going to fix it. I'll tell you in 60 seconds.

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Okay. There is so much more to report on what happened yesterday. But I want to give you a little ray of hope here.

Got a Twitter message from somebody who follows me. Marcus. I have personally moved on from Trump. But I can clearly understand why President Trump can't move forward.

You want to pay President Trump back for everything that he did, then you should be on the bandwagon.

Because the best thing we can do, is make sure the people who did that to him, and would do that to you, or anybody else, that they disagree with, goes to jail!

I can't move on. Dear God, who will hold the Democrats (accountable?

Well, I'm not sure it's the Republicans. But we are going to try on Thursday night. A new angle entirely.

I had a team of researchers here on Blaze media do a little digging to uncover as many Hunter Biden crimes as they could find. Mind you, I told our researchers to only provide us with the list of crimes, which they have concrete evidence.

Crimes that are so obvious, so well-documented, that a half wit prosecutor, could secure a conviction.

Nothing even close to the line, just wow, did he do that!

So let me give you a couple of the crimes, we've uncovered. In Arizona, 2016. Hunter crashed his car, while on crack.

They decided not to prosecute.

Connecticut, over the space of two days, the president's son solicited six different prostitutes, to service him.

Prosecutors declined to press any charges. Delaware 2019, records from Hunter Biden's laptop. Document a minimum of nine instances of him using or purchasing illegal drugs.

Prosecutors have declined to press charges. I could go on and on.

All told, our researchers have documented. Now, remember, only the rock solid ones, 150 crimes that Hunter Biden committed. Ranging from drugs, guns, prostitution, to influence peddling and tax fraud.

These are undisputed and well-documented. Yet, nobody is pressing charges.

I am disgusted and fed up. If any of us have done a tenth of this, we would be in prison today.

I have a plan. And I'm going to need your help. To make it work.

I'm going to outline it on Thursday, this coming Thursday, 8:00 p.m. on Blaze TV.

Commercial-free, special that is happening 8:00 p.m. on Thursday.

We need all hands on deck to make this work. So tune in. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Invite them over to watch the special with you.

This -- stop waiting for the Calvary. Hello, America. You are the Calvary. It is time to ensure justice is served. Are you fed up?

Join us now. Use the promo code fed up.

You'll save 30 bucks.


Chip Roy SLAMS Republicans’ "TERRIBLE" debt ceiling deal

If the currently proposed debt ceiling deal with Democrats moves forward, will Americans ever trust the Republican Party again? Possibly not, but thankfully there ARE several GOP members standing strong against Speaker McCarthy’s deal. One of those taking a stand against it, Rep, Chip Roy, joins Glenn to explain just how ‘terrible’ this deal truly is: ‘They abandoned us. They failed. They cut a bad deal.’ But it hasn’t been passed yet. So, Rep. Roy explains how YOU can help stop this bill…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I will get right to Chip Roy. Because he's on a tight schedule here. So let's go to Chip now. Hello, Chip, how are you?

CHIP: Glenn, I'm doing great. Great to be on. And yeah, I'm on a tight schedule, because we got to go fight, try to stop this thing. But happy to be on the show.

GLENN: Yeah, so I really think that Speaker McCarthy has just given the nomination to Donald Trump. For any of these weasels who are like, I don't want Donald Trump. He's an extremist. You just gave him the nomination, in my opinion.

Not that Florida, Ron DeSantis, is going to agree with this deal. But no one will trust the Republicans after this. We gave you the benefit of the doubt, McCArthy. And this is what you return. It's what, 4 trillion, or is it 6 trillion, that they can raise the debt ceiling up to in the next couple of years .

CHIP: Well, we should take it piece by piece. You're right that this is a, quote, unquote, deal.

For your listeners out there, who are smarter than the average listener, what we get is a date certain for a debt ceiling increase. January 1st, 2025. There is no actual dollar amount. So what that means is, you essentially have an uncapped increase in the debt ceiling to a date certain. That date certain happens to fall in the middle of a lame duck Congress, by the way. Right? Or lame duck presidency, if we're lucky.

