EXPOSED: Far-left efforts to DATA MINE and CONTROL our kids

Far-left efforts to BRAINWASH our kids now goes far beyond critical race theory. In fact, there’s now a new educational ideology being forced into schools that every parent should be able to recognize NOW. It’s called ‘social-emotional learning,’ and it puts our children in huge danger. Plus, Glenn details how far-left organizations — like one run by BIll & Melinda Gates — want to DATA MINE our kids in school. Why? So they can have FULL control over their thoughts, their desires, and their futures — just like kids in China…


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GLENN: So today, I've been spending some time here, on what's happening on our schools. And you, as a parent, I know you've got to feel like you are just -- just burned out. Just burned out.

But you can't be. We have got to stop what is happening in our schools. Or we lose our country and our children. You know, I -- I said to you recently. That I am not going to pay for my kids' education, unless they go to some place like Hillsdale. I just -- I won't do it. There's too much -- even -- even some of these church -- including my church, I will not send my kids to that school. Won't. Because they have been hijacked. And they are now teaching my children, the exact opposite of what I've spent, 18 years, trying to instill in them. And I'm not going to pay somebody to undo all of that. I am not anti-education, by any stretch of the imagination. But I would rather not have my kids think in a box. And a box created by a bunch of socialists and radicals. But this is now happening at the lowest levels. Kindergarten. And tomorrow, I'm going to show you some things that will melt your eyes. I can't even show you all of the things. I have to blur several parts of the show tomorrow, of stuff that is being introduced to your children! I can't show you the stuff that they're using in the third grade. Because I could be arrested for shopping child porn. It's insane.

But it is -- it's not just the sexual thing. But the sexual thing, we're going to hit hard tomorrow.

You need to know, this is very well organized. Very well thought out. It is part of this whole system.

This is not a separate attack. And it's very well financed. And we'll show you, who is financing.

What is going on. Who is behind all of it.

And there's really a couple of -- a couple of ways to stop it. Every single parent gets involved in every single school. And says no.

But I don't think that's going to be enough. I think the unions have to be dismantled. I think the -- the Department of Education, that should be number one priority. The Department of Education, should be abolished, period.

You have to have control locally. Now, there's something else, that we're going to touch on, tomorrow. That I want you to understand. It's called SEL. Social, emotional learning. It has now been adopted in all 50 states. For pre-K education. It's been implemented in K through 12 education. In around 18 states. And counting.

But despite the marketing and the name social, emotional learning, it is not about kids understanding their feelings. It's a Trojan horse for the latest woke ideology.

Think of it as Sunday school, for the religion of wokeness. According to the collaborative for academic social and emotional learning. SEL is the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes, to develop healthy identities. Manage emotions. And achieve personal and collective goals. Feel and show empathy for others. Establish and maintain supportive relationships. And make responsible and caring decisions.

Well, that sounds nice. Let's read on. SEL advances educational equity and excellence. SEL can help address various forms of inequity. And empower young people, and adults, to cocreate thriving schools and contribute to safe, healthy, and just communities.

James Lindsey has this -- has this rule for interpreting flowery social justice language like this. Replace the word equity, with the word socialism. Equity is short for managing affairs to produce equal outcomes.

Which looks exactly strangely like socialism. If we use that rule, then the first sentence reads, SEL advances educational socialism and excellence. Now, that makes more sense. SEL is being peddled by organizations like Panorama Education. Cofounded by Merrick Garland's son, just, by the way. And the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates. By the way, they are lobbying for SEL to be implemented in every school district across the country.

SEL is scary enough on its own. But what is really, truly frightening is this is one of the more frightening pieces of Common Core, coming into play. Its push to connect SEL to data.

Hear me: You -- if you are not reading books by real futurists right now. Technology futurists. You have no idea, what is coming your way. And you -- you would have to read the most dystopian novels, to be able to get your arms around what is happening with data and our kids.

Data mining is coming to our schools. And social media has taught us, that data collection isn't about tailoring your experience online. Is it? They have an algorithm. They're not tailoring it to me or to you. They're tailoring it to them.

So they can control what you see and what you think. The data quality campaign, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates is one of the main groups lobbying for more data on our students. Now, what have we heard from Bill Gates during Common Core?

That we need this data to be able to put our children, on to the track for their career, as early as third grade.

So just like the Chinese system, oh, you have an aptitude towards that, here you go. You're going to be that.