What do we get for that probably $4 trillion of additional debt or more, depending on what happens, with it being uncapped, and able to be potentially extended. We get at best, in my opinion. If I'm being as dangerous as I can be, to the people that negotiated this, is a two-year freeze in spending. A two-year freeze in spending, roughly. I go up a little. Might be down a little. But basically a freeze, truly.

And that's only for two years of actual caps. And for that, you know, you will see a slight bending of the post-COVID curve.

Now, what does that mean? You'll see the Wall Street Journal. And they're bending the curve.

This is historic! They're flattening it. Yeah, we heard all that same crap during COVID by the way. This is just taking the post-COVID spending, and freezing it for a couple of years.

While we continue to feed the best. The federal bureaucracy. And we do nothing.

Nothing to end the IRA, subsidized unreliable energy.

We have minor work requirements. We basically increased the age for SNAP from 49 to 54, and call that a win while not touching Medicaid. We have no REINS Act, pulling back the regulatory state.

We get something called Administration Pay Go, to offset the cost of regulation. But they can wave it. Which means it's nothing. We uphold the student loans. To make the decisions about the $500 billion of picking winners and losers in student loans. The IRS stays expanded, minus basically 1.4 billion.

You really can't make this up. And with all due respect to the leadership.

They say it's historic.

They miscalculated it. They flipped into their old ways. I will meet with them today.

I will keep fighting.

I am trying to make it clear, that I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. That this wasn't sinister.

That they just slipped to their old ways. Well, we have to do a deal. Yeah. You can't do that.

The no votes are mounting. And if you're a listener out there. Make sure every one of your members of Congress knows, get your -- your voices need to be heard. Vote no on this.

We can still kill this, and start over and do the right thing.

GLENN: I mean, I would take this, if you have the REINS Act.

But you got nothing.

You've got nothing. You have no reins, if you will, on this horse that is just being whipped to death, in spending.

CHIP: Yeah. Correct. That is 100 percent correct. We got -- out of the deal that we did.

Limit, Save, Grow. For a $1.5 trillion debt ceiling into early next year. We got a lot of good things.

And, look, I'm not saying whether I think we could have gotten every single piece of that.

I understand we've got to negotiate. I think that was the right starting place. But you tell me, you are going to jack this out two years, to almost $4 trillion, and you will get literally, not one actual full thing on the list of stuff we put, in the Limit, Save, Grow Act. Not one thing. Everything was like some fractional piece of something on the list. So they could say they did something. Right? 1.4 billion off of the 80 billion of the IRS. And then say, see, we did something for the IRS. No, you have $78.6 billion of expanded IRS that plays over ten years.

And you're trying to sell that to me, as a victory? That's just not correct.

This is old swamp thinking. This is a course correction.

GLENN: You know what, let's just -- let's just cut the crap.

Old swamp thinking. This -- nothing is changing with the Republican Party. Because the leadership, they're all swamp monsters. They're all swamp monsters.

Until those swamp monsters are put back out to pasture. You're not going to have anything changed. You're not.

You will have a lot of good Republicans like you, that have come up. And they actually mean what they say. And say what they mean.

But until -- until those swamp monsters are taken out, and, you know, let them go to their nursing homes. Nothing is going to change.

I don't know why we should give them the benefit of the doubt, that oh, you know. This is -- we made a mistake?


You had everything going for you.


Now -- now, what's going to happen?

The president made a deal. He compromised now the Republicans are -- it's just these extremists holding hostage.

The Republican Party. It's the same thing over again!

CHIP: Yes. Glenn, look, I agree with every word of it. Just, let's make sure I'm being very clear over here.

I personally think this was a complete and total sellout of everything that we accomplished in January, everything we did in the first Limit, Save, Grow Act, and everything we accomplished with HR2. I think it is -- I think it is a betrayal of the power sharing arrangement we put in place.

That would protect the Republican Party, to make sure we could advance the ball forward.

We are not blind to the fact that we have to figure out how to get 218 votes. We understand that's hard.

We had a process, that was working.

That process was completely abandoned last week. The deal was cut.

And that was a betrayal of the agreement, that we had reached, in order to create something, that we thought would work. That's what I'm getting at. I will try to fix that today. If I cannot, in the Rules Committee, when I go fight this in the Rules Committee. If I can't kill it. If we can't kill it on the floor tomorrow.

Then we will have to regroup and figure out the whole leadership arrangement again.

GLENN: I was going to say, you got it.

McCarthy, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I wasn't for him. I thought he was a swamp monster. And just last week, I thought, you know what, I'll give him credit.

He's playing this very well.

Now, he's just betrayed.

Again, I give the benefit of the doubt, to the Republican. And they just sheave me in the chest.

CHIP: So I want to be as clear as I can be. This is not the end of this. This is the process that we started in January. We showed that you can govern conservatively and win.

We did it. We were doing it. They abandoned it. It is our job now to course correct.

Again, not to quote Rumsfeld.

But you go to war with the army you have got.

Look, the bottom line is, we were winning. And we were demonstrating how to govern conservatively. So we will do that today. We will have a press conference in 45 minutes.

The 20 are strong. There are others that are with us.

We are going to make our message be loud and clear. I will make my message loud and clear in the Rules Committee, and then we will keep moving forward.

Trying to earn votes, and try to build out where we need to head. To do exactly what you just said. To make sure the American people are inspired.

What I was trying to tell the people here, that if we lose. And we lose the votes, because we get rolled. They get these addendums and the squishes in our conference, that roll us.

Don't go and roll -- you know, roll, and cut a deal. And then go try to sell me, that it's not, you know, selling me out.

Because that's what they're doing. They're trying to snow me. They're trying to snow the American people. And say, oh, this is a great deal.

It is not.

The chart that I put out on my Twitter account. Social media. Where I make very clear. The side-by-side comparison of where we were. And where we ended up.

And it's not even close.


I know you have to run. So what do you want the American people to do?

Anybody that still -- honestly, I don't know how many times, you guys can say, call your Congressman. Because, I mean, really?

CHIP: Well, let me back up and just say, for five months, we actually were winning.

HR2 wasn't backed in a historic position for Republicans to take on the board. The first Limit, Save, Grow Act. That was a pretty historic bill.

So now, they abandoned us. They failed. They cut a bad deal.

It hasn't been passed yet.

Just get involved in the next 48 hours.

Make sure every Republican knows, is this a bad deal.

Make your voice heard loudly. Do it on social media. Do it to their offices.

We will fight on here. Then we will regroup. And figure out what the next step is. To hold the line, and make sure we're going to get our leadership arrangement, for collecting conservative principles again.

I promise, we will keep fighting.

The 20 aren't flinching, Glenn. We are just starting.

GLENN: Okay. Good.

Would love to have you. And anyone else in that 20, that would like to come in and talk tomorrow about the progress. Because we have 48 hours. I would love to have you back on tomorrow, Chip. And just give us an update. Thank you.

CHIP: Okay. Happy to do it. Either I will do it, or somebody else.

GLENN: Thank you so much. Buh-bye. That is the problem. We do have people in there that are really fighting hard.

For the first time, I think we have 20 people that will stand, but it's all these mamby, pamby, wishy-washy.

Look what the left has done to the country!


Because they will sell out every principle they have. They don't care who they stand with.

And they're standing with Marxists.

Well, I think we should give them more money. I don't want to be an extremist.

You're being an extremist.

You're standing for the Constitution!

What is wrong with the American people?

When did the Constitution -- the longest running Constitution, in all of the history of man. The average Constitution lasts 17 years!