He says, the website, data work is equity work. Replace it, data work is socialist work. For years, black students and other students of colors rule -- rural students, non-traditional students, and others have faced inequities in their treatment and opportunities to learn. The first step to addressing these inequities is data. It's not enough to collect education and work force at that time. It must be used to inform decision-making, that fosters equitable outcome. Socialist outcomes. And life-sustaining careers.

Data is about equity. Equity equals socialism, okay? Which means it's all about control by the elites. Just like in social media. The more data somebody has on your student, your kid, the more they'll be able to shape their thoughts and change their behaviors. They can control them.

The data quality campaign, argues that lots of people really need this data. Not just parents of teachers. But policy makers. And work force leaders, they say.

State leaders can leverage data to create more effective and equitable education, and work force systems. And that leaders at all levels have a responsibility, to ensure that everyone can access data, that answers their questions.

May I ask you, with all of the data that they have on each of us, do you feel any leader, with all the data they have, are actually answering your questions?

Why would we allow them to do the same thing, to our children?

What they're doing is they're collecting at that time on our kids, and they'll give it to whoever needs it, to organize them. As young as possible.

And they'll put them into whatever career, and ultimately, the life that will be most equitable.

And they plan to shape our kids into whatever pieces fit best into their big, equitable game. And no one will win, except for them.

On their website, they say, quote, we envision a world where data is used to drive systematic change, economic mobility. And student success.

Huh. That kind of reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar. Let us build bricks, and we'll build a tower to reach the sky.

Notice that if you really cared about the children. Because this is about at that time mining on children. Wouldn't that read, we envision a world where data is used, to drive student success, economic mobility, and systematic change? No, they lead with data will drive systematic change. Economic mobility. Oh. And student success.

Students are last. Notice the trend. Notice that students are last with the teacher's unions. This is the CRT playbook. They use kids as a cover for radical change. They know if they get our kids, we're done.

It's sneaky, it's cowardly. It's far too predictable. But it's happening. And it's evil.

Just like we did for Common Core, and CRT. We have to train ourselves to recognize the red flags in SEL language. We have to be clear that we don't want it in our schools. And no one should have access to our children's data. No one. Except parents. And why are you collecting data on our kids? Here's the thing, we are winning the battle for our children's education. But there is so much ground to cover. And you can't tire out. You have to dedicate yourself. You either pull your kids out of school and homeschool them yourself. And then I think, and get involved at the local school district.

You campaign for the end of the Department of Education. You -- you demand a return to local control. We must stop all of this.

This week, on my Wednesday night special, I'm going to expose the larger plot to brainwash our kids. This is much bigger than SEL, CRT, or SCSE. All of these things are huge, but they all fit in to one plan.

Education activists don't see your children as individuals. They use them, in whatever way they see fit, to build their socialist future.

It's dystopian. And, quite honestly, none of us will want our children facing what they're going to face, if this isn't stopped.

This Wednesday, tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. on Blaze TV.

Project groomer. Exposing the secret plan, to brainwash your kids.


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Prior to Denise's on-air interview, Glenn's producer contacted Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey, and University Health Network CEO Dr. Kevin Smith. She inquired what was being done regarding Stephanie's death, including the security guard who dragged Stephanie down the hospital hallway, and the security guard who altered the security cameras to avoid capturing the confrontation.

Their responses were disappointing, to say the least. Premier Ford's office did not respond. The University Health Network, the hospital chain where Stephanie's death occurred, simply wrote:

UHN will not comment on a court's decision nor on matters of individual employment or discipline.

The response indicates that the hospital network won't do anything proactive regarding the staff responsible for Stephanie's death.

Screenshot of email correspondence between Glenn's producer and UHNCourtesy Glenn Beck staff

The office of Ontario's Attorney General, Doug Downey essentially "wiped their hands" of any responsibility regarding Stephanie's death.

Screenshot of email correspondence between Glenn's producer and Attorney General Doug Downey's officeCourtesy Glenn Beck staff

As Glenn said, the response is simply from a "weasel" who wants to avert any responsibility from his office.

Though these offices attempt to divert responsibility, Glenn puts it simply: Stephanie Warriner was "killed for improper mask wear..." in a hospital, where she should have received treatment for her underlying condition. Instead, she was pinned against the wall, dragged through the hallway, and died.

We have to hold these parties responsible.

Graphic showing contact information of Doug Ford, Doug Downey, Dr. Kevin Smith, and Justice Sean Dunphy.Glenn Beck / Staff, International Insolvency Institute, Legislative Assembly of Ontario, University Health Network