Glenn’s POWERFUL Memorial Day message: ‘The BEST OF US ALL’

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Glenn CALLS OUT those FAILING to prosecute Biden Crime Family

‘I’m tired of feeling alone,’ Glenn says. Where are all the American prosecutors and attorneys willing to charge the Biden Crime Family — and ESPECIALLY Hunter Biden — for alleged crimes committed? In this clip, Glenn CALLS OUT those failing to take a stand for equal and blind justice. And especially since America’s prosecutors won’t, Glenn encourages YOU to take constitutional action in this battle TODAY: ‘Flood the office lines, flood social media, [but] do NOT make threats. This is a constitution battle…and we MUST take it to the court system.’


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So I saw a headline on Monday, from Media Matters.

Quote, Blaze TV's Glenn Beck defends a white nationalist Charlottesville demonstrator, and it was picked up everywhere.

I didn't mention it you to, at the time. Because I don't really care about what people say about me. I already made my bed. I get it.

If you were with me last Thursday. You remember that I brought up the story about a Vermont resident, named Ryan Roy, who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, way, way back in 2017.

He has now been indicted, in 2023.

What was he charged with? He's charged with a class five felony.

Can you look that up?

How many classes are there?

I think that's the lowest, is it not?

A class five object, for burning an object, with the intent to intimidate. Now, in Virginia, you can understand.

Because this is the Klan. This is the South.

They have all of that history. This law was written against the Klan. So people would -- if they were burning a cross, you could get them on a felony.

Okay. Now, in 2017, the county prosecutor didn't seem to think that it was a big deal.

Declined to press charges against the Charlottesville protesters. But then George Soros source dropped nearly $2.5 million. Backing the far left prosecutors in Virginia, in 2019.

5,000 of which, went to the new county prosecutor, who vowed, as a campaign promise, to bring charges against Charlottesville protesters, if elected.

He said, and I quote, there's a law. A burning objects law, that say they can be prosecuted, but our prosecutors are not doing that.

Now, this is the same law, that refuses -- or the same group of people, in the same state, that refused to prosecute, Hunter Biden for known, provable, on videotape, drug crimes.

There's a law about burning objects. That law can be prosecuted. But our prosecutor is not doing that.

Now, as I outlined in last night's Blaze TV special, in the reckoning of the Biden crime family.

Apparently, if you're a Biden, you can smoke crack, while filming yourself driving down a street in Virginia. Nobody seems to care.

So why is this Charlottesville protester being charged nearly six years after the fact.

In Virginia, there's no statute of limitations. On felonies. So that got me wondering. Any felony?

Any felony?

Huh. What about smoking crack, in a car?

So I asked you, and I showed you the video of Hunter being very proud to be driving his brand-new Ford Raptor, along Old Virginia Drive, in Arlington, Virginia, while smoking crack. Third party sources have confirmed. It's on videotape.

Third party sources confirm, the law, it is a felony.

Now, during last week's reckoning special, I read you an email, we received from the Virginia attorney general. He's a Republican. We asked him, will you look into this crime?

He said, thank you for looking out. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for the attorney general schedule. So we'll have to decline.

Oh, really?

Did AI -- did Siri write that one? Because it sounds like a bad AI response.

Now, I'm not satisfied with that answer. I bet you're not either.

But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, because maybe it's outside of his legal purview of jurisdiction.

I will not give the benefit of the doubt, to the Arlington county prosecutor.

Another George Soros official.

This is the county, where Hunter's alleged crack crime took place.

Okay. George Soros gave her campaign nearly 1 million dollars. So we reached out to governor Glenn Youngkin, about it. And said this. This is what he said, because the local prosecutor in Arlington is a Democrat, we are aware, there will be no political will to try and take on the president's son.

However, Americans are fed up with two-tiered justice system.

Actually, this is what we wrote. Two-tier justice system. One for the elites, one for regular Americans. No other citizen would get away with committing these alleged crimes in Virginia, why would Hunter's crime go ignored, while a Vermont resident is charged in a 2017 class five felony?

Quick response from the governor's office. His spokesperson said, it's another example of George -- in George influence prosecutors, not doing their job.

Well, we know that. But will the governor provide any additional heat?

I do not want the governor to violate the law. I don't want him involved in things he should not be.

But the governor has the bully pulpit.

Now, it is hard to fight the millions of dollars that George Soros uses, to buy these prosecutors.

But I am tired of feeling alone!

I am tired of feeling like the only one. Now, I get home, I talk to my friends. And they all say the same thing.

They're like, this is insane.

And then they throw up their arms and go, well, what am I going to do about it?

I don't pay attention anymore, because it's all garbage.

You're going to begging in the trash compactor with the Wookie, and you will be smooshed this time. You have to get involved.

Now, I want everyone, all the listeners. All the viewers, in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. And everyone in my audience.

If you haven't gone to, get a free copy of the dossier. If you're in Virginia, you will find the contact information, for the Arlington DA.

You need to flood her office lines. Flood the social media.

Do not -- do not make threats.

This is a constitutional battle.

And we must take it to the court system.

You have no idea. You can win on these things, if we have our wits about us. And go through the court system. Politely tell her, you don't care who fills her purse strings. She is accountable to the people of Virginia, and the laws of the state, just as you must obey the law. So must she!

Justice is blind. Justice holds no man over another. Justice doesn't care if you're poor or George Soros.

It doesn't matter if you voted for Trump, or Biden.

Justice is blind.

What's amazing to me, for people who have -- who have sold and peddled this lie. This claim, they're fighting for justice, it is amazing to me how clear it is, they do not want justice. They're looking for something else.

Revenge, possibly.

So where does that leave us? Well, we can be mad. We could be mad.

Or we can be determined. When we did the -- the reckoning, we showed you, this is the legal path.

Now, the left, how are they fighting? They are fighting in the legal court system. They just pull all the purse strings. But that is in Virginia in Arlington. That's not everywhere.

There are crimes all over this country, including in red states. Why is no one picking up this mantle and saying, I will do it!

We must exhaust every legal avenue. And, by the way, I've always thought attorneys sucked.

But you suck more than I even thought. Are all of our attorneys just caring about their good status.

Or their big firm?

Where are the attorneys in this country, that are willing to sacrifice their jobs or their status, for the ideals and ideas that America has always strived for.

Where are you?

In a state such as Virginia, that allow bigotry and double standards. And legal persecution, of one entire group of people for so long.

And then you fought so hard, to remove the double standards. To remove the legal persecution.

You're now going to return and build the same kind of structure or allow it to be built in your name and your state? The structure of discrimination and hatred again?

If you throw away everything that you in Virginia have worked so hard to achieve, then you, in your silence, will again choose the path of Jamestown.

And all the evils of the past return. And just like before, the deceivers are wrapping the lies and poison in moral terms. We're looking for justice.

Justice is blind on earth. The only one, that can actually mete out real justice, perfect justice, is God himself.

And your God, on the left, is not the God of Abram, Isaac, and Jacob.

And that is who I serve. My first principle is -- and loyalty is to him.

My first passport is to the kingdom of God.

My second, is to the United States of America. So I will do nothing to violate my first passport.

I will not lose my first citizenship, in defense of my second citizenship.

But I know the Declaration of Independence. I know the Bill of Rights.

I know the Constitution was written by men, with the help of the finger of God.

If you can find a better -- a better mission statement. Then we hold these things to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. And endowed by their creator. With certain inalienable rights.

And governments are instituted among men, to protect those rights.

If you can find a bigger and better mission statement than that, show it to me!

I will follow and gladly, gladly abandoned this system, which is now so corrupt.

But I don't see anything grander than that. I don't see anything harder than that.

I don't see anything more glorious and God-given than that.

Damn us all. And we will be, if you don't stand up, in your pulpit. If you don't stand up, as an attorney, and if we all don't stand up as citizens in peace with the full armor of God.

The most important thing, our feet are shod in the sandals of peace. And the gospel.

You don't do it, you will lose your country.

All hands on deck!